tagExhibitionist & VoyeurErotic Adventures Ch. 11

Erotic Adventures Ch. 11


"Wake up sweetheart. Come on Babe!" Peter's concerned face peered down at me. "It's nearly nine o'clock, already."

I opened my eyes, fully awake now and looked around. The bed was a mess and Peter was dressed already.

"Come back to bed?" I murmured. "You don't need to go into work now, do you?" I pulled back the sheets, invitingly.

"No, but you do." He grinned. "First day at work, remember?"

"Oh shit!" Remembering Harry's words, I leaped out.

The sun was streaming in as Peter pulled the bedroom curtains. "Is he doing nude work today?" He chuckled. "I do hope so, my love. You were like a tiger last night. Twice within the hour as I recall it." He sighed as he pulled the bedclothes off. "Come on now, off you go to the shower and get ready. Harry's already rung and asked for you."

As I refreshed myself under the shower Peter spoke to me though the doorway.

"Harry was telling me that he asked you to wear an old bikini."

"Yes love, not my new one, strangely. Could you get my old blue one out for me?"

I was looking forward to this session. I expected Harry to get me to remove it at some time during the shoot but felt able to handle that. I was more concerned about the evening workout at the gym later on that evening. Kim had warned me that the members often worked out in the nude but I was slowly coming to terms with the idea. I was almost looking forward to meeting Kim again, nude or dressed. We had both supported one and other last night. She helped me through all that trauma of exposing myself, the way we both had.

"This one, darling." Peter waved my old bikini through the doorway. "I was going to get rid of it, after last night." He placed it on the vanity. "Hurry along, I think that's Harry at the door now." He rushed off.

I realised that this morning was the first time I had worn anything like decent clothing since Saturday afternoon. I felt much better about myself as I dressed in the bikini, even though I had always regarded it as minimal, previously. One final check in the mirror, I grabbed at my handbag and I was ready.

"Coffee's on the table, babe. Toast and marmalade are coming up shortly?" Peter sang out from the kitchen. He was in a jaunty mood.

Peter had always done his share around the house. This morning he had made the bed while I was showering and now breakfast too. I was in a cheerful frame of mind, to match his.

"Well!" Harry looked up. "Don't you look radiant this morning?" The old man chuckled. "Let me look at you a moment."

"Will I need anything else, Harry?" I smiled as I pirouetted around for him. "Towels, shoes, and oh,-- got that dress?"

"All in good time. It's in the car. Just sit and have yourself some breakfast. I hope you didn't try out your makeup skills again?"

"No! All 'au naturale' this morning." I blushed. "just the way you wanted." I said breathlessly as I sat down. "Whereabouts are we off to?" I gave him an inquiring glance as I sipped at my coffee.

"We're meeting Sally and Rebecca at Peninsula beach." He turned to Peter as he came in with our breakfast. "Join us if you like?"

"Maybe later on." Peter promised. "I have a few calls to make and a bit of work to do in my office. Will you still be there around lunchtime?" He looked at me. "Might make it by then."

Peter and Harry started to talk about the public demonstration last night. They joked about the impact that the resulting publicity might have on city officials.

I got busy eating my breakfast and didn't interrupt them as I still knew so little about the aims of their organization. I just listened and nodded my head as though I understood everything that they were talking about. I had already made up my mind that I would support Peter in whatever his ambitions might be. I wasn't going to lose him again. I had been so scared last night that I almost refused to leave the bus. Somehow, I had mustered up the courage to face all those people and publicists, without a stitch of clothing on, albeit at midnight. I was hard for me to imagine a more stringent test of my commitment to my beloved. From now on I would just grin my teeth and bare it, quite literally. I smiled to myself, remembering some of the humiliating details of my naked stroll last night. Thank God, it had been dark and I had been among so many others.

"You look happy." Harry nudged my arm.

"Oh yes! I've always loved going to the beach, Harry. I thought we might be working at your studio today. A surfing beach sounds much better."

