tagExhibitionist & VoyeurErotic Adventures Ch. 1

Erotic Adventures Ch. 1


Ch. 1: A Birthday Surprise

I walked slowly along the crowded grandstand, stopping periodically to debate the wisdom of my intentions today. I had been goaded into taking risks before but the latest dare from my friend was by far the most threatening to my confidence and self esteem.

"Are you really sure that your brother has the only key to the men's changing rooms, Sally?" I turned to my girlfriend. "He is the only one that will be in there before the game is over, isn't he?"

I was keyed up with anxiety. My agreement to fulfil her brother, the coach's long desired fantasy of finding a naked girl showering in his football team's locker room was giving me butterflies in the pits of my stomach. What if something went wrong? The thought nagged at me.

"He'll be over the moon." Sally grinned. "I'll tell him that there may be a another present from someone, waiting for him in the shower room, before I go home. He'll be there!"

I eased my way backward through the frosted glass window. I hung for a few seconds by my fingertips.

"I can't feel the floor, yet Sally!" I temporarily panicked.

"Don't worry! It's only a small drop." Sally urged.

With a light gasp, I landed easily on my feet. Sally peered down through the narrow gap and smiled at me. She was everything that I aspired to be and had no shortage of potential boyfriends, confident, attractive and popular with both sexes, a natural leader. This plan had all been her idea and after several double Tequilas I had agreed that it might be the best way to win her brother back. They had both been far more adventurous and uninhibited, even as children, than I ever was. Today, Sally was really pushing my limits.

"You alright down there, Pam?" She extended her arm through the narrow gap. "Just pass them out to me."

"Just a minute!" I caught my breath.

I looked around the area. The door was shut and there was obviously nobody but myself in the room. I began to take off my sneakers and socks. I passed them to my giggling girlfriend.

"Hurry up!" She urged me. "We don't want to get caught here."

I sipped off my blouse and then rolled off my jeans. I shivered with nervous tension.

"It's cold in here." I complained. "Maybe I should keep my knickers and bra on for now?" I suggested, suddenly afraid to go through with her cheeky plan. "I can take them off when I hear him coming." I pleaded.

"All of them!" Her flexing fingers signalled Sally's urgency.

"Remember what you agreed to."

My jeans and blouse disappeared out the window. Her arm re-appeared.

It had all seemed like a fantastic idea when we had discussed Peter's surprise present earlier on. The stark reality was now making me more nervous than I thought it would. With shaking hands I reached behind be and unsnapped the well worn hooks and held up my bra, my breasts now free and unencumbered. I could feel a creeping tension mount in my nipples as they became erect. Her grasping fingers latched on to the flimsy garment and within seconds it was out of reach, too late to change my mind. I toyed with the waistband of the last remaining item of my clothing, tortured by doubt. I had always kept my patch of pubic hair trimmed but after last night, my vaginal lips were smooth, carefully shaved completely bare and then waxed for good measure. It had been Sally's idea, yet again, but after a number of stiff drinks I had finally agreed to let her loose with the safety razor.

"It's all the rage." She had assured me. "No bush these days."

At the time it had seemed like a good idea. It had been a harrowing experience but it had made my outer genitals deliciously sensitive, just as she said it would. I slid my fingers under the front of the waistband and touched myself. It sure felt different without public hair over my mons. I shuddered as my fingers traced over my labia, imagining Peter touching me there, once again.

"Come on slowcoach, now the rest! Quickly--Oops, I think I hear someone coming." She gestured wildly. "Back in a minute!" She hissed.

I heard her run off and then loud footsteps as a group of people came around the corner of the main building. She had left the window open so I ducked behind a locker cabinet and stood still. The window was at their knee level and their voices were clear as they walked past my only entry point to the basement shower room. I realised that the people probably couldn't see me anyway because the glass was heavily frosted but I was terrified that someone might notice the open window and get down on the ground to look inside. I began to realise exactly how vulnerable I was, dressed in only tiny G string panties. I looked around the darkened room. No towels or shower curtains. Even the two toilet cubicles had no doors. There were cobwebs everywhere and it seemed that the place hadn't been cleaned recently. The air was strongly scented with male odours from the urinal and I felt totally out of place.

