Erin's World Ch. 01


"Wow, that sounds so fucking incredible, baby."

"So I should somehow find myself naked in front of them so they can ogle your wife while you are at work? That doesn't seem fair. Maybe I should let them take a picture of me naked, like that, and send it to you at work, to tide you over till you can get home and fuck me senseless."

"Oh my fucking god, Erin, oh my god. That is totally hot."

His cock was twitching again. I was losing the advantage of having him on edge but I didn't care. I thought, maybe if I can have him excited and get him off to the idea he'll only be able to get excited that way. It is kind of a pavlovian idea, instead of drooling dogs, it will be spurting cock.

I was jerking him to his breaking point. I leaned in. " the picture would be of me, on my know....naked....but with some of their cum on my tits..."

"Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck fuck!"

He spurted globs of cum all over my hand and my arm. It was everywhere. He leaned back into the recliner. I licked my hand clean, then the side of my arm where it had splattered. I made sure a lot of it got on my lips and face. I smiled at him. "What if the picture looked just like this?" I said with a giggle as I bounded away.

Again, each step leads to another. No more mention of outfits or pictures for another couple of days. The workers came in, did their work, and left. I barely saw them They were approaching completion of the last project, the bathroom. They'd be done on Friday. It was tuesday night. I saw "the look" in Ryan's eyes again. He was concerned about the project being completed. I made him say what he was really thinking. He blurted out that he was afraid that after Friday such a good opportunity would be lost. I told him to tell me what he wanted. He just wasn't good at it. He needed my experience. We needed to work together on it.

"Ok, you want something to happen on Friday, don't you?"

"Yes, so much."

"But you can't tell me what it is you want?"

"You know what I want."

"That's a cop out. I don't know what you'll allow, actually. For all our talk, no one has ever seen more than glimpses of me and certainly no one has had me sexually in any way, since we've been married."

"I trust you."

"Trust me to do what, exactly?"

"Anything," he blurted. "Anything you want. I trust you."

Wow, he actually said it. "Anything." "Are you sure? Anything? Can you handle anything?"

"I've wanted it for so long, I just don't know how to do it, how to ask. I've read about it, I've got off on the idea. You just have to help me face it, make me get used to it."

"Let me get this straight," I said carefully. "You want me to...let me see...allow one or more of those workers to see my tits?"


"And touching them is ok? Once they are out, they can touch them?"


I could see him sweating. His heart must've been racing. "But you want more, don't you? You want someone to see my tits, touch them, then you want someone to see my ass and my pussy?"

"Yes, so fucking much."

"And again, once they are out in the open, they can be touched?"

"Yes, a thousand times yes. You are just torturing me now, honey."

"I'm not torturing you. I'm trying to find the rules. Let's say I find something overly slutty to wear. I think that would work best. It should be overly slutty. Something that says, "I'm available for whatever, since this is no longer a teasing thing. I'll send you a picture of it at work. That way you won't be able to say yes or no, it will just be what it is. Don't try and answer, I won't respond. This is going to happen. What if I pick out one of the guys, say the foreman. He's kind of cute and sexy, in a bulky, contractor kind of way. So, let's say I get the foreman off to the side and tell him I want to reward him for his fine work. I know he's been eyeing me all day. I let him ogle me while I talk. Slowly I seduce him and let him know what he can have. Then, I let them finish and get their stuff loaded up. I whisper to the foreman to let the men go so that he and I can "finish up the paperwork."

"Fuck, that's so fucking hot."

"I haven't even done anything yet, honey," I giggled. "So, he sends them away. He knows now he's got a hot slut on his dirty, strong hands. I slip off my top so he can come back and see me topless. I'll take a selfie of me topless and send it to you. It'll be like a timeline of my debasement. You'll see each step. He'll come back in and I'll drop my top as he approaches. He will attack me. He'll kiss me honey, hard, and with lots of tongue. Are you ok with that?"

He could only nod. He was stroking himself.

After he mauls my mouth he'll realize my tits are there for him. He'll attack them too, first with his hands, then his mouth. I'll reach for his cock. It'll be firm already. It'll be big, I've seen his bulge, I think it'll be nice and big," I grinned. "Are you ok with that?"

"Yes," he said, he was moaning softly now as he listened to how it was all going to happen.

"He'll want me to drop to my knees at this point. All guys do. They love having me suck their cocks to full excitement. Do you want that?"