"Now Pam! Are they your oldest togs?" Harry smiled mysteriously as he finished his coffee.

"Only ones I've got apart from my new ones." I replied. "Do you want me to bring them too.

"No sweetheart, not today." Harry's blue eyes twinkled. "I've got everything else that you might need. By the way, I brought those books that Kenneth promised you too, 'My Sexual Awakening' and the other one, 'Addicted to Attention', just in case you get bored.

"Oh great! Kim told me all about them last night." I gushed. "I was going to ask Peter about it when I got home."

"Well! Ready?" Harry stood up. "We'd better get started, if you don't mind, Peter." He glanced at him.

"That's alright. Hope to see you out there, then."

I kissed Peter and ran out to the car, after Harry, carefree and looking forward to my first day of paid employment since my return. I had had a job at an insurance company as a claims clerk before I left Peter. I had never liked being inside an office all day, anyway. The money was reasonable but the hours were an absolute killer. My life was changing so rapidly now. There was no going back.

Harry was cheery as we drove through the suburbs and we conversed in a casual manner. He asked what I thought about the framed photograph that he had brought as a present for Peter and how I felt about the walk last night. I opened up to him.

"The photo was lovely, Harry. I was glad it wasn't one of those really---explicit ones." I smiled, growing bolder. "It was artistic and Peter just loved it. The walk was a bit more challenging though."

"Life is a series of challenges. That's the most exciting part about being young." He reflected. "You should never be ashamed to express your sexuality fully though, my dear. But the time you get to Barbara's next novel, 'Mistress Barbara', you'll see what I mean.

"Have you and your wife ever lived that way?" I burst out.

"What way's that, my love?"

"You know, sharing with other couples. Kim was telling me."

"Oh yes. You have to be careful these days though, Pam. So much disease and all that sort of thing." He said casually. "Has Peter asked you to go to bed with another couple?"

"No, but Kim was saying that Barbara believes in that kind of thing and I was just wondering." I blushed. "I've been having these fantasies. I hope you don't mind me asking you like this. It's just that I could never discuss that kind of thing with my parents."

"I'm flattered that you asked me, dear." Harry grinned. "Sally and Rebecca come to me with their problems too. I'm always here if you need me, for advice I mean."

Harry told me all about the relationships between his brother and all the other families that lived together at Maple Lake, radiating his complete honesty and obvious sincerity.

"They really have something pretty special going on, there." He smiled and looked at me. "You'll meet most of them next Saturday when you get married to Peter. I'll be there too. You can ask me anything, so don't you worry your pretty head about it."

Harry was turning into a side road, off the main highway.

"Nearly there now." He turned to me. "Ever done any surfing? "Not really, Harry. I could learn though. I'm a good swimmer."

I swallowed hard, realising what I had said. I had visions of Harry taking pictures while I surfed in the nude at some deserted beach one day. I had almost forgotten that he preferred to do nude studies of the female form. At least today I would be safe. He didn't want me to lose my tan lines, quite yet.

Harry nodded thoughtfully as he turned into a parking area, full of cars.

"More people around than I expected." He commented. "Ah, there they are."

Sally and Rebecca were standing next to their car, waving us over. We pulled in alongside and stopped. They had saved a place next to their classic Stingray. Harry's larger Volvo made the gap between the cars hard for me to extract myself on my side so I had to wait for Harry, then ease myself over to his side to get out.

Sally, who was topless, was wearing tiny bikini bottoms and Rebecca who was in a skimpy 'Wicked Weasel' like my new one, gasped when they saw what I was wearing.

"What on earth are you wearing that for?" Rebecca exclaimed.

"You just leave Pam alone." Smiled Harry. "I asked her to wear it today. Baby steps, remember!" He winked at the two girls.

"Oh!-----Right!" Both girls nodded dramatically, giggling like schoolgirls. "I suppose you even brought a dress for her to wear as well?"

