tagSci-Fi & FantasyEros Extended Ch. 04

Eros Extended Ch. 04


Chapter Four: The Principal and the Challenge

Jack went to the school before it was back in session, and he brought in two allies with him. His powers were always the strongest when he had his sluts around him, and he needed all the power he could get if he was going to succeed.

His grandmother drove him to the school, and he brought Jessica and Paige in toe. Jessica was wearing her cheerleading uniform. It hugged her large breasts tightly, and her skirt rode high on her thick thighs.

Paige was dressed far more conservatively, with a book-worm appeal. She had on glasses and a black sweater. Her jeans were surprisingly tight, and due to her short stature and ridiculous breast size, her chest looked absolutely enormous.

The whole ride there Jessica and Paige sat in the back of the car, all smiles. Paige had thanked Jack endlessly for his support of their relationship, and all Jack could do was imagine the two of them sucking his dick together.

"I'm sure you'll be able to repay me somehow," he had said to her. Paige caught on quickly and winked.

"Oh, I'm sure we will, master."

When they got to the school Jack told his grandmother to wait. Then he, his sister, and Paige all got out of the minivan. He paused to stare at the school for a bit. It had been four years since his last time there, and it was almost nostalgic being back.

Once inside he found that nothing was really different. The walls still had the same familiar cracks; the paint was still chipped in the same areas. With the aid of Jessica and Paige, Jack found the principal's office with ease.

"Excuse me, sir, but may I help you," said an elderly woman at the front desk. She was busy doing something, though Jack wasn't sure. She was attractive, in an older sort of way, and when Jack looked her in the eyes she was immediately bewitched.

"Yes, this is the principal's office, isn't it?"

"Yes, but she's busy right now. School isn't in session yet, so I'll have to ask you to leave."

"I've got important business," Jack said calmly. "I'll be gone before you know it, but this is important."

"Well, if it's important..."

"Just go about your work," Jack said. "I'll let myself in."

"Sounds fine," the elderly woman said. She went back to work, but she glanced at Jack periodically, her heart a tremor.

Jack turned to his two sluts. "Okay, I'll go in first and soften her up a bit. Then, you two come in and we'll take complete control."

"Are you sure this will work," Paige asked anxiously.

"Do you doubt your God, Paige?"

"You've really got to stop asking that, Bub."

Jack kissed his sister on the forehead. "Fine, fine, then I'll say this: trust me, you two."

"I do trust you," Jessica said earnestly.

"I...I do, too," Paige said. She wasn't quite as convicted it, but she did mean it as much as she could.

Jack went to the door and said, "Wish me luck."

"You won't need it," Jessica said confidently.

Jack entered the principal's office without knocking. The office was fairly spacious due to the set-up. A few shelves were against the far wall with family photos on them. A desk sat in the center of the room with two chairs set facing the front of it and a single chair in the back. A lit lamp sat on the desk, and a telephone sat next to it. Two large windows gave a view of the rest of the school.

Ms. Gryphon did a double-take when Jack came in unannounced. "Oh, Mr. Hillton, it's...nice to see you."

Ms. Jacklyn Gryphon was Jack's eighth grade teacher before becoming a high school principal. She wasn't the most attractive woman, but she wasn't repulsive either. Her hair was curly and a sandy blonde and she wore thick lensed glasses. Her eyes were a startlingly blue. Her face was mostly forgettable, but not ugly. She looked at him with a small sneer, but he was sure that would change very soon.

She wore an expensive dress-suit that looked good on her and hid how truly scrawny her frame was. The years had put some weight on her, mostly in her chest, and given her slightly large breasts than Jack remembered. She was a B-cup when she taught him, and she had grown into a small C-cup he'd guessed.

"Ms. Gryphon, it is nice to see you again," Jack said, momentarily surprised. He regained composure quickly and sat across from her. Seduction was easier for him if he had a previous connection with the person. Being her student in eighth grade would give him an advantage, as her memories of him already put him in her head.

A cursory glance at his crotch let him know that his aura was already taking effect. His mission would be a quick success, and soon he would have a diploma. All he had to do was play it smart, and take control of her smoothly, without rocking the boat too much.

