tagIncest/TabooEros Extended Ch. 05

Eros Extended Ch. 05


Chapter Five: The First Trial: Jessica, Victoria, and Stan

The next week went by without any complications. Things were so good for Jack that he nearly forgot about the challenge, and by the end of the week he felt confident that he would succeed. Athena was an empty threat to him, and soon he would have her ensnared, just as he did Eros. "Gods are nothing to me," he thought cheerily as the week ended.

He woke up in bed alone, without his mother at his side. Stretching and sitting up, he immediately felt different, and rushed to the bathroom to examine himself closely.

There was no physical change that he could find. He still had deep, intuitive brown eyes, and tan skin. He still looked like a strange mixture between masculine and feminine, with a slender frame and a handsome face. His hair was still very long and very thick, but he did notice a subtle change. He looked somehow less attractive, but the difference was not in his skin or his features, but in his aura.

He went to the restroom and looked down at the strange cock that was foreign to him. He had grown used to having a massive cock before he took control of Eros, and having it more compact when not aroused was very different to him. Still, he regarded it as the same cock that he used so frequently. It was just a grower instead of a shower.

The morning seemed very similar to every morning since becoming a God, and as he washed his hands he decided that whatever the trial was, he was ready to face it. Nothing seemed out of place in his new world so far, and he didn't see any reason to feel fearful of failure when he could not even perceive a threat. To be paranoid that early would mean he was jumping at shadows, so he decided to go about his day as usual.

Moving felt strange and heavy. He didn't move with the grace of a God any longer, or so he felt, but he couldn't quite place what was different. That was how the morning went for him. Everything was almost different, but not quite, and he couldn't figure out what the difference was, so he tried not to think about it.

That was the hardest part for him. It was like there was something in the air, an unknown threat that stole his entire focus. He couldn't keep from thinking about the challenge, and he couldn't help but notice that something in the house was very different. The air smelled cleaner almost, and the sun seemed both brighter and dimmer at the same time. The entire house felt unfamiliar, like it was something from a horrible, horrible nightmare.

He dressed and stepped out into the living room somewhat cautiously. The deal he had made with Athena was to see if he could essentially rebuild his religion, from his understanding. That meant that his father was free of his control, and Jack would have to subdue him alone.

Jack's first target was his younger sister, Jessica. Of all of his sluts, she was one of his most loyal, and he felt like he had to take hold of a woman first before he even tried to take control of a man. His plan was to use his Godly cock on her, as he had on his mother at the start, and then use her to supplement his power and take control of his father again. What he did not know was that the strange feeling that weighed on his mind the entire day was his lack of divine power altogether. He didn't just lose his religion for a week, but all of his powers, a fact which he had forgotten.

Jack made it to his sister's room without being caught. At the door he paused to knock. It was strange to think that he had complete reign over the entire house for at least six months. In that time he hadn't had to really think or plan much at all. Of course, he had his schemes to take control, but really he just had everything handed to him by his followers. The prospect of relying on himself was actually somewhat terrifying for him.

Going to his sister's room turned out to be a horrible idea. As soon as he stepped in he was assaulted by her tiny little hands. He had to curl his arms over his head and rush past her to get into the room, because while it wasn't extremely painful, her hits did sting a bit and she was quite persistent.

He ran around the room comically to try and escape his younger sister's wrath, and she followed him around the room, her face red with anger. "You fuck," she screamed loudly, "You sick fucking fuck! I can't believe you! You fucking raped me! You raped your own fucking sister!"

Eventually Jack pinned her and he lay on top of her, holding her to the bed. She lay on her back, breathing heavily and glaring daggers at him. "So," she asked suddenly, her tone sharp and expectant. "What do you have to say for yourself?"

"Well, I...I'm not, sure," he said nervously. This admittance caught him off guard. Normally he always had an answer, but his sister's torment gaze left him at a loss for words.

An uncomfortable silence settled between them. Jessica calmed down significantly, and lay there with a disinterested look on her face. Finally she said, "Let me up. You don't have to hold me down anymore, I won't hit you."

