tagErotic CouplingsEros Extended Ch. 19

Eros Extended Ch. 19


Chapter Nineteen: Taming Mary

Saturday morning rolled around and Jack was excited to start the day. He woke up early, got out of bed, and stretched. Then he settled in to do homework until about noon. At that time Nolan left to go play basketball, and he took his visiting girlfriend with him. She wasn't much of a girlfriend anymore though. Mary's light was nearly entirely pink.

Jack got up to make lunch. As he prepared his meal he kept thinking about Mary. She dressed up for him, he could tell. Her t-shirt was tight and showered her bare stomach, and her pants were snugged and hugged her ass just right.

He settled in and ate while relaxing. Thinking about the new god and his troubled with getting new women had put him in a bad mood. He just needed to relax and take it easy for a bit. Being a god was exhausting, and he didn't want to burn himself out.

After thirty minutes of privacy a knock came to the door. Jack got up from bed and checked the peephole. Mary was outside, and he could feel her lust through the door. Her face was bright red and her eyes lustful.

Jack opened the door and stared as she sauntered in. Her nipples were hard beneath her shirt and her abs were perfect. His break was officially over.

"What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at the gym with Nolan?"

Mary shrugged. "Why waste my time there when I can have more fun here?"

Jack smiled and seated himself on the bed. "Oh? And how do you plan to have more fun here?"

"Do you really want to know?" She looked him directly in the eye, and Jack could see the pink light that had consumed her. Her craving was absolute.

"Yes, I do. So, tell me."

"Instead of telling you, I should just show you," she said. She kneeled down between his legs. She shook as she undid his pants. The way she moved was like an addiction. She needed to fulfill him and would do anything to meet that end.

She pulled his pants down and then stared in disappointment. Limp and normal, his cock wasn't what she remembered. The four little inches made her frown. She cupped it gently and lifted it up. "It's different. It's...small."

Jack laughed. "Don't worry. I'm a grower, not a shower."

She gave him a hopeful look. "So it'll get bigger?"

Jack smiled. "It will get much, much bigger."

"Good," she said, and she leaned in to kiss the tip. This was, she decided, the most proper way to begin his pleasure. Though he was small, he still smelled strongly and very pleasing to the eye. Being so close to his endowments sent fire all through her.

"What are you going to do down there, girl? Pleasure me or stare," Jack asked playfully.

"I'm going to suck you off before Nolan gets back," she said, and then she swirled her tongue around the tip of his dick. The taste, she found, was the same as before. It wasn't quite as strong, but it was still there. The need was there too. Tasting him made her hunger stronger and so, using her tongue, she pulled him into her mouth complete and started sucking.

Jack was all smiles. They always came back to him, and he knew from the start how easy Mary would be. It didn't take much work to make her willing. Once he had her all that was necessary was to break her.

His cock grew quickly, and soon she was bobbing her head over half his length. She gagged and swallowed what she could while she could. She wanted him bigger though. She wanted to have her jaw break on him.

As his godhood grew, so grew the power of his scent. His taste became thicker as well, and soon Mary's mind was lost adrift a sea of sensation. The day before came back in flurries of pleasure. His thick cum was warm against her back. There was so much that it covered her almost entirely, and the feel of it on her skin was enough to bring her to an orgasm as well.

Once he passed ten inches Mary took to jerking on him as well. It was becoming difficult for her to handle him. His girth was too much for her throat, and she struggled with it for a while before pulling back to where only the crown was in her mouth. She swirled her tongue and savored the taste of his skin, tracing the glans and lapping at his pre-cum. By that point his smell was as thick as his cock and did just as much to strangle her.

When he passed twelve inches freed him from her mouth and kissed her way down his shaft to his balls. She pulled his pants down entirely and started sucking on them. At this point his cock was nearly hard, but not quite. It stretched far passed her head, and she jerked on it with one hand while preoccupying herself below.

Jack chuckled. "What do you think now, Mary? Am I big enough yet?"

She sat back and looked at his cock. It was quite large, but it still had some limpness to it. She wiggled it and watched how the shaft wobbled slightly. This did not please her.

"You need to be bigger. You need to be harder.

