tagInterracial LoveErin's Adventure - Prequel

Erin's Adventure - Prequel


This is the story of Erin's discovery of black cock. We had been dating for 4 years when these events took place. She is 5'7, 150 lbs and has pale white skin. With shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes and a round face most people find her to be very pretty. However, it is her perky soft 32 C breasts and her huge round smooth bubble butt that really get people going. She has a small waist with wide hips and thick legs. She is the definition of a true curvy girl, but not fat by any means.

I am a relatively attractive white male, in excellent physical shape. Unfortunately I have a very mediocre 5-inch penis. During the time of this adventure, we were both in our early 20s. All of these events are true, and really did occur. The story will be told from both Erin's point of view, and my own as sometimes I was not present to witness.


The Beginning

We had a pretty normal sex life. Two university students who had fallen in love and had only ever slept with each other. We tried all the usual positions and had sex a few times a week. Most of the time, I was able to get her off one way or another. Erin had never complained about needing more, nor did she ever express any desire to have sex with anyone else. She was content with our completely average sex life. I however, was not.

I'd heard the rumours, read the stories and seen the videos. All of them led me to the same conclusion, bigger is better. Who is bigger? Black guys.

I wanted to see my girlfriend get absolutely destroyed by the biggest blackest cocks in the world. I wanted to see her cum a half a dozen times in one session. I wanted to hear her screaming in orgasm at the top of her lungs. Since I couldn't give that to her, I had to find another way.

We had talked about threesomes and experimenting but never seriously. So I had to find a way to get the topic to change to a more serious tone...


"What do you mean you bought me a dildo!?" Erin exclaimed. "We live together, I can have your dick anytime I want, what do I need a dildo for?"

"Well I... I just thought it would be hot if we could, you know, play with it together." I sputtered.

"Wait do you want me to use it on you!?" Erin yelled in a confused tone.

"No! No nothing like that! I don't know babe, I just thought it would be hot for me to use it on you. You know like... Fuck you with it while you blow me, and watch you suck on it while I fuck you. That kind of thing." I explained.

Erin stared at me, at first confused but as I explained what I wanted to do with it she became intrigued. I could tell from the silence that she was thinking about it, and I could tell from her body language that she was getting turned on.

"That does sound kind of hot, now that you put it that way." She shyly admitted. "Let me take a look at it."

Her eyes went wide as she pulled the 8 inch black dildo out of the bag from the adult store.

"This is really big, I don't think it will fit." Erin said.

"I'm sure you will adjust to it. Plus there are ways to make it feel better, and we always have that awesome lube that we bought to help too." I stated.

I noticed she mentioned nothing of the colour. But I knew deep down from subtle comments over years of dating that she secretly had a thing for black guys.

"As long as you promise that if it hurts me, you'll stop..." She hesitated as she pulled the dildo out of the box and wrapped her hands around its girth, "...it looks so real, and it's so big..." She trailed off again.

Just seeing her sitting there on the couch holding a dildo nearly twice the size of my dick instantly got me hard. She stared at the dildo, while I stared at her. I watched her examine it and play with it all the while getting more and more turned on. I could tell from her facial expressions that she was really horny too. Suddenly a small jolt of nervousness went through me. I took a deep breath, looked at Erin and said, "Suck it".

She looked up at me, smirked and winked. Slowly she opened her mouth and moved the dildo closer and closer to her lips. Those three seconds seemed like and eternity as I held my breathe in excitement.

She wrapped her pouty red lips around the head of the black dildo as I heard an audible groan escape her lips. Without breaking eye contact she went to work. Sliding the dildo in and out of her mouth, taking in about 6 inches before she had to stop and pull it back. One hand held the back of it, and pushed it in and out of her mouth. It began to glisten with saliva. Her other hand was unbuttoning her jeans.

Excitedly I crawled over to her and slid her pants off. Not for a second did that dildo leave her mouth. I got down and pulled her panties to the side. Her pussy was soaked. Absolutely dripping with excitement. I dove in. licking and sucking on her clit.