"Poor bloody players!" I said softly. "What a hole."

I clutched at my naked breasts defensively and shivered at the very thought of being left to myself in this dank alien environment.

"Hey, Pam!" An arm re-appeared at the window, hand opening and shutting. "Give them to me now,---- quickly!"

In a trance I swiftly obeyed her. I removed my panties and passed my last wisp of material toward her grasping hand. I reached up on tip toe and the G string was suddenly removed from my fingers. A shiver of fear coursed though my body. I had actually gone through with it. In all my life I had never felt so naked. Goosebumps were forming on my smooth vaginal lips to match my breasts.

"There's not even a towel in here, you realise?" I complained.

I heard my friend chuckle.

"The players all keep their own towels in the main changing area." She giggled. "That should be all that they'll be wearing, if anything, when they come in after the match is over." She shrieked with mirth. "All those hard young bodies and only one available young lady. Doesn't that make you all wet? Mmmmm."

Her twisted sense of humour was infectious. False bravado overcame my nervous tension at that point and I attempted to match her mood.

"Why don't you climb in too, then?" I paused, as I thought about the two of us seducing the entire team. "I don't mind sharing them all with you." I added, hoping she might be tempted to join me.

"Oops! Got to run. I hear another lot coming." She whispered. "Good luck, Pamela darling."

The window closed, leaving a narrow gap and I heard her leave, her footsteps fading quickly. Louder voices now replaced my friend's company and I was alone in a locked shower room with only my aversion to the chilly room and my mounting fears of discovery before Peter came in to find me here. There was only one saving grace. Peter, my one time lover and Sally's older brother, was due to open up and get the room ready for the players to shower after the game. He had coached the young team and taken them from obscurity to the A grade team that was playing today to a packed grandstand of loyal fans. I heard another roar from the crowd followed by loud chanting of the team's name. Another goal?

I had travelled to Sally's flat for the weekend party, hoping for a re-union surprise for Peter at his birthday celebration, planned for tomorrow. I hadn't seen him since we broke up, nearly a year ago.

As girls do, when they get together with a bit of liquid alcoholic refreshment, we had jokingly come up with a plan to make his twenty-fifth birthday one that he would always remember.

The footsteps stopped. I froze, then darted behind the fixed cabinet again. I held my breath, shivering uncontrollably. An inexplicable excitement made me tingle all over.

"Shit! That's dangerous!" An older voice exclaimed. "Someone's gone and left this bloody window open."

My mouth went dry and I crouched down. I heard the slapping sound of wood on wood, followed by a sinister metallic click.

"There, that'll fix it." The voice was muffled now. Someone might have--" The voice faded as he walked off.

I looked up in horror. He had slammed the window shut and the catch was now secure. It had dropped into place, far too high for me to reach. It was like a comedy of errors, no chair or table, no clothing and I was trapped.

The connecting door, I rapidly discovered, had no inside handle to even let me into the locked changing room next door. At that point I had made up my mind to try to find some of the team player's clothing and give up on the alcohol induced plan that my oldest and dearest girlfriend and I had devised. Even that was no longer possible. There was no light switch to be seen, not that I wanted the light on, in my present state of dress. The darker the better.

I was trapped by my own stupidity and reckless bravado, totally naked with no earthly hope of covering my body in any way. I had thought of wrapping myself in toilet tissue. Better than nothing I determined. I looked inside the toilet cubicles hurriedly.

"Oh no! -- Only the type that comes out of a square box, one single damned sheet at a time." I was now talking to myself again. I must have been worried.