Jack grasped himself at the base and swatted her across the cheek. The crown alone was as large as her cheek. Though limp, he was hard enough to hurt her, but she enjoyed it. As degrading as it was, it also made her feel alive.

"Why do I need to be harder? So I can keep doing that to you?"

He pressed his cock against her lips and commanded she suck again. His voice super charged her with greater lust and a compulsion to submit. She took him as far down as she could, which wasn't quite a fourth of his length, and choked. Jack was at his pinnacle now. His taste was divine. His scent was other worldly.

Just as she was growing familiar with his size and shape Nolan came to the door. Jack tensed as the doorknob twisted. "Yeah, it was a good game. I'll catch you guys later," Nolan said in the doorway. He was facing away from the Jack and Mary.

When Nolan finally stepped into the room it was empty save for a powerful musky scent. He closed the door and tried to place this strange smell. It made his stomach twisted anxiously and his cock grow hard. It was arousing, but in a way that subdued rather than inciting. He didn't want to fuck anyone. It felt like he didn't have the right to.

A chair was pointed at the door and Jack's pants and underwear were draped across it. Nolan frowned at the mess and went to toss them onto Jack's bunk at least. The pants were still warm though, and they smelled like the room. He held the underwear tightly in his hands and took a deep sniff. Then he froze.

"What the fuck am I doing?" He dropped the underwear and stared in horror at it.

Meanwhile Jack and Mary had relocated to the wardrobe. Jack was slouching inside of the confined space with Mary still between his legs. His massive godhood was pressed against her face, and his scent was too thick to compromise. Her body was now hotter and wetter than she could comprehend. He lust was unstoppable.

Nolan busied himself on his computer and tried hard to ignore the powerful scent that was playing tricks on him. It was everywhere though, and his cock was so hard that it ached. Part of him wanted to stripped down and beat off right there. The rest of him wanted to bow before his roommate and worship. This is what he found most frightening.

Mary didn't care where Nolan was or what he was feeling though. She was too busy sucking on Jack's balls and stroking his thick shaft. Bringing him to orgasm was her single focus. Pleasure was all around her. It was in the air, it was in his skin, but that wasn't enough. She also wanted it spewing all over her face.

He was bigger now, swollen to the maximum degree. She did her best to take him, struggling to accommodate whatever she could, which wasn't much. What she managed was thoroughly pleasured by softness of her lips, the heat of her mouth, and the skillful work of her tongue. The rest kept her hands busy.

He pinned her against the wardrobe's boarder and started fucking her mouth. Gradually this sunk more and more of him inside and eventually even sent him into her throat. This rewarded him with further depravation from her, as she doubled her efforts at his pleasure and strained to accept more of him.

She sucked and jerked, and the world revolved around Jack. Her boyfriend didn't exist. All that existed was her god. So she pleased him, and was pleased in turn by his very existence.

Outside of the wardrobe Nolan stood and closed down his computer. "Time for a shower," he said, and he stripped his clothes down and stood naked, with a rather large eight inch penis standing strong. It looked disproportionate on him due to his height. The smell was playing games with his head, making him feel hot all over.

Mary didn't care about Nolan's penis any longer though. Early in their relationship it had seemed grand, but after Jack's exposure Nolan was completely inadequate. Jack was not only far larger, but he was better in every way. From shape to scent to taste, even to the size, shape, and textures of his balls, Jack was perfect.

Beyond this infatuation with Jack's cock, she was also truly falling for the man. There was something mischievous about him, and also something transcendent. The smell he gave off was unreal, and his mere presence made her feel unlike anything else. He made Nolan look like a child. Not just in height or in size, but in presence. Jack demanded more attention simply through existence.

Nolan wrapped a towel high around his waist to hide his manhood and left the room. By then Jack was straining to maintain composure. As soon as the door clicked shut he lost control and began to howl like a beat. Cum splattered Mary's ready throat. The volume suffocated her in the first blast.

She pulled him from her mouth and directed him to her face. Thick, white cum coated the wardrobe and her completely. It was in her hair and pooled around her neck. It was on her blouse and seeping into her breasts. It was hot and made her insides boil. Her nipples melted and her pussy quaked, and she came shortly after he did and filled the room with her own pleasured wails.

