tagIncest/TabooEros Ch. 14

Eros Ch. 14


Chapter Fourteen: The Day before Thanksgiving

Time passed quickly at the Hillton household. Before anyone knew it Thanksgiving was only a day away and everyone was busy around the house in an effort to get things ready. Jack had big plans for turkey day, and he had no intentions for any of them to fall through.

Both Jessica and Julie would be off for Thanksgiving. Jessica's high school let out for most of the week of Thanksgiving, but Julie's college wasn't so lenient. She wouldn't be able to make it until the day of Thanksgiving, but she was with the family in spirit.

It was around three o' clock, and Jack was getting everything ready. He made sure that his father and mother had their roles in place. It would be a terrible shame if his plan fell through because of poor planning, so he had to make sure everything was covered.

For the short duration of the holiday he planned to have his mother and father share the master bedroom. This gave the illusion of a 'normal' family and wouldn't alarm any guests.

He smiled. The thought of a normal family amused him. If he had his way the very idea of a normal family would be thrown into chaos. It was strange to think how much religion changed how people lived. In the new world where his religion was the only religion things would be so very different. Even with his limitless imagination he couldn't even imagine what the new world would be like.

Just as Jack finished outlining his plans for the next day the door burst open. Jessica came in wearing a big, proud smile. She looked ready for the coming winter cold, dressed in a casual white sweater, blue jeans, and sneakers. Her hair was up, showing off her cute, fair face.

Behind her she drug in a girl. As ordered she had brought home a friend of hers, but it wasn't a cheerleader. From the looks of her she was a smart, book-worm type, and she was a real cutie.

She had peach skin and shoulder-length black hair. She was short, probably five-foot tall at the most, and had love-handles like Jessica. Her thighs were thicker as well, and she had extremely large breasts. They were larger than Jessica's, probably ranging into the Double-D cups, and she wedged them into a dark sweater that showed off her bust. Her hips flared down to a long skirt.

Though she was beautiful everywhere Jack noted one thing above all else. This girl had large, almond shaped green eyes. A small beauty mark was near the right one. She was a truly beautiful girl, and beautiful was the only word right to explain her looks. She was classical.

"Hey, bubba," Jessica said with a proud smile as she showed off her friend. "This is Paige."

Jack shook hands with Paige, who stared at him wide-eyed. She was amazed by his presence. He looked into her soul and saw a bright light. It wasn't quite as strong as Flore or Ambrosine's, but it wasn't dim either. Even though it was bright he foresaw no difficulty taking her. His light was brighter, and he had other lights to use if need be.

Jessica grabbed little Paige's hand and drug her away. "You'll be in my room tonight."

Jack looked at his mother curiously. "Tonight?"

"Jessica called earlier and asked if her friend could stay the night," Victoria said with a smile. "I thought it would be a nice surprise."

"You are such a good little slut," Jack said with a big smile. Victoria laughed as he tackled her and kissed her gently. "And you will be rewarded for this, I promise."

After that the family settled down. They all watched television quietly. Jessica entertained Paige in the bedroom with the door closed. Periodically Jack would pop in on the two. He noted how close they were and thought that Paige must've been Jessica's best friend.

It was cute to think about. Jessica must have been excited on two accounts. On one hand she was happy to give her best friend over to her master. On the other hand, she was excited to see if her master approved of the friend's she kept. It was like showing off a toy to a parent. She wanted to see him be amazed with what she found for him.

He was in the kitchen reading when lights flashed across the living room. His mother looked out the window and said, "Your brother is here."

Jack's oldest brother, Justin, had arrived. Technically it was his half-brother, but they had been raised as full-brothers their whole lives. He was fourteen years Jack's senior, which made him about thirty-four years old. He had been expected to arrive that night along with his girlfriend of two years, Katie.

Katie was actually a bit older than Justin. She was a few years younger than Victoria, but like Victoria she had aged well. Her face was a bit absent, as she had a sort of far off, dreamy stare, but her eyes were sultry and half-lidded. That dreamy look made her rather sexy. She kept her light brown hair cut short and straight, it reached around her shoulders. She was quite pretty.