He nodded again, it was an almost defeated look. He was giving in to his overpowering desire.

"So I'll be on my knees with my titties out, sucking on his big cock, licking his big sweaty balls..."

He was stroking harder now, more intensely. I realized what I needed to do.

"No, that's it, stop!" I commanded.

He looked at me in disbelief. His cock was almost purple.

"No, don't jerk off, not tonight, not tomorrow, not until after...." I instructed. "Trust me, it'll be better this way, you'll be so fucking hot after that you and I will fuck like teenagers."

He couldn't argue with that. Reluctantly he put it away.

"In the meantime I want you to write down your fantasies, those things on those sites that turn you on the most. Tell me what excites you. I know you have a hard time telling me face to face. Write it down. Let's see if we can make some of them come true. He bounded out of there like a kid on christmas.

"Fuck," I thought. "This is really going to happen. Now I wondered if *I* had the guts for it. I really had noticed the foreman, Red. He was a thick, red bearded man (hence the nickname), more like a lumberjack than a foreman. I really didn't see any of them pay me much attention. Now, in truth I hadn't looked for it either. I'd basically left them alone to do their jobs, partially so that it got done on time and in budget, but partially to tease Ryan into action. Both parts had worked but now I was left without any foreplay, without any hint that I might be into something. That would make what might happen Friday more instant, more spontaneous. I wasn't sure I could control it like I said to Ryan. It really didnt matter. It was time for me to get fucked by someone other than my husband. It was something both of us wanted.

Friday morning I awoke to hammering. Ryan was already gone. I walked out to the dining room in my robe. I'm sure my hair was a mess. Red and one of his workers was in the kitchen, talking on the phone. They gave me a welcome grunt and helped themselves to our coffee, which we'd insisted on early in the job. I poured my own coffee and noticed an envelope on the table. It was unsealed. I opened it. I noticed Red eyeing me. There was something unnerving about the stare. He'd barely noticed me before. I checked to see if my robe was closed. It was. I was showing some nice cleavage, though, but I doubted that caused that look. I hustled out of there. I was nearly in the bathroom when I realized they were in there still, putting the finishing touches on it. I walked across the house to our other bathroom. I dropped my robe and turned on the water. I looked at the note in my hand. I opened it up. It was several pages long of text Ryan had written on our pc. It read:

"Erin. I love you. I'll always love you. You are the sweetest, most loving and sexy woman on this planet. I know you deserve the world. I can't give you the entire world, but I can give you some of it. I know what you need, what you crave. I know you've been good, probably too good since we married. I want to let you know you don't have to be anymore. I want you to be who you are, who you want to be. I know I have trouble telling you things. But, here goes. These are some of the thoughts that have been tormenting me since I met you. They are my most consistent fantasies, they can always remain fantasies, if you wish, but they are what they are.

****First, you need to allow the foreman to take you, to have you. I want it to be like you are pleasuring him as a reward. That thought has always got me hard. The thought of you either paying or rewarding workers or repairmen with sexual favors makes me crazy. If you don't want one of the workers I'll understand. But if you do, please please please send me pictures on your phone like you said. It'll thrill and frighten me at the same time. Yes, he can touch you, yes you can suck him, yes, I want his cock filling your slut pussy."

{Wow. This was so revealing, so detailed. It was remarkable at how much this had obviously affected Ryan. I had to turn off the water, the vapor was covering the mirrors. I stood at the mirror and unconsciously fingered myself as I read his letter.}

****I want to take you to the bar, one of our upscale ones. I want you to dress like you are out to get fucked. Then, I want you to go in, find someone and let them take you home and fuck you. I also like variations of it where the woman just takes them out to the car and sucks or fucks them, or even just takes them into the bathroom and does it. I think it is the "stranger" thing that excites me the most about it. I want this to be a repeating thing, not a one time thing.

{Oh my god, he has no idea how much that one gets me. My pussy was starting to get squishy around my fingers. Strangers fucking me, gawd, that's hot and something I've missed for so long.}

****I want you to consider doing something with my boss, Rob. I know he's older, but it's that thought of your beautiful young body pleasure a guy who bosses me drives me crazy, knowing he had my wife, her mouth, maybe her pussy. Then, having to face him every day, knowing what he's had, what he is thinking about you.... I don't blame you for not wanting it, I said, for me, wow.