They were being sarcastic, I thought, until Harry brought out three short, toga style, dresses with open sides. I remembered Barbara and her girls wearing something similar at the protest rally, until they removed them.

"Here! Put these on until we get to our location." He offered.

"How come there's so many people around today?" I asked, as I gratefully donned my bikini accessory dress. There was a stiff ocean breeze that lifted my skirts readily but I smoothed them down out of habit. I was decently covered by my old bikini briefs anyway.

"Surfing competitions." Sally explained. "They've got a film crew down at the southern end. A pretty mixed crowd today, from what we saw."

We picked our way through the crowded sands, heading for the rocks at the northern end of the bay, helping Harry to carry his equipment. We attracted plenty of attention through the most populated area of the beach from all the young bystanders that weren't watching the surfing competitors. Sally was alway a bit of a show-off and she wiggled her bottom as we walked. The boys all whistled and waved to her. Noticing that many of the girls were topless, like Sally, it seemed that a lot of change had happened since the last time I was here. I found myself almost wishing that I had worn my own tiny costume instead of the one I had on. I felt quite out of place.

We passed a group of younger girls that were sunbathing in the nude, front down, their tiny costumes laying by their sides, as we reached the less populated northern end. They just waved nonchalantly as we all trooped past them.

"Is this part a 'nude beach' now?" I whispered to Harry.

"Not really, Pam. It's just that nobody seems to worry so much about nudity these days at this beach." He looked around and after a few more yards he stopped. "This will do!" He announced.

We spread out a blanket and my friends both stripped off their togas and waited for further instructions from Harry. I put mine on the sand with theirs and put the chilly bin on top. We were close enough to the naked girls that their murmurings to each other drifted in the breeze and I could faintly hear their voices.

"Are we doing semi-nudes today or--" Sally's voice interrupted.

She had already taken off her dress and she was about to remove her briefs, fiddling with the side fastenings.

"You can both take yours off now if you like." Harry looked up from his camera bag. "Pam can leave hers on at the moment." He picked up and checked a hand held video camera. I felt uneasy and sat on the sand. I had expected to go around the other side of the rocks to some deserted cove, before we set up a base camp and my friends undressed. I was a bundle of nerves, wondering if Harry was going to ask me to remove my bikini as well. I felt as though the other groups scattered in the area were all watching us, waiting for the show.

Harry took the two others to one side and whispered in their ears as they divested themselves of their remaining clothing. Both of the girls giggled and nodded. He turned back to me.

"Right! Pam, I want you to go up the beach a bit." He pointed to just above the rocky outcrop. "Take your instructions from Sally and make out that you've only just met her and Rebecca." Harry was looking behind. "I want to shoot a twenty minute clip that shows both clothed and unclothed subjects." He explained. "Just do everything that Sally suggests." He winked at me. "Pretend that I'm ordering you to do what ever she says, if it helps you in any way." His blue eyes twinkled with delight.

I was aware of nearby interest as I followed Harry's instructions. He placed himself so that he filmed the surfing competition and the huge crowd in the outlying background. I walked slowly back down the hot sand to meet my two naked friends at our selected spot. We conversed for a moment and then wandered down, together to the nearest edge of the boiling surf as it crashed, then sought refuge by immersing the sand. Harry moved to one side. I caught the movement in my peripheral vision and almost looked at him. I caught myself just in time.

"Forget I'm here." Harry shouted.

"Come on in!" Sally whooped as she waded into the turbulent sea water with Rebecca, waving toward me. Sally playfully undid my top as we splashed around together. We went in deeper to waist height at the ebb of the surf.

"Take it off, darling. Bottoms too!" As she grabbed at my top.

The cold surf swirled between my legs as I slid my briefs down my legs, tingling the smooth lips of my newly exposed genitals. The mild undertow was noticeable as I lifted my foot free of one side of my bikini bottoms. At this point they were still around my other ankle so I planted my foot in the sand so the magnetic undertow didn't drag my briefs away. I looked to Sally for further instruction, almost dreading the next order.