The most notable thing about her was her gargantuan breasts. They were the biggest he had ever seen, and her frame didn't look big enough to support them. She was built sturdy, a bit wider than his grandmother, but her breasts were absolutely gigantic and stuck out obscenely from her chest.

She had shoved her womanly body into a light, dark brown and orange blouse. Her ass, which was considerably flat for her size, was shoved into a pair of sweat pants. She came in looking a bit uncomfortable at the new surroundings.

As he watched everyone arrive Jack knew he was going to have an interesting evening. He had only one night to play with his new toys, because the next day was going to be serious business. Nothing would stop him from fucking Ambrosine on Thanksgiving, he was determined.

When everyone got there he made sure to greet them. He hugged Justin and could feel his older brother's discomfort. Justin's consciousness brimmed with fear and insecurities. They were buried deep beneath male bravado, much like his father, but it was all a cover-up. With Jack's new presence his discomfort was even greater, which meant his bragging would be even louder and more exaggerated than usual.

All of Jack's followers augmented his powerful aura. With his last recruits, Jimmy and Xion, he realized that the collective minds of his slaves aided him. Their lights supplemented his already immense will-power, giving him an even more powerful light than he had before. That intense light was what Justin was reacting to, even if he did not know it.

Jack then hugged Katie. Contact with her revealed a lot of insecurities as well. She was self-conscious about her looks and was afraid of being thought of as fat. It wasn't just her stomach and rear that made her feel self-conscious, the considerable size of her breasts concerned her as well. They always got her attention that she thrived on, yet she was also very uncomfortable with that attention because she thought herself unattractive.

Her age was the reason for this. Jack's mother was only forty, and Katie was a few years younger than her. She wasn't really that old, but she felt ancient. The insecurity was especially intense when she was around Victoria, who had aged so well. Personally Jack felt Katie looked fine, but she felt ugly and no one could change that except for her.

When Jack ended their embrace he tried to examine her eyes, but she wouldn't let him. With out the luxury of looking into her eyes he had to break into her subconscious to examine her light. It was a rather easy feat, as Katie had little-to-no will-power.

He found her mind to be a complete mess. She had an extremely short attention span with equally short self-esteem. Even without his abilities he probably could've fucked her on that holiday with little effort. With her it wasn't a matter of magic or mind-control. Instead, it was just about laying down the law and being forceful.

Once everyone arrived they all settled in. Jack did his best to try and make everything seem normal. He had to bide time before all of his sluts arrived the next day, and spent his time day dreaming about what would happen on Thanksgiving itself. With all of his sluts home for the holiday things would be crazy, and with Katie and Paige thrown into the mix...

The first part of the evening was spent with Justin regaling the family with war stories from work. None of them were particularly interesting or humorous, but he loved to labor on about his labor. No one stopped him; no one wanted to be rude.

After an hour of listening to his older brother Jack could take no more. He picked out a bad buddy-cop comedy movie and rallied everyone for a movie night. They all came together and seated around the television to watch.

To keep appearances Stan, Jack's father, took his old recliner like a throne. Justin and Katie sat on the couch next to Victoria, and Jack put together a pile of pillows in front of the living room table for himself and the other two ladies.

Everyone piled into their seats with drinks and popcorn. Jessica sat between Jack and Paige, and she openly cuddled her master. It wasn't a sexual thing; it was an act of endearment and affection. It would've roused suspicion if she hadn't always been close to her brother.

Paige looked at it apprehensively. Such close sibling affection made her a little bit uncomfortable, but she had expected it. Jessica had always praised her brother so lavishly. She merely drew the blanket that all three shared closer to her body to hide her disapproval and watched the television.

Jack paid little attention to the movie, but his whole family seemed entranced. He couldn't stop thinking about the next day. His cock strained against his pants. He had to distract himself somehow. To busy his mind he began to pry into other people's head.

He started with Jessica. He snuck into her mind and flared up her body. She immediately pushed against his body more tightly. Her nipples hardened and her pussy became warm from his tampering. She tightened her grip on him and nuzzled into his neck. Her breath was warm and made his skin prick.

He calmly reached down and placed one of her hands on his crotch. They locked eyes and she smiled like a scoundrel. Through his sweat pants she grasped his growing cock and began to move her hand discreetly. She didn't want to draw attention to what they were doing.

