tagIncest/TabooEros Ch. 09

Eros Ch. 09


Chapter Nine: Into Motion

After his grandmother was finished, Jack returned home. His women followed him in arm, looking both incredibly horny and very enamored with him. He looked a sight, both women with wild hair and Jack with two giant stains in his shirt.

On his way back he caught sight of his next door neighbor's daughter, the beautiful Ambrosine Kernberry. She was home from college at the time, just for one day it seemed. Through out school Jack had always had a crush on her.

She was a bit of a geeky girl, but she was an extremely hot geek. Wide hips, full thighs, a trim torso, and big full breasts were all assets she had. Long honey-blonde hair hung like a thick curtain down her back, and full, impish red lips curved into a smile whenever she read Lord of the Rings. Big sultry eyes looked at him and went wide at the sight.

The two of them caught eyes. A link was created instantly. As they crossed the street Jack tried to infiltrate Ambrosine's mind. Staring intently, he applied heavy pressure on all of her mental barriers but nothing happened. She merely stared at him in disgust.

He pushed harder but nothing happened. The more he tried, the more pain shot through his skull. Soon he had a migraine and couldn't manage to push any longer. So he left Ambrosine alone and retreated into the house.

Defeated and embarrassed, he went to his room and passed out. As he fell asleep he had strange dreams of a siege on a wall. In the dream an army of pink clad warriors were repeatedly repelled by the castle.

Over the next few days Jack began organizing things. If he were going to have a religion he would have to think long and hard on his situation.

He contemplated how to keep others out of his business until it was too late. The Kernberry's were a very pious, religious family. They already didn't like his family. A long time ago Jack's oldest brother was found playing D&D. Mr. Kernberry came to the house, telling Jack's father that his oldest son was a devil worshipper. Jack's father told Mr. Kernberry to, "Get the fuck off of my property before I kick your ignorant ass."

Jack's father was also an issue. He had to keep his old man in the dark until he knew how to handle him. So he spent some time training his women. They were taught to bow before him, call him, "master," "sir," or "my lord." Only during casual situations could they refer to him by his name.

A few days passed and Jack woke, contemplating his situation with Ambrosine. He wanted her deeply. During school he always longed for her, but in a romantic, sweet manner. With his new abilities he craved her as a slave, a submission whore like his family. He would OWN her.

Her mind was too strong. She was not like his mother or grandmother, she would not submit easily. Her high intellect was why she went to the big schools, where she was getting perfect marks. How was Jack supposed to dominate her?

He went to the kitchen to get something to eat. As he searched through the fridge he found the tomatoes his grandmother had brought. A smile formed as he palmed one. Those tomatoes were the harbingers of a new life for his sister, so they could serve the same goal for Ambrosine.

He rushed to his room and put his pants and shoes on. He was just about to leave when he found his sister at the door, back from school. She was wearing only a robe, which was worn half-way. Her wet cleavage was exposed. Apparently she had just showered.

"Hey, Bubba," she said seductively. "What're you up to?"

"Nothing, just thinking a bit," he said.

"Well, how about you take a break from your thoughts to get a nice, long blowjob from your sexy sister," she said and she dropped her robe to the flower. Her breasts, wet and heavy, jiggled enticingly on her chest. She smiled and ran her finger between her labia. "Doesn't that sound delightful?"

Jack flushed. His cock grew turgid. In a rush he pushed her against the wall, mauling her full breasts. Their mouths mashed hard. She pulled him into her body, wrapping a leg around him.

A pink haze began to fill his senses. He was about to fuck his sister harder than he ever had, and she encouraged it. The deeper he delved into the fog in his mind, the more pleasure he found there. Just when he was about to slip out of his pants and do it to her he saw a bright light at the end. Within the light was his little sister, his true little sister.

His true senses returned. He pulled away from her, grimacing. "J-Jessica, have you done your homework yet?"

Jessica giggled and followed him as he backtracked. "No. I don't care about homework, I only want to give you pleasure, Bubba."

He was disgusted by her response. His sister would never say such a thing. That was not his lovely sister, it was just a puppet, and Jack had no time for dolls. With a grunt he slid into his chair. "Go do your homework right now."

