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Erogenous Zones


The erogenous zones of the body are areas which heighten sexual excitement and increase additional sensory input. It is important to remember that the brain is the ultimate sex organ. All of the peripheral sensory input is interpreted by the brain as pleasurable or offensive and our desires are adjusted accordingly.

We have 5 classical senses, sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. Everyone has associations of pleasant and offensive senses. A person may have a favorite dress or shirt due to an experience they associate with that particular piece of clothing. When they look at it or think about it the feelings return, when they wear it they open up that state of mind again. The woman in a power suit may feel more confident giving a presentation at work, but will feel awkward at a dance club. A dress that hugs her curves and moves with her will make her feel sexy and desirable on the dance floor, but draws uncomfortable stares at the business meeting.

All of the erogenous zones must be activated by setting the right frame of mind. Using the senses to put someone in a relaxed and accepting state of mind will allow the partner to build upon the sensations they are sharing to heighten awareness and pleasure. This is why first dates are always awkward for some people, there is no history to build upon. Everyone has different interests, likes and dislikes, if possible choose a setting that will be nonthreatening while you discover more about each other. Always be honest, but don't go too fast and scare her away.

Touch has at least 4 different qualities. There are receptors for light touch, deep touch, temperature and pain. Most people will respond to light touch and it is the least threatening of the 4 sensations. Simply holding her hand will start to build a state of mind that is accepting and responding to you. Stroking the skin and massage can also be used once she is comfortable with your touch. Light kisses are more sensual, but require a state of mind that accepts such intimacy, this may be difficult to reach with some people and easier with others. All of these can be considered light touch.

To begin with, distant points are the easiest to be comfortable with, the hands and sometimes feet. Our hands are how we feel the world, therefore they have lots of nerve receptors. A tight grasp or loose grasp says a great deal about you without any words. Stroking certain places while holding hands can stimulate some of the nerve bundles. The space between thumb and forefinger is webbed and has a softer texture than that of the palm or back of the hand, this makes it ideal for gentle rubbing to heighten arousal from the hands. There is also a place just over the radial pulse that does the same. Between the other fingers are similar spots, but they are awkward to reach with normal hand holding. Intertwining of fingers may allow some additional stimulation to these areas. The palms and fingertips are very sensitive areas. However, they are used to feeling light touch during our usual day to day activities. By using a kiss or light touch with the tongue in an intimate setting they can become resensitized. The wetness of tongue or lips adds a small temperature change that heightens the physical touch, and the intimacy of the kiss adds a psychological edge to the movement thus turning a normal sensory area into a prime erogenous zone. Anyone who doubts this should have their partner lick gently along the creases of their palm during their next cuddling session and see what happens.

The feet are historically something of fetishism. Many people have a psychological block against the sensitive zones of the feet because of this. Most people stand on their feet all day and keep them in socks and shoes making them sweaty and dirty. The feet can be a very special and sexy part of the body. Any guy who sees a pair of feet that are well manicured, often with painted toenails, will immediately assume that the lady attached cares for all of her body in the same manner. Whether it is conscious or subconscious she has just become sexy to him. Many women and men feel better about themselves after being pampered with a foot massage or pedicure. Something about cleaning of the feet helps to cleanse our psyche and prepare for more intimate social encounters. Start with a bath or foot wash and follow that with a gentle massage to get the feet warmed up. In this case the deeper massage pressure will help loosen up tight areas from the stress of the day. Some lotion to soften the skin will aid in promoting sensitivity. Do be careful, since some people are ticklish, light touch can turn sour quickly if your partner is too sensitive.

Just like with the hands the softer skin at the base of the toes is extremely sensitive to touch and temperature. A skilled tongue or hand can relax and heighten sensation at the same time. The sole of the foot is the center of attention, it will relax and stimulate. The Achilles tendon is also rather sensitive once the foot has been prepped. Toes and fingers also allow psychological play to be added to the purely physical nerve stimulation. By gently sucking on them you convey a message of hungry desire similar to a deep sensuous kiss. Oral manipulation of the digits will often be mentally referred to more sensitive organs as a taste of things to come.

