tagSci-Fi & FantasyEros Extended Ch. 18

Eros Extended Ch. 18


Chapter Eighteen: Premonition

Of all of his classes, Math was the worst. Every day Jack sat bored and numb to what while pretending to listen. Her words never registered and without the aid of his runes Jack would surely have failed the class.

The high point of the class was the girl from the first day of class. Her name was Maggie, and her mere presence made every dull moment worthwhile. She made a habit of arriving late to class, which amused Jacob. It gave him time to stare at her displayed cleavage as she scrambled to find her seat.

Between staring blankly at the board and the teacher, Jack stole glances into Maggie's light. He conversed with her during breaks and after class when he could, and he found her surprisingly difficult to penetrate. Her mind was very active and rather than a wall impeding his progress, he ran into a storm of cluttered thoughts that was impossible to navigate.

A few weeks in Jack decided to take the initiative. He drew her attention and slid her a note that complimented her appearance. It wasn't an exaggeration. Though she wore a long sleeve shirt, she kept the sleeves rolled up and the front unbuttoned. The shirt beneath was blue and cut low enough to reveal her bottomless cleavage to any with the right angle.

She returned the note with a bewildered smile. Her response was an uncertain thank you and a comment about how strange he was.

"I'm just being honest," he whispered to her. She shrugged and ignored him.

Jack checked to see if this small exchanged and gained him any footing but the storm was still swirling. It was like her brain was static on a television, nothing but nose and chaos, and gazing in too long hurt.

Mrs. Meter looked around the class and gave a big smile. "Do you have any questions about today's lesson?"

Jack should have raised his hand, because he hadn't heard a word of it. He didn't though. His focus was still on how to seduce the beautiful woman to his left.

"Good, then we'll finish up with one problem. Once you get the correct answer you may leave." Mrs. Meter swiftly wrote the question on the board and then went to her desk.

Jack glanced at the question, then to Maggie, and then smiled. Silently using a rune he revealed the answer to himself and wrote it down on two separate pieces of paper. One piece he took the teacher, who was impressed with his speed and comprehension. The other he left with Maggie as he was leaving. Written on that paper was a note saying, "You can repay me later. ;)"

Maggie read the note, grinned, and copied the answer down. Before leaving class she handed him his note back with her own message written on it.

"Not in your life time, pervert."

Jack was laughing as he left the room. One of the things he was quickly coming to admire about Maggie was her strong will. He knew that, someday, she would succumb to him, but her pride and her fight were wonderful features that he hoped would never disappear.

After class Jack returned to the dorm and found a surprise waiting at his door. Jennifer was there and she looked both beautiful and anxious. Her hair was tied back, as usual, and she wore a short-sleeved black shirt and jeans. Her head was hung down in an image of perfect submission.

She seemed glum, even ashamed at first glance, but an air of repressed excitement circulated within her. Jack could see the real her, and he could see her standing attraction to him. She felt guilty that for wanting him so much, but she didn't seem capable of resisting it.

Jack approached with a comforting smile. "Hey there," he said. Her arousal spiked as soon as she saw him. Rays of pink bloomed within her light.

"Uh, hi," she said. "Um, Jack, do you think that we could talk real quick?"

"Yeah, let's go into my room where we can have a little privacy."

She followed him in and waited patiently for set him set his things down. Then when he took a seat and smiled at her she blushed and seemed at a loss for words.

"What did you want to talk to me about?"

"Well..." She fiddled with the hem of her shirt, pulling it tight against her body. Again she had foregone a bra, and the erect nature of her nipples was obvious beneath the fabric. Arousal flooded her features, ranging from the goose bumps across her skin to the flush on her cheeks. She glanced curiously at his crotch and struggled for words.

"Well, what, Jennifer? Whatever you need to say, say it. I can handle it."

Jennifer nodded and swallowed her anxieties down. "I...I wanted to apologize to you, actually, for what happened yesterday. When we kissed, when we...It went too far, and I was leading you on. I have a boyfriend, and I love him. Because of that we can't continue down this path. It's a sin, and it's wrong. What we were doing was wrong, and I am sorry."

