tagNonConsent/ReluctanceErin's Black Forced Seduction

Erin's Black Forced Seduction


Reader please aware that this story has a lot of black on white lesbianism, and incest.

Erin watched her son with some concern, he had a limp and it wasn't the first time she had noticed some things about him, the odd bruise on an arm or a leg, what looked like a bruises around his handsome young face. She had approached him a few times about them, but he had been evasive in his answers and always tried to change the subject or left the conversation.

Today he had arrived home with a decided concerted look on his face, he moved slower than usual; but Erin greeted him as she always did, with a loving hug.

"What's the matter hun, please Robby, tell me?" She asked him, she loved him so much, he was all she had now his father had gone, heart breakingly taken by the Lord five years ago. They were over the devastating death now, although he was always in their hearts. They were 'moving on' together. But things had changed and not for the better in Robby's life for some reason.

"Mum will you stop pestering me, please? I'm okay, nothings wrong." He walked away but this time Erin followed him upstairs to his room.

"I am not taking that anymore Robby, I want to know, are you being bullied or harassed, because from where I'm standing it sure looks like it to me," she said determinedly.

"Mum nothing is wrong," he said, but he made the mistake of pulling off his shirt and turning his back to her, there across his back was a long thin welt, a weal.

"Robby," she exclaimed, "what's that on your back, who has done that to you?"

He knew immediately what she had seen and whirled around to face her, "leave it mum, it has nothing to do with you!" He bellowed at her, but he also knew she wouldn't take that sort of comment.

Erin grabbed her son and spun him around to see more clearly the mark on his back, it wasn't a deep one and it hadn't drawn blood but it was definitely a mark of a stick, or even a whip, she didn't know, but she knew what it was.

"Robby Lipton, don't you dare deny what that is, and if we stay here all night you will tell me what's going on!" She shouted at him.

"Mum please just leave it, there's nothing to say and nothing to do about it," he told her quietly. "She has no idea," he said to himself, but how was he going to keep all this from her now, he knew his mother. He was in trouble here, she would get it out of him if hell had her.

"I want to know and I want to know now Robby, so come on, who is bullying you!"

"Mum if I tell you will you let me handle it?" he said.

"That depends on what it's all about Robby," she said softly now, her voice filled with love and concern.

She stood and waited for her 18 year old son to tell her his story.

"Okay," he said, I have a problem at school but I can't tell anyone, I would be ridiculed about it, my life would be unbearable."

Erin looked at her beautiful son, "he doesn't deserve anymore unhappiness," she thought. He had always been an academic, never a sporty type just like his father, he wasn't a wimp, but he wasn't forthcoming either, Erin had been waiting hopefully for him to bring a girl home one day to meet her.

He reminded her so much of his dad when she looked at him, but she was also in him, she could see her softness in his eyes, she just loved him so much. Erin waited for him to continue.

"I have a problem with someone called Harri Galvin," he told her.

"And just who is this Harry Galvin then?" his mother asked.

"I've just told you, it's someone from school." He repeated.

"Okay Robby, and where does this Harry Galvin live?" Erin asked.

"I'm not too sure, on the south side I think, but even if I knew I wouldn't tell you," he said.

That was enough for Erin to work on, she knew she could never go to his school to confront this Harry, but she would try to find out their address by investigations.

She would go and find him and have it out, she would stop this in its tracks even if it meant bringing in the police to do it. Erin went into mother mode and dressed his weal, using ointment and lint, she was satisfied with her work and left the matter alone, she believed she had enough information to find this Harry.

Erin was finding her way in life again; she had had sex with a friend of her husband, who knew full well that there would be nothing in it for him, no future in it. He was a valued and trusted person. Erin had talked to him over the years and he knew she wanted to get back in the groove again. But even he was surprised when she had asked him if he would make love to her. Erin wanted to try and find out if she could return to some sort of normality.

And she had spectacularly; she had had enormous orgasms that took her totally and so unexpectedly. She had been happy and sad at the same time. She was happy because she knew that if 'he' ever came along she would have no problems of giving herself to the right man. But she was sad because she had thought that her husband would be the only one who could have made her feel whole.