Ms. Gryphon flushed a bit when he caught her looking at his crotch, and smiled politely. She looked up into his eyes, which seemed to be an even worse idea. Jack always had an intense gaze, even as a student, but something about his eyes was very enthralling. She felt like she was somehow falling away from reality. "Well," she said anxiously, and she cleared her desk to occupy herself. "It's a surprise to get a visit from you. I'd heard that you dropped out about, what, four years ago? That's a shame. You really were a very bright student."

That was something Jack had heard a million times. People always told him how bright her was, how he had so much potential. Good grades had never interested him. He didn't want to work hard his entire life to end up in middle-management. Through his entire life he knew he was meant for greatness, but it wasn't until he met Eros that he was able to realize this greatness. He was not meant for any mortal goals. Jack was meant to be a God, and Ms. Gryphon was going to help him along that path. Soon, she would be one of his devout followers.

"I did drop out, but that's all behind me now."

"Oh? That's good to hear," Ms. Gryphon said. "So, to what do I owe the pleasure, Mr. Hillton?"

"I need to ask a favor of you, actually," Jack said. "You see, I dropped out, and I don't have a diploma. So, I was wondering if you could give me one so that I could get into the best university in state."

At that Ms. Gryphon fell into a fit of laughter. The very notion that a drop-out with no money and no diploma could get into such a prestigious school was outrageous. Jack was smart, but he definitely wasn't that smart. He probably wasn't even smart enough to get into the school if he had graduated.

Her reaction angered Jack. He glared sharply at her and said, "Why the hell are you laughing at me?" When he said this he made sure to look into her eyes and crushed her mind with his.

Ms. Gryphon stopped laughing immediately, and soon felt very guilty for her reaction. "I'm sorry, Jack," she said submissively. "I just don't think there is much chance of that. I don't know how you think I can help you, but you've already missed your chance."

"Trust me, Ms. Gryphon; if anyone can pull this off, it's me. All I need is for you to listen and follow my very instruction."

She almost argued, but Jack's self-confidence was infection. Something about him just made her believe in him. She didn't know how he could pull it off, but she knew that he had some ace up his sleeve. Something deep inside of her told her to put faith in him. "Fine, Mr. Hillton. Just tell me how I can help."

"You can start by calling me master, sir, or my lord," Jack said straight-faced. She nearly laughed at him again, but Jack pushed down her urge to. Even though they were being friendly with each other, he made sure to implant this command directly into her mind. At first she seemed unsure, but she didn't have the strength to resist his control.

Ms. Gryphon sat silently as her mind warped around Jack's desires. She questioned whether or not to follow his command, but it was hard for her to focus at all while he stared her in the eyes. Obviously, Jack was not one to be toyed with, so she decided that she would follow his command this time, and said, "Of course, sir, is there anything else that I can do?"

"Yes, there is," Jack said with a handsome smile. He continued to drill her mind with his powerful will and forced her to submit to him. His mind seemed to be enough, but he didn't want to take a chance on losing her. "Now, call out to your secretary to send my sister and Paige into your office."

"Why are there here," Ms. Gryphon asked. Even before he answered her body moved to obey. After all, he was not to be toyed with, and she had no reason to refuse him.

"They're here to help with our negotiations, of course."

"Of course," Ms. Gryphon said unsurely. She obeyed him and called the two into the room. Jessica and Paige entered almost immediately.

Jessica stepped in first, a big, proud smile on her face. She sashayed in confidently, with Paige trailing nervously behind him.

"Your brother requested that you be here while we speak," Ms. Gryphon said calmly. "I just couldn't turn him down."

"No woman could," Jessica said with a smile. "He's quite charismatic." She took the seat next to Jack and crossed her legs elegantly. Jack stared at his younger sister, amazed by her beauty and confidence. At that time she didn't seem like a slut with no will. Instead, she was a beautiful, confident girl that she used to be, and Jack loved that part of her.

Paige looked just as beautiful, but very shy. She stood next to Jessica nervously and gave continued glances at Ms. Gryphon. Though she had faith in her God, she still felt uncomfortable as a slut before a faculty member.

"Uh, where should I sit," Paige asked as she looked around the room. Ms. Gryphon looked around as well, and was about to suggest getting a chair from outside, when Jack spoke up.

"Just go ahead and sit in my sister's lap."

Paige smiled nervously. "Really?" She looked Ms. Gryphon and asked, "But, I'm not sure if that's..."