A massive cheer from the crowd outside reminded me that the game was still in progress. I strained my ears against the adjoining door of the dressing room. An eerie silence, once the crowd noise subsided. Peter had not unlocked the door yet. What if he came in with all his players after the game, instead of following his normal protocol? Worse, what if he had merely given his key to someone else today? The possibilities tortured my mind as I looked at the one single item of furniture in the room. A fixed metal cabinet four feet to one side of the only window in the room with a dusty full length mirror on the side of it. Yet another unnecessary reminder of my stark nudity. I looked at myself even more critically. What would Peter think of me, standing in the middle of a room like this without a single stitch of clothing on?

I smoothed my tangled locks with my fingers and straightened my shoulders. If only I had worn a bikini of some sort. My breasts were firm enough but my nipples still looked puffy and were embarrassingly erect, even now. With my familiar patch of hair gone, my pubic area looked less discrete to me than it had before. My smooth vaginal lips did little to hide my aroused state. My inner labia was engorged with blood, making my clitoris clearly visible. I tried to see myself as I hoped that Peter would, as he came through the door. I hoped that he wouldn't reject me, the way I saw myself.

I went to the shower to see if that would calm my nerves and hide my obvious arousal at the thought of surprising my former lover in this way. I looked at the bank of open showers and picked the one furthest from the door. I turned the tap intending to wait for the warm water to begin to flow. A loud noise from the pipe work thumped through the wall. Anybody around the dressing room now would be sure to know that there was someone on the shower room and make their way inside to investigate the noise. I had mixed feelings as I reached for an old, cracked cake of soap and began to soap up my breasts. This did little to soften the hardness of my nipples and I became even more worried by the nagging fear that whoever opened the door might not be Peter. I turned the water to a hotter setting and was soon enveloped by a hot vapour of steam.

"Who's in there!" A loud male voice challenged.

The door had suddenly opened and I quickly turned away to face the wall. I was dumbstruck. The moment of truth had arrived and I was too scared to speak. I knew the voice was getting much nearer and it didn't sound anything like Peter at all. Quite aggressive in fact.

"I think you might be in the wrong shower room Miss." The voice was now softer and appeared to be standing beside me. "How on earth did you get in here anyway?"

My knees turned to jelly and I almost collapsed in fear. I forced my head to turn around to face the man standing a few feet away. As I had dreaded, it was not Peter but a much older man in a short white linen dust coat. He was neatly dressed.

"Ooh! I'm sorry!" I bit my lower lip. My startled look was real. I pressed my knees together and made the finest effort that I could in trying to cover my breasts with my arms. I leaned forward.

"I didn't hear you come in. This isn't the ladies room, then? I asked lamely. I could feel myself going bright red with embarrassment.

A wry grin creased his features as he examined my naked body.

"As you well know, I suspect!" He looked me over again, his eyes gleaming with veiled triumph. "Where are all your clothes, young lady?" He was enjoying my discomfort. "Lost them, have we?" He stood with his hands on his hips. "Can't see any around here." His eyes circled around the empty room.

"A girlfriend played a joke on me." I stammered "She told me-- she would be back with my clothes---shortly." I looked at his face for some sign of acceptance. He looked like a linesman or maybe a referee with walk-shorts and long socks on. He might have even been the cleaner but I was sure that I was in deep trouble, either way. The idea of my being in here seemed even more ridiculous when I tried to think of a rational explanation. There WAS none.

"You've got a lovely figure there lass." The man's features softened. "Is this a dare of some sort?" He smiled disarmingly. "Come on, you can tell old Harry." He urged. "I'm not a monster."

He was persuasive and I made up my mind to come clean and tell him everything. He didn't seem like such a bad old guy.

"Are there any towels here?" I asked cautiously. "Just let me get dressed in something first, will you?"

"I've already seen everything---almost." He grinned. "Just humour me will you?" He paused. "I was young once myself, my darling"

He pointed toward the door. "Lets see what we can find you when we go back out in the other room, shall we?" He beckoned.

I turned off the shower and facing away from the man, rubbed my hands over my body to get rid of the excess water. It only served to remind me just how naked I was at the moment. My worst fears had come true. Instead of an intimate, loving reunion with Peter, I had been caught with nothing on by a man, even older than my father. Worse still, I was more sexually excited than ever. I was totally confused by my own aroused state. My body tingled with sexual tension.

