tagErotic CouplingsEros Extended Ch. 10

Eros Extended Ch. 10


Chapter Ten: The Trial-Katie and the Kernberrys

After converting Christina and the girls back into the religion Jack and his family travelled through the night. Jack rested while his mother and sisters took turns driving. They all looked rather ragged at this point, Jack included, but they were persevering. Jack in particular was feeling more upbeat and confident.

Rather than driving home immediately Jack asked to stop by Justin's apartment one more time. All of the women were surprised, but only his mother spoke out against the idea.

"You'll be risking a lot if you do that, Jack. Justin could be there. It might end up like it did with James. It could even end up worse."

Jack, who had been all smiles since leaving Christina's house, just leaned back in the seat and laughed. "It'll be fine. Christina made me realize something. I'll be fine, and I want to do this."

"As your mother I'm going to have to refuse," Victoria said, and she tried her hardest to sound like she as in control. Julie and Jessica were both taken by surprise, but Jack just continued to grin.

"As your master I'm commanding you to take me to see Katie." He sounded at ease, but his conviction was apparent.

Victoria, who was in the passenger's seat, glanced back at him uneasily. "Jack..."

"Master," Jack corrected.

"Please don't make me do this. I really am not comfortable with..."

"I'm not trying to be mean," Jack said. "I just need you to do as I say. You're worried, so you're not seeing the big picture. I'm confident I can get her."

Victoria shook her head and looked at Julie and Jessica, who were doing their best to remain quiet. There was tension in the car. It was like the fate of their family rested on this moment. It was a question of loyalty and titles. It was a question of where Victoria stood as a mother and as a slut.

She sighed. "As your mother I am worried, but as your slut I trust you," she said with finality.

"So we're going?"

"So we're going." She faced forward and crossed her arms over her large, firm breasts. "Now, you need to get some rest. You look exhausted and if you show up without your head on straight I guarantee that you'll lose her, regardless of whatever revelation you've had."

Jack reached forward and placed his hand on his mother's shoulder. She softened at the touch, and looked back at him fondly. He caressed her face and said, "Thank you." Then he kissed her, deeply, passionately, in a way that makes women weak in the knees.

When their kiss broke Victoria was flushed and her nipples were visible beneath her shirt. "You're welcome," she said, and she was breathless.

Now Jessica and Julie were smiling, and all of the tension had drained out of the van.

Jack leaned back in his seat and slept. He continued to rest until they arrived at Justin and Katie's apartment around ten the next morning. By that time Jessica had taken over driving. She was the one who woke Jack, who thanked her and told her to go to sleep.

He got out of the car, into the crisp, bracing morning air. The sky was gray in color. Jack pulled his jacket tight to his body and shivered. "I'll be back," he said, and his words were accompanied by white, cloud-like puffs.

When he turned Jessica called out for him. He looked back to find her standing out in the cold, shivering, not wearing a coat. Her nipples were hard beneath her shirt, but not from arousal. Her hair was being blown about by a light wind.

"Be careful, Bubba. If you got hurt we'd be lost. We need you."

Jack went to Jessica's side and hugged her tight. Her soft frame nearly collapsed into his. She looked tired now, more tired than Jack had realized.

"I'll be fine," Jack said. "Trust me, okay? I wouldn't be doing this if I thought there was a chance of failure."

"Really? You're that confident."

Jack looked down at her, wearing a smile, and winked. "I'm absolutely certain of my success. Now you need to get in the car and sleep. You look like hell."

Jessica nodded.

"Oh, and here," he said, and he took off his jacket and wrapped it around her. "I can't having my munchkin of a sister freeze to death on me."

"Keep it," Jessica said quickly, and she tried to take it off. Jack stopped her and shook his head.

"Listen, I'm your master, and I order you to wear that jacket. Okay?"

"But you're the master. Shouldn't you be wearing it?"

Jack shrugged and tried not to shiver, to look strong in front of his sister. "Jessica, what kind of master would I be if I didn't take care of those who followed me?"

Jessica smiled at him then and said, "A pretty sad one, huh?"

"Yup, now you rest. I'll be back once I get another follower back."

Jessica nodded and, before he could go, she stood on her tiptoes and kissed him on the cheek. "Thanks, Bubba. And good luck!"

