tagExhibitionist & VoyeurErotic Adventures Ch. 14

Erotic Adventures Ch. 14


Moving away from Jim, I calmed down as I practiced paddling on my knees. I knew that by edging my knees ever wider, I was exposing my swollen genitalia to all the riders behind me but I found the liberty to do so, sexually exciting. Had I been wearing a swimsuit I would have been constantly checking to make sure everything was properly in place, thus preserving my modesty. With nothing on, this conventional reserve didn't seem to matter, nearly as much.

Exposing myself, this way, I began to experiment with the stability of the board I had picked until I found the most comfortable paddling position. I paddled out further, testing the power of the swell at it picked me up until the board eased back into the trough. At one point, while paddling, I had the strangest fantasy running through my mind. I imagined Jim taking me from behind. All other considerations had vanished and we were all alone.

* * * * * *

"Come on Pam! You can't leave yet." Jim was rubbing his throbbing member between my legs, seeking entry. "You've got me all worked up, you little teaser." He chuckled, peeling back my labial lips with his pulsating penis. "I have to do this!"

Jim pushed me forward and entered my steaming love nest, gripping my hips and sliding his huge member deep inside me. Although he clearly had the choice, he knew I was more ready to receive him in the more conventional way. Not that I would have cared. I just wanted to feel his passion as it lay pulsating inside me, warming whichever cavity he wished. I was beyond any consideration of pain, modesty or bashful reticence. I comforted myself that Peter had given Jim his full approval to satisfy his lust. I ground my hips back at his pelvis in a signal of willingness. He pumped away quickly and orgasmed inside me, all too soon. I thrashed my arms wildly in the water.

"Go for it now!" I heard the shout behind me. I snapped out of my fantasy world.

* * * * * *

"That's it! Faster!" I was paddling for all I was worth.

The raw power and the erotic sensation of the cold seawater trickling between the cheeks of my bottom, suddenly made me feel far more daring than normal. Now I wanted to ride in on the wave, toward the crowded beach, standing up if I could, to show Peter what I could do.

When the wave was about to curl I was in ideal position to alter my stance. Wobbling at first, I stood and balanced as the board gained momentum. For a few brief seconds I felt the gathering power of the wave propelling me onward towards the shore. All eyes were on me as I rode the wave in. It was exhilarating and satisfying at the same time to know that I had successfully mastered the art of surfing. The fact that I was totally nude at the time, merely added to my warm sense of accomplishment. If this was the way Peter wanted his wife to be, then I had little doubt that I would make him happy. I amazed myself as I strode up the sand, doing a mock curtsy as I replaced the board and walked past the cheering crowd of onlookers.

I had just read about Barbara's first public nude appearance and I now had some idea of the exhilaration that she must have felt. Harry met me.

"Great stuff, Pam. You go and get yourself in the shade now."

"Where's Peter?" I felt a pang of guilt, remembering---?

"Oh! He's gone back out there." Harry pointed to the group of riders bobbing in the distance. "He seems to like this new sport."

I sat back down on my beach chair, picking up my book, not bothering to put my toga back on at this point. I stretched out and started to read. My heart was still thumping and I had difficulty concentrating on the text. I kept thinking about Jim, and the effect I had on his body, out on the water. I was sure that I hadn't been afraid but the fantasy orgasm that I had enjoyed was no less real. I knew I would have to watch myself from here on. An decreasing gap was apparent in the fantasy versus the reality world, these days. Part of me hoped that Peter subscribed to the philosophy contained in Barbara's book, yet there was still a trace of reluctance to accept that I had lost so many of my previous inhibitions. I made up my mind to explore my previously unspoken fantasies with Peter and try harder to understand his, as soon as possible.

I was so intent on my reading that I didn't hear Peter come up beside me. The book was hoisted from my grasp.

"Let's see!" Peter was smiling as he checked out the chapter I was reading. Chapter Eight!" He looked surprised. "What do you think of it so far?" He met me at eye level crouching beside me.

"It's certainly interesting." I was search for the right words, blushing like a schoolgirl. "It's well written." I spluttered.

I had just reached the point where the writer and her family group were about explore the world of BDSM more fully with Kent as their guide. It seemed obvious that they were all interested in advancing their relationship with their older, wealthier friends.

