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Erin's Newest Escapade


Author's Note: I heard from Playboy model Erin Fox who told me she loved the first story ("Erin on the Right Side of the Law") and gave me permission -- heck, she asked! - to write another one. Who am I to refuse a sexy, smart southern lady? ~~BrettJ


Erin Fox had very much enjoyed her little visit to Toronto. The Canadians had been very kind ... one Canadian hottie in particular, she recalled with a warm fondness ... but there was nothing like coming home to Tennessee and being among familiar faces and close friends. Erin was never the type to hide her light under a bushel, the sexy brunette with the 34D-25-25 figure was well-known in the tight-knit community in which she lived. Part of it was from her modeling, not a lot of girls from her hometown had posed nude for a major men's magazine like Playboy. When she had answered the casting call, there had been some support, some derision and more than a few people who thought Erin had lost her mind.

Not her best girlfriends or some of the folks she worked with. Everyone knew Erin was a bit of a "nut" but she wore it like a badge of honor. She enjoyed shocking people and shaking loose their preconceptions. Why should she live her life the way others chose? Erin was going to live by her own rules.

Unfortunately, living by your own rules always cost her money and modeling for Playboy, as lucrative as it could be, didn't always pay the bills in full. She needed to work and had recently started a job at a local bar. She loved her regulars and she loved the newcomers who came to the bar. Erin got a giggle out of looking at newbies looking at the photos on the wall, then over at her and back at the photos. If the customers were polite and respectful, she would talk to them and autograph a few 8 X 10" glossies she kept with her. It the customers got a little too close, the bar had people that could handle that.

She tied her blouse up under her breasts, lifting them proudly. Erin wasn't shy with her assets, they had taken her farther than she could ever have imagined. She worked hard on her physique, so she bared her midriff, let people enjoy the view of a woman in phenomenal shape. The 24-year old stunner was in mood to play the tease so she decided on a short, pleated plaid skirt. In full tease mode, she might not have worn panties, but this was work, so she thought better of it. She opted for a tiny, black silk thong and then added 3-inch heels to the ensemble to bring her height up to 5'10". Some women couldn't move well in heels, but Erin was not one of them. She loved the way heels made her walk and the attention she attracted.

Erin walked into the bar and the managers, Katie-Lynn and Barry, gave her a warm hug. They were so easy to work with and always made allowances for her whenever she needed to model. It didn't hurt that after new pictures came out, Erin would come back and business would be insane for over a week. Katie-Lynn and Barry were both such gorgeous people and hired the sexiest, friendliest staff they could find. On a Saturday night, you had to get here early or you weren't getting in. It was only 8 PM and the place was already a madhouse. Erin waved at her co-workers and got behind the bar and started pouring drinks. Back to the real world, she sighed to herself.

Erin got into work mode, joking, flirting with some newcomers and her long-time regulars. She didn't have any modeling gigs for a while, so she knew she'd have to put herself out there to earn some tips. After work, she would have a drink and see if she could get into a little bit of trouble. She was still in a horny state of mind and hoped "other Erin", her new friend from Toronto might take her up on her offer someday and pay her a visit. It had been some of the squirmiest, naughtiest girl-on-girl loving Erin had ever experienced and it had ended far sooner than she or her playmate would have liked.

Erin scanned the crowd for possibilities, wondering who might pique her interest when she saw him. His hair was dark and gorgeous, he was broad-shouldered and tall -- nearly 6'5", she would have estimated. His clothes were almost snug on his body, he had the build of a superhero. He can be my Superman any old time Erin thought to herself as one of the pretty new waitresses approached the bar. She ordered two glasses of Jack Daniels and smiled at Erin. Erin looked at the pretty blonde with the short blonde hair and slender figure and found her intriguing. How nice, Two possible new playmates and both are so close to home, things are looking up, Erin grinned to herself. Erin turned up her charm 3 notches and hoped the pretty new waitress liked to play with girls. From the way she was gazing wistfully at Erin, she was sure that she did.

"I saw you staring at the new bouncer, I wouldn't get your hopes up," the pixie-like blonde grinned. "His name is Steve, the owners hired him last week. Every girl in here has made a play for him and they've all been shot down. We know he isn't gay, he's gone home with some of the sexier female customers and all of them were tens. So far though, he hasn't partied with any of us, we just don't get it."

