tagExhibitionist & VoyeurErotic Adventures Ch. 09

Erotic Adventures Ch. 09


I gave young Kim an understanding smile as Peter and I approached them. I sat down beside her while the men crouched, balanced on their feet, facing us.

"Had a swim yet, Kim?" I sat forward with the aim of disguising my stark labia from Colin. I had felt his intent gaze upon my smooth naked genitals, even before I sat down and it made me uncomfortable.

"I was just trying to persuade her." Colin interrupted before the poor girl could speak. "She's still a bit shy, I guess."

"We've got something in common then, Kim." I whispered in her ear. "What say we leave the boys to talk? I needed to get a little something from my room, earlier. Want to join me?"

Kim gave me a grateful smile as I helped her to her feet.

"Just going to our room for a moment." Excusing ourselves. "We might see you in the pool in a few minutes, Peter?"

"No worries!" They turned toward the pool.

There was a lot of splashing going on and Sally was having fun with all her other young friends. Kim and I walked into the house and relaxed, once we saw that the house was empty. Kim looked longingly at her bikini, carelessly draped across the back of our sofa, but she followed me down the passage to my bedroom.

"Have you been to any of their gym meetings yet?" I sat on the stool, indicating our bed for Kim to sit on.

We had an informative chat. Kim told me all about the brief history of the Grecian Athletic Club. As I suspected, it started with just Peter, Sally, Rebecca and three of their friends. Colin had urged her to join and given her this lady's book to read. She was only half way through it but confessed that it had excited her sense of adventure. She smiled shyly as she told me about Sally's constant request for her to shave her pubes, to be more like the rest if them.

"Is it true that it makes you more--sexy--you know--sensitive to the touch." She giggled and blushed.

"Haven't you noticed?" I pointed downward, nodding my head and giggling with her. "I'm not normally like this."

We chatted on for half an hour but it appeared that we had more in common than I first thought. We resolved to help and encourage one and other as much as we could.

I pulled out my uniform when Kim told me that this 'event' that Harry had spoken of, was a late night walk. She had warned me that her own pubic hairs showed and that the bra section had cut away nipple holes in it. I honestly hadn't noticed that. Kim was right though! I held the tiny garment up and blushed at the thought of appearing on the streets like that.

"I use Chap stick, you know--for disguise." She pointed to her dark red nipples. I know that I have to shave this too." She pointed to her lush growth. "Colin tells me that I'm being a wimp but-- I--"

"I have an idea!" I interrupted her, excitedly. "Have you got it here? The Chap stick I mean?"

"It's in my coat with my uniform." She smiled. "My nips stand out like beacons if I forget it." She admitted. "It's bad enough when we have to take our uniforms off for a while." She giggled.

"Take them off?" I gasped.

"Didn't Peter tell you about that?" She giggled. "It's a bit like 'Simon Says'. If Peter takes his uniform off then we all do."

A further hurried conversation took place and I suggested Kim get her chap stick while I prepared the way for some minor alterations to both of our appearances before this dreaded 'event'. Whilst these changes were occurring we talked frankly and openly about all the exciting recent changes in our lifestyles. We both agreed that being naked in mixed company created an exhilarating tension in our bodies that highlighted our vaginal lips in an embarrassing way. We decided to use the lip cream in a way that was never intended. After subduing the contrast on our nipples, we smeared some over our shaved vaginal areas as well. Neither of us were experts but we did our best to hide the stark contrast of our engorged lips. We talked as we worked and

Kim and I became very good friends. We vowed to morally support one and other in whatever lay ahead. Kim was very mature for her age and she helped me understand Peter's involvement in G.A.S. and some of the reasons.

At least now, I began to comprehend the philosophy of this 'Mistress Barbara' lady and I was glad that I took the time to make friends with the club's most recent female convert, apart from myself. We were just about to rejoin the others when Peter called out.