It all came out in a single breath. Afterwards she closed her mouth and ceased breathing. The tension in the air was thick. They stared at each other for what felt like an eternity. Jennifer was wide-eyed, hopeful, and very conflicted. Jack was, as usual, in complete control.

With how shaky her resolve was Jack had an easy time infiltrating her light. It was bright and her will was strong, but it wasn't enough to stop him. Beams of pink were shining through whatever luminescence she had, and being in his presence only amplified their radiance. All it would take is one powerful push.

Jennifer seemed to realize that, and she backed her way to the door. "I-I'm going now," she said. Her nipples ached from arousal and flashes of heat ran from her crotch to her head. She knew things would spiral out of control if she didn't leave at that moment, so she turned the door handle and tried to escape only to find that she couldn't.

Jack was right behind her. His chest pressed against her back and hot breath was on her neck. She smelled his spiciness. The scent was foreign, dangerous, and erotic.

His hand was pressed firmly against the door, and for some reason she was too weak to struggle. She lost her will upon contact and submitted to his toxic presence.

He was gentle with her, using delicate touches to arouse her further. He smoothed hair aside so gently it made her quiver. The heat from her pussy grew even stronger, to the point where she could no longer ignore it.

"Don't go, Jennifer," he whispered. His breath was smoky and sensual. He rested his left hand on her waist and pulled her back against him. She felt his immensity press against her tiny bottom, and she nearly jumped out of her skin.

"Jack...We can't...I can't..." Her voice shook with her body did. His breath was inside of her veins now. Her fingers were loose on the door handle. She breathed deeply and basked in his presence despite herself.

Something slapped against her back. Jack was silent but had shifted slightly. It was very thick and long, and the mushroom tip was nearly to her shoulder blades. Her eyes opened wide, and she nearly screamed but the air caught in her throat. "W-Wha..."

He grabbed hold of her slender shoulders and turned her to face him. It slid along her torso as she moved and settled on her stomach. There he pinned her against the doorway, with it pinned against her tiny, pointed breasts. She looked down and stared in awe at the sight.

It didn't surprise her that someone as handsome and confident as Jack would be well hung. It seemed logical that he would have a big one, and what she felt was certainly seemed to be big. Big was not enough though. He was beyond gargantuan, perhaps even outdoing enormous. Whatever Jack was it escaped such limited classification.

"I...I can't," she whined. "I...have a boyfriend."

She looked up from his gorgeous cock and into his equally gorgeous eyes. That was the exact wrong move, as their darkness and depth trapped her. His gaze was strong and entrancing. It left her even more susceptible to his will.

The light inside of her was, momentarily, eclipsed by him.

"Touch me, Jennifer. Touch my big, thick cock."

A fraction of her mind wanted to stop, but that fraction was nothing compared to her sudden and uncompromising lust. She grasped him with both shaking hands and held him around the tip. It was then that she realized how impossibly large he was.

"Now pleasure me," he said in a sensual whisper.

She did as she was told and stroked his cock. That mere contact caused her pulse to quicken. The heat suffused her palms and flooded her senses. She craved him and his cock more and more.

Up to this point she had stared into his eyes. Now she cast her gaze downward and fell to kneeling before him. She examined him closely as she stroked him, taking in every feature of his blessed endowments. His cock was huge, with thick veins and arties on it. It was perfectly straight and the puffy, red tip was pointed directly at her face.

She released him with one hand and balanced herself against his hip as she leaned in to smell him. His musk was spicy, like his breath, and it was very thick and potent. Her mouth moistened, and she pondered briefly how he would taste. If it were anything like his scent, then she knew he would be delicious.

Her efforts doubled. She fisted him with her whole body, throwing herself into the service of his erection, and she suddenly regretted the previous day even more. Not because she regretted their kissing and petting, but because she regretted running away. Her boyfriend, no matter how much she loved him, was nothing compared to Jack.

Jennifer's uncontrollably attraction to Jack wasn't simply for his cock. While his endowments certainly impressed, Jennifer was also lust drunk on his smell, his looks, and his voice. Everything about him was simply entrancing. In fact, she was so bewitched by him that she betrayed her entire upbringing for the chance to touch his cock and felt no guilt in doing so.

This realization made her smile at his swollen crown. "Your cock is amazing. It's so big and thick, and it smells so good."

