Eros Airways


It's summer; I wanted to write something more lighthearted and fun. I also made a ridiculously long redeye flight recently and this scenario kind of just popped into my head, any investors want to bring it to life?

I was walking to the subway station after a long day at my midtown Manhattan office when a rather attractive lady stopped me. Normally I blow right by these people, as there are a million of them always offering some promotion, pushing their mixtape into your hands in order to get some cash from you and whatnot. Fortunately for this lady, she was incredibly attractive and looked to be around the same age as me, late twenties, so I was thinking maybe I could flirt a little and see what happened.

"Hello sir, do you travel frequently?"

"Uh, yeah."

"Would you be interested in being a part of a test group for a new airline?"


"It's a new airline that will offer something different from your normal flying experience, just take this card and apply online to be part of the test group." She said this is a sickeningly sweet voice and made sure to stand up tall so I could get a good glimpse of her curves. "Trust me, one trip and you will never fly another airline again. And, if you're chosen for the pilot group, you'll be compensated."

Get paid to fly? Hmm... I took the card from her and kept walking, tucking it away into my pocket before catching the train.


On the ride home I kept toying with the card, flipping it back and forth mindlessly, not sure why I was still holding it. The card simply had the name of the airline on one side (Eros Airways) and a website and password on the reverse. I decided that since I had a business trip I had to take out to L.A. in the next few weeks, I may as well look into this "pilot program" and see if I couldn't get paid to make the extremely tedious New York-to-L.A. flight, some extra cash never hurt.

When I got home I fired up the laptop and went to the website listed. Nothing looked out of place, but then I went to the "About Us" section and thought it rather odd that they had individual pictures of all the stewardesses, who were all way too attractive, like the girl who had given me the card on the street. The website as a whole wasn't flashy or anything, and in fact I had trouble finding the application to be a part of the test group. I finally found the rather understated button and entered my password, and up popped a pretty generic looking application.

I filled in all the biographical information and wondered if this was really worth my time to get maybe $50 in the pocket as I listed my job, income level, and interests; but then a question came up that made me do a double take:

How many sexual partners have you had?

What the hell?! I thought as I passed over that question and scrolled on down, seeing more questions that both confused me and piqued my curiosity:

Have you ever had a sexual encounter in a public space?

Have you engaged in sexual activity with multiple partners at once?

Have you/would you go nude in front of strangers?

There were more along those same lines, they basically wanted to know my entire sexual history and then some. I hesitated between quitting the application or not but as with most virile males, my curiosity and hormones got the best of me, so I answered all the sexual questions. I was experienced, but not in the sort of public, exhibitionist stuff that they seemed to be asking about. What kind of an airline is this? I thought as I finally submitted the questionnaire, along with a photo of myself, for consideration.


Two weeks later I was about to make my flight arrangements for the trip to L.A. when a new email came through from Eros Airways with "CONGRATULATIONS" in the subject line. Opening the email there was a message that seemed to be from an adult version of Willy Wonka:

Congratulations! You have been selected to be a part of the pilot test group for Eros Airways. We believe that once you have experienced what sets us apart from other airlines, you will never fly anyone but us for the rest of your life. All we ask is that you return the attached confidentiality agreement, and come prepared with an open mind, as Eros is all about having fun with everyone. Your flight will leave from New York's JFK bound for Los Angeles on the 17th, please arrive to the terminal early. Thanks for your interest in Eros, we look forward to servicing you!

I read through the attached document and saw that in addition to not having to pay for the flight, they were going to pay $250 to me to be a part of the group. Well, that was all the motivation I needed to sign the confidentiality agreement, and fit in perfectly with when I needed to be in L.A. I wasn't sure why an airline needed confidentiality from a passenger, and the wording of the letter did seem a little off, what was up with them saying "servicing" me? But I shrugged both of those questions off, probably just a typo.


The 17th finally arrived and I headed towards JFK, the flight was an evening one so the sun had already set by the time I made it to the gate. I saw several other people sitting around at the Eros gate and by my quick scanning, it looked like whoever had done the selecting had chosen a cross-section of the American populace. There was a middle-aged couple sitting quietly together, a businessman babbling away on his cell, and several others who looked ripped right out of a specific subsection of the population. However, the one that caught my eye was a girl who looked to be around my age and was very cute. I made my way over and sat a seat away from her, "Are you flying on Eros?"

"Yeah, I have no idea what it is but I'm using it as a free trip to see my sister."

"Yeah, I had business in L.A. anyways, might as well get to make this flight while I'm at it." I smiled, my social side coming out.

The girl just laughed and I noticed how green her eyes were, "Can't argue with that, so what business do you have there?"

"Marketing meeting with some clients, they're kind of douchebags so I'm not really looking forward to it."

"Well at least you have a really long cross-country flight to get you in the mood!"

I liked this girl already, and I didn't even know her name.


