tagSci-Fi & FantasyEros 3199 Ch. 03

Eros 3199 Ch. 03


In the morning, Miriam accompanied me back to my quarters. Her long, thick, curly, raven-black hair cascaded down the bare back of her fire-engine-red halter dress and swayed gently back-and-forth as we walked along the dreary corridors. With its deep, plunging neckline and long, flowing, asymmetrical skirt, Miriam's dress displayed her firm, shapely, DD-cup breasts and beautiful legs to their full advantage.

We met Michelle in the Common Room, outside of my quarters, just in time for breakfast.

Michelle gave us a rather forced smile and said, "Good morning, Doctor Miriam. Good morning, Yuri."

Miriam and I both returned the greeting.

Michelle looked directly at me and said, "Did you sleep well last night, Yuri?"

I smiled at Michelle and said, "Yes, I slept very well, thank you." I continued, "And you?"

Michelle answered, rather curtly, "I slept well, thank you," and turned away.

Michelle was wearing a tight, dark-brown crop top with a deep, plunging neckline and skintight, dark-brown stirrup leggings. The color of her clothing really complemented her short, dark-brown hair and wide-set, dark-brown eyes. I was going to pay Michelle a complement, but changed my mind.

It suddenly occurred to me that Michelle may have been upset because I had spent the night with Miriam. But, why would she be upset about that, I wondered. Even if she were still my Commander, which she was not, my love life would not have been any of her business. Doctor Miriam was, after all, a trusted associate. It wasn't like I was fraternizing with the enemy, or something.

"Women," I thought to myself, "Go figure."

As we ate our breakfast I turned to Miriam and said, "Michelle told me that you were exiled here because you were trying to find a way to increase the male birth rate. Would you please tell me about your work, Miriam?"

Miriam frowned and said, "Yes, it's true. I was exiled because I was trying to discover exactly how the men of Eros are controlling the birthrate and the gender of our children." She continued, "I was caught, and sent here to the Exile Sector."

I asked, "Did you learn how the birthrate is being controlled, before you were discovered?"

Miriam answered, "Yes, I did." She continued, "I learned that all of the women, except for those here in the Exile Sector, are given doses of a long-term female contraceptive. The men, also, all take a long-term contraceptive." She finished, "When the men's High Council decides to allow a woman to bear a child, they give both of the chosen parents special drugs that will neutralize the contraceptive drugs. The chosen man, however, also takes a second drug that will determine the gender of the child that is to be conceived."

Miriam said, "All of these drugs are manufactured in the Alpha Sector under the near complete control of the men." She continued, "A small number of women engineers, however, work in the Alpha Sector. One of them was able to give me drug samples and data, before she was caught." Miriam finished, "I learned how to make the Sperm X Chromosome Blocking drug, or SXCB drug for short. This drug, when taken by the male parent, will allow only male children be conceived. Unfortunately, that is as far as I got, before my inside source and I were caught."

"So," I said, "The High Council completely controls every birth that takes place on Eros?"

"Yes," answered Miriam, "except for here in the Exile Sector, now that you've arrived." She smiled and continued, "The female contraceptive has worn off for all of the women that have been here in exile for more than five years. Your sperm is fertile, and we have our own SXCB drug."

Miriam then stood and said, "Please excuse me now. I must return to the Village."

Michelle saw my questioning look and said, "The Village is the area in the inner ring of the Exile Sector where most of the exiled women live. Some of the women, like Tonga, live outside of that area, but most live either in, or very close to the Village. It's actually a very beautiful place."

Miriam whispered in my ear before she left, "I can come back to my quarters here tonight, if you wish, Yuri."

I smiled up at her and said, "I wish that very much, Miriam."

She smiled back at me and said, "I will ask Tonga to bring you to my quarters, when I return late this evening."

After Miriam left, I said, "Michelle, is there some way that I could get a look at the inner ring of Eros, without the risk of being seen by prying eyes?" I continued, "I'd would really like to see a little more of Eros than just these catacombs for the next six months."

Michelle smiled sweetly and said, "What's the matter, Yuri? Are you bored with Miriam's quarters already?"

I ignored Michelle's comment and said, "I'd like to get a feel for everyday life here on Eros, Michelle. I can't do that if I'm restricted to the catacombs until after the revolution."