Hesitantly, Jack let her up. When he did she sat up next to him. They sat quietly. Jack stared at the wall, thinking of what to say. She didn't seem at all attracted to him, and worse she seemed to remember everything he had done to her. Suddenly he felt like his trial wouldn't be so easy.

Jessica sat next to him staring at the ground. She wrung her hands nervously, and thought over what to say. Every once in a while she would prepare to speak, open her mouth, and nothing would come out. Tears finally came to her eyes and ran down her cheeks. She swallowed hard to maintain composure.

"Bubba," she finally said her tone sad and disappointed. "You're my brother, and I love you...That's why I can't understand why you did what you did." She balled her fists tightly into fists. Wiping her eyes gently, she finally got the strength to look him in the eye, and much to Jack's surprise it wasn't the look of hatred he expected. Instead, it was filled with love and curiosity. She was demanding a real answer out of him.

Jack struggled to find something that wasn't a lie. The truth was too far-fetched for her to believe, but a lie was too disrespectful for everything that she went through.

He swallowed hard, considered his options, and then outlined everything to her in detail. H explained his God-like powers, he explained Eros coming to him in a dream, and Eros' eventual defeat. Then he summed it all up with Athena's trial. Throughout the lengthy explanation Jessica looked perturbed, but she waited quietly for him to finish.

At the end of his sister she crossed her arms and said, "Did you really expect me to believe any of that?"

"Well, everything I said happened, didn't it?"

"That's not a good enough explanation, Jack."

"Then tell me how I was able to control and seduce you, a self-confessed lesbian? Or how I was able to seduce and control everybody in our family?"

Jessica thought on this for a moment, and then conceded. "Good point," she said, and then they settled into silence as she continued to ponder the situation. Finally, once she had thought it over, she grabbed a nearby pillow and swatted Jack with it. "That doesn't excuse what you did to me, bubba! Some perverted God comes along, so you use it as an excuse to rape me?"

"No, no, Jessica, it wasn't rape," Jack said softly. He tried to place a hand on her shoulder, but she jerked away from him. He grabbed her with both hands and forced her to look him in the eyes. "Jessica, I promise you, I never intended to hurt you. I know that I got little bit lost along the way, but I only wanted everyone to feel good. I...I really didn't intend to hurt anyone at all."

Jessica averted her gaze to the space on the bed that was between them. "I know," she said in a whisper. Tears came to her eyes again, but she wiped them away hurriedly. "I know that you would never hurt me on purpose. Still, you don't know what it feels like, Jack, to have your mind, like, cracked. I...I felt like I didn't know who I was, like I was losing myself. I would watch myself doing these things to you, to others, and they were things that I would never do. I...I wasn't me anymore, but I was aware of it." She looked him directly in the eyes, and she looked bitter, and angry, and betrayed, and very, very sad. "I trusted you more than anyone else, Bubba, and you broke me!"

Jack sighed and kissed Jessica gently on the forehead. It was the only thing that he could think of doing. When she tensed at his touch, he finally realized that he would actually have to say sorry. So he looked into her watery eyes and bit back all of his guilt and fear. "Jessica, I am so sorry about what I did to you. I truly am. I didn't want to do that, and by the time it happened, it was so fast, and I...I regretted it every day. Sometimes it was like my mind would be so obscured by Eros and the power that he gave me...I lost track of myself, too, and I know that doesn't excuse it, but...I'm sorry for that as well." He sighed and hugged her tightly. "What I'm saying is that I'm sorry that I wasn't a very good brother to you."

Jessica held him tightly for a while. Then she took a deep breath and smiled. "Thank you so much, bubba. That means so much to me." Then she broke the hug and looked him in the eye. The playful sister he always loved was back. "Now that we got all that drama out of the way, I have a question for you."

"Feel free to ask me anything."

"If you got so lost in the powers, then why do you want it back?"

Jack hesitated to answer. There were very obvious reasons. Every man on the planet would want a magical cock that makes women orgasm just at the sight of it, but when he really thought about it there was more to it.

"I guess the truth is that I want to help people," he said. "I know it seems like I hurt more people than I helped, and when I'm not careful I definitely can hurt a lot of people. But, I also think that I can help them. I can take care of them. Just, for a second, think about how close our family was while I was a God, and then think about how I can really unite the entire world under the banner of love..."