"Has the game finished yet?" I struggled to compose myself, now aware that my voice was trembling. "I was expecting Peter Clemens to come in before the game finished. He's my boyfriend, a coach and it's his birthday tomorrow." I choked back a sob. "I got in through that window over there." I turned and pointed with one hand, completely exposing my naked right breast to the old man in the process.

"That's more like it." Harry eyed my body again. "I wish I was forty years younger." He mused. "God! You're so lovely."

"Do you really think so?" I smiled, briefly forgetting to cover myself again. My courage was returning. "He was supposed to be coming in here before the game finished." I sighed. "That's why I'm really here."

"Alright love, I'll buy it this time, but what happened to your clothes? Did you take them off to get through the window? I know it's pretty narrow." Harry gave me a puzzled look.

"Shit no!" I gasped. "Peter's sister, my girlfriend was waiting outside the window. I took them off and handed them to her. She was going to gift wrap them up and give them to him just before the game finished. She was supposed to tell him not to open it and tell him the other half of his present was in the shower room." I gushed out rest of my story, more relaxed in his presence. He seemed to be more understanding by now. I even managed a sorrowful smile.

Harry smiled more easily as his face crinkled, giving way to simple laughter. His stern expression had vanished when I told him how I wanted to surprise my ex-boyfriend.

"I hoped to get back into a new relationship with him. Peter often called me a prude, before now, and I wanted him to change his mind about me." I looked at him appealingly.

"That's a pretty radical way to do it!" He chuckled.

"That's the absolute truth." I held up both the palms of my hands in a gesture of genuine helplessness. We both laughed together. Harry's was from listening to my improbable tale and mine was more from the relief of finally telling the truth. He and I both suddenly realised that I was no longer attempting to cover my nakedness. There was a moments silence as Harry admired my body.

"Alright, where do we go from here?" I searched his face. "Are you still mad at me?" I stood boldly in front of him while he took a good look at me. "Now you can see everything." I said ambiguously.

His eyes roved over my body again.

"I wouldn't want to spoil your fun." He croaked, still smiling.

"But this isn't the lady's room." He paused. "Nor is it the player's locker room next door any more." He laughed again. "Forgive me?" He apologised, touching my arm.

My smile faded quickly. I was suddenly scared again.

"Why---I mean what is it now?" My mouth opened in horror.

"Three months ago, they got themselves a brand new facility on the other side of the grandstand, on the second floor." Harry slowly explained as he walked me toward the connecting door. "I take all the team photographs and the club lets me use these older changing rooms for a darkroom and studio in return. I hardly ever use the toilets in here anymore. You're just damned lucky I happened to be working here today." He cackled. "You would have had a bloody long wait for Peter Clemens otherwise, my sweet."

My eyes opened wide as I was guided into his far warmer studio rooms.

There was a heater and the room smelt of roses and lavender, so much better than the other room. All manner of expensive photographic gear was set up in the newly refurbished area.

"That's why I took the inside handle off this door, my dear."

He laughed. "The town is full of bloody burglars." He stopped to slam the security bolts back into place. "That usually keeps them out."

He looked me over again. "What say you do a little modelling for me, honey? You're dressed just right for it at the moment." He urged.

My face reddened with embarrassment as he sat me on a chair, staring at my smooth vaginal lips. I pressed my knees together as soon as I realised what he was looking at. How embarrassing.

"Just lovely." Harry muttered. "I'll see if I have a small dry towel around here so I can wipe you dry, my darling."

He turned away to look for a towel.

"I've never done any modelling before but I'll be glad to pose for you, Harry" I wavered in a small voice. "I suppose all you men enjoy taking nude pictures?" I could feel myself becoming all pre-orgasmic and wet again. "Do you ever do any outdoor work?" I prompted him. I had an idea that sounded like it might have been thought of by my uninhibited friend, Sally. Subconsciously I opened my legs just a little more and discretely tweaked my nipples. I was feeling cheeky and more daring again.


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