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Erin's Erotic Favor


Author's Note: My friend Erin Fox seems to be enjoying these stories about "her" life, so here's another, written with her permission. I hope you enjoy it. ~~BrettJ


Erin Fox sighed as she looked at her favorite pair of black leather pants and the new boots she had purchased a few days ago. It was a Friday night and she wanted to go out and have fun, dance her ass off, have some drinks and maybe enjoy a naughty sexual adventure. But a larger part of Erin was waiting for her friend Jessa Lipton to come back from her date and give Erin the full report as to how it had gone.

Erin hadn't really wanted to set Jessa up on a date, she hated being put on the spot like that, but Jessa had begged her. She adored Jessa, the girl had a good heart, but in matters of the heart, the blonde girl was clueless. "I haven't been on a date with a man in over a year Erin and it's been longer than that since I've gotten laid," Jessa practically whined. "You must know some hunky guy who wouldn't mind going out with me."

Erin knew lots of gorgeous men but she had to think long and hard about this particular decision. Erin had been very grateful to her friend for all the help she had given her over the years, dealing with their douchebag landlord, helping her with cooking and gardening, there wasn't much that Jessa couldn't do. Her friend had the loveliest smile and a very kind disposition. There was only one major problem with Jessa and that was the girl was a frumpy, Plain-Jane type. Erin knew what her best assets were and she dressed to show them off. Erin favored any type of clothing that let her show off her gorgeous tits, her great ass and her legs. Jessa wore baggy sweats and running shorts and ugly glasses. Her hair was almost always in a pony tail and she never wore makeup. Erin was sure her good friend could be a knockout if she put some effort into it, but Jessa seemed oblivious to her own flaws. Erin knew there was nothing she could do but be a supportive friend. When Jessa asked her that favor, Erin thought about it a great deal before deciding on Pat. Pat was a lovely young man who was studying to be a doctor. The first time Erin had met Pat, she had not looked her best, but he'd seen past all of that and complimented her on her lovely smile. Erin thought Pat might just be able to look past Jessa's "frump" image and see the inner beauty inside. She also hoped he could give Jessa the kind of fucking he had given her. Pat might have been quiet and studious, but that all changed once he got you into bed. Pat was a wild, creative lover and that was the reason Erin continued to see him whenever they could arrange it.

Erin was still reeling from the shock of earlier that afternoon. She had decided that she would take Jessa out for an afternoon makeover and perhaps lend her whatever sexy clothes of her own would fit the slightly-taller blonde. She thought that Jessa deserved to have the va-va-voom treatment just once in her life, to knock someone's socks off. Erin herself lived for moments like that, she loved keeping her lovers guessing. It was one of the fun parts of the game to the sexy brunette.

She had barely gotten her phone out and was in the midst of calling Jessa when someone knocked on her door. She decided she could call Jessa in a few minutes and went to deal with whatever her visitor wanted. Erin opened the door to see something she would never have expected to see.

Standing in the doorway was Jessa, but she could barely tell that it was Jessa. This wasn't the blonde, staid girl she knew, this Jessa far exceeded the va-va-voom, this Jessa had oomph factor down cold! The blonde in front of Erin could knock your socks off. Erin stood there blinking, almost as if the Jessa before her came from an alternate universe.

The only thing that seemed like the Jessa she knew was her smile. Laughing and impish, with perfect teeth. She was wearing a clingy blue dress that was cut low in front, her hair was long and wavy and the girl's legs were sleek and toned. Jessa also wore high heels and was nearly 6' tall in them, towering a bit over Erin. "What do you think, do I clean up nice?" Jessa chuckled as she hugged her friend.

"Oh darlin', that's an understatement," Erin said, still blown away. She would never have believed her friend had this kind of potential.

"I didn't want to embarrass you by dating Pat and looking like a frump, so I hauled out my sexiest outfit and got myself together," Jessa smiled as she sat on Erin's couch. She crossed her long legs and Erin found it hard to avert her gaze from the new Jessa sitting in front of her. "What do you think, will Pat like me?" Jessa asked her friend.

"Unless he's gone blind and stupid since the last time I saw him, yes," Erin told her. Where had this Jessa come from? She was sexy and delicious and could have had any man she chose. So why did she keep all of this under wraps?