"Well, there's nothing wrong with you cutie," Erin winked at the girl with her rich brown eyes. "I'd call you an eleven." Erin watched to see what the girl would do and gauge her reactions. The pretty blonde had a sweet smile and leaned closer, not even bothering to avert her gaze from Erin's lush cleavage.

"I could say the same about you," The blonde grinned. "I'm Felecia and I've been dying to meet you. I was really stoked when I heard you were coming back and working tonight, I switched shifts so that I could get a chance to work alongside you."

Erin looked into the slender girl's pretty blue eyes and put her hand on top of Felecia's. "Tell you what sweetheart, if you're up for it, why don't we go out tomorrow night, just the two of us, and have a little fun? Are you interested?"

Felecia leaned close and let Erin have a good look at sexy body. Erin couldn't wait to get her hands on the sexy, flirty little blonde, but tonight her she another objective. Felecia said to her "I think you can tell how interested I am. I'd show you too, but I don't want to make a scene." Felecia walked off and Erin's eyes never left her swaying ass, very provocative in a tight, black leather miniskirt.

Steve came over a minute later and got himself a Coke. Erin leaned close to him and unexpectedly, the muscular young man paid attention. He got close and Erin could see the firm, tight features and her desire grew. Steve and she could have posed for the covers of romance novels, he was just that gorgeous.

"Hey," Steve said to her.

"Hi y'all," Erin said, deciding to play up her southern charms. "I'm Erin, nice to meet you."

"I know who you are, everyone around here does," Steve told her. "I tried to get a job here for a while so that I could get the chance to meet you."

"Little old me?" Erin giggled, still acting her part. "I'm flattered, are you a fan?"

"Shit yeah, I've got a pulse, don't I?" Steve told her. "I think you're hot, I'd love it if I could buy you a drink sometime."

"Not here, I don't want anyone talking behind my back," Erin told him. She actually felt a bit flushed, this guy was getting the stuffing fucked out of him tonight. She wasn't going to play it coy, she leaned close and let him see the entire package. "I know a few places we can go after hours, we'll talk later." She winked at the handsome bouncer as he walked away and Felecia neared the bar again. She ordered a pitcher of beer and her blue eyes opened wide when Erin told her she'd made a date with Steve.

"I promise to tell you about it tomorrow night," Erin purred, licking her lips slightly. "In full detail." Felecia had an evil grin on her face and at that moment, Erin wasn't quite sure who she was looking forward to more, Steve or Felecia. The petite blonde had limitless sex appeal and she sure did smell good.

Erin kept herself in a horny mood for the rest of the evening, enjoying the sexy customers and the attention that a returning "celebrity" commanded. She must have signed over a dozen autographs and turned down twice that many requests for dates. She didn't like to juggle two many sexual encounters at one time, it got complicated and sometimes led to a lot more trouble than Erin liked to deal with. Katie-Lynn and Barry had been very good to her, so she liked to keep trouble as far away from the bar as she possibly could.

A few minutes before closing, Steve neared the bar and told her he'd meet her outside in the parking lot. Steve told Erin he was riding a new Yamaha SZ-R and he always carried an extra helmet in the carry bags. Erin felt a shiver go through her as she realized riding on the back of a bike would likely enhance her libido.

She was right. Once they were on Steve's bike and tearing down the road, she felt herself getting really turned on. The pair stopped at a local "Hooters" and had one drink while Erin chatted with some old friends. She then suggested they go back to her place. Riding with Steve on his bike had given her some naughty, kinky ideas and she hoped Steve would be able to handle them.

They got to her place and he pulled her close, his arms felt like steel cables as they wrapped around her. "Stay right here darlin'," Erin told her newest conquest. "I think I have a surprise for you that y'all will really enjoy." Steve certainly seemed to enjoy the Southern Belle persona, she hoped her newest incarnation wouldn't ruin things. In her bedroom, she put her skirt and blouse on a nearby chair and rummaged around in her closet for the outfit she wanted to wear. It had been a while since she'd bought it but it never failed to do the trick. Erin was fairly certain it would succeed again.