A second and third orgasm left her tired. She clawed gently at his hips and kept stroking his cock. It was limp but enormous. His smell was thicker now than it was before. She was nearly suffocating on it. This didn't bother her though. She would be happy to die there.

Mary held his cock poised for her mouth and smiled. Sperm was all over her face. Jack smiled back down at her and said, "Clean me." His voice seemed deeper, more resonant. It was a pleasure to hear him speak, and it was an even greater pleasure to obey him.

She held him reverentially at first, as if his cock were an object of worship. Thick cum was all over it too, and it gleamed from her saliva. His smell was thickest there, as it was the source of his power and perfection.

She cleaned him slowly and with love. With delicate sweeps of her tongue she licked away the wayward cum pools that had ended up on him. From tip to balls, she kissed and licked, and when she was finished she let him hang before her, impossibly long and impossibly large. Then she waited for her next command.

Jack pushed open the wardrobe and stepped out. His cock slapped between his legs as he moved. "We'll need to hurry if we don't want to be caught, slut."

He grabbed a towel and tossed it to her as she stepped out of the wardrobe. She wiped her face off and revealed a frown from beneath all of his cum. She didn't like wasting all of his precious seed, and she also didn't like being called a slut. Reluctantly, she wiped her neck clean as she said, "Don't call me that."

Jack laughed while putting his pants on. "Don't call you what? A slut? Why not? You act like one."

Mary looked at the closet in a bemused daze. The room smelled like him, even she smelled like him, and she loved it. She wiped futilely at her air and thought hard to try and form an argument. "I don't care how I act," she said after a moment's pause. "I'm not a slut just because I sucked your cock. A lot of girls who aren't sluts would do that for you."

Jack shrugged and cupped one of her small tits. It elicited the proper response from her. She mewled as nerves erupted in the highest, purest pleasure. "I didn't say you were a slut for sucking my cock. You're a slut for enjoying it so much."

Mary was staring into his eyes, losing herself in the depths of his gaze. She was desperate for him again. Her mouth hungered for him, but when he let her go she walked quickly to the door. "I...I have to go get changed," she said, and she nearly ran away.

Jack smiled and reclined onto his bed. She would be back. He knew it. All it would take was a little patience.

The rest of the day was uneventful. Periodically Mary came by with Nolan, and when she did she stared meaningfully at Jack. Part of her clearly lusted for him, but another part was sincerely upset with being called a slut. She was in denial of her sexuality and wouldn't embrace Jack as her god until coming to terms with it.

They remained apart until the next evening. Jack was in his room, alone, reading a book. It was for the illusion of trying in his classes. While religion was most important to Jack, he decided that studying wasn't the worst use of his time and spent his down time reading books rather than watching television or playing video games.

Nolan had went to the bar with his friends about an hour before. Mary had stayed behind, claiming that she wasn't feeling well. Jack didn't know this at the time, and was prepared for a nice quiet evening. Then she came to the room wearing nothing but a sport's bra and short-shorts. That is where the night truly began.

As soon as she stepped through the door her nipples were hard. Jack didn't say anything to her at first; he just put his book down and stared at her. She blushed and stared at him cautiously, exactly like a deer in the headlights.

"You didn't go with Nolan and his friends?"

Mary shook her head and closed the door behind her. Then she locked it and took a seat on the edge of his bed. "I wanted to be alone with you. I...I wanted to talk."

Jack closed his book and made room for her on the bed. She climbed up and sat closed beside him. Her skin was hot to the touch and her light shined completely for him. Jack placed a hand on her bare thigh and could feel the warmth of her arousal. "What is it that you wanted to talk about exactly?"

"About being a slut."

"Oh? Have you finally come to terms with being one?"

Mary leaned in close and shook her head. When she spoke her lips quivered, begging to be kissed. "No, the opposite., I tried sucking Nolan off today but it didn't hold my interest. So I don't enjoy sucking cock." She said it with uncertainty, as if she were daring him to prove her wrong.

"Oh, I see," Jack said. He then took her hand and placed it on his crotch. On instinct she cupped him. He was small, but she was contented with that. She understood the potential he held. "Well, do you like to suck my cock?"

She smiled. "I loved it," she said breathlessly. She undid his pants and slipped her hand inside. "It was the most amazing thing I've ever done in my life."