"Oops, look at the time, I have to get going," Jessa smiled. "Pat will be picking me up in 30, I just wanted to pop by and show you how I look. I'll be back after my date, we can chat if you're still up."

Erin looked at the time and decided she wouldn't go out tonight. She rummaged around and found a DVD she wanted to watch and made herself a drink. She couldn't contain her curiosity about Jessa and her date with Pat. She doubted that Pat would have anything to complain about, although she was more concerned now with Jessa's reaction. Pat had style, manners and money, but would the newly-hot Jessa be impressed by him? Erin caught herself wondering why she cared so much? Pat and Jessa were both adults and whatever they did tonight was none of her business.

Erin discovered that she had drifted off to sleep when she was awoken by a knock on the door. It was only a bit after 1 in the morning and she was fairly sure she knew who it was. Sure enough, it was Jessa, home from her date and wearing a huge smile.

"Hey there, I'm back, did I wake you?" Jessa grinned.

"Yes, but it's okay, I fell asleep watching a movie," Erin told her, stretching a bit. "How did things go? Are you going to see Pat again?"

Jessa kind-of shuffled her feet and looked up at Erin. "Things went okay and yeah, I'll probably see him again, but ..."

Erin sensed there was a story in the offing and she wanted to be awake for it. "Okay, I suppose you had better tell me all about it," Erin grinned. "Let me put on a pot of coffee and you can supply me with the gory details."

Once the coffee was made, the girls sat down across from each other. It was still difficult for Erin to reconcile this leggy blonde beauty with the neighbor she had known for nearly 2 years. Jessa was almost radiant and sparkled in every way imaginable.

"Time to spill," Erin told her as she sipped on her much-needed coffee. "How did things go with Pat?"

"He took me to a lovely restaurant, French," Jessa told her. "The service was lovely, everyone was dressed so nicely. The food and wine were marvelous and Pat was a perfect gentleman," Jessa elaborated. "I told him to knock it off." She giggled. "To prove my point, I put his hand on my leg and told him if he was brave enough, he could touch a lot more than that. We shared a lovely dessert and went back to his condominium. Once we were inside, I made my intentions very clear, that I was here to have fun and to fuck and that was that. He got the message Erin, his hands were all over me."

"He has nice hands," Erin smiled. Jessa nodded in agreement.

"We tumbled to the floor and we were kissing, really heated kisses, he has a nice tongue. His hands got busy removing my dress and when he had me almost naked, he began kissing my nipples. I loved that and let out a little sigh," Jessa sighed again. "I love good, unhurried sex and I think Pat was picking up on that vibe."

"Pat can be a very intuitive lover, that's why I thought you'd enjoy him," Erin told her friend.

"He helped me to my feet and we went into his bedroom. He lit some candles and undressed, he has a nice body, not at all like you'd expect. Firm and virile. Pat got into bed with me and began caressing me. He was really getting to me, so I decided if I ever wanted some of him, I'd have to go after it. I reached out for him and pulled him close, mashing my breasts against his body. I told him that he was to lie back and I was going to suck his cock. He seemed to like that idea," Jessa grinned.

Erin was finding Jessa's tale quite arousing. She could easily see Pat's handsome body in her mind, although she had to imagine Jessa's. She had a bit more to go on than previously, however.

"I love oral sex Erin, giving and getting. Pat hadn't gone down on me yet, but I decided I wanted to give him a blowjob. I fished out his cock and it's pretty nice, I started to suck on it and he was hard pretty darned soon. Pat insisted on returning the favor, although I could have waited until later, I really wanted to get fucked! He has a nice enough tongue, though I've had lots better. Once I was wet enough, my patience was gone. I pushed him on his back, got on top of him and slid my cunt down on to his cock. God, did that feel good!" Jessa groaned at the memory.

Erin's arousal was growing as her friend related her tale. Now she wondered if she should have gone out this evening and gotten laid. Perhaps her body wouldn't be so horny and aching for sex. She let Jessa continue her lusty story.