While Jack enjoyed his sister's hand he peered into the surrounding minds. He made sure to draw the attention of his parents to his exhibitionist act. His father did nothing more than glance at him, while his mother smiled and pretend to watch the movie. In reality she was curious to see how things would play out with everyone in the room.

Gradually Jessica's movements became more apparent. This was partially because she became aroused and partially because Jack used his willpower to make her more of an exhibitionist. So she eagerly pulled him free from his sweat pants and massaged his shaft briskly. Still she didn't lose her head completely; she had some sense and didn't become too bold.

Jack infiltrated his brother's mind and drew attention to the activities under the covers. Even though Justin was behind him, Jack could feel his older brother's stare. He could also sense Justin's curiosity and disgust.

Fear spawned in Justin's heart and he looked to Katie, worried that she might be aware what was going on. There was something about Jack; Justin could tell that he was different from a normal man.

Jack repositioned the blanket. It obscured Paige's view, but Katie and Justin could plainly see it if they looked. He made sure that they did look by manipulating their light. They both glanced and saw his cock in its full, erect glory. Jessica whipped her hand along it carelessly, proud to be servicing her glorious master.

Justin and Katie both were shocked at the sight. His cock was humongous and it possessed an aura all its own. Combined with Jack's commanding presence he drew all the attention in the room.

No longer was Jack the only eye-candy for Katie as he was before, she was instead a massive sexual presence weighing on her mind. It made Justin uncomfortable. He glanced at Katie, who stared adoringly at his youngest brother.

It was then that Jack peeked into Paige's mind. He made her aware of what was going on. It was rather cute that she hadn't noticed it at first. Her eyes when wide when she came to and she stared at the moving lump under the blanket for a long while. Her face was screwed as she scrutinized it. Then it suddenly hit her, and she looked at Jessica in shock.

Jessica looked at Paige and wiggled her eye brows suggestively.

"Jessica! What in the world are you doing," Paige asked in a whisper. She did her best to try and look casual and watch the television, but her attention was redirected. No matter what she kept looking back at the action right next to her. She couldn't deny it, Jack was cute and he looked very well hung, but they were siblings. Paige thought incest was very wrong.

Jessica shrugged at Paige. With her free hand she grabbed Paige's hand and pulled it across her body. Paige was drawn closer to Paige as she had her hand forcibly placed on Jack's cock.

Jack smiled at Paige and looked into her eyes. He could feel her arousal. She smiled back at him, her face fully flushed. Even though she was hesitant she didn't remove her hand. Instead she wrapped her fingers around his cock experimentally and glanced at everyone else. No one seemed to notice them, so she just went along with it. In her mind it looked only like she was snuggling up to Jessica and Jack, but in reality she enjoyed the feel of his cock in her palm and refused to let go.

"Wow," Paige whispered to Jessica. "He's so big." She looked Jessica directly in the eyes and asked, "Are you sure this is okay?"

Jessica giggled. "Why wouldn't it be?" She ran her hand from the base of his cock to where Paige held his shaft. "He doesn't seem to mind, and no one is noticing. Now, if you aren't going to help me out then get your hand out of the way and let me handle it!"

That idea didn't particularly interest Paige. She had no interest in letting go of his penis, so she began moving. She ran her hand in five inch strokes from the head down. Periodically his hand met Jessica's. They moved move slowly, in laborious, loving movements to pleasure him with out making much sound.

Though no one said anything, they were all aware of what was going on. Jack made sure that they would be. Even though Jessica and Paige tried to hard to make their activities a secret, he wanted his brother and his girlfriend to know. This exhibitionism turned him on further and made him feel powerful.

Everyone in the room, the girls included, pretended that nothing was going on. Outside of the movie the room was completely quiet. No one wanted to interrupt the show Jack put on. Stan and Victoria were used to it, Justin was too afraid, and Katie was enthralled by the sight to speak out.

Sexuality radiated from Jack and his crotch. It hung in the atmosphere and suffocated everyone in the room. The men felt increasingly emasculated, something which only bothered Justin. Their sex drive slowly drained from them, and seemed to flow into the women. Victoria, Jessica, Paige, and Katie were all climbing the walls of horniness. Their pussies grew wet and sensitive due to exposure to Jack's powerful aura.