Once she was inside the van Jack turned and walked toward the apartment, his pace steady, his stride sure, and he said to himself, "Thanks, but I won't need luck for this."

Jack didn't wait long in the cold. As soon as he paged up to Katie she let him in. He walked the halls of the apartment building with a confident swagger, and was greeted at Katie at the apartment door.

She wasn't the Katie from the last visit. Rather than mocking him, she looked at him with desperation and lust. She wore only a sheer night gown that showed both her figure and the outline of her nipple rings. When she moved her breasts swayed freely. A small amount of make-up accentuated her eyes and her lustful smile. She was trying to allure him from the start and this change in pace amused Jack endlessly.

She showed him in and led him to the couch. Once he was seated she fetched a bottle of water for him. Then she sat across from him with her legs crossed. Periodically she uncrossed and recrossed them, and each time she did it slowly, giving him a glimpse of her bare, shaven pussy.

Jack sipped at his water. "How long will Justin be out," he asked after she gave him the first glance at her snatch. He was trying to play it cool, to build her up and make her beg for him. After all, she had to be punished for her behavior before.

Katie shrugged. The small gesture made her breasts sway beneath her gown. Her nipples were noticeably hard and were dark against the outfit. "He'll be gone for the better part of the day. I made him a lunch for work," she said anxiously. "I needed him out of the house."

"Why? How could you possibly have known I was coming?"

"I didn't," Katie said, and she smiled manically. "That was a pleasant surprise. I needed him out because he's been trying to fuck me lately and...and I just can't stand the thought of wasting my pretty pussy on him."

Jack shook his head and said, "That would be a crying shame, wouldn't it?"

"It would," Katie said, and she toyed with the neck of her nightgown. She tugged at the deep slit that showered her cleavage, exposing part of her areola. Then she licked her lips and stared at him hungrily. "You wouldn't be a waste though."

"Really," Jack asked with a condescending cock of an eyebrow. "You didn't say that just the other day. In fact, I remember you saying that I wasn't a man and that you'd just go with Justin. Why didn't you?"

Katie blushed and averted her gaze. "I had second thoughts...Or maybe it was a realization...a revelation?"

"Just get to the point," Jack said.

Katie nodded quickly and said, "I tried fucking Justin, I really did. It wasn't right though. It wasn't passionate, and I don't love him." She hesitates and fiddles with her nightgown. Looking Jack in the eye, she bites her bottom lip and says, "I love you, master. I live to serve you. Whether you have that beautiful cock that fucked me before or a normal cock, you took me. I belong to you now, no matter what. I didn't realize it at first, but now I know."

"Is that so," Jack asked almost ruefully. He was angry with her for her refusal, but he was also growing aroused. He was about to get another follower, and he was starting to feel assured of his eventual victory. "If I am your master then you will do whatever I say."

"I will," Katie said, and she added, "Gladly!"

"Then drop to your hands and knees and crawl over here like the bitch you are."

She nodded eagerly and assumed the position. Wriggling across the carpet, she sashayed her bottom sweetly with each movement and shuffled before him like a dog in heat. Pleasure and passion were clear in her normally dreamy eyes. She was all there and all in that moment.

Once before him she sat up on her knees and arched her back. His posture accentuated her breasts further. He could clearly see the shape of her nipple rings against the thin nightgown. It was almost like she wore nothing, but the sheer material obscured enough to give an air of mystery. Though he had seen her naked, Jack found himself enjoying the look. He was eager to see her undress for him.

"What can I do for you now to prove my loyalty?"

"Cup my dick though my pants, but do not pull it out," Jack said. "You've been a bad little slut, so you have to earn your reward."

Katie pouted and nodded her head in understanding. "I have been bad. I was very cruel to you, master, so I will do whatever it takes to win your favor again. I will let you do whatever you want to me. I deserve no sympathy for what I said, and I am grateful for even being given the chance to touch you."

Gently she rested her hand again the slight bulge in his pants. His manhood was hard by then, a throbbing, painful hard. It strained his pants horribly, but he held firm in his conviction to punish her. He had to test her conviction somehow, and there was no better way than to deprive her of sexual reward.

She bit her bottom lip and looked up at him. The look in her blue eyes was not distant. It was frightened and in the moment, like she was fearful of the reality she was in. The way she moved, the way she stared, she was out of her element, lost in her desperation and need for him.