Erin was a very attractive woman, bordering on beautiful, she was sick of old friends of her husband hitting on her, and also sick of some of her friends husbands doing the same thing, she had no intention of ever going there. When the right time came along with the right man she would know, she just knew it in her heart.

She looked at herself in the hall mirror as she passed to the kitchen to prepare a meal for her and her son. She still looked as good as she had when she was 20, she had just turned 38 years of age. Her sleek blond hair was still almost as lustrous now as it was back then it was still full and vital. Her gorgeous face was still just that, flawless of any blemishes. Her eyes were a beguiling azure. Her lips would invite any man who looked at her, natural and in a permanent pout, full and tremulous. And her 5ft 3" body was still the same now as then too except for a couple of added pounds that had actually enhanced her lovely curves.

And much to her delight and dismay, her body was still as sensitive as it was when she was 20 too; her nipples had bombed her when her lover had handled them as expertly he had done. The night she had been with him in the hotel had been wonderful, she had been almost animalistic in making love back to him, there was nothing she didn't do to please hum, after the initial nervous start she had got into it the moment his fingers closed over her nipples.

She had literally exploded with arousal. Her hand had groped and found his already erect prick. He had fucked her so furiously her breath had left her. She had sucked him off after he had recovered, they had 69nd. Everything they could think of they had done, and in the morning Erin was a new woman again. But it was a one time thing only, she had told him that and he had accepted it with utter grace.

Now she had to settle her son's problem one way or the other, that week she started visiting the area where Robby had said Harry Galvin lived, she asked in every place she could if anyone knew where the Galvin family or Harry Galvin lived. She drove round and around. Erin was beginning to despair when on the Friday morning someone she asked had said yes, they knew the Galvin's, and pointed her to an apartment block saying she believed they lived on the top floor, or someone of that name did.

She recce'd the building, and there on the name plate was, Galvin Apt 1004. Erin went home and decided to visit the following morning, that night she rehearsed her plans, what she intended to say, intended to do etc. Also what to wear, she decided on a business type suit, she had a lovely dark brown striped fitted one in her wardrobe, the skirt was about 3 or 4 inches above her shapely knees, with that she picked out stockings, and patent leather high heels. A white frilled blouse finished the ensemble.

On the Saturday the morning she told Robby she would be going into town and didn't know what time she would be back, that she would call him to let him know if her plans changed at all.

"And stay away from that Galvin person!" she told him. She didn't want him turning up for some reason while she was doing her business there.

Erin checked herself in the hall mirror, and she said to herself, "Erin you look like you should be in a boardroom knocking them dead, you look great." And she did, she had fixed her lovely blond hair up in waves and silky curls that looked as if they would tumble down, but she knew they wouldn't, Erin knew how to get the maximum out of it. Her suit rolled and fitted to her luscious body as if she had been poured into it, though it wasn't tight, it was snug.

The jacket had three buttons that she had fastened, thus heaving her still full tits to where they were an eye catcher, but that wasn't her mission today; she wanted to dress this way to make her foe see her in the determined light that she wanted to be seen in. She took a deep breath, said goodbye to Robby and set off.

She still didn't really know if she had the right address but nothing was going to stop her saving her son from this dreadful person and bully. When she arrived she took a moment to gather her senses and then rode the elevator up to the top. Standing outside the door, she rehearsed again her words and what she hoped to say to the parents of Harry bloody Galvin! Erin was trembling, some of it fear, some of it a kind of excitement that she was probably going to have a confrontation with someone she didn't even know.

Again she took a deep breath and rang the bell.

When the door opened she was stunned, she hadn't expected this, to see who was standing there in front of her. It was a very beautiful black girl, tall and slinky, long black silky hair down over her shoulders, huge wide dark eyes peering at her through tremendously long lashes. Both women appraised each other in seconds.

"Yes, can I help you?" the girl enquired.

Stammering a little, Erin said, "I'm looking for the Galvin family, do they live here?"

"Yes we do, what do you want?" the girl asked brusquely.

"I'm looking for Harry Galvin," Erin said, "is Mr and Mrs Galvin in please?"

"My parents are away for the next ten days, but I'm H...."