Her praise fueled Jack. He swelled even larger while his balls began to churn. He chuckled and said, "You're about to be even more impressed."

He grasped her ponytail and jerked her head back just as his cock pulsed. Sperm surged through his long, thick shaft, and the tip opened wide for release. The dam burst in an explosion of mind numbing pleasure. Thick streams of white eclipsed Jennifer's vision. She barely had time to close her eyes before she was covered in white, hot essence.

Jack's sperm was thick and seemed more like gel than liquid at first contact. Before that moment Jennifer had never felt cum touch her skin directly. At most she had given a blowjob to her boyfriend, but she never finished him, and she never actually saw him cum. After that moment she jerked Jack harder and faster, eager to have more of his thick sperm covering her pretty little face.

His sperm triggered something other than submission in her. Her nipples hardened on contact, and her entire body became hyper sensitive. The warmth of his cock and his sperm soaked into her flesh and unleashed something powerful from within her. She had an explosion of her own, and it was powerful enough to leave her mind absolutely blank.

It was the first orgasm of Jennifer's life, and the pleasure took her completely off guard. She opened mouth to scream, but sperm caught in her throat and she gurgled instead.

In the face of such rapture Jennifer's mind seemed to break. She had nothing before to compare it to, but she knew the pleasure Jack gave her was beyond normal human comprehension. It made all worries fade away and left her in a happy, contented place. Even more, it made her realize how perfect Jack really was, and how he deserved to be pleasure whenever he liked.

She swallowed what seed managed to enter her mouth. It tasted delicious, better than anything else, and blessed her with another powerful orgasm. It wasn't quite as strong as the first, but pleasure was pleasure, and she was drowning in it.

Jack's pulsating ceased, and Jennifer was covered in sperm. He gave her a towel to clean with, and she dutifully wiped his cock before clearing her face. It seemed like a waste to her. His sperm was too valuable to just toss away.

His scent was still thick in the room. It clung to her as well, permeating her very being. She enjoyed that though. Being stained by his perfection made her nipples hard and her pussy hot.

"That was amazing," she said as she wiped her neck and chest. She stole a glance at him and, seeing that he wasn't looking, sampled some sperm from the towel before returning to cleaning herself. Though it was much better fresh from his cock, she still enjoyed the taste.

Jack grinned as he put his cock away. "Now do you see what you missed yesterday?"

"Yeah, I do, and I'm very sorry."

Jack shrugged. "You've made up for it already. Now, I've got to be going. I'll be late for class as is." Jack helped her up once she was done cleaning and threw the dirty towel in his laundry. Then he led her out of the room and swatted her ass in the hall. Normally such an act would have gotten him smacked by her only the day before. Now it earned him a smile.

"I'll see you later," she asked hopefully.

"You can count on it," Jack said. He winked and smiled.

She giggled and walked away, an obvious skip in her step. Her shirt was still stained with sperm, but she didn't seem to mind. In fact, she wore it proudly, a badge of Jack's potency and lust. He deserved to cover her in sperm, and she would gladly let him do so from that day forward.

So far Jack had spent every weekend at the dorms. Each Friday he called his mother and tell her that he wouldn't be coming home. Then they would share stories. His mother listened as he regaled her of his time spent at the dormitory and asked how his religion was growing. Then Jack would listen to her talk about her week or, sometimes, have the phone handed off to Jessica.

Each week away was easier on Jack, and by the end of the third he had settled in. With Samantha and Jennifer on the string he had potential sluts for the future, which really put his mind at ease. He still missed his family though.

On the last Saturday of the month Jack woke early and prepared for a big, exciting day. On the weekends many students left for home, which gave Jack free roam about the place. He didn't have to be careful with so few students around, and with his master key he could go where he pleased. So he planned big for the weekend.

His first stop was Samantha's room. He waited until curfew was over this time to make the trip. The halls were absolutely empty, and he made it to her door without meeting a single soul.

When he knocked she gave a groggy reply but left him waiting. He had to knock two more times before she offered a more definite, "Coming."