"You mean lust."

"The point is that I have a real chance to help people."

Jessica crossed her arms. "You mean that you can help yourself."

"Well, there are definitely some undeniable perks," Jack admitted with a grin. "I mean, if I was one hundred percent honest, yeah, I am in this as much for myself as I am for others."

Jessica glared. "That's disgusting."

"I mean...Well, it's not the way you think," he whispered. He stared at the ground, uncomfortable with how open he was really being with her. "The truth is, Jessica, I don't really have much of a future. I'm a high school drop-out without any skills or future for him. When I was using Eros' powers, I really felt like I had a chance..."

"...A chance at what?"

"Well, a chance at actually leaving a mark on the world." He grinned sadly. "I thought that I might actually be able to do something with my life, but I just sort of fucked it up."

"Yeah, you did," Jessica said. Then, to his surprise, she cupped his face gently and gave him a kiss on the lips. It wasn't a family sort of kiss. It was a kiss that was very reminiscent of her time as his slut, and when she broke the kiss she smiled confidently. "Listen up, bubba, because you're getting a second chance. I'm going to help you, and I'm trusting you not to abuse your powers."

"Really," he gasped in shock.

"Yes, really," Jessica said proudly. "Jack, you're...You're my big brother. I know you, and I know that you mean it when you said that you wanted to help people. So, I'm going to help you." Then she shrugged and grinned wryly. "Besides, it did feel pretty good once I got used to it."

Jack hugged Jessica tightly, pulling her soft frame against his. "Thank you so much, Jessica! This is...Wow, this is fucking awesome!"

"Just don't fuck it up this time, deal?"

"Deal," Jack said.

They broke their embrace and Jessica leaned forward suggestively, offering him a view of her cleavage. "So, how do we go about this again?"

Jack eyed her cleavage anxiously. He hadn't expected things to go this well. Without his sexual aura he was just another human, a normal person, and he was the same Jack who spent years stuck in his room touching himself. It was all great, but it also very unexpected.

"Bubba," she whispered into his ear huskily. "Please, you have to tell me how to give you my worship." She flicked her tongue along his neck gently and shoved him down. Straddled him, she looked into his eyes, and she smiled when he swelled beneath her. "Just tell me what you want, and as your follower I'm going to be duty-bound to do it."

"I...I think a blowjob will do," he said awkwardly. Without his aura and his God-like confidence he was still attractive. Rather than being a masculine paragon though, he was just a normal cute guy. If Jessica were straight she would have been extremely taken by him, and as a lesbian she even found him surprisingly attractive.

Jessica giggled and winked. "Then, I guess any wish you have is my command, right?' She repositioned herself and sat beside him. Undoing his jeans, she reached into his boxers and pulled out his hard, average sized cock. It looked far less imposing than before, which was something of a relief to her.

Holding his manhood, Jessica hesitated. "Jack, I want to make one thing clear before this goes any further. When I do this, I'm offering you my loyalty. I am doing this as someone who believes in you, not as some depraved, cock-hungry slut. Do you understand?"

Jack jerked slightly as she began to stroke him. Her hands were just as soft as he remembered, though the pleasure seemed somewhat diluted. "I understand," he said shakily, aroused despite his concerns. "We're equals in this, right? Not a master and a slave, but a brother and a sister. You're a supporter, not a slut."

"Good answer," she said. "Now that you understand, I'll continue with my dedication to your Godhood." She leaned in close to his cock, which was very hard by this point. Perched with his manhood at her lips, she paused and looked him in the eyes. The situation was very familiar, and yet very different. The smell, the size, the pure erotic energy, all of it was missing. It just didn't feel sexy anymore.

Her hot breath ran along Jack's very erect manhood. He was disappointed to find that he had lost his enhanced size along with all of his gifts, but he felt silly for hoping that he wouldn't. It looked strange to see his sister holding a perfectly average seven inch penis in her hands, but it was also arousing to know that he had gotten his lesbian sister to willingly give him a blowjob without the powers of a God.