"Are you in there, Pam?" A worried voice echoed from our lounge area. I looked at Kim and then at our bedroom clock. 11pm.

"They must be ready to go?" She said softly.

"Be right there, darling!" I called out.

The lounge was buzzing with excited voices as all fifteen of us got ready for my very first outing with the G.A.S. The moment I walked into the room with Kim, Peter announced that Harry intended a group photo of us all in front of the Town Hall and a bus was chartered to take us there.

"We won't need our uniforms either!" The wolf grinned.

Some of the newer girls gasped in dismay whilst Sally and two of her girlfriends smiled even more broadly. There was a mixed reaction from Colin and Paul but Barbie cuddled into Paul.

"It might be fun, doll." She whispered into his reddened ear. "I don't mind if you don't." She was giggling with excitement. She looked at Kim and I as we moved alongside the couple. "You've done it at last, I see!" She kissed Kim. "Just now, was it? When?"

Kim was shaking with nerves but stammered her reply.

"P-Pam did it f-for me." She looked at me. "We helped each other to get ready for the walk tonight."

It was obvious that Barbie was delighted. She stared at my handiwork and then looked at my own lips.

"Oooh Pam!" She exclaimed. "It makes you look so cold and--uh- frigid down there. I noticed you earlier." She looked me over. "Even your nipples seem a lot lighter in colour. Whatever have you two been up to in there?"

I blushed deeply at the thought of Barbie taking such an interest in my private areas. She must have noticed my swollen labia whilst Sally was showing me off to her friends and getting my food for me. I made a mental note that perhaps she was bi-sexual, like Sally.

Kim spoke up shyly.

"We just thought we might try a bit of genital make-up, that's all.---We're not as tanned as you are, Barbie." She shifted her feet awkwardly. "We just thought it wouldn't make our--you know--privates so obvious."

"Well!" She laughed. "Maybe I understand?" She relaxed. "It might take a few weeks in the sun and then you won't need it."

Peter had been telling those that hadn't brought a car to take their gear with them on the bus tonight.

"We'll drop you off on the way home." He explained. "It's getting late and I'm sure you all have to work tomorrow."

"Now listen up folks!" A deeper voice boomed.

We both breathed a sigh of relief when Kenneth spoke up and Barbie had her attention distracted from probing us for explanations. We both found it a little bit embarrassing.

"The Society has hired a bus to take us into town this evening. The members can wear shoes, if they want to, but they won't really be necessary. As Peter has told you, your coats can all be taken in the bus with you. We've made all the necessary arrangements and as usual, there won't be any problems with the city police. It's a legitimate rally and some reporters might be taking a few photos, but there shouldn't be too many of the public around at this time of the night. It is Sunday night, remember?" He added with a smile.

Ken paused and there was a loud murmuring of excited voices as the group talked among themselves. I looked at Kim in dismay.

"Did you know about this?" I whispered.

"It was supposed to be a birthday surprise walk. Nobody said anything about going out naked altogether, to me, anyway" She was as shocked as I was. "I don't suppose we can stick it back on?---No!"

"Too late now." I agreed. "Jeez!" I shivered with apprehension.

"See if you can get Peter to walk with us, Pam?" She grabbed Colin's hand for support. "It mightn't be so bad."

The neighbourhood was quiet when we all trooped out of our house to the waiting vehicle, thank God! Peter and Ken were ushering all of us into a small tour coach and telling us to take our seats. I felt ridiculous climbing up the three shallow steps with Colin hard on my heels behind me. Luckily it was one of those coaches with darkened windows to shield the passengers from the summer sun. It seemed to be air conditioned too. At least it was warm inside and dimly lit.

The fully dressed driver acknowledged us as we made our way past him.

It might have been my imagination, but I felt his eyes following me in his rear view mirror as I quickly found a double seat across from where Colin and Kim wanted to sit.

I stayed in the aisle seat, waiting for Peter to join me. The prickly seat against my bare bottom served to remind me of my exposed state, further reinforcing the fear of the unknown destination. The CITY?-----Whereabouts for God's sake?

