tagExhibitionist & VoyeurErotic Adventures Ch. 10

Erotic Adventures Ch. 10


Once the bus was unloaded and the only three people left aboard were Colin, Kim and myself, there was no option but for us to go outside. Peter would have been sure to come back for me anyway, I thought.

I made Kim go in front and Colin behind as we made our way out of the bus. I driver seemed to be waiting for another opportunity to satisfy his lust/curiosity or perhaps I was still imagining things but that man gave me the creeps whenever he looked at me. The cool evening air took the flush off my face as I grabbed Kim's hand and ran for the shelter of my fellow society members. We were breathing heavily by the time we buried ourselves in between the other members of our tiny group, away from the prying eyes of curious onlookers.

"Jeez! What have we gotten ourselves into." I whispered to Kim.

"Are you cold?" Her body was shaking as her eyes darted around.

"No! Just plain terrified." I shivered with her.

I noticed the well tanned occupants of the limousine talking to Ken and Peter, outside their car. All four ladies had been wearing short translucent dresses with splits right up the sides but they casually removed them and picked up placards, tossing the flimsy garments in the back seat. The older blonde lady appeared to be in charge, giving instructions, even to Ken. She seemed to have publicity matters in mind. Totally naked, with barely two minutes to go till midnight, the ladies from the limousine lined up around us. The first thing that I noticed was their expensive body decorations, both nipple and genital adornments, glittering on their well tanned bodies.

"Who are they?" I whispered to Kim.

"I think they might be from Maple Lake. That blonde lady looks like Mistress Barbara." She hissed back. "Look at that diamond!"

Kim's eyes took on a fiery look as she gazed at the expensive genital decoration in admiration. She was now ignoring the clothed members of the press as they gathered like vultures. I gripped her hand tighter.

"Here comes Harry!" I urged. "We're going somewhere?"

Harry took charge and led all of us up the main steps of the building entrance. When we arrived on the top steps he sorted out five people to kneel in a row. He looked at Kim and I.

"I'll put you in the front row with Peter, Pam. How about you Kim?" His eyes fixed on our midsections. "What on earth have you done to yourselves." He accused, his blue eyes probing.

"Kim and I just wanted to be a bit more inconspicuous. Nobody told us about any photos." I was trembling. "Could we go right in the centre, please?"

He relented and allowed Kim and I into the centre of the group pose, placing Colin between us. It seemed like Peter had wanted me to sit beside him, in the front row, but Harry prevailed.

"The balance is more even this way, Peter." He explained to him giving me a friendly wink. "Baby steps." He whispered in my ear.

A banner was unfurled at the back of our group and The TV cameras positioned at one side while still photographers from the newspapers positioned themselves. Secure in the centre, I watched in awe as the cameras began to roll and the clock began to chime. The multitude of flashbulbs almost blinded me as I tried to smile. The crowd were some distance from us but once the chimes ceased, the TV interviewer spoke first to the blonde from the limousine and then Kenneth and Peter. I sat with Kim, in a state of shock, waiting for the crowd to disperse.

Peter turned to us and motioned to the group dismissively.

"Thanks guys. I'll be with you shortly." He smiled at me. "Just keep within the garden area if you want to walk around for a while. I just have to help Ken tidy up the banners."

Unfortunately the others started moving down the steps again, leaving us open to public view, so we had little option but to join in on the walk. Sally led us all around the floodlit gardens while Kim and I did our best to remain hidden in the shadows of the others. What had, at first, seemed like a large group at our house offered scant protection from the prying eyes of the fascinated bystanders. Logic told me that the subdued lighting would cast a welcome shadow on the more personal areas of my body but I was glad of the police presence as they kept the public at a reasonable distance. I tried to appear casual but the tension of walking nude, in the town centre, even after midnight, did nothing for my self confidence. My erect nipples began to ache and I was doing my best not to let my excitement show. The slut was doing battle with my former shy self and my mind was in complete turmoil.

Kim and I talked, to try to get our minds off the fact that there were so many clothed spectators watching our every move.

"It's like being in a goldfish bowl." Kim commented.

"Are your nipples hurting." I glanced at her erect nipples.

"This always happens to me when there's someone watching or we get caught unawares when we're all naked like this. You have the same problem, I see." She gave me a knowing grin. "Hey! Look at Gerry."

I glanced over and noticed that his penis was larger than it had been at the party. He didn't have an erection, as such, but he looked less wrinkled on his shaft. I didn't dare to stare at him in case my prior fantasy of having him ravish me kicked in again.

Sally and Rebecca were walking arm in arm, occasionally stooping to examine the floodlit plants and shrubs. They must have been aware of the way they were exposing themselves when they did this. They seemed to be enjoying a private joke once they straightened up their bodies again, laughing and giggling as they moved to the next floodlit plot.

