tagExhibitionist & VoyeurErin's Ride On my Lap Ch. 02

Erin's Ride On my Lap Ch. 02


"Hey John thanks for helping us move today. I'm really sorry you missed hanging out with your friends to help us move."

Zach said.

"Is there anyway we could pay you back for helping us?" Erin asked almost laughing.

"I got a good payment already."

"What was that John?"

Zach replied confused.

"Umm just the truck ride itself was payment enough, you showed me a different view of things."

"A different view of what exactly John?"

Zach asked.

I turned to Erin and started laughing with her. "A different view of this part of the city, I've never seen this part of the city it's so hot but still has a very moist feeling."

Erin smacked me on the shoulder because she knew that I was talking about her. "You never saw this part of town?"

"No but I like would to see it more often." I said smiling.

"Well I don't think that was enough for missing out on a whole day with your friends." Zach said.

"Why don't we all go out to eat at that restaurant down the street, the one we read about the other day." Erin said.

"That's sounds good to me, how about you John?" Zach asked.

"I could eat."

"Good lets all get cleaned off and then head out." Zach said walking towards the house.

When everyone was cleaned off we piled into the truck. To bad Erin isn't sitting on my lap this ride.

"Aren't you glad you get your own seat this time John?" Zach asked.

" I didn't mind Erin sitting on my lap it just got hot real quick." I said while reaching around the seat and squeezing Erin's tit when Zach wasn't look. Erin smacked my hand off when she thought Zach was going to look over.

*message received from Erin*

"You've got to stop this lol, not right now we are going to get caught."

"Got a text John, is everything ok?" Erin asked trying to act innocent.

"Yea everything is fine just some friends telling me what I missed out on."

"Sorry John we just needed help moving badly." Zach replied.

"It's fine I really enjoyed my day so far, it was interesting."

After about 10 minutes we pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant. When Erin got out of the truck I reached out and grabbed her ass, and she immediately smacked my hands away.

"Stop you horny dog." Erin turned around and whispered to me while laughing.

When we got in the waitress asked us where we wanted to sit and we chose a booth in the back corner with no one around, all of the tables had dividers in the middle of the table where the food was sat down.

The waitress was actually very beautiful and built just like Erin, slim body, long brown hair, small firm ass, and what looked to be size B tits, the only difference was her nose which was long and pointy but it worked for her beautifully.

While ordering I felt something moving across my crotch and I jumped.

"You ok John?" Zach asked.

"Yea sorry just got the chills."

When I was done ordering I looked underneath the table and saw it was Erin's foot rubbing my cock through my shorts.

*message sent to Erin*

"What happened to stopping cause we might get caught?"

*message received from Erin*

"There's no fun in stopping, don't you want to have fun?"

When I read the text I looked up and smiled at Erin while she continued to rub my cock with her foot. Then all of a sudden Zach jumped up.

"Ah shit." I whispered

"Ev.. is everything ok John?" Erin asked afraid she was caught.

"Yea ah...I just ah... got a cramp in my leg." Zach replied obviously in pain.

"Whoa that was close." I whispered to Erin.

"Who are you telling?" She whispered back

"Hey Erin can you sit on that side of the table so that I can put my leg up?" Zach asked

"Yea no problem sweetie." Erin responded.

When Erin sat down Zach sat down with his leg up on the rest of the seat.

"Ah that's better. You don't mind Erin sitting with you right?" Zach asked.

"Of course not." I said then realizing Erin was slowly unzipping my pants.

*message sent to Erin*

"What the hell are you doing, you are gonna get us caught."

*message received from Erin*

"No I'm not he can't see anything below our chest I was looking while I was over on that side."

When I read the text I looked up saw that you couldn't see anything below Zach's chest so I reached down unzipped my pants and pulled my dock out. As soon as I pulled it out Erin wrapped her hands around it tightly and started to jerk me off right in front of her boyfriend, my brother.

"So John you like our new house?" Zach asked.

"Yea it's really nice but why do you two need four bedrooms?"

"Well me and Erin have been looking for a place to raise a family for a while, so that's why we need all the rooms." John answered.

"Cool sounds good."

"Yea isn't that right Erin, we are going to need all the space we can get?" Zach asked.

Erin had her eyes glued to my cock and jumped when Zach said her name.

"Are you ok Erin?"

"Yea I was just day dreaming and he startled me when he called my name, but what were you asking Zach?" Erin responded.