Jessica frowned and fell before him. She tugged on his jeans gently, like a child. "Come on, Bubba, you can't say no to me when I'm right between your legs. You know you want to feel our huge cock spreading my cheeks open." So caught up in her own mind, she groaned and slid her fingers down to her pussy. "I need to taste you, Bubba!"

Jack stood up and walked passed her, ignoring her very presence. It was the hardest thing he had ever done, but he managed to make it to the door. There he stopped and with out looking at her said, "You remember your place, slut. Now you go do you damn homework and maybe, just maybe, I'll fuck your mouth later." Jessica pouted at him and watched as he walked away. Jack was too busy to deal with his guilt at that moment. He had to meet with his grandmother to set things into motion. Shocked at his refusal Jessica stood and shuffled to her room. There she processed to do her homework as quickly, yet meticulously, as possible.

With his mission in mind, Jack marched across the street. He tried his best not to think about what he had passed up but his erect penis throbbed painfully. Each and every step made him even hornier than before and he needed relief.

As he slipped passed the gate into the backyard he made a personal vow. If he were going to be a God he would not be a slave to his own desires. Passions such as that would rule others, but he would keep free from such thralldom. It would be his pleasure to fuck those women, not his prison.

Jack snuck into the back corridor and waited for his grandmother. That day she wasn't expecting any visitors and was dressed casually. Regardless, her breasts still looked magnificent, as no amount of clothing could ruin their full roundness.

She was busying herself by cleaning around the house. Before her sexual readjustment that was her normal activity. With an impotent husband, her sexual desires were all but dead until her master came along and recalibrated her.

From the shadows Jack watched. He used his will to pressure her mind and easily gained access to her consciousness. It was a simple matter for him to manipulate her. Inside he poked around, finding her to be suppressing her sexual desires. The only person there to keep his grandmother company was his grandfather, and she didn't care for that man in the least. Jack's grandmother had eyes for only one man: her master.

With surprising ease he shifted her will, drawing her away from the kitchen. He planted a command in her head and watched as she rushed by through the bedroom and into the master bath. Quietly Jack followed her, watching her ass wiggle the whole way. Behind him his grandfather watched the weather channel, completely oblivious to his surroundings. For the life of her Rebecca could not remember why she had rushed to the bathroom. She vaguely remembered having to pee but as soon as her foot hit the tile she felt no such need. She was just about to turn and leave when her knees went weak. In the mirror she saw her master.

She turned as she pulled the door shut and did the clasp. Immediately her training went in, and Rebecca dropped to a knee, bowing before him as she was taught to. It was strange for her to be so low to the floor when she was such a clean freak normally. OCD kicked in when she cleaned, yet whenever she was put before her master Rebecca couldn't help but feel dirty. What was even stranger was how much she liked that feeling.

It was also a great surprise to see his grandmother in such a light. Jack had always seen her as a pure woman, with porcelain skin and a perfectly cleaned house. All of that changed on the fateful day of her initiation. In the midst of all the sloppy, sticky sex Jack realized that his immaculate grandmother was as dirty as everyone else.

Jack sat cross legged on the floor before her, a confident sneer resting on his face. "How may I serve you, master," Rebecca asked urgently. Arousal rushed up her spine when she spoke to him. Every word, every syllable gave off heat. That heat sunk into her skin, infecting her to the bone.

Very slowly Jack undid his pants and pulled himself free. Then he slipped his bloated cock out, letting the cool air touch it. "Ah, needed a breather."

Rebecca's breaths grew heavy. A blush touched her cheeks and she stared at his cock. "Master," she said, her voice becoming even softer than usual as submission set in. "Do you desire something of me?"

"What? Oh, this? No, no, I have other priorities right now. It was just getting rather confined right now. Don't lose hope though; this might lead to something eventually." He smiled at her gently, as if she were a pet. "First I have some very specific orders for you."

She lifted her gaze from his cock to his eyes, where she stared attentively. "Orders, my lord?" Jack's gaze drifted from his grandmother to his cock momentarily. "You haven't greeted me properly yet, grandmother."