She emerged about 10 minutes later and from the look in the stud's eyes, it had. Erin was now wearing a black leather and silver chain outfit where the black leather straps that went across her body hid very little. Most of it barely covered her tits or pussy. She had added her favorite black leather, high-heeled boots and now she looked like a hot slut from a fetish catalog. "We're not going to waste time, handsome," Erin told Steve as she stood proudly in front of him. "We're here to fuck and I really, really need a hard stud tonight. You like my outfit?" Steve nodded, he had an almost-dumbfounded expression on his face. "Good, because I intend to be a demanding little bitch tonight and I want your best performance. You're going to fuck me as long as you can and make me cum. Do a good job and this won't be the last time you'll see me in something like this!"

Erin had made her intentions clear. As Steve stood up, he pulled her close again and ran his strong hands all over her leather-clad body. Steve was strong as any man she had ever been with, but he wasn't rough. He wasn't mauling her, although a bit of manhandling could be fun in the right circumstances. Erin wasn't afraid to get down and nasty when she was in the mood. On a whim, Steve picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. Erin was impressed, lifting a 115-pound girl up in your arms like it was nothing was no small feat.

"You are one fucking hot bitch," Steve told her as he looked at Erin in her conducive-to-kink outfit. "I hope you don't mind my saying that."

"No, I understand that it's meant as a compliment," Erin grinned, stretching out her legs so he could get the full effect of the boots as well. She hoped that Steve had the stamina she craved in her lovers, she wanted to fuck until the sun came up.

Steve began undressing, something that Erin would have liked to have done for him, she really wanted to see and feel if his body lived up to the promise. As it came into view, she could see every chiseled, sculpted inch and she licked her lips. This stud now had the potential to give her the fuck she had not enjoyed in a while. The next few days were going to help sate her sexual cravings, to be sure. Steve stood before her proudly, almost posing like he might in body-building competitions.

"What do you think, babe?" Steve asked her. "Pretty nice, huh?"

Erin nodded and grinned. Okay, so Steve was a bit cocky, she could deal with that. She'd whittled down a few cocky men a few pegs or two in her time. Erin was not the kind of lady a smart partner underestimated. She could make love with full sensuality and enjoy the feminine side of her personality, but she could fuck a lover so hard there would be the imprints of bedsprings in their back. Steve would be dealing with the latter Erin.

With a bit of a snarl, Erin approached him and dropped to her knees. The leather-clad brunette intended to show him she took a back seat to no one. The blowjob he was about to get would make any man weak in the knees. She inspected his large, almost 9-inch cock and then took him deep in her throat. Erin looked up at him with her rich, dark eyes as she sucked him. All men were suckers for that. Her tongue weaved and slid all around the thick shaft, she also took time to fondle and caress his thick, large balls. As anticipated, Steve nearly collapsed a few times, but held on. Her grin was mischievous as Erin's mouth worked its magic. When Steve left, she intended to have him remember her as the best fuck he had ever had.

Erin sucked him until he came, she enjoyed as much of his cum as she could and then got on the bed. She didn't have to remove her leather outfit just yet, all one had to do was move it a bit and you had free access to her body. Steve started with her gorgeous tits and her nipples stiffened as her pussy began to moisten. Steve was using his powerful hands to move all over her body, she liked the dual feeling of the cool outfit on her skin while Steve manipulated her flesh. He wasn't the soft, gentle lover some of her girlfriends were, but she had Felecia tomorrow for that. Steve was really getting to her and now his mouth was nearing her pussy. She wanted to feel his mouth on her cunt and was curious to see how good he was at oral.

He wasn't bad, not as good as her little friend in Toronto, but not bad at all. He was attentive and spent time between her thighs as well, her boot-clad legs holding him in place. Erin's sweetly-shaved cunt was dripping like a faucet now, but there was no need to rush. Erin had every intention of putting Steve through his paces.

"You enjoying yourself, hot stuff?" Steve grinned, his face glistening a bit with her juices. He might have lacked finesse, but at least he wasn't trying to get by on looks alone. Erin nodded and decided she was still running the show. She moved away from the powerful stud and straddled his cock.

"Time to put this fucker in deep," Erin told him with a feral snarl. "Hold on tight baby, I'm not a quiet fuck!"

Erin lived up to her promise. Her recently-manicured nails dug into his toned skin as she took his cock balls-deep. He did his best to keep up, but Steve had met his match in the sexy, fit brunette. She was taking no prisoners tonight.