Though she was still new to him Jack could feel her light. Even as she woke and came to the door he already had her. Such mastery over his glamour was stunning to him. Only a few months before he was straining to control his grandmother, someone he had known since birth. With Samantha he was twisting her light however he pleased after only one encounter.

By the time she reached the door arousal was thick in her. It blossomed in her stomach as conjured images of Jack to fuel it. When she opened the door she greeted him automatically before yawning. Only after that did she recognize him, and her eyes became two sizes too big for her head. On instinct she glanced at his crotch.

The morning favored Samantha. She looked good with bed-head and an over-sized t-shirt. Her nipples were hard beneath it, in no small part due to Jack's presence, and her face was flushed.


Jack grinned at her. "Hi, may I come in?"

Caught completely off guard, she simply nodded and closed the door behind him. Then she stood stiff at the door.

The last time Jack had been in her room he was distracted. He hadn't gotten a good look at it. This time he took a glance around. Samantha and her roommate bunked their beds and kept their dressers nearby. Their computer desks were across the room. A small, fair haired girl peeked out from the top bunk at Jack. Curiosity and fatigued marked her features.

Jack gazed momentarily at the girl. She was very short and very tiny, and she wore clothes that showed off her athletic frame. Her legs, in particular, drew Jack's attention. The shorts barely made it down past her ass.

She blushed when she followed Jack's gaze and pulled her blanket up to the shoulders. "Hello, down there."

Jack greeted her and then gazed deeply into her eyes. Immediately he met resistance, but her will was weak and Jack easily planted the seeds for her downfall. Once finished he said, "I'm a friend of Samantha's. My name is Jack."

"Oh. I'm Candace, her roommate. It's nice to meet you."

"The pleasure is all mine," Jack said amicably.

They were silent for a moment. Candace looked past Jack, at Samantha, who was staring resolutely at the ground. Something was obviously very wrong with this situation, but Candace couldn't put her foot on it.

"I actually need to talk to Samantha in private for a bit. I don't mean to be rude..."

"No, no, it's fine, I didn't mean to sleep in so late. I was supposed to be at the gym a while ago."

Though a bit embarrassed to be seen in such a state of undress, Candace rolled out of the bed and grabbed her things. She gave Jack a friendly smile as she left and tried hard not to judge Samantha.

Candace didn't consider herself stupid. She knew that when two people needed to be alone it was never for good reason, and it was particularly bad for a man and a committed woman to ask for privacy.

Despite this Candace couldn't bring herself to think ill of Samantha. Jack was certainly charming. Only being around him for that short time left a strong impression on her, and were she single Candace would have put a lot of effort into getting to know him better.

"It was a pleasure to meet you," she said one last time. Jack watched her go, and she felt proud that her swagger drew his eye.

Candace wasn't gone long before Jack grabbed Samantha and threw her down onto the bed. He then pinned her down and kissed her deeply. At first she resist, but it was short lived. Soon his scent and taste overwhelmed her, and she went from fearing him to craving him.

Jack released her and commanded that she not scream. Then he left her on the bottom bunk long enough to place a rune on the door. Jack couldn't abide interruptions of any sort. He planned to break Samantha further on that day.

"Now that we won't be bothered..." He turned to face Samantha.

Her shirt was tight against her breasts, and her nipples were prominent. This image greatly increased Jack's already prodigious lust. He sauntered over hungrily. "You're going to enjoy this."

Samantha was eager for his touch. That single kiss had left her nipples so hard that they hurt. Her pussy gushed at the sight of him and at the knowledge of his intent. When Jack straddled and started massaging her left tit she nearly came.

"Oh...Your hands..."

Jack grinned. "Does my touch feel good?"

"Yes. Your hand feels so good..."

Jack slipped his other hand under her shirt and squeezed her right breast directly. The direct skin contact made the heat inside of her swirl out of control. A connection was made then. They traded sexual energy between them, building upon it as they went. "Which hand feels better then?"

Samantha whimpered and writhed under his touch. Her hips bucked upward as if she were being fucked, and she kept her eyes closed tightly. She focused only on the pleasure and tried to conjure images of her boyfriend. Each time Jack appeared instead. He was everywhere about her, in scent, in touch, in thought. She even taste him a bit.

"Answer me, or I'll have to stop and leave you to find someone else to touch you."

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