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Erin's Costume Capers


Author's Note: Erin Fox and her Playboy fans seem to be quite happy with the stories, so as long as she give me permission, I will keep writing them. For those who came in late, the previous 3 are "Erin on the Right Side of the Law", "Erin's Newest Escapade" and "Erin's Erotic Favor" in that order. Thanks for reading. ~~BrettJ

Erin Fox looked around at all the glitz and glamor, all the hustle and bustle. She couldn't help but think there were quite a few weirdos here today, but who was she to talk?

Erin could scarcely believe she was in San Diego at the annual Comic-Con. It would never have been a destination she would have chosen for herself, but she owed her friend Melody a number of favors and Melody had practically begged Erin to attend and model some of her latest costumes. Melody's spectacular skills at costume-making had enabled her to quit her previous job and work full-time making custom-made costumes for fans with a lot of money to spend. The Catwoman costume that Erin was sporting now was hand-made and had taken her friend over two months to craft. It was tailor-made for Erin and accentuated her luscious 34D-25-34 curves. Curves that Melody knew all too well, curves that the adorable blonde was all-too familiar with.

Erin got a warm feeling as she remembered the game of dress-up she and Melody had played just a few nights earlier. Both in costumes that Melody had made, "Supergirl" and "Wonder Woman" had a very friendly mock battle. After a few minutes of struggle, the costumes had come off and Melody was between Erin's legs, reminding her friend of why their friendship had endured over so many years. Platinum-blonde Melody was the most ardent of lovers and always very giving. Erin had often thought with her friend's soft voice, cupcake tits and long, slender legs, she could have been a cartoon character herself.

Melody had fallen into this work by accident, a local lingerie store needed a seamstress and Melody could make anything. After a few requests for a librarian outfit, a French maid and the like, Melody stretched her wings. At a local Anime convention, she showed off some of her designs for Cosplay and had 40 orders before it was over. She set up a website for herself and was soon getting orders from all over the USA and Canada. Her most elaborate costume had been Hawkgirl, complete with wings. Her most common requests were for the Wasp from the Avengers, Zatanna, Black Canary (it's all about the fishnets, Melody teased) and Catwoman. Catwoman's costume came in two variants, black PVC or black leather, the type that Erin was wearing now.

Erin had to admit she was very impressed with the craftsmanship of Melody's work. The costume hugged her every curve and she could still move in it quite comfortably. She had gone with the theme and was wearing leopard-print lingerie underneath. As she moved about the convention, several people had asked about her costume and she had handed out a number of Melody's business cards. Melody attended the convention every year, but her sister's wedding prevented her from going this year. As she didn't want to miss a huge opportunity for more orders, she had asked Erin if she would consider going in her place.

Erin was always willing to do a favor for a friend and Melody was a good friend. A good, sex-happy, naughty little friend. When she tribbed with Melody, their bodies in the scissor position and their horny pussies grinding together in ecstasy, Erin always saw stars. Melody was perhaps the most inexhaustible female lover that Erin had ever known. They had met when neither girl had a lot of experience with girl-girl sex and both had grown together. Melody was a bit further ahead of Erin these days, but the brunette southerner was working to catch up. Melody was currently dating another woman, who did not object to Melody's "arrangement" with her long-time friend.

That all suited Erin nicely, because she would have given Melody's girlfriend a bit of a fight had she insisted she and Melody stop their friendship. Those warm, hazy Atlanta evenings spent playing in Melody's sunken bathtub, then Melody rubbing down with scented massage oils, those sweet, passionate kisses that never seemed to go on long enough ... Erin felt that she never quite got enough time with Melody, but they both had their own lives to lead.

So it certainly wasn't a problem for Erin to attend the convention in Melody's place and it was assuredly a fun, new experience. Yes, some of the people were a bit geeky, but just as many of them were funny and nice. She had enjoyed a panel of voiceover work in animation and laughed outrageously when she'd seen and heard some of the talented people behind some of her favorite cartoons. Maurice LaMarche, Rob Paulsen and June Foray were all fascinating people.