"You seem like you're in pain," she said. Her words were a whine, and a plea for her own release. She was pale in the face, and her nipples were hard and protruding. "You need release, master."

"I have other sluts though," Jack said as calmly as he could manage. She moved her hand along his bulge, massing him through his pants, bringing him pleasure. He wavered for a moment but remained stoic. "Why should I let you pleasure me? How do I know that you are really my slut?"

"I am," she said, and she pressed her other hand against his bulge and used two hands to massage him. "I am your slut, master. My mind, my tits, my pussy...You can have them all. Please, just use me. Just let me pleasure you." She seemed manic, as if she were more eager for his pleasure than he was.

Jack gazed at her hanging breasts and at the outline of her nipples. The material of her nightgown hugged her breasts so tightly that he could see every bump on her areola. His fingers twitched. He hungered for her tits, but he had to restrain himself.

Rather than toy with her breasts he grabbed a handful of her dark hair and pulled her around. First he pressed her face against his crotch, and then he threw her back. She fell backward, onto her rear, and her breasts heaved mightily. Jack glimpsed her pussy again. It shined with her arousal.


"I don't think I should give you this dick. After all, you told me that I'm not a man." Jack stood and stuffed his hands in his pockets. He did his best to seem genuinely bitter, but he knew that his control was absolute. Now he was toying with her, making her weak, and cementing his control. "I'll go find someone who will appreciate my dick. I've got plenty of sluts waiting. Good luck, Katie. Trust me, you'll need it."

When he turned to leave she lunged and grasped at the back of his pants. She held him in place, coiling around his leg like a python, and she cried. Her enormous breasts were pressed firmly against his thigh while she snaked her hands around and cupped his bulging manhood once more.

"No, please, no! I can pleasure you! I will show you how much I love you and your cock, please! Take me, own me, and use me! I belong to you."

"I'm still not hearing the magic words."

She sobbed against his leg in great, heaving breaths. "...I'm sorry, master. I was wrong. You are a man. You're the only man. Please...Please, make me your slut again. I need you."

Jack smiled and turned to her. His crotch was at face level, the bulge pressed against her chin. Once again he gripped her head, and he pulled her hard into his bulging crotch. "If that is the case, then I demand you show me how you plan to pleasure me, slut!"

Delight flooded Katie's features. She released his pants and reached for his zipper, eager to free him. He stopped her with a sharp slap to the face though, and she looked up at him with big, blue, desperate eyes.

"I said show. I demand a demonstration, not the real thing. Pleasure me through my pants, and if I am pleased then you may touch my cock for real."

Katie whimpered at first, but eventually conceded. Gently, she pushed at his hips. "Sit down please, master, and be comfortable. I plan to make this last as long as I can, and I don't want you to cramp."

Jack acquiesced and took his seat. Then he spread his legs and released her head. "Make it good, slut. Otherwise I'll find someone else."

She beamed, and a look of pride graced her. Normally she appeared distant, and other times she appeared anxious. When behaving like a slut she was in her element though. Katie, much like the rest of Jack's family, seemed to inherently crave domination.

She crawled between his legs and ran her hands along his bulge. Then she leaned forward and ran her breasts along him. Her nipples were so hard that he could feel them pressing into his thighs. His cock twitched and ached for release.

"I will make it up to you, master." She moved back down his body and kissed his bulging cock. "I will please you."

Then she attacked his bulge with her mouth, and it was like she was possessed. The dreamy Katie he first met was gone, forgotten in her arousal. The anxious Katie from earlier was obliterated, lost in her pleasure. Now she was pure wanton, lust incarnated, rapture in human form.

She licked and sucked along his bulge, planting big, wet kisses that were hot even through his pants. Her hands were skillful, massaging his hard lump expertly but never releasing him. She showed great passion, but she also showed masterful restraint. The lustful glaze in her eyes betrayed her need, but her actions displayed her loyalty.

As she sucked and squirmed, Jack reached down and undid his pants. Then he shifted and his cock sprung up and swatted her in the face. A smear of pre-cum lashed her, leaving a gooey trail on her forehead. Katie smiled at him and sat back, bowing low.