"Act like you are having fun, for goodness sake." Rebecca's words drifted through the roar of the crashing surf. "Peter was going to throw those darned things out anyway."

"Just wave them above your head and let them go." Sally smiled as she handed back my top. This confirmed my worst suspicions. All along, Harry had lulled me into a false sense of security. It was now decision time again. I smiled and lifted my foot.

"You bitches!" I laughed as I struggled to get my bikini briefs off my other ankle, reaching down until I had them in my hand. "I thought it was a bit strange that Harry had told me that he wanted me to wear an older styled bikini. Oh well! Here goes my favourite blue swimsuit."

I waved my costume overhead, still smiling. I looked further up the beach to where there must have been well over a hundred or more brown bodies moving around. I couldn't see what they were wearing at this distance. I hoped the reverse was true but, when the crunch came, it was hard to let my only clothing go. I hesitated for a moment. After all, they had been my favourite togs. Resentfully I allowed them to leave the tips of my fingers and drift off in the ocean breeze.

Watching the last vestige of my modesty, drifting away on the hastily ebbing undertow was scary yet exciting. I was now faced with trailing my friends out of the welcome cover of the boiling surf, totally nude as indeed, they were. In broad daylight on a crowded beach, I had to muster up the courage to show my entire body to whoever happened to pass along this way. Every instinct that I had, told me to cover my breasts and run to the nearest beach towel and cover myself up as quickly as I could.

"Just walk slowly and try to imagine that there's no-one but Sally and Rebecca with you." Harry's voice penetrated my thoughts. "I think you're doing great."

Sally grabbed one hand and Rebecca the other as we walked up the sand to our base. They talked as we made our way back but their words and gestures were meaningless. The sensation of the sun and the breeze caressing my naked skin brought a keen consciousness of my vulnerable state. I was dumbstruck, only aware that Harry was still filming and of my obligation to walk as naturally as I possibly could. I forced myself to smile, not daring to look around to see if anybody else was watching us. My only focus was on reaching our objective. Had I been on my own, I doubted that I would have been able to prevent myself from running to the relative safety of our beach blanket and wrapping it securely around myself. I felt so exposed and humiliated.

"That's great!" Harry finally signalled the end of his filming.

I gratefully sat on the blanket and folded my knees up to my chest, hiding my hardened nipples from view. Only then, did I allow myself to look at the surrounding area. My eyes focussed briefly on two fit young men in faded board shorts, talking to the naked ladies next to us. My eyes quickly darted away when one handsome lad caught my eye.

Sally and Rebecca were still upright and talking excitedly with Harry as he packed his vid-cam away and picked out a very expensive looking still camera. I could clearly see the golden ring between the folds of Sally's smooth vaginal lips, as she stood with her legs slightly parted. She was unconcerned by the people in the nearby area. Rebecca too, was standing in a relaxed position, not attempting to hide her evident excitement at being seen without her swimsuit.

The sunlight danced over their bodies, evaporating the last remaining droplets of salt water from their evenly tanned skin. I felt warm and yet I shivered as Harry pointed toward the windswept rocks.

"We'll do a few stills over there next." He spoke to my two friends and then turned to me. "You just wander over and join us when you feel ready, Pam," He spoke in a gentle, understanding voice. "I think you've done really well so far, my dear." He squeezed my naked shoulder firmly and then left me on my own.

"Come and join us if you like?" A well tanned young lady with a short hairdo called over to me from the group with the two muscular young men.

"Oh! It's alright. Maybe later?" I smiled shyly at them. "I just want to see where my friends are going." I said lamely, quickly turning my eyes away.


Dear READERS: It's finger lotion time again. YOUR voting is the only way I have of deciding the popularity of this series. Please VOTE for continuity or conclusion. I'm in YOUR hands. Mmmmmm! I like it.

Barbara Anne Adams. N.Z.G.S.K.

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