San Diego was also a lovely place and the food was good and there was lots to see. You could stay at the Convention Center alone and not see everything. Melody had told Erin that in years past, it was mostly comic-book oriented, but nowadays, there was Science Fiction, some toys, some Anime and lots of movie stuff. Erin was sure she had spotted Robert Downey Jr. earlier and she knew that there were several Playboy models and even a few Playmates in attendance. Erin intended to make the most of her stay and have a lot of fun. When she returned home, Melody had promised to give her a very "special" bonus. Erin giggled and told Melody that it better involve a little bit of dessert and then some nice lingerie. Melody giggled as well and told Erin if she took a lot of orders, she would get everything she wanted. Erin retorted "That isn't possible bitch, you're only one woman!" Both girls burst out laughing and ran to Melody's shower, where they played under the water until it ran cold.

Erin walked around the Convention Center and took in as much of the atmosphere as she could. There were more than a few Princess Leia's who needed to lay off the Twinkies and even a few guys ... hey, it was the 21st Century ... but Erin was impressed by all the hard work these people put into their costumes. She admired their dedication and was now even more appreciative of the hard work Melody did.

Erin wondered if there might be some naughty trouble she could get into later? She had seen a few nice bars in the area and thought after the day was over, she might go out and round up some fun. As she walked through the hall, she put a bit of sway into her hips to sell the "Catwoman" mystique. She was wearing high heels and thankful she could walk well in them, having had practice from several bikini pageants.

"Stop where you are, heinous villainess!" A voice shouted from behind her. She spun around and expected to see another comic geek in costume. She was only half-right.

The guy was indeed in costume, but if he was a geek, Erin might have to re-think her definition of nerd. The guy was wearing a very-well made Batman costume and it fit him like a glove. He was an Adonis, with a better body than either Kilmer or Clooney. Erin would have estimated him to be either 6'2" or 6'4" tall, but he was built like a linebacker. She could make out a rugged, firm jaw and see steel-blue eyes from beneath his mask.

"Sorry, couldn't resist the temptation," The Adonis laughed. "I had to stop you and tell you that costume is fantastic, did you make it yourself?"

Erin felt a huge surge of warmth running through her. Perhaps she wouldn't have to hit the bars after all, was opportunity knocking on her Batcave?

"No, my friend Melody made it," Erin explained, once again letting charm ooze through. She made sure her voice sounded like a throaty purr, it seemed apropos.

"Oh sure, I know Mel," The Adonis told her. He held out a gloved hand. "My name is Sheldon Roussos, I'm an aspiring artist. I come to the San Diego Cons every year."

Sheldon's voice was a rich baritone and Erin found herself desperately wondering what he looked like under the mask. "With a body like yours, I'd have thought you were a professional athlete," Erin flirted.

"I used to be, I was supposed to play for the Braves before I had an accident and blew out my knee," Sheldon told her. "Lucky for me, I'd always been artistically inclined. I've picked up a few free-lance assignments here and there, but I'm still looking for my big break. I still try to stay in shape, though."

"Oh sweetheart, you do succeed at that," Erin continued flirting. "Batman" and "Catwoman" were causing a bit of a scene, so they found a private area, got a few Cokes and started talking.

"What is it a sexy lady like you does for a living?" Sheldon asked. "If you tell me that you work in a pet store, I'm going to burst out laughing."

Erin laughed herself. "No, actually I'm from the Atlanta area myself. I've worked in a couple of bars and I've modeled for Playboy a few times." Erin braced herself for his reaction, you could never tell how someone was going to react.

Fortunately for Erin, the young hunk reacted with a dazzling smile that showed off a row of perfect pearly-whites. "Oh yeah, that's amazing! I can see why, with a body like yours." Then he caught himself and she could see him blush ever-so slightly. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything by that."

Erin thought his embarrassment was charming. She held out her hand and grinned "It's okay, I'm used to it by now. I'm Erin Fox."

"It's nice to meet you, Erin Fox," Sheldon told her. "Can I buy you another Coke or maybe even dinner later on?"

"Yes to both," Erin smiled. "These costumes are hot as hell!"