"Welcome to Eros Airways, where our goal is to transform the way you fly and give our customers the experience of a lifetime by offering the opportunity for them to explore boundaries and indulge themselves in their fantasies."

This intro video we were watching during takeoff was making no sense to me, but having my own screen at my seat was pretty awesome, and the cabin was amazing for a domestic flight. Most airlines these days are cutting back, but our seats were extra-wide and we were told reclined all the way back to become beds of sort. The cabin only had room for 40 passengers, as we learned in the video that Eros wanted to keep their flights intentionally small to allow everyone the chance to get to know each other and "explore boundaries".

By sheer happenstance (or so I thought, later I assumed they did this intentionally) I happened to be assigned to sit next to the girl from the terminal, whom I had learned was named Jacqueline, or Jackie, as she preferred. I couldn't help but keep stealing glances at her as we watched the video.

"We look forward to making your flight as pleasurable as possible, thank you for choosing Eros Airways. Happy flight fucking!"

My eyebrows shot up and I looked over to Jackie who also wore a rather shocked look on her face. I had the aisle seat and quickly turned around to see others reactions; the older couple seemed to have taken it in stride, other reactions varied from bewilderment to amusement to horrified faces.

"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your patience and let me again welcome you to Eros Airways," came an incredibly sexy sounding voice over the cabin speakers. "My name is Samantha and I will be servicing the front of the cabin, Tina will be servicing the back. We have now reached our cruising altitude of 36,000 feet and the captain has turned off the fasten seatbelt sign. You are free to move about the cabin, and momentarily we will be passing out toys and protection for your enjoyment, and please remember "no means no". You may now strip to any state of dress that you will be most comfortable in. Thank you and happy flight fucking!"

Jackie and I gave each other quizzical looks and then heard an, "Oh my God!" from behind us. We both turned around to see the older couple was currently stripping naked and had already moved their seats back to make a "mattress". Next thing we knew Samantha, our very busty blonde stewardess who was practically bursting out of her way-too-tight uniform, was at our seats, "Here you go, enjoy your flight!"

I couldn't help but start laughing as Jackie was given a vibrator and I was given a handful of condoms. "What the hell is going on here?"

"Um...I think this is the point of Eros." Came her reply.

"To have sex in-flight?"

"Well, yeah. I mean, 'eros' does have a connotation of intimate and romantic, it's where 'erotic' comes from."

Now not only was I surprised, I was rather turned on. I unbuckled and turned around to scope out the rest of the cabin. The older couple was easily the most open; the wife had already started going down on her husband. The people surrounding them were watching with interest and several had started taking various items of clothing off. Closer to us, a woman who looked to be in her early 40s had started using her toy and moaning for all to hear. I turned back around and sat facing forward, a thousand thoughts (mainly naughty) flying through my head. I looked over to Jackie who had a rather flushed look to her and was squirming a little in her seat. "You ok there?"

"Yeah, it's just...this is kind of hot. I'm not one to be so sexually open but I'm really turned on right now."

"Me too, this is completely insane but a huge turn on."

"Yeah, they may be on to something here, let people indulge their fantasies in-flight. And speaking of huge..." Jackie nodded down towards my pants and I looked down to see the rather prominent bulge (if I do say so myself) tenting the front. I felt my face turn red as she just smiled and said, "Relax, it's not like the other guys on this flight aren't in the same state right now."

I just nodded as I wondered what I had gotten myself into volunteering for this flight, and wanting to indulge my inner exhibitionist that had never before reared its head, but was now dying to get out. "Jackie, would you mind if I stripped down?"

"I was about to ask you the same. I have the air on full-blast but I'm still hot."

We looked at each other and then started taking our clothes off. I worked out and felt I was in good, if not amazing, shape but still was a little self-conscious as I went down to my boxers, the bulge much more obvious now. Meanwhile I looked over to see Jackie remove her shirt, revealing a smooth complexion to her skin and a well-proportioned bust for her smaller frame, her breasts looked sized just right. She then pulled down her jeans to reveal a sexy pair of leg and cotton underwear.

"You look fantastic Jackie."

She blushed and returned the favor, I noticed her eyes lingering at my toned chest and further south. I was about to move in and kiss her when a voice got my attention.

"Excuse me...can I suck you off?"

I turned to see vibrator lady standing next to me. She was now completely nude and, while she had a few extra pounds, still looked pretty good. I looked over to Jackie who looked down at the floor without giving any sort of response. I hesitated for a moment, but my hormones won out and I reasoned that there was plenty of time on the flight for time with Jackie. I got up and followed vibrator girl back to her seat, my eyes darting everywhere as fellow passengers started opening up. A young, college-aged girl had two older men double-teaming her; businessman was watching a video on his screen while getting himself off; our stewardess Samantha was fingering her fellow stewardess Tina. I was starting to really like Eros as vibrator lady pulled down my boxers and I sat in the seat, her mouth quickly going to work on my hard cock.

"Holy shit, that feels great."

