tagNovels and NovellasErin's Beginning Ch. 01

Erin's Beginning Ch. 01


The Capture

The moon hung bright in the sky as a young girl walked along through the woods on her way home. The breeze lifted her ash blonde hair from her delicate features make her look more elfin than human. Her large breasts and trim waist had drawn many a man’s gaze, were dressed in a soft green lawn cotton dress, a perfect foil for the blood red cape keeping the cold from her body.

Robert Saddled his midnight black charger Saffron Star, for the job ahead, his loin’s burn in anticipation of the night to come, his glossy black hair glinted in the moon light and black breeches, coat and jacket camouflaged him perfectly. He settled himself into the saddle adjusting himself and rode off into his fathers woods were he knew he would find his quarry. He’d seen this elfin beauty many times as she walked towards the tied cottage she shared with her family of father, mother and brothers, who worked for his father as game keeper and house keeper and grooms respectively.

He had talked over his plan with his father, and it was to be tonight that the plan was to be sprung on the unsuspecting Erin. He urged the horse onward toward his quarry.

Erin hummed as she walked along the darkened path, then she heard it the thundering of hooves, she glanced around and saw a horse and rider, her eyes widened in terror as the rider slid side ways his saddle and picked her up and slung her in front of him. Erin screamed in sheer fright, her captor just laughed in her ear.

It was then that Erin became of how intimately she was pressed against her captors hard groin, and something long and hard was pressed into her ass, she held herself ridged “Your mine Erin, your father and mine have blessed this union, and you will obey me in all” the soft rich timbre of her captors voice washed over her.

“No sir, please I do not know you”

“You know me, my sweet Erin, I have felt your lustful gaze on my body many a time as you helped your mother with the chores of the house and as I rode my beautiful Saffy here”

“My Lord Robert!!”

“Yes my sweet Erin it is I”

“But pray my Lord, how can you marry one as lowly as I?”

“Because I can, and I will be the envy of the court. I shall dress these sweet breasts so provocatively that the women will hate you and the men will lust after you”.

Erin struggled but to no avail, her bosoms heaved, she fought, she panted, and then she felt the wetness pervade her thighs from her wet centre as she felt her Lord’s manhood stroke up and down her crack as he rode this magnificent beast, it’s movements heightening the feelings and sensations coursing through Erin’s body.

Robert sighed in relief as the small chapel that was housed in his fathers grounds came into view, Robert held Erin just under her breasts and he could feel them pressing against the top of his arm this fuelled his lust even more and he could not wait for the vows to be said so he could have his way with her.

Erin sighed in relief when she saw that her father, mother and brothers were stood outside the chapel entrance, surely now this farce would end, her father walked towards them he held the masters horse and looked with sorrow at his only daughter, “I’m sorry Erin, the old Lord threatened us with eviction if we didn’t let this go ahead and your ma’s pregnant again or else we’d have gone”. As his words sunk in Erin understood.

“Don’t worry Pa, I’ll be good”

Soft laughter reached her ears from Lord Robert’s mouth, “Come my bride to be it’s time” he grabbed Erin down from the horse and slowly slid her down the front of him his cock reacted with a twitch as her softness slid over it, grabbing her hand he dragged her towards the chapel, his father and the vicar stood waiting at the alter.

The Wedding night

Erin and Robert were married he lifted her from the horses back and told the groom to look after his prized horse. He carried Erin through the doors of the imposing castle and onwards up the stairs to his bed chamber his body on fire for wanting her.

He flung the door open, a place Erin had been sent many times to clean and look after, and the imposing four poster bed lay in the middle of the room. Robert flung her face down on the bed her breasts crushed beneath her, Erin scrambled to get up, but felt a huge hand in the middle of her back pinning her and holding her down. The other hand pushed her skirts up and over the top of her head, and then she heard her undergarments rip and the cool castle air caress her wet buttocks.

Robert gazed at the soft white buttocks he had just exposed, they reminded him of the moon that hung so courteously for him earlier, he caressed them, feeling Erin shrink under his hand, he lifted his hand and swiftly brought is down over her buttocks in a stinging smack, he watched the flesh ripple and a blush appear on the flesh. Erin screamed in surprise.

“You will not wear under ware unless you are with the curse, and you will call me Lord, Sir or Master, is that understood”


Robert lifted his hand, his penis ached for the release from the confines of his breeches, his hand again made contact with the soft flesh of her buttocks “Yes what my little whore”

“Yes, Sir”

“Good girl but for disobeying me another five strokes of my hand and you will thank me for each stroke is that understood”

“Yes Sir” Erin braced herself for the onslaught of pain, Robert lifted his hand and brought it down, enjoying watching the flesh jiggle and wiggle as his hand embedded it’s self in her sweet buttocks. Erin squirmed and screamed but always thanked him.

His fingers slipped into the wet core of her, her skirts flicked up over head and her under slip glistened white in the candle light, his fingers dipped into the wetness and gently stroked her anal opening

“Liked that didn’t you my little whore”

“Not particularly my Lords” Erin’s quiet voice sobbed back at him. But his cock demanded his release. He flicked her over and ripped the dress from her body, Erin struggled, and watched as her husband disposed of his clothes, “See what you do to me wench” Erin’s eyes widened in shock, his rampant manhood stood out at good 9” from his body and was thicker than most of her brothers whom she’d seen when they all swam together. “No sir please do not do this to me”

“You are mine my Erin and do not forget it” He brought out a wooden phallus “this will help me take both your virgin holes tonight my love, now less of this prattle and more with consummating my marriage”

Erin slipped from the bed and ran towards the door, but before she’d gone two paces strong hands gripped her and flung her backwards on the bed, he tied her legs to the posts spreading them wide, and to avoid hurting so much Erin slid her ass forward. Robert looked and watched her wet excited sex open for him, his rampant sex twitched and bobbed, and started to leak his fingers traced the soft petals of her wet sex, slipping in and out making the girl flex, he grabbed his manhood and rubbed it against her opening and pushed in, slowly he felt the tight passage slide against his cock, squeezing and pulsating against him, trying to push him out, he heard Erin’s soft moan as he reach that which, must be breached, slowly he pushed against it feeling it flex but hold, his temper flared and he pushed forth feeling it rip and the virginal blood that symbolised her virginity grease his cock further, Erin screamed and moaned, his hands had found the perfect ness of her breasts his hands squeezed and moulded the flesh, he tweaked the nipples and pulled up on them as if seeking the milk he knew to lie there.

Erin’s eyes widened as she saw her husbands cock bob and twitch as though is had a mind of its own, she then felt her new husband enter her virgin passage, there was nothing she could do but endure this, he felt so big so enormous up her, stretching her and yet her lustful body wanted more, then came that awful tearing pain as he made her a woman, Erin felt the scream rip itself from her throat her breasts heaved in his hands.

Slowly Robert pumped into her feeling the silken skin stretch to accommodate him, his lust soon over came him and soon he pounded in and out, in and out of the moist tunnel. He looked up at the painting above his bed the eyes flickered and he knew his father was watching his new bride and him.

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