Erin pushed passed her walking into the apartment saying, "I want to speak to Harry Galvin please, and right now," she said forcefully.

The gorgeous black girl was taken aback by the woman's entrance, but also annoyed, really annoyed.

"Who the fucking hell is this fucking bitch?" she growled to herself. "I'm not fucking having this, some old cow storming into my house like this!"

She shot after Erin who by now was standing in the middle of her sitting room.

"Who the fucking hell are you, you cheeky cunt coming in here like this!" And she stood her 5ft 10" frame in Erin's face.

Erin stepped back a little; the girl's attitude cowed her. "I'm looking for Harry Galvin; I want a word with him about my son." Erin said, trying to stand her ground.

"I'm Harri Galvin," the girl answered. "Harri, as in Harriet," she stepped forward into Erin's space again. "What the fuck do you want bitch!" She raised her hand as if to strike Erin. Fear shot through her, she hadn't come for this, and maybe she had made a serious mistake?

Erin was completely shocked, "Harri, not Harry with a Y?" she asked quite meekly.

"Tell me who and what you are and what you want you bitch, or I'll beat the crap out of you right now!" Harri demanded threateningly.

Gathering her thoughts, Erin said, "My son Robby is coming home with bruises and limping sometimes, he told me it was a Harry Galvin that was treating him badly." She told the girl hovering over her.

"Robby, Robby Lipton, you're his mother, you're here to fight his battles, well if that doesn't beat hen racing, fuck me rigid!" she exclaimed.

Erin responded, "I don't like that sort of language young lady, it's not nice or lady like."

Harri looked at her as if an alien had just landed, "you don't like it, you don't fucking like it!" The slap caught Erin totally by surprise, and she never saw the one that came the other way either. Erin reeled away from her.

Harri as well as being extremely beautiful, sexy with it which allowed her to behave the way she did, people deferred to her. She was an aggressive dominant personality, but only when it suited her, she could melt hearts with her winning smile. Her friends were her friends, she wasn't theirs, she had little regard for weak people, and that including Erin's son, and it was becoming obvious to her that his mother was of that particular nature. She could be someone to be exploited.

"I don't like someone barging in here and laying the fucking law down either you cunt!"

Erin started for the door, the girl grabbed her and said, "just a minute, you are going to tell me what he's told you, or you are going to get a good slapping, and a lot harder than the one I've just given you, alright!" she shouted into Erin's beleaguered face.

Erin took a deep fearful breath, the girl had a hold of her arm tightly and yanked her back around to face her, and wishing with all her heart that she hadn't come here, and wishing just as deeply that she had minded her own business just like Robby had told her to.

"Is it you who is bullying him?" she asked quietly, not looking at this powerful girl in front of her.

The girl looked at Erin then and properly too, she could see how beautiful Robby's mother was, how scared she was, and probably how pliable she was right now. Her thoughts took off; she might have some fun with this little blond lovely gal? Fortunately, or probably unfortunately in Erin's case, Harri was bisexual, and swung happily both ways.

"Bullying him? No I am not bullying him, he comes here for sex and likes to be treated roughly, didn't you know that?" It was a total lie, she did bully him, but not for any gain. Robby was one of those rare creatures that would never retaliate if a woman attacked him, restrain yes, but never retaliate.

She had found out in a class debate about the rights and wrongs of men and women beating each other, and Robby had come out on top because of his views. So Harri had put it to the test, and he had practised what he preached, therefore she would give him an occasional thump or kick, and not once did he respond in any violent way.

Erin was absolutely shocked to the centre of her being. "Sorry, I'm afraid I don't understand I really don't."

"You'll understand this though Mrs Lipton." Harri replied, she took hold of the lapels of Erin's jacket and yanked the shoulders down her arms to her elbows thereby trapping them at her side.

"What are you doing?" she asked her attacker. The girl shoved her backwards to the sofa and pushed her down on to it. Erin had gone meekly. The girl was wearing a small top and a mini skirt her feet were bare. Erin had no way of rising from the sofa because her arms were stuck at her side. The tall black girl stood over her, legs either side of Erin's.