"There's only one little problem," she said. Each word was a horrible torture on Jack, who was about to explode in her mouth.

"What is that?"

"I'm not in the mood," she said with a giggle, and she released him.

Jack groaned and pulled her down onto him. "How could you do that to me, Jessica? You're such a tease."

Jessica giggled and pulled blanket over them. She rested her head on his chest and her hand on his erect cock. "Of course I am. For now, would you do me a favor? Will you lay with me as my brother, not as my master or my God? Because when you get your powers back, even if you won't break me again, it...Well, it just won't be the same, you know?"

Jack stared up at the ceiling in thought. He hadn't considered it much, but he knew it was true. No matter what he could never have his normal life back. The power Eros gave him had changed everything forever, for better or for worse. The only option left to him was charging forward.

"Jessica," he said so softly that she almost didn't hear him. He pulled her into a tight hug, and they rested in silence after that. The only sign of life was the steady movements of their chests as they breathed. "I have a question I want to ask you?"

"What is it?"

"Why are you helping me?"

She didn't answer immediately. The question hung in the air for a while before she shrugged and ran her hand up to his chest. There she drew whimsical circles with her index finger, and she giggled whenever he would twitch from the tickle of it.

"I know there's some bad history with you being a God, but I trust you, Jack. I know you must have a good reason for doing what you're doing, and while I may not completely understand I believe in you. That is why I'm supporting you in this."

"Why do you believe in me though?" Jack sat up and looked into her big, blue eyes. She looked back at him, and held his gaze without any hesitation. Even without his powers he felt like he could almost see something in her. Sincerity, he could see that she was being completely sincere with him as they spoke.

"Because, bubba, you've got a big heart. In fact, it's the biggest heart I've ever seen, and everyone knows it. No matter what trouble you've went through, at the end of the day, you're a good person and you care a whole lot about everyone around you. You feel for people, and sometimes you feel for them what they can't even feel for themselves."

She hugged him tightly and rested her head against his chest again. "When that God-thing-whatever, when it was controlling you it covered that up. It made you forget who you are, but Jack, it needed you, not the other way around. Alone you're a smart, handsome, and caring person, and you can see in people what they've forgotten about themselves, and that's exactly why I believe in you."

"You believe in me because I can empathize with people?"

Jessica nodded slightly. "You may not always make the right decisions, but in the end you will do whatever you can to help people, not hurt them. I believe in that." She planted a small, affectionate kiss on his chest and then looked up into his eyes. "You just need to start believing in that, too."

"You really think the others will help me like you are as long as I try to empathize with them?"

Jessica grinned up at him. "Of course they will, bubba. As long as you listen to what they really want and what they really need like you did with me, then they'll believe in you just like I do."

A smile finally broke out onto Jack's face. It felt good to have someone believe in him and him alone, without the use of Eros' sexual magic. He leaned forward and kisses his younger sister gently on the forehead. "You, Jessica, are undoubtedly the best sister on the entire planet."

Jessica giggled cutely. "Oh, I know I am." Then she slid down his body, to his cock, and placed a soft kiss atop the grown. "There," she said as she lifted the blanket off of them. "Now it's official. You have one follower back. Now it's time for the tough part, eh?"

"You're telling me," Jack said with a heavy sigh. He slipped out of the bed and dressed quickly. "There's no point in hiding in here all day, is there?"

"Nope," Jessica said. "You only have a week to do it, right? So, you'd better get on it."

"To tell the truth, I'm still a little scared."

"Do you want me to come with you?"

"No," Jack said quickly. "No, you've done enough already, Jessica. It might get violent, so you should probably stay in here and stay safe."

"You too, bubba," she said with a smirk. "You're too pretty to get all bruised."

Jessica messed her hair. "Thanks, smart ass." Then he took a deep breath and went to the door to the hallway. There he stopped, his hand shaking a bit as he grasps the door knob. Before he left he turned back to look at his younger sister, who was watching him with honest concern and love. It felt good to have his sister back.

"Thank you, Jessica...For forgiving me and for seeing the good in me that I was looking sight of." After he said that he left her room and stepped out into the coming storm.

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