"Look! They seem to be enjoying the crown reaction." I nudged Kim. "At least they seem to be taking the attention away from us."

"They always do." Kim giggled. "They seem to love it."

I wished I was more like Sally and had lost my sense of shame in the way that she obviously had.

"I wish the crowd would all just go away." My voice shook.

"Mistress reckons that's the best part." Kim looked at my reaction. "In her books I mean! You'll have to read them. She says that being watched like this makes you far more aware of your own sexuality and gives you more confidence about your body."

The tension that I felt was definitely sexual alright. I recalled the way Barbara had removed her dress with relish and strode among all the reporters as if she were fully clothed. She seemed to be totally unconcerned about the attention that she attracted from the men.

"You do seem to get used to it." Kim interrupted my thoughts. I'm not as worried as I was before."

"I guess!" I muttered, wishing it was all over.

It was a humiliating experience until Peter joined us.

"Oh! There you are, babe. You did well." He gasped as he ran to my side, full of excitement. "Barbara and Cathy wanted to meet you but they had to get going. You'll meet her next week."

I glanced at our bus and saw the limousine pulling away. Kenneth was waving and putting the banners back on board. I snuggled into him.

"What was THAT all about?" I whispered.

"A protest against the indecency laws." He explained. "Ken and I organised it last week and Barbara flew over to support the society with some of her family. Ken's taking their limo back to Maple Lake later tonight."

"But he's still--How!"

"We're dropping him off at the Airport on the way home." Peter interrupted patiently. "You'll see!"

There were only a few members of the general public left watching and only two police chaperones were left standing by when we heard a loud shout.

"All aboard!" Ken waved out from the bus.

The clock struck 1am as we boarded the bus, making me aware that I had been flaunting my naked body, in public, for just over an hour.

Again the driver leered at me as I moved up the steps and seemed fascinated with my recently shaved area. I quickly moved past him and made a dive for the shelter of my previous seat. I whispered to Kim.

"Thank God that's over. Did you see that driver look at me?"

"He did the same to me, Pam." She blushed. He was staring right at my--privates." She added, glowing red with embarrassment.

"Don't worry girls. I think I know why." Harry leaned over from behind. "It's that silly makeup that you used on your genitals." He smiled. "It looks so unnatural. I told you before, be yourselves." He glanced at Kim. "I was going to speak to you both about it, earlier."

"Thanks Harry." I blushed. "My idea, I'm afraid."

"At least you didn't drift off this time, Pam." Harry winked at me. "You'll like the session tomorrow." He moved back in his seat.

Peter gave the driver his instructions and he settled in beside me.

I was more comfortable in the window seat as we detoured to drop Ken off. The limo was parked at the Aero Club, far away from the terminal so Harry and Peter got out with him to see him on his way. We toured the suburbs dropping off members of our group along the journey home. Some put their coats on before leaving the bus but the more daring, Sally and Rebecca included, tucked their coats under their arms and then made our way back inside their home, still naked. The mood was then more ebullient and Peter became talkative.

The explanations for our surprise walk became clearer. It transpired that the G.A.S was only a small part of many other beneficiaries of this, Mistress Barbara's, huge organization. It was all too political as far as I was concerned but I was grateful that the demonstration was over, or WAS it?

"Don't forget, I'll be picking you up tomorrow morning, Pam."

Harry's piercing blue eyes gazed into mine. "Say 9-30am?" He looked at my tan lines and smiled. "Oh! Could you bring the same bikini that left you looking that way?" He paused. "Just an older one that you wouldn't normally wear anymore will be fine." He urged. "I'll bring you something for you to wear over the top of it, if you like.

My heart leapt with joy. I had expected him to want me to wear the one Peter had bought me, my skimpy little 'Wicked Weasel'.

"You want me to wear that one? But I thought----"

"It might be perfect for what we have in mind." Harry cut off my words. "See you tomorrow, my dear. Sleep well!"

He put his coat on and waved as he got off the bus.

Now, with just Colin and Kim left aboard, I snuggled into Peter.

"I thought all you guys came in together." I probed Colin.

"Oh! I brought my car and picked Gerry, Paul and Barbie with us." He smiled. "I'm the only one that doesn't drink." He explained. "I often give them a lift when we go out."

"Barbie's been plaguing me for weeks to join up." Kim smiled.

"I'm glad I did, now." She snuggled into Colin. "We'll get going as soon as we get back to your place, Pam. We'll leave you lovebirds to it." She cooed.

The cold night air shocked my body into full consciousness as we got out. Kim and I rushed into the house ahead of our men to gather their clothing. Colin's station wagon was the only vehicle left on the kerbside and the neighbourhood was even quieter than before. I walked up the driveway with Kim, quickly fumbled with the lock and let both of us in and shut the door.