"Fuck it, you motherfucker, give me that fucking big cock of yours," Erin hissed. Her tits jiggled up and down as she screwed the powerhouse Steve. She giggled a bit as she saw the look on his handsome face. He was totally amazed that any woman could fuck him like this. Erin wasn't just any woman ... she was one of the hottest women in all of Tennessee!

Erin fucked him and enjoyed at least one powerful climax. That was fun, but she was going for a lot more than that. She got off his cock, got on all fours and hoped he knew how to fuck a girl doggy-style. He seemed pretty confident as he pounded her from behind and played with her tits. Now he was mauling her a bit, but it felt so damned good ...

She and Steve had a good night of fucking, he came two more times and Erin came 6 times in total. It wasn't her record, but it was exhausting. Steve didn't stay as he had to work that night, but that was fine with Erin. She wanted a good afternoon's sleep to prepare for her date with the lovely Felecia.

When Erin got up around 4 PM, she hopped in the shower and then started putting on her makeup. She and Felecia were going out for an evening that included dinner. Erin loved good food, so she had suggested to Felecia that they go all out. When she took inventory in her closet, she found the dress she hoped would make Felecia's mouth water. She wanted to make an entrance with the pretty blonde on her arm.

"YES!" Erin shrieked as she pulled THE dress from her closet. With her nicely-tanned skin, this one would do the trick. It would make Felecia's mouth water and garner her lots of attention. She had bought herself a new pair of black, spiky heels while in Toronto, those were going to be part of it. She rummaged through her drawers to find a naughty little extra to wear as well. Steve had his mind blown last night, now it would be Felecia's turn.

Felecia was prompt, showing up at 6 on the dot. Intending to show her plans for tonight were strictly dishonorable, Erin pulled the petite blonde close and stuck her tongue halfway down Felecia's throat. "That's a preview," Erin purred, patting Felecia's ass. "I hope you like what I chose to wear."

"Like it?" Felecia grinned broadly. "I'm tempted to cancel our dinner reservation and order takeout just so I can get you into bed," She sighed.

"Oh no you don't, I'm starving," Erin told her new friend. "I can't wait to enjoy some good food and I feel like driving some people crazy too," She smiled. "I'm glad you think I can do that in this outfit, yours is equally nice."

Erin had chosen to wear a tight, orange dress that hugged her body and showed every flawless curve. It dipped low in front and was short so she could show off her long, toned, tanned legs. It was the kind of outfit that made men drool although it was having a similar effect on yummy little Felecia.

Felecia herself had gone for subtle and sexy. She wore a tiny grey jacket that ended at her midriff and a silk blouse underneath. A short grey miniskirt went with it and Erin kept glimpsing the tops of stockings. She wore high black heels and looked very edible.

"You ..." Erin grinned "... are one fucky little bitch."

"Fucky? What does that mean?"

"You'll find out ... later," Erin grinned at her.

She had let Felecia choose the restaurant as Erin was going to pay. Felecia had opted for a fun, kicky tavern that Erin knew well. You could almost hear necks spinning when the girls entered the restaurant. They were escorted to their booth by a sexy, dark-skinned hostess who was practically falling all over herself as she seated them. Erin read that the girl's name was Tatiana and she made a mental note to come back soon ... the girl had a great body, sexy legs and was H-O-T.

Their drinks came in short order without a bill. Some of the patrons had noticed them enter and sent them over. The two women had a few drinks and Erin was glad they had taken a taxi. She wouldn't want to be driving her baby tonight and risk anything happening to her new car. She wanted to have a nice buzz on before playing with Felecia.

Their food was certainly conducive to a cheerful evening. It was fun and filling and they two of them shared a nice dessert, alternating feeding each other and causing a small scene. Deciding to go for broke, Erin gave Felecia a few small kisses while they were there. When she went to pay their bill, Tatiana smiled at her. "Come back soon," The black woman practically drooled. "My number's on the other side, if you're interested in ... having lunch ... sometime." Tatiana said with a husky purr in her voice and a sultry smile on her face.

"Was she flirting with you?" Felecia asked when Erin returned. "Don't worry, I'm not offended ... she's gorgeous."

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