If the hands and feet have done their job she should be open to closer contact. We can slide up with light strokes or gentle massage to the joints. Knee and elbow have a softer patch of skin at the bend. This area is susceptible to stimulation for most but is not super sensitive for everyone. Combining this with manipulation of the hands works well to keep the proper frame of mind and piggy back the sensations so that they are amplified. The knee works a little better than the elbow and for those who enjoy control it puts the stimulator in a submissive position.

The thigh area has a great deal of psychological sensitivity, it is the approach to the most intimate place a person has. The inner thigh is more sensitive to light touch while the posterior thigh area is good for massage. Junction points where there are creases in the skin form a line of sensitivity in most cases. The crease between thigh and buttock is no exception. It is highly sensitive to massage and light touch. If she is receptive to this stimulation most all erogenous areas will open up to you and you will be able to give her an earthshattering experience. In the front the area over the femoral artery like the radial pulse area may be stimulated. Motions that move in time to her pulse with amplify her bodies own flow and increase the sensations within her.

Before pleasing the genitals we need to move back up to the top. Arms, like legs, are sensitive at the junction points. The underarm area, called the axilla, is quite sensitive. Some may prefer to skip this area due to the large amount of hair growing there. A simple solution is to shave, men and women can do this. I personally prefer smooth skin to work with on the body, the skin is more sensitive and pressure can be applied with greater accuracy. Some people don't like shaving and so you should discuss your preferences with your partner. Back to the axilla, for women this area is extremely sensitive due to the tail of breast tissue that runs into the area. If your partner can find it, then under the arm is the first area of the breast to be stroked.

When the axilla has been explored you will notice that her breasts are beginning to swell. To keep the mind properly focused for a breast orgasm there needs to be a smooth transition down from the axilla along the outer edges of the breasts. This can be done in alternating fashion or simultaneously with both hands. The edges of the breast are just as sensitive in certain places as the central areola. The crease along the underside is one of the more sensitive areas. Since it is usually a fold that is warmed by her body, I find that cooling it off by licking and lifting followed by a gentle blowing motion will cause chills. Alternating that with a warm tongue can drive some women with sensitive breasts wild. The cleavage area is similarly sensitive to touch and temperature play.

My preferred method of reaching the sensitive areola, which she is hopefully begging for at this point, is to circle the breast in tighter and tighter circles. The end result is a teasing closeness with the brain acknowledging the inevitable conclusion and ramping up the sensitivity of those areas. When reaching the areola and nipple surface rubbing or licking will continue the prescribed motions and excite her greatly. Sudden intense stimulation will be useful once she is breathing heavily and her nipples have fully engorged. Some women like being pinched or nibbled, all of them like being suckled. Start by circling to a very light touch of your tongue at the tip of the nipple. Open your mouth and wait for her body to notice the decrease in sensation, she will likely arch up slightly trying to bring herself closer to you. In a quick motion press your mouth to her breast with it as wide as you can and suck it into your mouth. For large breasted women bringing your hands to the sides of her breast and pressing her breast up into your mouth helps. Then suck and pull her breast into your mouth as if you were starving for her milk. Spend some time suckling and swirling your tongue over her, then tease and prepare the other side for the same treatment. Occasionally you can get a sensitive woman to orgasm just from this manipulation of her breasts.

Moving upwards we come to the head and neck area. These are the most psychologically sensitive spots as most women are very aware of their appearance. Gently touching and stroking of facial areas shows interest and intimacy. Particular areas of interest are the ears, under the chin, nape of the neck. The ears are quite sensitive and stroking or kissing them will tease and heighten expectations. In addition suggestions can be whispered which will add to desire and can foreshadow coming events allowing the brain to ramp up those areas sensitivity. The chin and neck area are in close conjunction with oral delights and can heighten the feelings evoked during sensuous or passionate kissing. These combined with kissing will open doors to new levels of desire. The nape of the neck offers some control and gives the woman the option of giving herself over to her partner. While sensitive to touch it is the control this area gives to head position that allows the psychology of the kiss or massage to place the receiver in the submissive posture. Once in this posture they are able to turn themselves over to receiving new pleasures and enjoying them without the worry or anxiety of what they should do next.