Her eyes went wide with embarrassment. "I am so sorry," she said hastily. Crawling over like a dog, she steadied herself around his hips. Her mouth hovered above his swollen prick. She puckered her lips and hesitated, savoring his scent as she always did. Then she kissed his cock head dutifully and lingered, staring into his eyes obediently. Her hunger was momentarily sated.

Before she pulled away Rebecca's tongue came out briefly, swirling on the crown. Then she sat back on her legs, with her hands folded in her lap diplomatically. "Master, what is your order."

It still amazed Jack what he could do with his new found powers. It was true that his grandmother had always been a submissive woman, but she had become so obedient that she was literally under his control. All of his commands would be followed to the very best of her ability, and she would never betray him. It all made him wonder what was best for his ultimate goal, a slave or a sister.

"You know my next door neighbor? The Kernberrys? Well, I want you to give them some of your special produce to them. Give them as much as you feel is prudent." His cock twitched at the next thought. "I want their daughter to feel very warm and fuzzy when she sees me." She smiled bashfully and dared to inquire, "Another slut?"

"Yes. You have no objects, I assume." She laughed under her breath and covered her mouth politely. "Of course not, why would I? Your gigantic cock deserves all the worship it can get. I am blessed to have a chance to help you, master. I am sure you will enjoy her young body."

"As much as I enjoy yours," Jack said and his grandmother nodded. He could feel her desire. She was waiting for him to make a move. So he did. Through their link he pressed an idea into her head. Rebecca suddenly felt itchy under her shirt. Every single pore tingled and twitched. Hurriedly she yanked her blouse off and threw it to the side. Beneath it she wore a purple lingerie bra.

"I like your underwear," he said, his eyes gleaming as he stared at her cleavage. Rebecca blushed. "I-I bought it just for you, master!" "Of course you did."

Jack said proudly, and then he turned very serious. "Now then, get your fine ass over here. I want you to swallow my cock down." His grandmother pounced on him with out hesitation. She spread her lips around his huge prick and on that day Rebecca Davidson throated her master's cock for the first time.

It stretched her out and left her tired and sore, but she was still aching to do it again if she could. Fortunately for her worn body, he was busy and had to leave.

After the blowjob Jack rushed home. He went to the fence on the edge of the Kernberry's and found a spot where it had worn down. In years before Jack had spent his time peering through. Spying on Ambrosine and her family was a sort of fetish for him. He had seen Ambrosine in her most exposed moments and that intimacy, though formed through poor methodology, was still very arousing for him. Through the hole Jack could easily keep tabs on his next door neighbors. He also had a strange idea that he could harness the hole in the fence for his sexual pleasure. If Ambrosine becomes too aroused he could slip his cock through the hole and let her suck him off. He would be the last hammer stroke in the nail that is her gushy pussy once the tomatoes take her mind.

His mother came out and offered him a drink. He accepted it and then bid her inside. She followed with out a word.

As she left Jack watched her ass wiggle and wondered what determined who a good slut would be. His mother, his grandmother, his sister, they were all related to him. Could the connection of their blood be what made them so subservient?

Maybe it was the females themselves. Perhaps it was in their genetic code to be subservient and weak-willed. It was natural for them to obey. Even his sister seemed to like his control, as long as he was loyal only to her.

Once he finished his drink he set it down on a table outside and peeked through the hole again. In his head he set up a schedule for when he would watch. Ambrosine wouldn't be home all the time. She went to a big time university, so she would mostly be back for holidays and weekends, which may cause a problem since her schedule coincided with Jack's fathers.

"Hey, Bubba," his sister said suddenly. Jack jumped.

He turned on heel and glared at his sister. "That is master to you."

Jessica pouted at him. Holding her hands behind her back, she accentuated her breasts for his view. "What's wrong with you, Bubba?" Still holding his leer, Jack said, "You are the only one who never calls me master even though you openly express your submission to me. Why do you disobey me?"

She looked to the side. Confusion fogged her mind. Was he master or brother to her? Could he be both? She shook her head. "Master, I don't refuse you. You are my master, I admit that, and you have complete ownership of me." She nodded her head, reaffirming it to herself. "You are my master and you own me! I just---I thought it would be okay for me to call you Bubba. I thought you liked it." Jack took a seat in a lawn chair and reclined. He continued to scrutinize his sister apathetically. "I don't mind it at times. I just wish for you to acknowledge my control over you from time to time. Remember, I own you at all times, even when we are relaxed and casual. I don't want you to become confused."