"Don't worry," Jack said calmly. "She won't mind. Right, Mrs. Gryphon?" Again, he pressed into Ms. Gryphon's mind and forced her to swallow any anger. Her homophobia and discomfort was squashed beneath the immense weight of Jack's mind and collapsed into obedience.

"Of course I don't mind, sir. Please, Paige, feel free to sit on Jessica's lap."

Paige nodded and sat on Jessica's lap. Jessica smiled and put her arms around Paige's waist. "Hey, there, hot stuff."

Jessica kissed Paige on the shoulder and said, "What up, sweetie." They two stared at each other, completely enamored. Their love for each other was so natural and powerful that even Jack struggled to keep control of them. It was the most honest love he had ever seen in his life.

Jack ignored their love for then and faced the principal head on. "So, for this to work I'm going to have to ask you to change my records. What I have will need to be improved, and what I don't have will need to be fabricated. Whatever the case, I was misfiled, and I didn't drop out. I passed with perfect grades and high recommendations."

Ms. Gryphon scowled at him, but again she felt a strange pressure on her mind. She struggled, as her honor as a shaper of young minds was on the line, and she would not let her mind be altered by his any longer. "Sir, I will admit that you're a very smart and charismatic young man, but you know that I cannot do that. Your past is your past, and you have to live with that. No matter what, I cannot just erase your mistakes and give you something that you did not earn."

Jack sighed dramatically. "I had hoped that things would go over easily, but I guess I'll have to convert you, then."

"Convert men," Ms. Gryphon repeated snappishly. She glanced at the two girls, who were staring at each other with sickening amour, and then turned a rueful look at Jack. "Master," she said awkwardly, "This is enough. I've obeyed you up to this point, but this meeting is very unprofessional. Not only am I extremely uncomfortable, I'm afraid that you're asking me to do things that are highly illegal. I ask that you leave this instant."

"I refuse your request."

"What?" Ms. Gryphon stared at Jack in complete shock. No one had ever turned her down so nonchalantly before, and she didn't know what to do. She felt an urge to slap him, but she couldn't bring herself to harm such a perfect face. Somehow, she felt a greater need to obey him growing in her. "Am I no longer in charge," she asked herself.

"Now, we're going to continue our meeting and by the end I promise you'll be eager to offer me whatever assistance I need." Jack spread his legs wide and looked to his sluts. "First, though, I need a little bit of airing. Ladies, would you mind giving me a hand?"

Both eagerly obeyed his command. Jessica kneeled on his ride side, while Paige was at his left. On the other side of the desk Ms. Gryphon watched in confusion.

"What in the world is going on," Ms. Gryphon asked loudly. She slammed her hands against the table and stood. "Sir, this is extremely inappropriate, and I will have to ask you to stop this instant!"

Jack looked at her sternly and said, "Sit down, now!" When she did, he smiled at her. "Just be quiet until I asked you to cooperate."

Jack then turned his attention to his loyal sluts, who were looking up at him imploringly. Seeing them brought a smile to his face. Both of them were so loyal and so eager to serve him. "Now, ladies, if you don't mind, please pull my divine cock out."

"Of course, master," Paige said happily.

"Bubba, it would be my highest pleasure."

Jessica undid Jack's pants slowly, and Paige pulled them down along with his boxers. Once Jack's cock was exposed to the room his powerful aura was released. His cock was still limp and compact by comparison to its full glory, but its scent and presence was still extremely powerful. All female eyes were instantly glued to his godhood. They craved him desperately even though he was small.

"May we," Jessica asked, having fallen into her submissive state. The spunky little sister that Jack loved was now an eager slut, and Jack was almost sad to see the change. To keep his mind off of the issue he looked up at Ms. Gryphon.

"Come to this side of the desk and examine my cock closely," Jack commanded.

Ms. Gryphon couldn't resist his command. The exposure of his cock made her feel even weaker in his presence. She shook for a moment, trying desperately to deny her body's command, but it was futile. Heat filled her bones and compelled her to move. His seduction of her was nearly complete.

She rounded the desk and kneeled between her two students. Looking at his cock close up, she wasn't very impressed. In its limp state it was about three inches long and could barely be seen past the thick pubic hair that surrounded it. Average looking testicles hung beneath it, and all things considered he appeared completely unremarkable. Despite this, Ms. Gryphon was completely infatuated with his genitals.