"I don't even know your name yet you bitch, what is it?"

'My my my name is Erin, what are you doing, I think I had better leave, and forget all about this, I'm sorry I came here, I really am."

"Bit late for that Erin, you're here now, so we might as well make the best of it don't you think, hmmm?"

"I don't know what you mean," Erin said, as the girl settled herself over her knees facing her now, and sat in her lap her own knees either side of Erin's.

Pushing her back into the sofa the girl smiled into her face, Erin had no idea of what was about to occur, about to go down. She just hoped she wouldn't hit her again, she knew she was in a very bad place now. Then the girl began to undo the buttons of Erin's blouse, "Stop, what are you doing?" she tried to struggle free but it was useless to even try, she was trapped totally.

"I'm doing what I want to do, and do you know why?" she breathed huskily at her, "I'm doing what I'm doing because I can, and because I want to Erin, and do you know some thing else Erin? You can't do a thing to stop me either, what do you think of that?" she said, as she undid the last button and pulled her blouse free.

Erin looked at the beautiful black girl sat on her lap, "Please, I'm sorry, please let me go, I won't say anything and I'll forget all about this, please?" she begged her. Erin's fear and submission was evident in her voice and in her eyes.

Harri took no notice as she pushed her hands behind Erin's back and undid her bra. When she lifted it up she scooped out her full tits, and to reveal Erin's gorgeous boobs and nipples, she smiled, and said, "well look at those, and they are hard too Erin, are you excited, is it me, are you?"

Erin looked down and was aghast to see that they were, they were rock hard and stood out like chapel hat pegs.

The girl took each one between practised fingers and began to roll and feel them, Erin moaned in horror at her body's needful response, but said, "Please please stop, please let me go?"

"I don't think so Erin, I think you are going to enjoy what I have in mind for you," said the black beauty into her face, her warm sweet breath spreading over her, Erin had to breathe in her breath too, she closed her eyes and moaned softly as Harri continued to toy with her emotions.

"How old are you Erin?" she asked her breathily, as she twiddled and tweaked Erin's nipples murderously.

Erin's head fell back on the sofa as she whispered, "I'm 38, but please let me go, please?"

"No chance Erin," she said, "and I don't think you really want tom now do you?" As she leaned forward to kiss her neck.

Erin moaned, "oh please no don't, please?" she turned her face away from the kiss. Harri moved directly to the other side, Erin moaned once more, her neck and her nipples were subjecting her to her attacker. Harri attacked her nipples feverishly squeezing them harder and harder, she knew some women liked them to be treated this way and she thought Erin was one, she was!

Without realising it the girl had turned her around and now Erin was laid out on the sofa, Harri had free access to the helpless woman, she continued Erin's unasked for seduction, there was no way she was going to let this blond beauty go without fucking her completely, she had always wanted an older beautiful blond to fuck, and now she had got one, she wasn't going to miss out, this might be a one and only.

Her lips connected with Erin's and she responded, she had no choice, her sexually starved body was demanding her to go into the place the girl was taking her. Erin kissed back, Harri was stunned by it, it was the best kiss she had ever had, and Erin knew she had the best kiss too. No one had ever survived being kissed by her and the black beauty was no exception, Harri revelled in it, she just couldn't break away from it, but her fingers did it for her. She moved then to the back of Erin's skirt, undid the hook and pulled down the zip.

Erin was in a place she had never been, she was being forcibly seduced and nothing to be done about it. The girl had her trapped, helpless and defenceless, she tried to get free but all she could do was lamely kick her legs and feet. Harri pulled down the skirt along with her panties, and her fingers delved into her quivering pussy, no female had ever gone where Harri was going. Erin's back arched and her hips jumped up into the intrusion, and a climax beat a path through her, she screamed out in surprise. The kiss was broken.

"Please stop, oh please stop," Erin begged, "I have never done this, and its wrong please let me go?" Her voice was a bleat. Harri looked adown on her beautiful blond victim, and smiled.

"You've never been with another woman, come on pull the other one, you must have, someone who looks as good as you, is as sexy as you, and as submissive as you have to have tried it at least?"

"No I have never even thought about it, let alone done it," she whispered.

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