"Oh sorry I scared you but I was talking about how we've been thinking about starting a family so we need a house with a lot of space." Zach told her.

"Yea Zach and I have been planning for a while." She said before releasing my cock and grabbing her phone out.

*message received from Erin*

"You know your kid might be part of that family."

*message sent to Erin*

"It's a good thing me and Zach sorta look alike lol."

Erin read the text before putting her phone down and grabbing my cock again. As soon as Erin started to jerk me off again the waitress walked around the corner with our food and her eyes were locked on my cock. Erin and I both froze and stared back at her. The waitress sat the food down without looking away from us at all.

"So will that be all for you guys tonight?" The waitress asked.

"Yea I think we'll be fine I'll ask if we need anything." Zach said looking up at the waitress.

"Please don't say anything." Erin and I both whispered when Zach looked up at the waitress.

"Well ok have fun." The waitress said before winking at us and walking away.

"Hmm wonder what that was about?" Zach asked.

"What,what was about?" Erin asked trying to stay oblivious that she was still jerking me off.

"You two didn't see the waitress wink at you two?" Zach asked confused.

"No I didn't see it." Erin and I both said at the same time.

"Must be seeing things,well let's eat up." Zach responded.

When Zach said that Erin reached up on the divider and grabbed a breadstick.

"Wow this stick is hard." She said while looking over at me.

Zach looked up super quick. "What stick oh the breadstick."

Then reached up and grabbed one. "Really mine is soft."

"I think Erin just has some sort of magic hand that makes breadsticks hard, she didn't touch your stick that's why it's not hard."

"Haha possibly." Zach said completely oblivious that Erin and I were talking about my cock.

Erin released my cock and picked up her phone.

*message received from Erin*

"Go to the bathroom I can't let you eat with that thing at large."

As soon as I read the text I reached down and zipped up my shorts. "Actually can I go to the men's room real quick."

"Yea we'll just be here eating." Zach replied.

Two minutes after I walked in the bathroom Erin walked in.

"What did you tell Zach?"

"Oh I just told him I needed to freshen up real quick. So we have to be, you know, quick" She said while pushing me into the middle stall of the bathroom. It had a low rail went all the way around the stall even behind the toilet.

When the stall door was closed and locked. Erin said "hurry up and give this tight pussy a good fucking."

"Um ok."

I removed my clothes but left my shoes on just in case someone looked under the stall walls, then sat my clothes on the back of the toilet. While Erin did the same but when I turned around Erin had on black crotchless panties with a black see through bra.

"Wow you sorta planned for this didn't you Erin?"

"Yea sorta I wanted to show you this." She replied.

"Wow I love it."

"I can tell." She said while looking down at my growing cock.

"Come here."

I lifted Erin up until her legs were able to wrapped around my waist and my cock was was pointing directly at her pussy.

"What are you waiting for, you scared?" Erin said laughing.

As soon as she said that I chuckled and shoved my cock deep into Erin's pussy in one hard, quick stroke causing her to moan extremely loudly.

"Let's just hope we don't get caught with your loud ass."

"Just worry about fucking me right, I'll worry about how loud I am."

When she said that I grabbed Erin by her ass and started to bounce her up and down on my cock slowly then increase my speed causing her to bite her lip and moan softly every time I pushed in. Suddenly the door opened and closed and we heard footsteps.

I slowly lifted Erin off of my cock and sat down on the toilet and had Erin sit on my cock facing towards me with her legs on the rails and let her start bouncing on my cock at her on speed.

"I guess I do get to ride on your lap again." Erin said smiling.

I just smiled back

"John you in here?" Zach nearly yelled.

"Yea I'm back here, you just left Erin out there by herself?"

"Nah she told me she needed to go freshen up a little, you know how girls are." Zach responded.


"What's taking you so long?" Zach asked.

"Umm I'm using the restroom, I'll be out there soon I'm almost done with her."

Erin stopped bouncing up and down on my cock when I said that and froze.

"Her?" Zach asked confused while looking under the stall, but he could only see my legs and shoes.

"I mean I'm almost done here I just feel a little uncomfortable talking to you while I'm in here."

"Ah ok I'll give you some privacy." Zach said.

"You need to be more careful." Erin whispered.

"I know I'm sorry."