"Master, I don't want to overstep my bounds. Please, if it would please you, I would love to suck on your beautiful cock."

"Be my guest," Jack said, and he slapped her across the face with his manhood. "After all, you were the one who got this hard."

She licked her lips and grasped him. "I suppose I should be the one to fix it then, shouldn't I?"

Slowly she wrapped her fingers, one at a time, around his cock. It wasn't the same cock from before. Even as she grasped Jack's turgid manhood she recalled the enormity of his godhood. The way her fingers touched now seemed almost disappointing, but the warmth and hardness of him was well enough for now.

She stroked him with one hand while she used the other to tuck her hair back. Then she leaned forward and kissed the tip of his cock. It was the formal sign of worship, and she performed it with the same amount of dedication as when he was a god.

Then she slicked the crown with her warm, slithering tongue, and she dipped on him. His size was a simple matter for a slut of her caliber. She took him to the base in one smooth motion. Her pursed lips pressed against the cool metal of his zipper and held there while she swallowed him. It was easy and rewarding. It felt good to be in service of her master once more.

Jack lulled, leaning back and luxuriating in the decadence. He was with his oldest brother's girlfriend, and she was sucking on his dick. Just a day before she kicked him out of her apartment, and she laughed at him and mocked him, but now she belonged to him. She was his, however he wanted her.

Jack took hold of her hair and reamed her mouth. He fucked her ruthlessly, ramming his dick in and out of her mouth like it was her pussy. In essence it was. When he fucked one orifice on her, he was fucking them all. He owned all parts of her and the two of them knew it.

She slurped on him, sucking and jerking where she could. With her free hand she undid his pants and helped him out of them. He stood in mid-fuck and staggered above her, eventually tumbling over her and pinning her to the ground. His legs pressed against the hard form of her nipples through her top. His pubic hairs tickled her nose and lips as his dick was buried in the depths of her throat.

Below him, pinned by him and nearly suffocating, she didn't struggle. Instead she took hold of his rear and pulled him down hard. She was determined to pleasure him or die trying. It was more than a mere sexual act for her now. It was worship and reverence, and beyond that it was retribution. She had to renew his trust in her; she wanted to be his slut absolutely.

Jack didn't hesitate to take advantage of his position. He propped himself up on his slender arms and bucked relentlessly into her mouth. This was his punishment to her for her words and her cruelty. It was his way of telling her to never again betray him, because he couldn't afford betrayal.

Katie gagged sickly between him, and she sucked on him deeply. Her lips and cheeks hurt from the force of her suction, but she never stopped. She held him tight, craving his dick and his cum, and sating herself on his obvious pleasure. He swelled and throbbed in her throat, preparing to assault her.

Then he stopped. He pressed down into her depths, not choking her, but filling her, and then he retreated. There was a pop as he pulled back and straddled her ribs. Her lips, puffy and red, were still in the shape of an o.

He straddled her lips, with her enormous breasts resting against his thighs. His dick, shining, swollen, and red, rested on her chin. He smiled down at her, wearing the easy expression of a man in complete control. She wore an expression of lust and of deep need.

"You don't get off that easily, slut." He said slut with affection now. It wasn't admonishment, it was praise. The words made Katie's heart swim. "I don't just want to fuck your mouth. I want to own you, all of you."

Katie's eyes glossed with lust. She had hoped that he would fuck her, but she didn't dare act on it. Now it was within her reach, a taunt, a wanton dream taking form in reality.

He tapped her lips gently with his dick head and said, "Your tits are outstanding." Tenderly, with agonizing patience, he slid her nightgown up. He moved it from her hips, up her slender, undulating stomach, and above the astounding swell of her breasts and cleanly from her.

She lay below him, between his legs, with her arms haloed around her head. Her legs were spread, and her pussy sheened with want. He straddled her ribs again and cupped one of her breasts. It was sized much too large for his hands, so he hooked one shining ring in his index finger and hefted her breast up by her dark nipples. She groaned out in passionate agony.

"I think I'm going to fuck you. In fact, I know I am, and when I'm done I'll be the only man you'll ever want, with or without the power of a god. Do you want that?"

Katie nodded and quivered at his touch. He hooked her other nipple and lifted it. She hung, suspended like her breasts, lost somewhere between torment and serenity.

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