"I got a pretty nice rhythm going with Pat, his cock was a nice fit in my pussy. I loved having him play with my big tits, he sucked the nipples and fondled them, but he never mauled me. I wouldn't have minded a little mauling, but he was considerate in that manner. I was grinding my body against his, my pelvis thrusting back and Pat seemed to be doing his best to fuck me with a nice, steady motion. We seemed to match up quite nicely and after a little while, he told me he was going to cum. I'd already had a few small cums, so I got off his cock and took him in my mouth until he gave me all of his spunk. Then he ate me out and made me cum again."

"What went on next?" Erin wanted to know.

I told Pat that I really, really wanted another fuck. I can be an insatiable little whore, so I got on all fours and showed him what I wanted. Pat didn't seem to have any problem with that, so he moved his cock deep inside of me and began to fuck me a bit harder than before. It felt really nice, a bit more primal. I was really getting off on this second fuck, I liked it more than the first, I think. I screamed out for him to fuck the piss out of me! When we both came, I really let myself go! After that, it was late and he seemed to be tired, so we cleaned up, talked a bit and I came over here." Jessa finished her story.

"It sounds like you had a nice evening," Erin told her friend.

Jessa sighed. "It was nice enough, but I guess I wanted a lot more. Pat seemed to tire quickly, I like all-nighters. Maybe he'll get better in time, but for tonight, I guess I would have liked a man with a bit more endurance. Maybe that's why I like sex with girls ... we don't poop out quite as early."

For the second time this evening, Jessa had caught Erin completely off-guard. "You like sex ... with girls? You're bi-sexual?"

"Yes I am, I thought you knew. I know that you're bi, I just assumed you'd always known I was into women. That's why I haven't dated much in the past few years, I have a list of girlfriends I can call when I'm feeling horny, but I really wanted a man tonight," Jessa confessed. "Wow, I really thought you knew, I thought I was sending the right vibes your way."

"The right vibes?"

"Sure thing, the `I'm interested in you" vibes. When you didn't say anything, I figured I probably wasn't your type, so no big deal. We're close friends and I'm perfectly cool with that," Jessa told her.

The pretty brunette was stunned but recovered from her amazement and acted quickly. She pulled Jessa so close that she could feel the blonde's heart beating. Deciding to waste no further time, she planted one on Jessa so hard that there was no doubt as to how interested she truly was.

"I think you need to work on your vibes," Erin told her. "I had no idea you were into women or that you were interested in me sexually, but now that I do, if you still have enough energy, I have a big bed that has lots of room for two naughty girls to play in. If you have enough energy, that is," Erin told her, letting sweet southern honey drip into her tone.

"Oh God, you have no idea of how long I've wanted this," Jessa told her. "Ever since I moved in and saw you, I wanted to get you into bed and be wild and crazy with you," Jessa sighed.

"Less talking and more sex," Erin said as she stood up and motioned towards her bedroom. Erin was close at hand, enjoying the sensual sway of her girlfriend's body and the sensuality she was promising.

As it had been a warm southern evening, Erin had been down to simple lingerie and that was quickly peeled away. She stood proudly before Jessa, pleased with the work she put into her body and maintaining her lush figure. It was now time for her to see Jessa in all of her glory and Erin sensed that glory would indeed be an apt description.

She was correct in that assumption. As Jessa's nudity came into full view, it was hard not to gasp. Every inch of her was tanned, flawless, every inch of Jessa was smooth, sleek lines and supple, desirable flesh. Her breasts were perfect and round, her face beamed with desire and her hair was a shimmering blonde wave. The stunning smile still remained but was now marked with a hint of naughty. From the sleek lines of her spine right down to her ass, there were no flaws whatsoever. Jessa's ass was round and perfect, Erin herself would have worn a body like this as a badge of honor. She and Jessa got into bed and tumbled together in an erotic pile, lips fused together as knowing hands reached out and took what they most wanted.

"Holy fuck, you feel good," Erin murmured as she broke her kiss with Jessa. She loved her tanned friend's skin against her own and could feel the strength that was so apparent in Jessa. Her flesh was so spectacular and the two women had lovely similarities and sexy differences. Jessa was already kissing her back and raising goose pimples on her aroused flesh.