She moaned louder, and started sucking on the dildo more vigorously.

I slowly slid a finger into her wet pussy while continuing to eat her out. Fingering her, rubbing at her G-spot and licking her clit was too much for her. She began to cum. Her hips gyrated back and forth as I ate her out. Suddenly an extra amount of wetness dripped out of her pussy and she groaned loudly. The sound muffled slightly by the dildo in her mouth.

Once she had finished cumming I pulled her thong off and stripped off all of my clothes. My 5-inch dick absolutely throbbing from being so turned on. I looked back at her only to see that she had paid no attention to me taking off my clothes. She was fully focused on trying to fit the whole thing down her throat.

Erin had never been very enthusiastic about blow jobs before, but here she was, giving it everything she had to deepthroat an 8 inch black dildo. She gagged a bit and her eyes watered, but the balls touched her chin. After holding it there for a few seconds she gagged again, and pulled the dildo all the way out of her mouth. Strands of spit clung to it and arced from the head of the dildo to her lips.

Without any intention of speaking I mumbled, "You love that black cock."

She heard me, her eyes finally breaking from the dildo to look at me.

My heart skipped, and a knot formed in my stomach. I didn't mean to reveal what I'd wanted so quickly. I thought for sure she wouldn't be happy with what I said...

She stood up, took off her shirt and unclipped her bra. Letting those beautiful big tits pop free. Her large pink areolas swollen and her nipples hard and pointing straight out. She said, "Fuck me with that big black cock."

I nearly orgasmed. My cock twitched as I heard those words leave her mouth.

She got down on her hands and knees on the couch. Her big round ass up in the air. Her dripping wet pussy sticking out, I walked up behind her, no fear anymore, and slapped her ass hard. It jiggled from the impact. "You want this big black cock?" I questioned with authority.

Erin turned her head back to look at me. She reached back and slapped her own ass harder than I had. "Give it to me. Give me that big black cock."

I pushed the head of the dildo against her pussy and it slowly sank in. Erin moaned loudly in pleasure. I kept pushing, and pushing. It slid in 4 inches, then 5 inches, 6 inches... Now this dildo has gone deeper than I have. Lost in that thought I looked back to her big round ass and saw it. 8 inches. All 8 inches of this black dildo, buried in my white girl friends pussy.

I slapped her ass again. "Do you like it?" I asked, "Do you like being full of thick black cock?"

She reached down and started rubbing her clit in response. "God baby, fuck me! Fuck me with your big black cock!"

I pulled the dildo all the way back out, and slammed it in as hard as I could. She screamed in pleasure "Oh yes! Fuck me hard baby!" I continued to fuck her with that dildo as hard and fast as I could. She moaned, bucked her hips and screamed in orgasm. Her pussy was so wet it was dripping off of the dildo onto the couch. I was so turned on by seeing her cum on a black dildo that once again I nearly blew my load without even touching my dick.

Once her second orgasm had subsided. She slid off the couch onto her knees. She took the dildo from my hand and pushed it deep into her pussy. With her other hand she reached and grabbed a hold of my cock.

Stroking me with one hand while she worked her pussy with the other. It didn't take long for me to finish. "I'm cumming!" I exclaimed.

Without breaking her rhythm with either hand, Erin looked me in the eyes and said, "I want your big black cock to cum all over my pretty little face."

That was far more than I could handle. I blew my load, all over her pretty little face. I'd cum harder than I ever had before. Erin released my cock and focused on her pussy with both hands. Seconds later she was screaming in orgasm yet again. Her whole body twitched and convulsed in pleasure and she collapsed to the floor.

I laid down on the floor beside her, both of us breathing heavily. We rested in silence for a few minutes.

"Since this idea was so good, do you have anything else you want to try?" Erin asked me, with a satisfied smile.

I didn't answer immediately, but I knew exactly what I wanted to say...

End of Prequel.

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