The mouth is a whole organ in itself. The kiss is a very intimate gesture and can express longing, warmth, control and a whole host of other feelings. A firm yet tender kiss is the least intrusive and can merge into more passionate forms if your partner is willing. If she is already longing for your kiss this provides a message of strength and security. To arouse passion and tease as part of foreplay, gentle probing kisses or light nibbling of the lip is recommended. As passion increases the tongue can explore sensitive areas just inside the lips and with deeper kisses along the edge of the tongue and underneath the tongue. Only the most gifted can reach up to the roof of their partner's mouth to explore that area. As a general rule all of the mouth is sensitive and will respond accordingly. The mouth also has an added bonus, Taste! A simple pre-kiss mint or drink of your partner's favorite flavor or a flavor that means something to you both will add a zing to a kiss that is already loaded.

Last thing above the neck is the scalp and hair. This is not something that works in all settings but certain times it can be intense. Wash her hair, the massaging motion and the relaxation of having a lover wash your hair is very exciting in a close and snuggly kind of way. It helps to relax the stress of any impending headaches and move from busy work day to relaxed intimacy.

The trunk area includes stomach and back. Back tends to respond to both light touch and deeper massage. The lower back in particular can be very sensitive to massage and manipulation. On the stomach there is the navel. This can be a fun and frolicking adventure, like licking a favorite food or drink from it, or more sensual with kissing and stroking around the area. In addition the line along the rectus muscle is often sensitive to touch and stroking this can be incorporated into motion from one area to another. Do be careful as some people are ticklish in this area.

The buttocks are always fun. People love to know that their ass looks good. Stroking and massage work well here. The crease between buttocks is again very sensitive and if your partner is not psychologically opposed leads to the anus. The anus is arguably the most sensitive area there is. Teasing this area on the surface will stimulate excitement in all of the adjacent areas, just make sure your partner is ok with it before seeking to enter. If they are then the sphincter here can be stroked and rubbed to great effect. For guys the prostate is located just an inch or two inside and feels like a small walnut. If your partner rubs this area you will see an increase in seminal fluid and swelling of the head of his penis. Anal orgasms can be achieved with the right combination of touching.

For the males the genital area has several places to concentrate on. Just between the anus and base of the penis is a sensitive area and just below the head of the penis along the front ridge. Both of these areas are touch and temperature sensitive. The ridge around the head of the penis is very sensitive, useful when beginning but it can over stimulate if teased too long. The shaft is more sensitive to massage than touch, some would argue that the ridge is sensitive to both. The testicles are light touch sensitive and very temperature sensitive. Like the breasts they must be handled with care and planning.

The ladies have a few more places in the genital area. The outer and inner labia are very sensitive to touch. The hood and clit are sometimes too sensitive to direct touch, but light pressure and massage of this organ can build multiple and prolonged orgasm if handled correctly. The outer edge of the vagina is where most of the sensory nerves are located and thus the most sensitive area. Slightly stretching this outer ring will provide a fullness and sensation of penetration which is the goal of the sexually charged brain. Just inside are 2 structures to be aware of. First the "G-spot" is just an inch or two inside and can be reached by curling a finger up. It feels like a little rough patch of skin. Like the prostate in the male, this area will increase excitement and sensitivity of the entire genital area. The last is harder to reach, the cervix. This is the extension of the uterus into the vaginal canal. Most women are familiar with it from pap smears, which can be painful. However, when rubbed with a finger or penis it provides a deep seated pleasure.

Each of these areas can be manipulated with fingers and tongue. For additional sensory variety temperature manipulation can also be used. Vary the source for the best results. Simple things like sucking on an ice cube to cool your mouth before sucking on her breast will confuse and amplify the nerve signals. Follow that with a drink of something hot and then suckle the other one. Heating pads or other heated massage aids are great for loosening up tight muscles and making her feel warm and relaxed. In contrast, ice or cool items tend to tighten up the area in question. For the truly adventurous purchase a glass dildo which can be heated or cooled as much as you are comfortable with.

Once trust has been established the absence of a sense will heighten the other senses. A simple blindfold will set all of the surface skin areas on alert. Hearing will also sharpen, but the mind will need to interpret the sounds and may under the right settings wander into truly fantastic realms with the simplest sounds or suggestions.

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