She was so taken by him that she leaned in closer and closer until her hot breath brushed it. She could feel heat radiating from it, and she could smell nothing but man.

It started reacting to her presence, expanding rapidly. Ms. Gryphon assumed at full erection it would be an average six inches, seven at the most. It wasn't a bad size, but it was nothing for her to be so stunned by.

His smell grew more intense as he grew. It was a powerful, thick smell that enthralled her. She closed her eyes and smelled deeply of his musk, and each breath fogged her senses further. She stopped questioning her arousal at his presence and accepted it as a natural occurrence before Jack. It was just as his sister said, no woman could resist him.

Jack rested a hand on her head, waking her from her reverie. She jumped slightly and looked up at him. Her eyes were wide like a dear caught in the head lights, filled with confusion and surprise. A thick cloud of arousal was eating her alive, consuming her every cell and nerve. "Why not suck on it a bit," Jack asked rhetorically.

Ms. Gryphon continued to stare into his eyes. His voice echoed inside of her, bouncing around her skull and repeating endlessly. He was hypnotic, a truly perfect sight. Looking into his eyes was so intense that she could hardly stand to do it, and she certainly couldn't turn him down.

She looked down to his cock, which was much larger than before but still not erect. Before that day Ms. Gryphon had always hated giving blowjobs, but she couldn't resist Jack. She opened her mouth and slurped his limp cock in eagerly.

The first thing that occurred to Ms. Gryphon was how good his cock tasted. It wasn't just delicious, but powerful, and it filled her with even greater heat. If his voice, image, and smell weren't enough, his taste cemented his ultimate perfection. Just a mere sample of his godhood was enough to bless her with a small orgasm. Already rewarded, Ms. Gryphon was prompted to suck even more fervently.

Jack started small, but he grew rapidly in her mouth. At first she bobbed her head along a seven inch penis, still completely limp. She released it and found it flop down against his stomach. Shocked by his lack of rigidity, she cupped him with one hand and started to jerk while she sucked.

Jack grew beyond her expectation. While she sucked and teased, he just kept growing thicker and longer, and soon he was even beyond big. Once he reached a foot she was astonished by his size, and he was even more astonished by the fact that he was not done growing. Ms. Gryphon was beginning to have extreme troubles managing his size.

While she sucked she looked up at Jack to find him sneering confidently. His eyes were still as deep and beautiful as they had always been, but they radiated with power now. He was in complete control, and his mere gaze made her body erupt with uncontrollable heat. Overcome with passion, Ms. Gryphon closed her eyes and doubled her effort, forgetting entirely about any reservations she had.

Jack grew completely erect in her mouth. His grotesquely large cock took up all the room in her mouth and stretched her lips painfully. Of course, she enjoyed this pain completely and savored the feel of his godhood inside of her lips. The thick aura that radiated from Jack's body filled her head, driving her mad with sexual need. Jack could see the heat inside of her body growing greater and greater with each passing second. Soon she would be just another slut to him. All he had to do was take her pleasure and amplify it slightly.

She quivered below his stare. Through all the years in her life, Ms. Gryphon knew that Jack couldn't logically be so large and arousing. It was impossible for him to exert any sort of will over her, but it was happening. Her body reacted to his gaze by growing hotter and wetter than before, and she was suddenly hungry for his sperm, a desire which she had never felt before in her entire life.

Jack grabbed her by the hair and pulled her free from his cock. Hovering above his godhood, she stared cross-eyed down his impossibly long shaft. The size and smell of him hypnotized her, taking her away from reality and drawing her into a perfect fantasy. Jack had to smack her across the face with his cock to get her attention.

"I asked if you would please take your clothes off, Ms. Gryphon."

Ms. Gryphon drew in his delicious smell again and stared down at his cock desperately. "But what about your pleasure," she asked, and she questioned her sudden and unhealthy devotion to him.

"Don't worry about that, the girls will keep it hard for me."

Ms. Gryphon suddenly remembered Jessica and Paige being at her sides, and she looked down at the pair. Paige stared in awe at his cock, and muttered something about it being bigger. Jessica simply reached out and started to jerk on her brother's humongous cock.

"So, you just need to get naked for me, okay?"

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