When I heard the door close I stood up with my cock fully buried inside of her and had her hold onto the top of the stalls while I grabbed her by her hips and bounced her up and down. In mid stroke Erin reached down and undid her bra finally fully expose her beautiful tits for me. While still fucking her I slipped a nipple into my mouth and lightly sucked on it then moved to the other one.

Soon my arms go tired so I let Erin down and bent her over, grabbed her waist and fucked her hard from behind making loud clapping noises.

"I'm going to cum." Erin nearly yelled.

"Me too baby."

"Cum with me John."

Faster and faster I fucked Erin until she suddenly stopped bouncing back on me and just stayed there moaning loudly. I knew Erin was having an orgasm cause her pussy got tighter around my cock, so I reached forward and pulled her long brown hair and kept fucking her hard trying to make her orgasm last till I was ready to cum soon it was to much for me and I sent rope after rope of cum deep inside of Erin.

After we were done we stayed seating there with my cock getting soft inside of Erin till we were cooled off.

"Erin shouldn't you be going?"

"Ah shit I forgot, that was so good I forgot everything for a second." She said while getting dressed.

"Now you have to wait a few minutes before leaving out." She said.

"I know I'm not stupid."

"Just making sure, fuck I have to brush my hair and reapply make-up." She replied.

"Um sorry?"

"Don't be sorry it was totally worth it John, we both needed that badly." She said smiling, then exiting the bathroom after applying make-up and brushing her hair.

After a couple of minutes I walked out of the restroom and the waitress that caught us earlier was standing outside the door.

"You two were in there for a while." The waitress said.

"Umm what are you talking about I was the only person in there."

"Uh we have cameras here, I saw her go in after you, are you two a couple?" She asked

"Nah just friends."

"You two must be very close friends cause it sounded like you two were having fun, good thing you can't hear any of this out at the tables." She replied.

"Yea you can say we're very close friends I guess, you saw us earlier. Why didn't you say anything?"

"I don't know actually I thought it was a little hot, it did kinda turn me on." She said.

"Umm ok well I think I should get back to my friends."

"You never told me your name." The waitress said.

"I'm John and you are?"

"I'm Lindsey. Lindsey Mathews."

"Nice to meet you Lindsey but I think I should be going now."

"Why don't I walk with you I can be your excuse in case the other guy starts asking questions." Lindsey said.

"Shit sounds good to me."

On our way back to my table Lindsey wrote something down on her notepad.

"John what took you so long." Erin asked trying to play innocent.

"Yea you were in the bathroom a long time." Zach pitched in.

"I've been out of the bathroom a while now I saw her outside by herself so I went out and talked to her."

"Her?" Lindsey asked.

"Sorry, guys this is Lindsey."

"Lindsey this is Z.."

"I'm Zach and this is my girlfriend Erin." Zach said interrupting me.

When Zach said girlfriend Lindsey just froze and kept looking back and forth between Erin and I.

"Um everything ok?" Erin asked afraid Lindsey might say something.

"Yea I'm fine sorry. I was just thinking about something, let me leave you three alone so guys can eat, do you guys need anything else?" Lindsey asked.

"Ugh the check."

"Zach already paid when you got up and went to the bathroom." Erin said.

"Well I guys that's it."

"Well John this is for you." Lindsey said while tearing a peice of paper off of her notepad. It was her number.

"Thanks I'll text you later."

"Sounds good to me." Lindsey said while walking away.

"Guess she must have been winking at you earlier John, knew I wasn't seeing things." Zach said.

"I guess so."

"So what were you two talking about outside?" Erin asked.

"Oh nothing important really, let's eat."

"It must've been pretty important if she gave you her number." Erin replied.

After eating we all headed out to the truck.

"You sure you can drive Zach?"

"Yea my leg feels a lot better now." Zach replied.

With that we all piled into the truck.

*message received from Erin*

"You gonna text Lindsey later?"

*message sent to Erin*

"I was planing on it but I won't if you aren't ok with it."

*message received from Erin*

"Nah seriously I think you should text her you two will make a good couple I think lol."

*message sent to Erin*

"Ok if you are completely sure it's fine."

*message sent to Erin*

"Wait but what about us?"

*message received from Erin*

"Yes I'm sure, and we can still have fun, I'm in a relationship and we still have fun."

*message sent to Erin*

"Point taken."

*message received from Erin*

"She might even be able to join us if I like her lol."

*message sent to Erin*

"Oh I'd like that a lot."

*message received from Erin*

"I bet you would lol."


(Sorry it was kinda short)

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