"Amen to that," Sheldon said as he went off to get them another drink. Erin was tempted to get out her Cell and call Mel to find out the skinny on Sheldon, but decided against it. Neither of them had seen the other yet and the mystery was part of the fun. Sheldon came running back.

"Hey, there's a movie preview running right now, want to go?" He asked. Erin figured she'd made the circuit enough for now, so off they went.

The film itself wasn't very good, a comic book movie that never should have been made, the script was weak and the special effects were rotten. It did give Erin an opportunity she had been thinking about for the past hour. She moved close to Sheldon, kissed his lips and bent down. He gasped and she said "Shh" as she manipulated his cock free of the costume. This stud was hung like a fuckin' mule and Erin went to town on his cock, sucking and licking him until he came in her mouth. All the while she had been doing that, Sheldon's hands had unzipped Erin's leather catsuit and had been playing with her tits and pussy. They had been able to accomplish this without anyone in the theater catching on!

The two of them chuckled and made plans to meet up at 8 PM. They set an exact place to meet, as neither still knew what the other looked like. Both thought the mystery might enhance the anticipation of their date. Erin went upstairs to her room and got under the warm spray of a shower. A lot of the attendees shared a room, but Erin threw in some money of her own so that she could have a room to herself. She knew her tendencies to be naughty and didn't want to have to do any explaining should anything happen. So far, she'd been right again.

She met Sheldon at their pre-arranged spot at 8 on the dot and Adonis had been the perfect description for him. He was easily as handsome as Bruce Wayne, except that he was blonde. Buff and delicious, she wondered why he hadn't gone into acting or modeling. Erin couldn't help but thinking of Sheldon as "drool bait".

"I didn't become an actor because I can't act and I didn't act or model because I didn't want to have to change my name," He told Erin as they walked towards a waiting taxi. "Sheldon was my grandfather's name and he was a great guy. I want to honor him by keeping his name alive." Sheldon gave the cabbie an address and he took them to a place called Canter's Deli. He told Erin that it was a famous landmark and that the food was incredible. As Erin was a girl who liked to eat, she took him at his word.

Erin's food was wonderful, there was lots of it, the service was friendly and she saw some more celebrities. She promised herself that if she got any more chances, she would visit LA again. It was an exciting city, although she knew she would never want to live there full-time. She liked the slow, sensual pace of the south.

She and Sheldon were making a real connection so she made sure to keep it heated up by running her heel-clad foot up his leg. She smiled her winning smile every chance she got and let Sheldon know subtly that he wouldn't be returning home after dinner was over. Tonight, if he could handle the beast inside of her, he was going to be her superhero!

He was a perfect gentlemen throughout the meal, so Erin decided to be a bit less subtle. She reached out and patted his crotch and purred "You don't have to be quite this well-mannered. We've already been naughty this afternoon, isn't that right? Well darlin', once we've had a little dessert, you can take me back to my hotel and fuck the hell out of me!"

Sheldon grinned. "I do so like a lady who knows what she wants."

"Then sweetheart, you're gonna LOVE me," Erin told him with her most dazzling smile.

Erin and Sheldon took the cab back to her hotel and she had to resist the urge to jump the young artist's bones. She owed Melody big-time for this opportunity and knew the way Melody would want to be repaid. That is, after she had relayed all the lurid details to her sexy blonde friend, of course. There were times where a girl just HAD to kiss and tell.

Sheldon was not a shy man, once inside Erin's hotel room, he took control. His kisses rained down on her like she was the most desirable creature in the world. She felt like a comic book goddess and loved how his hands were hiking up the tight blue dress she had worn and he was moving her to the bed. Every so often, a girl just likes an aggressive man and Sheldon was sure fulfilling that desire!

"I love the fact you dressed up for our date," Sheldon groaned as he removed her black, lacy bra. "Nothing sexier than a woman who's not afraid to flaunt her assets," He complimented her.

Erin had originally planned to go casual, then decided to add a bit of YUM to her wardrobe. She had worn a nice, trashy pair of stilettos and opted for a matching bra and thong. She had considered wearing stockings, but decided they would be overkill. From the way Sheldon was moving his hands all over her body and trying to get the dress off, she knew that she was right.