Erin let out a sexy little whimper as Jessa did as she pleased. It was certainly obvious her luscious friend knew her way around a woman's body, every inch of Erin was appreciated by lips and hands. Even the soles of her feet were rubbed by Jessa to arouse her to a fever-pitch. It was working, most magnificently!

Erin didn't want to be an idle participant, but Jessa seemed to have things well in hand by now and almost had something to prove. She decided just to lay back and go with the flow, hoping she would discover when it was time for her to join in. Jessa's mouth was nuzzling her back and shoulders now, she was almost relaxed to the point of dreaming when her arousal was kicked up a notch. Jessa was eating her pussy from behind, she was really getting in there and probing with a talented finger as well. Erin groaned out her pleasure and then the groans turned to shrieks as Jessa got more aggressive in her actions.

"You are one nasty, fucking, slut-bitch!" Erin hissed through clenched teeth. "Keep it up baby, I love it!"

"Thought you might," Jessa said in a confident manner Erin thought quite unlike the shy, understated girl she had known all this time. Her tongue was moving around Erin's cunt like a living thing and Erin shuddered with every fervent lick. The sultry brunette wanted them to sixty-nine and yet, she was so enjoying the way Jessa was rocking her world that she did not want it to stop!

An orgasm hit her and once she stopped panting, she looked up at a smiling Jessa. The bouncy blonde wore Erin's juices on her face and lazily licked them away. She kissed Erin and then flopped back on the bed, a naked paradise awaiting discovery.

"Your turn, you gorgeous dark-haired slut," Jessa growled. "Use that magic tongue and make me cum like all the other bitches you've had up here."

"You've heard me?" Erin asked.

"Oh yeah baby, and I've gotten myself off every time. A lot of the time, I imagine it's me you're doing," Jessa confessed.

"This time, you don't have to imagine," Erin smiled. She spread the tall blonde's powerful legs apart and kissed up the bronzed thighs. Not one inch of Jessa was less than spectacular and she intended to take her time and enjoy the other woman. Jessa's moans and whimpers were like music to her ears, she enjoyed the sweet sounds of arousal that came from her new lover's soft lips. All of Jessa's body was a work of art, although she knew Jessa must work very diligently to keep it as such. The curves and nuances of her body were so alluring, her breasts were perfect, round globes and had a lovely weight to them. Erin showed her appreciation for the blonde's hard work by leaving no part of her body untouched or unkissed. When it came time to taste Jessa's pussy, she parted her legs and dove right in. No blonde fur impeded her progress, she had no idea if Jessa was a natural blonde or not and didn't care. All that mattered to her now was catching as much of the girl's sweet honey that was flowing so copiously from her pussy. She lapped and sucked and got as much as she could possibly gobble away. After a short while, Jessa pushed her away.

"Wow, you're really passionate, a lot crazier than I thought, but that's a good thing," Jessa told her. "I think you and I are going to be doing this a lot more often, right?" Erin nodded and then Jessa said "I think both of us know what's next. Why don't we do a sixty-nine and really get off?"

The two fit beauties got into position and took each other to new heights. Erin's female lovers were numerous and from what Jessa had said, so were hers. This time was magical nonetheless, a meeting of like minds and talents. Their probing and licking provided repeat climaxes for both women.

"Do you have any toys?" Jessa asked her friend.

"A few, why? Haven't you had enough?" Erin teased her and swatted that perfect ass playfully.

"Sharing a bed with a hot bitch like you, there's never enough," Jessa shot back. "I didn't get enough fucking from Pat tonight. I thought if you had a nice strap-on, you could fuck me like a doggy-bitch and make me howl!"

Erin reached into her nightstand and got out some lube. "I think you'll find what you're looking for in the bottom drawer of my dresser," She smiled at Jessa. While her friend rummaged around, she looked over at the clock on the other side of her bed and saw that it was nearing 4 AM. The two of them had been fucking for several hours and there didn't seem to be any end in sight for them. With a naughty smile to Jessa as she returned to the bed, Erin thought if she was going to go, this was most certainly the way she wanted to do it!

"Come to Momma, little darlin'," Erin said with a sultry, sex-filled drawl. "Tonight you're gonna know just what it's like to get fucked to death," She said, meaning every single word of it.

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