{Fuck, I had no idea how deeply rooted these things were. He wants me fucking his old coot of a boss? Hmmm}

****I know this might shock you but, I want you to consider fucking one (or more) of my friends. I'm not sure how I'll handle it. I just know the thought drives me fucking crazy. I think it might be better if you act like you are cheating on me, rather than them knowing that I know about them. I think that would be easier on me. But, if you think I need it the other way, that's up to you. I want you to be you. One repeating fantasy is that I leave for work and once they've started fucking you they keep finding their way over to our house.....I'll never know who or when, unless you send me a dirty text.

{As I've said before, it would be easy for me to spread my legs for some of his friends, a couple of them practically beg me every time they get me off alone. I've been hit on, felt up and "surprise kissed" more than once after nights of drinking. I agree that I should act like I'm cheating, I'm not sure he could handle the "sissy cuckold" thing or that they'd understand why he wants me to be fucked. I was already fantasizing and considering that one.}

****You probably have thought of this one before but, you should consider taking a lover. I don't mean someone to replace me. I just mean someone who you plan on fucking for a period of time. Hopefully, it will be only weeks, not months. I don't know if I could take that. But, knowing someone is getting you on a consistent basis is such a turn on. If that happens, I want you to commit to him sexually. Be available to him, whenever, wherever, even if it means leaving me hard, and hanging while you go out and satisfy him. Preferably you should pick a guy who will take advantage of your submissiveness. That way, he can just call or text his demands and you'll have to submit to his desires. Hopefully you'll find a guy to use you as you need, someone like Jack, not Jack, but someone like him....unless it has to be Jack."

{This one floored me, literally. I dropped onto the soft rug and rubbed my clit feverishly thinking of it. I came on my fingers. If I do any of it, I'll definitely try that one.

I stood up quickly. I realized the bathroom door was open a crack. It was quite a ways from where the workers were but when I looked in the mirror I could see across the room, through that crack, and I could see them in the distance. I wondered if they could see the same. I closed the door and showered quickly, but not before getting myself off one more time. I wrapped myself in a towel. I grinned when I thought about our talk, about me walking right up to them and dropping the towel. I was concerned though that they'd just look at me like I was crazy. I picked up Ryan's letter again. I noticed a dirty smudge on the envelope. "Fuck," I thought. "Maybe Red read it. Maybe that's why he gave me that "look." "Fuckity fuck fuck," I thought. I guessed it didn't really matter, it was just so intimate to us, you know?

I had an idea. I got my phone and took a selfie of me wrapped loosely in the towel. I made sure my tits were nearly hanging out in view and that the bottom of it barely covered my pussy. I sent it to Ryan with the caption. "I'm clean and ready to get dirty, honey, think they'll like?" and pressed "send."

I tucked myself in and walked over to where the guys were. I asked them how they were doing. I got a few looks. There were three of them, including Red. I'm sure they were surprised, they barely saw me, now, here I was, wrapped in a towel. They assured me they were fine, that they were about an hour from finishing. I smiled and thanked them for such good work. I walked away, knowing that someone might be getting more than thanks in awhile. I went to my closet. I had to find slutty. That wouldn't be difficult, Ryan had showered me with slutty outfits to wear. I had only worn a fraction of them. I smiled at the one I picked out. It was a black, stretchy mini-skirt made of lycra. I had a top in mind. It was a short short white Tshirt. It said "Babydoll" on the front in a cute pink heart. It exposed my belly and my ribs while at the same time barely was able to contain my tits. I'd made a snip in the cleavage area, which allowed the top of my tits to spill out even more. Perfect! I planned on wearing my high heels but I didn't dare put them on in front of them until I could see if my plan might work or not. Still, in front of the mirror I was in full slut glory, including the heels. I snapped a picture of me bent over lewdly towards the camera with my overly red lipstick covered lips formed a sexy pout. I sent it to Ryan, "I like this outfit, I wonder if the guys will?" I sent it.

I could hear my phone buzzing repeatedly but I refused to answer it, as I'd told him. Naughty boy, he'd just have to wait. I could barely keep my hands out of my panties as I watched the men gather up their things as they finished. I had no fucking clue if this would work or if Red, or anyone else for that matter would be willing. It looked like they were all piling out together. My heart sunk. I clattered across the floor in my heels as I heard their truck start. My opportunity was slipping away. I made it to the door as their truck had turned and was headed out. I stepped outside and nearly tripped on my fuck me heels. I waved them to stop. I teetered out. Red was in the passenger seat. I walked up to the truck. I could see him looking down my top it was the perfect angle.