She swirled her tongue around the head as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling. Every usual sensation I had while getting a blowjob was heightened tenfold due to the setting and the carnal, exhibitionist nature of it. I opened my eyes as she licked down the shaft and tugged gently on my scrotum, eliciting a groan from me as I put my hands on her head. I looked to my left to see a heavier-set gothic girl 69ing with a guy and at that moment felt the build-up that had been happening in me start to crest.

"I'm going to cum!" I grunted as the lady swallowed my cock whole and with a thrust up out of the seat I start shooting my load into her mouth, and she took it all like a pro. I sat there for a moment catching my breath as she simply got up and walked further back in the cabin, probably to find a new partner. I put my boxers back on and went back towards my original seat but stopped as I saw an angelic sight.

Jackie had her eyes closed and her mouth making a silent "o" as she worked a vibrator in and out of herself and then arched her back up, obviously in the final stages of her orgasm. On a plane full of erotic sights, this took the take for me as she look stunning not only physically, but the sight of her having an orgasm extremely sexy in its own right.

" look incredible." I finally made my presence known as she opened her eyes and her back came back down. She smiled shyly and sat breathing heavily, my eyes became glued to her breasts rising and falling.

"Thanks, it just became too much to handle with all the sights and sounds. You seem to have enjoyed yourself."

"I can't deny that it wasn't a good blowjob."

"Apparently so, you're not looking quite so...big now."

"Nothing a little inspiration can't fix, your show was quite the start."

She sat up and I took my seat next to her, we looked into each other's eyes for a moment before moving in and kissing each other hard. I put the armrest between us up and she scooted over to sit in my lap. It felt great having her soft, smooth skin pressed against me, her nipples pressed into my chest as my cock started hardening against her abdomen.

We made out for what felt like an hour as our hands explored each other's bodies. I ran my hands down her smooth back to rest on her butt as she worked her way between us and start slowly stroking my cock back to its full and upright position. I finally broke away as our foreheads rested against each other, "I want to taste you." She simply kissed me then got off and sat down, making her seat recline back and spread her legs as I got down between them and started kissing up her inner thigh towards her waiting pussy.

"Mmm stop being a tease and start licking me!" Came a muffled voice as her legs started squeezing my head and I finally got to taste her sweet nectar. I heard a loud moan from her and started flicking my tongue in earnest in her while her hand came down to in front of my eyes and started rubbing her clit. In no time at all she was squeezing my head with her legs hard enough where I thought I would suffocate and then shaking slightly as her juices started spilling out. I lapped them up before crawling up her body, kissing my way up her stomach with her juices still on my lips before meeting hers.

"I taste good." She said as our kiss transferred some of her juices from my lips to hers. This girl was amazing.

We kissed again then she reached down and started rubbing her entrance with the head of my cock. I looked into her eyes before slowly pushing in and she wrapped her arms around my back as my full length sank into her. After adjusting in the seat I got a rhythm going and started working my way in and out of her, kissing on her neck as her hands moved down and grabbed my butt as I thrust into her.

"" She gasped between thrusts and started moaning again. I simply grunted in agreement and then grabbed her tight and flipped us over with some struggle. We didn't even think to put the seats down into their bed form, as we were too lost in our fun. The sight of this heavenly creature sitting on me nearly caused me to cum right then and there, but somehow I managed to keep control and she started slowly riding me as I reached up to squeeze her breasts.

We were lost in pleasing each other but did notice that a full-on orgy had broken out across from us, multiple seats being put down and no one caring what gender they were with. Jackie kept riding me as we both watched a variety of couples and groups pair off, it was actually pretty neat to see sexual borders being torn down and everyone just enjoying themselves. Whatever Eros' initial intentions, I think they had been far exceeded by this point.

Jackie's riding got faster and I thrust up into her harder as we both were on the brink of cumming. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and she held my shoulders hard as she came with one final moan, and with a final thrust I erupted into her. She collapsed on top of me and we simply lay there, letting our bodies feel the other come down from their orgasmic high.


"Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to begin our final descent. Please begin putting your clothes back on, and return your seats to their full and upright positions."

I was disappointed as Jackie and I were in the middle of some mutual masturbation, but after a moment of just staying there we pulled away and started getting dressed. After a few minutes the cabin returned to looking like a normal flight, except for the smell of sex that wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon.

As everyone de-boarded, people started giving contact information and making promises of seeing each other for more fun. As we started walking up towards the gate, Jackie pulled me into a kiss and promised to call before making her return flight so we could go together (on Eros of course).

At the gate in L.A. we were met by another Eros employee (another out-of-this-world attractive female) who gave us survey cards to review our flight (top marks across the board, of course). When I went to turn mine in, I was asked a simple question:

"Would you like to join the Mile High Club?"

"Um, pretty sure I just did...multiple times."

The employee fluttered her eyelashes and laughed before responding, "Oh no sir, it's our frequent flyer program. Would you be interested?"

"Oh...yes, yes I would."

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