Answering seriously, this time, Michelle said, "The rebels have quite a few secret observation posts on the inner ring that can be reached only from passageways down here in the catacombs." She continued, "Let's talk to Tonga, when she returns, and see what can be arranged."

I asked, "Why do the rebel women need secret observation posts here in the Exile Sector, Michelle?" I continued, "The men can't have that many spies here among the exiled women, can they?"

Michelle answered, "It's much more complicated than that, Yuri." She continued, "Among the young men of Eros, it's considered a rite of passage to sneak into the Exile Sector and rape an exiled woman." She finished, "Exiled women are considered to be outside of the law, so raping them is fair game as far as the men of Eros are concerned."

"Oh!" I said in surprise.

Michelle said, "Originally, the exiled women set up a police department and observation posts around the Village to provide themselves with an early warning system for the men entered the sector. Unfortunately, neither the Police Department, nor the early warning system worked all that well." She continued, "There have always been a few, very horny women, here in exile, that really don't mind being raped, once in a while, by a very horny young man." She finished, "So, things have evolved to what they are today."

"Evolved?!" I asked in disbelieve.

Michelle answered, "Yes, evolved." She continued, "Now, the women that want to be "raped" sneak out of the Village to a number of not-so-secret places where the young men sneaking into the Exile Sector are certain to find them."

"You're kidding!" I said.

Michelle answered, "No, I'm not kidding." She continued, "The true workings of any real society are always much more complicated than the written laws of that society would lead you to believe." She finished, "That's the case here on Eros."

"O.K.," I said, "but why do the rebels need secret observation posts?"

Michelle said, "Some of the women that sneak out of the Village at night to be "raped" are also spies." She continued, "We need to know who they are and what information they're passing on to the men that they are meeting."

I thought to myself, "Eros really is a very strange place."

Michelle and I spent the rest of the morning reviewing the general layout of the Exile Sector, along with the locations of the various observation posts and the passageways that led to them. She was proving to be quite a distraction, again, with her cleavage, her nipples poking against the fabric of her crop top, and the camel toe outline of her pussy showing through the thin material of her stirrup leggings.

I thought to myself, "I almost wish that these women would wear some underwear, once in a while." Then, I smiled to myself and thought, "Almost."

Tonga returned in the afternoon. She was wearing a very low-cut, shinny green, skintight jumpsuit and shinny green 4" high-heeled pumps. When I looked up at Tonga's beautiful face I realized that the color of her clothing exactly matched the color of her lovely, wide-apart green eyes.

I asked Tonga if it would be possible for me to visit one of the rebel's secret observation posts, to get my first look at the inner ring of the Exile Sector. She said that she was scheduled to monitor the activities of a known spy the very next night, and that I could accompany her to the secret observation post where she would be on watch.

Tonga said, "We have been watching Freya for many months and know her to be a spy. She meets, several times a month, with a man to pass on the information that she has gathered. Their meeting place is usually in a small clearing that is very close to one of our secret observation posts."

Later, Michelle and Tonga walked me through the Rite of Initiation that I would undergo, in less than a week, that would be performed by High Priestess Isis. Again, it didn't appear that the Wicca ceremony would be too difficult to get through.

After a late supper, I showered and rested on my bed in my quarters.

Late in the evening, Tonga came to quarters and said, "I will take you to Doctor Miriam's quarters now, Earthborn."

I was starting to get used to the women wearing provocative clothing around me, but Tonga's outfit still surprised me. She stood in front of the door to my quarters wearing what could only be described as a harem costume.

A gold lamé headband and Tonga's pointed ears protruded under her long, thick, curly, mane of flaming-red hair. Her beautiful wide-apart green eyes sparkled at me above the long, shear black veil that covered the rest of her face.

As I looked lower, I saw that a low-cut, gold lamé bra top pushed her beautiful D-cup breasts together and lifted them up to create what looked like, almost, a yard of cleavage. Tonga's full, broad hips and legs were encased in a pair of full, billowing, shear black harem pants, that were trimmed with a wide belt of gold lamé at the waistband. Underneath her shear black harem pants I could clearly see that Tonga was wearing a gold lamé thong that matched her bra top. Gold lamé 4" high-heeled sandals and a number of gold necklaces completed her outfit.

I admired the sway of Tonga's long flaming-red hair and her broad hips as I followed her down the corridors to Miriam's quarters. I was more than a little tempted to run my hands over Tonga's shapely ass as I walked behind her, but reminded myself that I was on my way to visit Miriam.