"Then we're both sort of right. You are a slut, but you're a specific kind of slut."

This confused Mary, but didn't stop her. She pulled him from inside of his pants and was stroking him. One of her favorite things was how Jack grew so big from such a small thing. To her it was incredible.

"What do you mean? What kind of slut am I?"

"Well, before I tell you I want to test my hypothesis. So, get down there and suck my cock right now."

She leapt at the chance and stuffed him into her mouth. While denying to be a slut, she certainly sucked with the enthusiasm of one and took him deep in one good. It seemed that no matter how much dignity she claimed to have, she wanted to do slutty things for Jack.

By then he had grown considerably. She took him halfway down and into her throat. For her that was part of the charm of his softer, smaller cock. She could do things for him that were normally impossible when he was at full strength.

As she sucked her head swam with familiar sensations. His scent was growing along with his cock, and his taste had an increasing potency. In one glorious instance she was his again, his tool, his pet, and Nolan disappeared entirely from her thoughts. Jack was her entire world.

When he was fully erect she pulled free and rubbed his swollen crown with both hands. "God, you're cock is great. It's so big and hard. I love it!" She took a deep breath to compose herself and started licking and sucking along the shaft. I even love how it tastes and how it smells. I could do this forever." She went down and sucked on his balls."

Jack pulled her up and thrust into her mouth. This choked her, but she actually seemed to enjoy it. Watching the glee on her face and understanding the depravity of her lust Jack said, "Then I guess my hypothesis is correct. You are a slut, but you're not just anyone's slut. You belong to one person: me."

Mary pondered this while struggling to take him into her throat. It was hard to think clearly though. His smell was in her head now. It made her skin tingle and her mind warp. It made a certain kind of since though. In fact, it made perfect since. Mary was Jack's slut, and Jack was her master. It sounded just right, perfect for her, and it made her pussy gush.

Once again she pulled him free, but this time she nuzzled his cock. "That sounds good. I can be your slut," she said with a sex-drunken giggle. "I'm Mary, and I'm Jack's slut who loves sucking on his big, beautiful cock. I love to have my mouth fucked hard by your giant dick!"

Jack grabbed her head and forced her down again. As she said, he fucked her mouth hard enough to bring tears to her eyes, but Mary truly savored the experience. All of her senses were eclipsed in his presence. She felt completely consumed and entirely fulfilled. It was a sensation of contentedness that no one else could give her.

He kept pumping until he came hard. Thick streams of cum went right down her throat, and Mary worked hard to swallow it all. Like a good slut she let him shoot right down her throat and silently enjoyed the orgasms his climax brought her.

He pulled out and covered her face and then pinned her and covered her breasts. When he was finished she licked at the crown and purred in pleasure. "Perfect," she said lustfully. "This is what a real cock should look like. And this is how it should cum," she said as she rubbed his cum into her breasts and stomach.

Jack grabbed her by the head and plugged her mouth. She as still drunk on lust, and she sucked him clean slowly and lovingly. Each twirl of her tongue was meant to pleasure him further. Each stroke of her hands was meant to coax him to strength again. She was synched with his cock now, an human tool for his absolute pleasure.

He swelled up entirely hard, and Mary stared in joyous awe. "...Again?"

"Would you like to give me another blowjob?"

"What slut wouldn't," she asked playfully, and she kissed the crown while looking into his eyes. "I would love to suck on you again. A second blowjob, in such a short time...I am blessed to have this honor," she said, and she meant every word of it.

Mary gave him an impassioned blowjob that was slower than before but was full of emotion. She dipped down on him and took as much as she could into her tight throat. The rest she stroked with her right hand while her left hand teased his balls. It was, for her, complete bliss.

Jack leaned back in bed and left her to the work. She was coming along nicely. From the very beginning he knew that she would be his slut, but she was more than he expected. She was beautiful and dedicated to his pleasure. Lust was in her nature, and her simplicity made her submission quicker.

She moved her left hand downward, between her legs, and ran her finger across the wet slit of her pussy. It was not the first time in her life that she had succumbed to such depravity. Masturbation was not acceptable in her household, but she was far too lustful to control such urges.

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