"Can inside for a minute, I want to talk to you about something?" I said as casually yet flirtingly as I could.

He just grunted. I saw him give a dismissive wave to the other guys, he told them to wait. He got out and followed me back inside. I could feel my juices leaking into my panties. I couldn't believe this was happening. He stepped inside. I closed the door behind him. I told him over and over how good a job he did and how Ryan had gushed about it too. I could see he was leery. He kept looking at his watch, no doubt he was supposed to be at another site soon.

"What did you want to talk to me about?" he asked gruffly. He shook my nerve.

"Um, payment.....sort of."

"Look, your husband has already paid in full. You're good. Listen, I really have to go," he said tersely even as I saw him ogling every part of me that was poking out.

"Not exactly," I said with hesitation. "I like to reward guys for doing good work. I like to give them what they deserve. " I was practically throwing it at him hoping he'd bite.

"Like I said, your husband paid us well. So, if that's it, I'll be going."

I had to lay it out there. I was going to go for it. "You should go," I said. "You should go outside, tell your men to go to their next site. Tell them there's something wrong with the check I gave you. Tell them you are going to stick around until my husband comes home from work and straighten things out."

I saw him give me a knowing, evil smile. "And why the hell should I tell them that? How am I going to get there myself?"

"I'll make sure you get where you need to be," I smiled lewdly. I slid the backs of my fingers over my top which made my nipples stick out like crazy. He watched me and nodded.

He walked out briskly. I saw him telling him our fake story. I quickly slipped my top off and let it drop to the floor. I took a selfie of me like that and quickly sent the text, "Oops, I think I dropped something." I sent it.

I almost kicked off my panties but as Red reapproached I thought better of it. I figured he might enjoy taking them off me more. He saw me across the room and approached me briskly. It was just as I'd told Ryan. He took me in his burly arms and kissed me deeply and started to tongue wrestle me. He mauled my tits with his big hands. I whimpered under his wonderful insistent touch.

"You've been planning this, have you?" He asked gruffly between sucks on my nipples.

I groaned. "Actually no, this was a spur of the moment thing."

"I think you are lying, little lady."

"I'm not lying, I was just so fucking horny and I needed some cock. some big, strong, fat cock. If I'm lying you can spank me for being a bad girl," I giggled under his firm grasp.

"Well then I need to do just that," he said. He picked me up in his strong arms and carried me over to the sofa. He flipped me over the edge of the sofa like a rag doll. I was just a little toy to him.

"Because, I got a look at that letter of yours. I didn't see much, but the first paragraph mentioned me in it. Something about you needing to "reward" me."

"Oh fuck," I thought. I hoped he hadn't read it all. After a short back and forth I was convinced he'd just barely opened it before I interrupted him, thankfully. Still, this latest turn would work in my favor.

"Ok, spank me then. I lied to you. I'm sorry sir." I whimpered.

He pulled up my skirt and pulled my panties down to my ankles. I felt my pussy start to gush. He smacked my ass firmly a few times. He leaned into me and asked. "Are you going to be a good girl now?"

I stood up, shaking. "I'm pretty sure I'm not," I grinned. I dropped to my knees. I was right. When I took out that monster it was thick and wonderful. I sucked him passionately. I hadn't had strange cock in years. I was like a starving woman.

"Damn, damn, you suck a hell of a cock, lady."

I looked across the room in the mirror. There I was, topless and on my knees. My panties were wrapped around my slut heels at the ankles and my skirt was pulled up lewdly, exposing my ass cheeks. I sucked him with fervor. I could smell my excitement filling the room. I knew my husband would need to experience some of this. I deftly manuevered Red to the sofa. I had it positioned just so that the mirror across the room showed what I wanted it to. I stood up and excused myself. He protested but I said I would make it up to him. I slathered on more lipstick for him so that it would look even sluttier sliding up and down on his pole. Unbeknownst to him though, I slipped my phone behind me in the hem of the skirt. When I knelt in front of him I made a big show of engulfing his cock with my slutty red lips. It worked. He closed his eyes in pleasure. I deftly removed the phone and pointed it at the mirror. I smacked on his cock loudly just in case he could hear the click. He didn't, he was lost in my cocksucking. I slid the phone under the sofa.

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