I hoped that Peter would take the window seat and tell me where we were going. I felt as naked and defenceless as I had in that smelly old shower and toilet area when Harry found me. At least there were others, apart from the driver, equally naked, this time around. As I sat nervously waiting, defensively clutching my breasts with my arms and holding my knees together, I began shivering uncontrollably.

Without warning I reverted back to my fantasy world from earlier this evening.* *Author's note [Ch.8]


Harry spoke sharply.

"Get those legs apart for heavens sake! Put those arms back by you sides again. How is the nice 'straight' old lady supposed to pierce your genitals like that."

I relaxed as I waited for her to warm up those clamps that had been so cold when they first touched my clitoris. Now she was coming back toward me with a smile on her face, holding the warm tongs.

"I'm sorry about that Pam. Is your clit still nice and erect for me. Let me see now? Ahhh yes, good girl! It won't be long now.

You'll soon be looking just like your friend--No!-sister-in law isn't it. Just hold still now? We're nearly there." She soothed

I felt pressure on my clit as she clamped it prior to putting the needle through. I felt a cold sharp pain as she secured the clamp.

"It won't hurt will it?" I appealed to her, suddenly afraid.

"You're not cold like that are you?" What was I saying? I was the one that should be cold, not her. I was laying there completely naked and about to be pierced.

"No darling, not a bit. Just shift your bottom over for me will you, just for a moment?

Something was wrong! He voice had changed. She sounded like--Peter! I was rudely awakened from my weird fantasy world----.


"Come on, my love! What are you dreaming about?" The wolf was smiling at me as he nudged his naked hips closer to mine. "Sit over next to the window, will you?" He pushed at me.

"Oh! Sorry darling." I yielded and wriggled over to the colder seat beside me.

"What did you mean about cold? It's lovely and warm, especially next to you, my love." Peter looked surprised, putting his arm around my shoulders. "Isn't this fun?" The wolf was back in force.

I was fully awake now and I could feel myself blushing as the stark reality of sitting on a bus with fourteen other naked people kicked in again. I was full of questions for my beloved.

"Just exactly where as we going?" I asked, as the bus began to move and the vibration of my seat made me even more aware of the mysterious nature of our mission.

"Oh that!" The wolf whispered. "Ken's taking us into the town hall park reserve, just in front of the main doors." He looked at my shocked face. "It's not open, you realise, not at midnight!"

I looked wildly around me as the bus turned into the main highway and headed into town. There was little traffic about and the bus picked up speed. This fantasy was REAL.

"B-but won't there be people there?"

"Not many, I wouldn't think, just a few street cleaners and maybe a few late night window shoppers." He explained. One or two reporters with their cameras and maybe a couple of cops to keep an eye on things, as it were?" The wolf showed his teeth, laughing.

I was speechless, my mouth moving but no sound at all. My fevered imagination ran riot as I thought of us all ending up in jail. My eyes must have revealed my terror as I though of all the worst things that might happen to us. Peter held me close and whispered in my ear.

"Don't worry babe. Ken has arranged everything. Kent's family corporation has always looked after us. They pay any fines and they have good lawyers on massive retainers for anytime we get caught with our pants down, as it were." He laughed. "We got caught a few weeks ago by a passing patrol car but as soon as they knew who we all were, they just cautioned us and let us go. Even Sally thought we might get run in." He said proudly. "No chance!" He hugged me.

"But we're totally naked this time,--even Harry!" I spluttered.

"Same as when we got caught a few weeks ago." He assured.

"They still let you go?"

"Just told us to put our uniforms on, in future. They watched us while we put them back on and then the two cops drove off." Peter informed me smugly. "They all know that it's pointless to arrest us."

"Even in those--nipple less bras and backless costumes?"