She nodded at him blankly. Recognition set in and she bowed before her master, as her brain scrambled to reconfigure itself to the new information. "I understand. I will try to be more loyal and understanding from here on, my lord." Looking up at him nervously she asked, "Is there anything I can do for you right now?"

"Yes. Go call grandmother. Ask her how much longer I will have to wait for the delivery to be made."

Jessica quirked her brow at the command but stood with out complaint. "Don't inquire further, Jessica. If you do well I may reward you later tonight."

She smiled and said, "Of course, master!" Then she skipped off, with her breasts swaying to her movements.

As Jack waited for his sister's return he heard sound from the other side of the fence. Moving quietly, he went over to the hole in the fence and peered through, scanning the area. Through the fence he saw a bird bath in the center of the yard. A patio rested near the back under a tree and flower beds lined the area. From the house came a middle-aged woman.

She was not nearly as well-preserved as Jack's mother, but she wasn't ugly either. She was short, with soft curves brought on from age. Her breasts were small, around B-cups, and her hair was colored like Ambrosine with the same texture. Glasses were perched on her nose.

The woman was Ambrosine's mother, whom Jack knew only as Mrs. Kernberry. He couldn't recall her first name, but he did remember how he had a crush on her when he was younger. Back when he was a child in elementary school she was his teacher, and her body was so young and firm at the time.

Even the thought of fucking his old elementary school teacher gave him an instant hard-on. Looking at her, he did his best to see into her soul. Inside he found a familiar breath of sensual desire which was going unfulfilled. The same aura hung around her as his mother and grandmother, and like them she was denying it.

Jack jerked up right when his sister tapped his shoulder. Swiftly he spun on heel and tried to look nonchalant. Jessica bowed before him and stood at his permission.

Tucking her hair behind her ear, Jessica beamed. "She did as you told her hours ago. She said it would be safe to make you move, whatever that means."

Jack smiled and kissed his sister firmly. Their tongues danced briefly before he pulled away. "Thank you, darling. You are going to get fucked so hard. Now go inside, I am going to make my 'move.'"

"Can I watch," Jessica chirped.

"No, not this time," he said and he rushed her away. His sister looked confused but obeyed and went inside. "Oh, and make sure to tell mother she's not allowed outside until I say otherwise."

Once his sister was gone Jack turned and looked back. Mrs. Kernberry was working on her flowers. Jack watched as she slowly moved toward his location.

Jack took the time to examine her soul further. Inside he caught a vague wisp of something foreign in her. She had a certain desire inside of her, one which was unfamiliar to her; it was a taboo which she did not know at all. Jack realized that she had eaten one of his tomatoes.

He stared at his teacher, watching as her green sundress swooped around her shins so elegantly. She wasn't the most beautiful woman on the planet but Jack couldn't resist her allure. The power had shifted over the years. In the day his teacher was the one who ruled the class room but now Jack was the one in control.

She grew ever closer to his position. His heart beat grew rushed. He had the power, he had control, there was nothing to worry about, and at least that was what he told himself. Decisively, he undid his jeans and waited for her to come up.

When she came closer he flipped his thick cock out. It was still half-limp, yet it was incredibly large already. Once she was in position Jack fed it through the hole, right where she was. Mentally he applied pressure on the woman he barely knew.

Even though she was already aroused, he had trouble. At first there was heavy resistance. Her mind, like Amborsia's, was incredibly strong. A thick, impenetrable wall was between the two. A piercing pain shot through Jack's skull and for a moment he thought all was lost.

Then he saw a wisp, a small hole inside. A tunnel had been carved out through her mind. A tunnel of rose showed his way into her soul. It was the effects of the tomato on her. It wasn't his first time inside of her head in a sense and Jack used that against her. A moment passed and Jack feared his preemptive action would backfire. Then he heard her squeal. "What in the...Good lord, that looks like a..." Her words died on a heavy breath. "It's huge," she said hesitantly.

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