Kim gathered up Colin's coat, checking for his costume in the pocket and then putting her own coat on. She was obviously relieved to put her long coat back on, but put her bikini back in the pocket.

"He'd just take it off on the way home anyway." She giggled as she patted the pocket. "Don't come out in the cold, Pam." She walked back to the front door. "I'll see you tomorrow evening at the club gymnasium." She brushed my cheek with a kiss and ran back to the car.

Peter was standing outside the car window, talking to Colin, waiting for Kim to see them off. I noticed the pool area was tidy so I went to have a shower, leaving the front door open for Peter, now anxious to remove my genital makeup.

I glanced at the two brief costumes on my bed as I went into the en suite. Kim's discarded chap stick was laying there so I picked it up.

It had been humiliating to hear Harry explain why the bus driver had taken such an interest in Kim and I. He was probably right, as usual.

I looked into the mirror as I put it away and noted that it seemed to only highlight the very area that I was trying to disguise. I was so sorry that I had thought of the idea, in retrospect.

Mistress Barbara's diamond clit ring had drawn attention to her body in a similar way but she had been wholly unconcerned about the way she looked, herself. I had admired the way she smiled while she posed with us and had no problems being interviewed afterward. Her inner confidence had been quite overwhelming.

The strangest part of the entire evening was that once I was walking around with the others, I felt good about what I had dared to do. The slut seemed to be winning the battle.

My nipples were still deliciously sensitive when I stepped under the shower. I quickly cleaned of all the makeup and when the droplets of ward water were directed at my engorged vaginal lips, I shuddered. there was a definite sexual excitement as I considered the ways that Peter might make love to me tonight. The recurring fantasy of having Gerry catch me totally naked and make love to me or even just use me returned to haunt me in the shower.

Peter's hands on my breasts shocked me back into the real world.

"You looked lovely, Pamela. I was so proud of you tonight." He murmured softly in my ear as his strong hands travelled down my body.

I turned and kissed him as he placed his hand between my legs and opened me up. I could feel the heat of his erect penis as I wrapped my fingers around his pulsating shaft.

He took me in the shower and I eagerly wrapped my legs around his hips and sighed with pleasure as he slipped easily inside me. There was an unusual urgency to his motions as he controlled the speed of his thrusting. I closed my eyes and imagined Gerry taking me that way.


"Come on you little slut, use those pussy muscles." He gasped.

"This is wrong!" I whispered as I clenched at his shaft as he pumped his gigantic member into my slippery love nest. "We might get caught." I whispered with more urgency. "Peter!"

"Peter already knows what a slut you are." He grunted. "What decent lady would walk around the memorial gardens at the town hall, showing herself off the way you did tonight." His eyes were on fire with passion. "After I get through with you, all the others players are waiting for their turn." He grinned. "They all want you too!"

"The others?" I gasped, as I orgasmed unashamedly.

"Peter's told them all what a little slut you are, too." He confirmed as he flooded me with his seed.


"That's it! Arhhhh! YES!!" The shrill sound of my own voice brought me back to reality with a jolt.

"Wow! Quite the little hellcat tonight, Babe!" The wolf grinned as he gently lowered me to my feet. "Public nudity seems to agree with you, too."

I felt myself going crimson as I looked into his face and lowered my eyes quickly again. We kissed and there was no doubt that Peter was just being complementary. We ran our hands over each others body and I wondered if I had spoken out loud while we were making love. I tried to relive the episode, trying to think what I might have said in the heat of my passion.

When Peter was drying me off, before we hopped into bed, the answer became somewhat clearer.

"What was that about being caught." The wolf grinned as he dried off the area between my legs. "There was nobody else here in the house."

"Oh nothing, darling!" My mind racing with shame. "I was probably thinking about earlier on, you know, when we had guests."

"That must be it!" he agreed. "You were muttering something about the others when I couldn't hold back any longer. You seemed to be miles away."

"Sorry, my darling."

"Don't apologise sweetheart." He assured me. "It should be me that apologises to you."

"Huh!" I looked into his eyes, searching for his meaning.

"I meant to take it more slowly,---so you would enjoy it as much as I did."

"But I did, darling. Couldn't you tell?" I smiled as I led him over to our bed.


Author's note: Pamela has her first outdoor photo shoot, This time in broad daylight away from the house. Why does Harry want her to wear her old bikini and not the Wicked Weasel? Pamela is confused. She KNOWS that Harry likes doing nude work! Will Sally and Rebecca be there too? Find out in Ch.11? Don't forget to vote on chapter 10!!

I'll make it worth your while. Finger Lotion? Please???

Barbara Anne Adams. N.Z.G.S.K.

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