When we arrived at Miriam's quarters, I lifted her gold chain, with its crystal key, from around my neck. Tonga took the key from me and opened the door.

Miriam was waiting for me and said, "Welcome, Yuri!"

I was stunned to see that Miriam was dressed nearly identically to Tonga. The only difference in Miriam's costume was that she was wearing gold lamé 8" platform sandals that made her appear to be almost as tall as Tonga.

Tonga walked over and stood beside Miriam. I could only stand there transfixed by the sight of these two gorgeous women. Even with Miriam wearing her 8" platform sandals, Tonga was still a little taller, and both beautiful women towered above my 5'10" frame.

Miriam walked up to me and unfastened her veil. She placed her arms around my neck and bent her head down to kiss me softly on the lips. She broke our kiss and, again, said, "Welcome, Yuri."

I was surprised to see that Tonga had not left the room. I looked at Tonga questioningly, and Miriam took my chin in her hand and gently turned my head back to face her.

Miriam hugged me close, pushing her big, firm, shapely breasts into my chest. She bent her head and whispered in my ear, "Do you wish Tonga to stay, Yuri?"

"What?" I mumbled in surprise.

Miriam answered, "Do you wish Tonga to stay?" She continued, "Tonga in my lover and she has not been well fucked in a long time." She finished, "Do you wish to fuck her, Yuri?"

"As you wish, Miriam," I barely managed to croak.

Miriam smiled at me and nodded to Tonga.

Tonga smiled and walked over to us, her eyes shining. Miriam moved slightly to make room for Tonga and I held both women around the waist. Tonga unfastened her veil and bent her head to kiss me softly on the mouth. At the end of my kiss with Tonga, I kissed Miriam again.

I was unsure about how to proceed at this point, but the two women looked at each other and kissed tenderly, then they turned back to me and smiled. The two women each took one of my hands and led me towards the comfortable, overstuffed chair that was positioned at the foot of Miriam's large bed.

Miriam smiled at Tonga and said, "Yuri is very muscular, isn't he? He's not like the men of Eros."

Tonga smiled and said, "Oh yes, Miriam, he really is very muscular!"

Miriam smiled knowingly and said, "And, he has very good stamina too, Tonga!"

Miriam and Tonga quickly removed all of my clothing and sat me down in the chair at the foot of Miriam's bed. Tonga handed me a glass of sparkling wine, then stood next to Miriam, so that both beautiful women were facing me. My eight inch long, two inch thick cock was rock-hard as I looked at my two harem girls.

Miriam and Tonga smiled at me, then at each other as they refastened their long, shear black veils across their faces. Miriam's wide-set gray eyes twinkled above her veil as the two beautiful women turned back to face me.

Together, both of my harem girls clasped their hands behind their necks and thrust out their chests. I sat back and smiled as I admired the expanse of cleavage before me. Tonga's cleavage was impressive with her beautiful D-cup breasts, but Miriam's cleavage was even more impressive with her firm, shapely DD-cup breasts. I drank in the beauty and the contrast between these two women, one with raven-black hair and the other with her flaming-red hair.

As I watched, Miriam moved behind my new harem girl and unfastened Tonga's bra top. Tonga stood tall and proud with her hands still clasped behind her neck and her wide-set green eyes shinning above her veil. Miriam lifted Tonga's bra top slowly over her head and Tonga's beautiful D-cup breasts appeared before me with her long, thick, flaming-red nipples hard and erect.

Tonga slowly turned her body so that I could admire her beautiful, full breasts from all angles. Then, she moved behind Miriam and unfastened my raven-haired beauty's bra top. Soon Miriam stood before me with her large, firm, shapely DD-cup breasts on full display.

Next, the two women removed their shoes and pushed them aside. Both women were still tall, even without their high-heeled shoes, but now they both looked a little less like amazons, and more like harem girls.

Miriam moved behind Tonga again and slowly pulled down her full, billowing, shear black harem pants. Tonga stood proudly with her hands clasped behind her neck while she gracefully stepped out of the shear harem pants, one leg at-a-time and kicked them away.

After slowly turning so that I could see her beautiful, wide, shapely hips and legs, Tonga moved behind Miriam and helped her remove her shear black harem pants.

Now, both women stood before me wearing only their gold lamé thongs, their long, shear black veils, and their jewelry.

Miriam moved behind Tonga again and slowly pulled her gold lamé thong down over her wide hips.

