Erin's World Ch. 01


Red sat up urgently. "I'm going to need to slow down....I'm going to blow."

I slipped off him for only a second. "Then blow," I urged as I took his cock down my throat with full force. It sent him through the roof. He spurted over and over into my throat, deep in my throat, I held him firm like that. It barely touched my tonsils as it jetted down my throat. Finally, reluctantly, I pulled off of him with a pop.

"Wow," was all he could say.

"Yeah, fucking wow," I agreed. I wiped what was left of him onto my arm and licked it off in front of him, just as I'd done with my husband, I knew he would like that.

Red got up to use the bathroom. I quickly got the phone out with the picture of me sucking him and added the caption. "Is that your wife sucking off some guy's big ol cock?" and sent it. I thought of something else quickly. "Don't even think about coming home early either!" and sent it as well.

This had to be driving him nuts. Stuck at work, unable to touch himself while his wife sends him pictures in increasingly lewd situations. Hopefully, I wasn't done either. It was still early, it was around 2pm, Ryan didn't get home until after 5 in normal circumstances. Red came out of the bathroom with a huge smile. His cock was still out, it was covered with my lipstick.

"Was that my reward?" He grinned.

"Part of it," I giggled. I had him sit on the sofa. I licked his cock clean. Then, I stood up, kicked off my panties, rolled my skirt up over my hips and a straddled him. We kissed and made out like that as I gently rubbed my pussy on him over and over. He teased my sensitive nipples with his mouth while I ground on him, which only made me grind more intensely. It had the desired effect, he started to harden again. I moaned appreciatively. I slid my increasing wetness over his hardening cock. I was coating his thickness with my wetness. He was kissing me passionately. I didn't know how Ryan felt about that. I'd have to break it to him in pieces. I found that odd that I was concerned about telling him about me kissing a guy, but not sucking his cock or fucking him.

His cock was now fully hard. "Are you sure about this?" Red asked with a groan at what I was doing to him.

"I am absolutely sure I want that big fucking thing inside my tight, hot pussy, yet, if that's what you are asking. You know that thing you started to read? You want to know your part in it? It was fantasies, written down. Yours said I was to seduce you, let you have me, as a reward for doing such a good job. I won't consider that fulfilled until you fuck my pussy and fill me up."

I gripped his cock, he let me guide myself onto his cock. I slid down slowly on it. I nearly spasmed in my own pleasure. I slowly bucked him rhythmically. He grunted and met my thrusts. He took my ass in his hands and he basically guided me on and off his cock. I let him control me like that. He was using my pussy for his own pleasure. I love that. I looked across the room to the mirror. I wish there would've been a way to video it for Ryan, but I knew it wasn't possible. I didn't want to spoil the mood with Red by telling him I need to video tape him fucking me so that I could send it to my husband, I just didn't see that working out well. I let him grind me onto him as he bit my nipples with his teeth. I whimpered each time it was painful and he'd pull off only to have me force his head back on there with my demand that he continue, just as he was. He was making me dance on his cock after I emboldened him to nip at me like that. I orgasmed over and over on his cock. Finally, he held my hips deeply embedded on his cock as he filled me, his mouth covered mine passionately as he shot his cum in me. I slumped down on him and he kissed me softly as we both wound down. He held my hands in his and didn't let me slip off of him until it finally slid out on its own.

"Thank you," he said panting.

"Ok, that was your reward," I giggled softly. I turned away from him.

"Damn, those are some nice handprints on your ass. Did I do it too hard?"

I looked at them in the mirror. I grinned. "I don't think it would ever be too hard for me."

"Wow, good to know. Because I love spanking the hell out of a beautiful woman's ass."

I felt like I could risk it now that he'd had me twice. "Can you take a picture of it for me on my phone? Do it before it fades. I want to remember this."

He didn't even hesitate. He snapped a couple as I bent for him. I was aware that his cum was dripping out of me, down my legs. I knew it would show, all the better. Finally, he dressed when I mentioned you might be home soon. Nothing motivates a guy like hearing that.

"You said you'd get me to the next site. It's just a few miles from here."

"I will, silly." I handed him the keys. I let him walk outside. Quickly I sent the first picture of my ass with two clear, red handprints on me. I captioned it, "he found out your wife was naughty and punished her for it." I sent it with a smile. I tucked my phone into the cleavage of my T shirt. I smoothed out the skirt. i didn't bother with the panties. I walked outside. I drove him towards his next site. He pawed my pussy and my tits the whole way. He had them out in the open before we even left the driveway.

"Your guys won't have missed you will they?"

"Naw, I told them what was going on."

I looked at him. "You told them the story about how we needed to clear up the check thing, right?"

He laughed. "Not exactly. I told them you were inside waiting for me to fuck you all over that house."

"What?" I asked incredulously.

"Cmon. They saw how you were dressed. They've been watching you all these weeks. I can't tell you how much they talked about wanting to fuck that slut all over that place."

"Wow," I said.

"Hell, I'll be a hero now," he grinned. Then he looked at me and smiled. "I'm just kidding. I told them what you said, about the check. I'm not kidding about them wanting to fuck you, though, they talked about that non-stop."

"So they won't wonder if you got your cock in me?"

"Yeah, they'll probably wonder, though they probably won't believe me. Hell, I can't even believe what just happened.

We arrived at his next site. His guys were hanging around his truck. He got out. He thought it was over. I straightened up my clothes and got out.

"How about some visual proof for them then?" I giggled. I leaned in and kissed him deeply. I guided his hands to my tits. He easily lifted my top over my tits, exposing them. The other hand I guided to my pussy. He turned us to the side so they could see. We were a distance from them, but it would be totally obvious to them. His fingers slid in and out of me.

Reluctantly, I pulled away. "That should do it," I grinned.

"Will I see you again?" He asked.

I shrugged. "Maybe, it might be hard to stay away from that cock."

I left him with that thought.

Ryan attacked me when he got home. I had to retell the story over and over, in great detail while he fucked my pussy raw. He finally dumped his load in me when I told him what I did for Red at the new site, so the guys would know he banged the slut.

We both agreed we'd sleep on this experience and talk about our feelings in the morning. He admitted he liked it. I winked at him when I said, "I already have another one of your fantasies in mind."

{End of Erin's World-part one}

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