"God, you're an exciting, vibrant, hot lady!" Sheldon groaned as he finally got the dress away from her body. He took a step back, as if not believing his was with someone as stunning as Erin. Erin herself had like thoughts, although hers were more like God, what a hunk of beefcake and tonight, he's all mine!

Erin threw herself on the bed and posed on one arm. She stretched out her long legs, now only wearing her heels. "It's not polite to keep a lady waiting ... or even a naughty little girl like me," Erin purred.

Sheldon didn't need to be hit in the head with a Batarang, he got out of his Sports Jacket and clothes and joined Erin on the bed. There were porn movies that didn't have two such perfect physical specimens in them. Sheldon had a few scars from his days in athletics, but otherwise, his body was perfect. Erin ran her hand over his body and was able to see the response her touch invoked. She licked her lips and went down on Sheldon, sucking in his massive cock. She wanted to leave the handsome, tanned blonde artist with an encounter to remember, so she used every trick she could remember. She knew that her own brain was a bit lust-fogged, so she did her best to concentrate on pleasing her latest lover. His cock was growing at a nice pace and while she was sucking him, he wasn't ignoring her needs at all. He had hands that were strong, but gentle, and he was running them all over her back, her shoulders and legs. Erin found herself trembling at his exquisite touches, all at once masculine, yet surprisingly tender.

"You can do a lot more of that," Erin murmured and then returned to sucking his cock. Erin was really loving the way his cock felt in her mouth and how fast it was growing. She was sure that when it came time to fuck, Sheldon would be able to screw her six ways from Sunday!

Erin slowed down her pace, she didn't know yet how much endurance Sheldon had and she didn't want him cumming in her mouth ... she wanted a good, solid fucking first! She stretched out languidly on the bed and made it apparent to Sheldon that reciprocity was expected. He picked up on that fast and was soon loving her entire body. She appreciated the fact he didn't just concern himself with her tits, but took time to take in her entire body. She was moaning and groaning loudly when he lifted his head from between her legs.

"You are one amazing lady, Erin Fox," Sheldon said, panting a bit. "I haven't met anyone who got me as hot and bothered as you do. Time to step things up a little bit, don't you think? What next?"

"That's kind of a dumb question, don't you think, handsome?" Erin chuckled. "It's time to fuck, do you have any objection if I ride you first?"

"None whatsoever," Sheldon replied as he got on his back. Erin decided to mix things up for a bit, first she rode him facing forward. She liked that he was playing with her tits, she didn't want them ignored either. What was the point of having them if you couldn't enjoy them? She just enjoyed the fact that he didn't make them the focal point of their sex. When Erin had enough of that, she spun her body around and faced the wall. Sheldon helped her to bounce up and down on his cock and Erin used the muscles in her body to milk his cock bone-dry. She could use a few more men like Sheldon in her life, he was one studly fucker!

When she saw that Sheldon still hadn't cum, she got on all fours and presented her ass. He moved in behind her and set up a nice pace that had both of them groaning. That got them both off and they fell apart, panting and sweating. He pulled Erin close and let her rest in the crook of his arms for a while.

They had another nice fuck and decided to end it there. Both of them had plans at the Con early the next day, so Sheldon gave Erin a kiss goodnight and left. She hoped she would see him again before returning home. Guys like him were a rarity in this world, it wasn't often you found a gentleman who was also a terrific fuck.

The next day, Erin trolled the convention in her latest costume, dressed as Zatanna the magician, complete with top hat, tails and fishnet stockings. She had been flirted with to death when someone tapped on her shoulder from behind. A blonde man wearing a trenchcoat with a faux cigarette grinned at her. It was Sheldon once again, although his nametag said "John Constantine".

"Fancy meeting you here, Zatanna luv," Sheldon / John grinned at her. The only Constantine Erin knew of was from the movie starring Keanu Reaves and Sheldon didn't look anything like him. As they talked, he explained the whole thing about the comic book version and the horrible film version. When he was finished, he asked Erin out to dinner again. "What can I say?" Sheldon smiled at the sexy lady magician. "Someone here has cast a spell on me."

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