I sat there stunned when I saw the thickness and extent of Tonga's flaming-red bush. Her pubic hair started a hands breath from her navel and grew long, thick, and dense to the bottom of her crotch. As Tonga turned slowly around, I could see that her bush completely encircled her at the waist and extended down the crack of her ass, looking for all the world like a flaming-red, high-cut, thong bikini bottom. I could barely discern her inner pussy lips thought the dense growth of her bush. Now, I knew why Tonga was an Exotic.

Tonga looked down at me expectantly, waiting to see my reaction to her exoticness. My cock maintained its rock-hard erectness as I looked back at her.

I smiled at Tonga and stood up with my cock pointed straight out in front of me. My hard-on pressed against to her as put my arm around her waist. Slowly I ran my other hand from Tonga's waist, down her body to her dense, luxuriant growth of pubic hair. I combed her thick bush with my fingers and cupped her vulva with my palm. I felt that Tonga's pussy was sopping wet, with full, puffy outer lips and long, thick inner lips. I lifted my wet fingers to my nose and smelled her musky, womanly scent. I inhaled her scent deeply and tasted her womanliness on my wet fingers.

Miriam pressed against me and I hugged both women to me and kissed them softly on the neck, in turn. The two women looked at each other and smiled. Taking my arms, they guided me back to my seat.

Tonga then moved behind Miriam and pulled her gold lamé thong down over her hips. In striking contrast to Tonga, Miriam's pussy was completely bare and her puffy outer pussy lips, and long, thick inner pussy lips were completely exposed to my appreciative view.

Again I stood up, this time running my hand over Miriam's naked vulva. Miriam was also wet and I took my time smelling and tasting her womanly juices on my fingers.

The women giggled and took my arms to guide me back to my chair again. I laughed and stopped them. I said, "Please unfasten your veils. I want to kiss both of my harem girls before I sit back down."

The women giggled again and I kissed them both many times before I allowed them to sit me back down in my chair.

Miriam and Tonga both smiled and sat down, side-by-side, on the edge of the bed facing me. Wearing only their headbands, their unfastened veils and their jewelry, they scooted back on the bed and propped themselves up with pillows. They laid back on the pillows, side-by-side, with the soles of their feet flat on the bed, their knees raised, and their shapely legs spread wide.

Both women smiled at me, then at each other. Miriam gave me her crooked smile and giggled. Tonga smiled at me seductively and licked her lips. Miriam took some lotion, from the nearby nightstand, and poured some on her hand. Tonga's pussy was already so wet that she didn't need any lotion. Slowly, my two beautiful harem girls began to run their hands gently over their own vulvas.

Miriam's puffy, outer pussy lips and long, thick, inner pussy lips were slick and glistening from her lotion. Tonga's thick flaming-red bush was wet and matted from her own womanly juices. I could smell their lotion and their musky, womanly scents from were I sat in my comfortable chair watching them.

Miriam and Tonga looked at each other and smiled. The both turned to watch my face as they slowly slipped a single finger into their own vaginas. Both women began to moan softly as they pushed their slender fingers in-and-out of their pussies.

Tonga soon slipped a second finger into herself while she rubbed her hard, erect nipples with her other hand. She thrust her fingers in-and-out of her pussy faster and faster. Tonga's breath became raged and she spasmed, threw her head back and groaned loudly, " Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhh!" Tonga was covered in a light sheen of sweat as she caught her breath. Her thick bush was matted with her womanly juices and there was a small wet spot on the bedclothes under her now sopping wet pussy.

Miriam had just inserted a second finger into her own pussy when Tonga orgasmed. Miriam began to thrust her fingers in-and-out of herself faster, as she rubbed her clit with her thumb. Tonga, having recovered from her own orgasm, knelt next to Miriam and began to gently massage Miriam's big breasts with her hands and tweaking her hard, erect nipples with her fingers. Tonga leaned down further and began kissing Miriam gently on the lips. Within a few minutes, Miriam convulsed and gasped , "Oooooh! Oooooh! Ooooooooooh!" and then lay still. She glisten from the light sheen of sweat that covered her chest, and her beautiful face was flushed.

My hard-on stood straight up as I sat and watched these two beautiful women masturbate for me. When Miriam's breathing returned close to normal, the two women kissed each other gently, then came down off the bed for me. They each took one of my hands and pulled me onto the bed between them.

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