Paige began to pick up pace as she stared at Jack. Their gazes met and her insides melted. Normally a strong-willed feminist, she felt that part of her fading away. Instead she suddenly sought the approval of a male, just as she sought his attraction and his pleasure.

Jessica and Paige's fists smacked together at the center of Jack's huge cock. It made a subtle smacking sound which was muffled by the blanket. Despite this the whole room heard it, as they paid no attention to the movie and only cared about the spectacle before them.

Jack could feel Justin grow more and more uncomfortable. It didn't take long for his older brother to leave the room completely.

He smiled vainly as his brother fled the room. He leaned back and stretched out wide. One arm draped around Jessica's neck. She leaned in and nuzzled him gently before kissing his chest affectionately. As Jessica loved up on him his fingers twined her thick, dark hair and massaged her scalp.

"How are you enjoying your visit, Paige?" He had grown breathless.

Paige blushed and bit her bottom lip. "It's been a lot of fun. I'm really glad that Jess invited me over."

"So am I."

Jessica looked between the two and said, "Maybe I should leave you two alone." It was a cheeky statement, because she was proud of her brother's sexual prowess. She smiled at the two of them.

"Oh, no, I'm always in need of an extra helping hand." Jack kissed his sister on the cheek and moved into their minds. He closed off the rest of the world to them, focusing them entirely on his cock. Katie, Victoria, Stan, they all disappeared from Jessica and Paige's minds.

"I also appreciate some helpful lips as well."

Paige looked at him quizzically but never stopped her work on his big cock. Pre-cum oozed out the tip and ran down into her hands. She appreciated its sticky warmth. It was slick and tingly and the added lubrication made a meaty smacking sound when she jerked.

"Wouldn't you like a taste, Paige," Jessica asked.

All of Paige's movement froze. Her face turned bright red, but she nodded and smiled. "Would that be okay, Jack?"

"Of course it would. Just pull your hand free and get under the blanket. Jessica will feed it to you, right?"

"I would be honored to," Jessica said. She looked deeply into Paige's eyes momentarily, and then she leaned down to kiss her master's cock.

Paige nodded and gave his cock one more loving squeeze. Then she took a deep breath to build up confidence and ducked under the black. With a strained jaw she accepted his crown. It filled her mouth to capacity, but she was happy. His cock tasted wonderful and the idea of blowing such a sexy boy was incredibly hot.

Jessica paced Paige. She held her head close to the tip, and then slipped it back half an inch until Paige met it with her lips. Paige had trouble due to inexperienced, but she was excited to learn. The blowjob was a whirlwind of novice efforts. There were lewd gags, stray licks, and awkward prods. His thickness made it difficult and from time to time her teeth scraped against the shaft. She couldn't help it; she just didn't know what to do.

Jessica continued to pump her master's shaft while Paige sucked. Before long Paige joined her and jerked as well. This freed one of Jessica's hands to stray to his balls, where she eagerly groped.

Jack grasped her hair and controlled the pace. He gently fucked her mouth. Even though she was unskilled, the blowjob was very intense. The knowledge that everyone was watching made it that much more pleasurable. He threw his head back. Electricity hung in the air.

Katie watched intently. She felt the energy in the air, and it tickled her every nerve. Surely she wasn't alone. She figured that all of the women in the room could feel it as well. They were all hot and bothered, just like her. How could they not be?

Everyone in the room was overcome with arousal. Jack seemed to secrete it. The lewd smacking sounds his dick made as it pressed into Paige were only amplifiers. She gagged and suffocated on him, buts he didn't struggle. She went right along with it and let Jack use her. Actually, she enjoyed it.

Jack's grip tightened. He tensed up and thrust hard into her mouth. Paige felt a wave of energy overcome her, and though she was drunk on it she was cognizant enough to sense his coming orgasm. With both hands and mouth she clamped firmly onto his cock, ready to ride it out.

His cock both hardened and thickened. His balls, loaded up with sperm, surged with the first shot. He jerked wildly, his head winding back and forth. His breaths became heavy and rushed. The first wad raced through his cock and into her mouth.

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