"You don't even need the bras at all these days. Topless women are perfectly legal. Sally hardly ever wears hers at all nowadays. It's only for support while we're walking." He eyed my own naked breasts appreciatively. "You'll probably need yours on at times, too. Young Barbie over there." He pointed toward her voluptuous double D's with a grin.

"You mean Paul's girlfriend?" I knew instantly. "Wow!"

"She always wears hers if she's walking, even if she's without her G string on at times." He looked back. "You'll get used to it, Pam. When we get married at Maple Lake next week you won't need to bother about the law. Remember, it's a Nude Town now, first in the country." He was beaming enthusiastically. "Exciting, Eh?" He nudged me, trying to cheer me up. "Hang on, we're nearly there and I have to tell the driver where to park the bus." The wolf excused himself.

I had been so fascinated by Peter's extraordinary revelations about the destination that I hadn't noticed that the bus was making it's way toward the town centre and the little reserve in front. I could see bright lights outside the darkened windows but there was very little traffic about. The odd pedestrian appeared more intent on the interior lit store windows than watching the bus as it stopped for the traffic lights. Our destination was within sight and I was scared witless.

It was a long time ago, when I first left college, starting my first job. My good friend Sally was trying to match me up with her brother.

I reminisced about having lunch with Peter in the convenient garden reserve, outside the Town Hall. It was useful to watch the big clock strike with it's quarter hourly chime. There was always a crowd of office workers gathered there for lunch and I remembered brushing Peter's roving hands away as he tried to embarrass me by putting his hand up my blouse. He always was a bit of a lad.

If someone had told me, back then, that I would one day be standing alongside of him, stark naked, with a dozen or so other naked people, having my photo taken, with policemen watching the whole thing, even smiling for the newspaper photographers and--- I shuddered.

Well! I would have insisted on that person being taken away and locked up in a lunatic asylum. Even now, I couldn't believe it was happening.

As the bus silently drew alongside a group of people and a beautiful white limousine parked outside the floodlit town hall I was shocked to see so many people standing around waiting. It was just before ten to twelve, midnight, on the steeple clock, and I was trapped. In just a matter of minutes I would be escorted out of the bus and have to walk to the town steps. I could already see a barrage of floodlights and photographic equipment standing by. There were placards and ribbons lying on the ground next to the limousine and I could see a good looking blonde lady in her mid thirties behind the wheel.

"Surely the Mayor's not here as well!" I muttered, the knots growing bigger in my upset stomach. Watching the unusual scene as it unfolded beside my window. I fought to stop myself from reverting to my fantasy world. Kenneth, tanned, fit and still totally naked, was opening one back door of the limousine and kissing a scantily dressed young brunette lady as she emerged from the back seat.

"Everybody out!" Peter bellowed. "It's almost midnight and the TV crew want everyone poised and ready before the chimes begin."

I was mesmerised by the scene at the limousine as I waited for the others to file past me, The strangest sensation overtook my jangling nerves. I was excited, my nipples were hardening, yet I was about to show myself, totally nude, shaved and all, to the many dressed people that were scurrying around outside our bus. I tried to stand.

The slut was urging me to my feet but my chaste half didn't think my legs would hold my weight. They felt like jelly. A young lady's voice finally broke the spell. Kim's trembling words were breaking though the turmoil inside my mind.

"Will you stay beside us when we get out, Pam?" She pleaded.



* * * * *

Author's Note:

Tomorrow's chapter will reveal the true purpose of the surprise bus trip. Get those mouses to work and I promise that you won't be at all disappointed in the [ 5 ] vote that you are about to cast on this chapter. Thank you for reading it all, so far.

Pamela's life will never be the same. There will be a breathtaking semi-conclusion to this extraordinary party night and; [depending on the voting], many more thrilling experiences >>> as Pamela works with Sally in front of Harry's camera in the week ahead. The way my senile elderly mind works, there will be stimuli for all tastes. He-He-He!

Barbara Anne Adams. N.Z.G.S.K.

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