"How did you get on with your surfing?" I smiled at him.

I closed the book and adroitly changed the subject.

"It's great! Sally and Rebecca enjoyed it too. I had a chance to speak to Jim out there." Peter was grinning like a Cheshire cat. "He seems impressed by your willingness to learn. Harry got some great photos, but he suggested I take you home early. He doesn't want you getting too sunburned."

"What now!" I got to my feet.

"Yes. Besides it suits me." Peter was giving me a hungry look. "Put your dress back on and come with me." He held out his hand.

The surfing carnival was still in full swing when we left. The surf was running higher than before and there seemed to be more people taking advantage of the beach's 'free' status now. Peter put his shorts back on when we got back to the car, letting me in and closing the door. I placed a towel on the hot vinyl seat, remembering when my naked bottom made contact with it from yesterday afternoon. The tunic dress was so short that it rode up my back as I settled in for the drive home putting my naked flesh in direct contact with the towel. The drive home was punctuated by excited conversation about our respective achievements and I gathered that Peter was glad to have met the group of surfers that befriended me.

"It's surprising that their activities haven't come to my attention before. Jim was telling me that most of them surf in the nude all the time." He laughed. "They haven't had any complaints or been picked up by the beach wardens, like we have. We'll have to go out to 'Peninsula' more often from now on."

"It was exciting." I admitted. "I felt so free out there."

It was obvious the Peter had the same thing in mind that I did. He slid his free hand inside my dress and caressed my smooth lower tummy, tracing his fingers downward. Imperceptibly I co-operated with his advances, shifting my hips forward to allow his intrusion.

"Not here, Darling!" I moaned softly, as his finger found its mark. "I do want you, but--." Our eyes met. I straightened up in my seat again, playfully slapping his wrist.

We were well on the way home by then and the traffic was light but I was fearful of getting too carried away by my desires. I knew Peter well enough to know that the slightest encouragement would see us having semi-public sex, right there in the car. From early in our relationship, I had the impression that he liked the danger factor in having sex with me in places where we could easily be seen, albeit accidentally, by others. I thought about our last encounter in the toilet, with all his players outside, showering and changing, after the match. He had been like a tiger after I showed myself, berating his young charges and sending them packing. I wasn't ready to put on such a public demonstration of our love for one and other, quite yet.

The neighbourhood was quiet so, holding my dress together as best I could, I scurried toward the front door. Peter gave me a slap on my rump as he ushered me inside, lifting the back of my dress to connect with my reddened flesh.

"Ouch!" I cried. "My sunburn."

I giggled and ran to our bedroom, stopping briefly to throw my dress on the bed, before turning on cold tap of the shower.

As the cooling spray touched my breasts and the doubly reddened flesh of my bottom, I realised that Harry had given Peter good advice. I soaped up, feeling a faint hint of stubble on my pubic bone, knowing it wouldn't be long before I had to shave the area again. I knew that Peter liked me to be smooth down there. I had some depilatory cream for under my arms and that seemed to work for much longer. Sally and Rebecca had told me that it was safe to use, even on the inner lips of my labia.

"Don't be long!" Peter called out from the bedroom. "Don't make me come in there to get you." He warned.

I smiled, thinking about the contained power that had first attracted Barbara to Kent. She loved to be dominated too. It removed the guilt, to know that you had no direct control over your own body.

"Be right out, Master!" I smiled.

I dried myself properly with a fresh towel, humming a cheerful tune as I checked myself out in the mirror and combed my hair.

"You got that right!" The voice was closer.

Peter was grinning at me, standing in the doorway.

"I was going to show you what I do for a living today. We just have to take care of this first." The wolf appeared.

He picked me up and dumped me on the bed, reaching for his special oil. 'Resistance is futile', as the Borg collective would say in the old 'Star-trek' series, not that I wanted to put up a fight. I lay back while Peter tended to my preparation, closing my eyes, thrilling to his sensuous touch. I was back on the beach again. This time on a deserted cove. Jim was about to take Peter's preferred option.


He greased me up with the oil. It didn't matter what it was. I spread myself wide open as he pushed his muscular finger deep into my colon, past my lubricated rosebud.

"Have you done this before?" Jim looked excited as he surveyed the forbidden area.

"Please be gentle?" I gasped as he pressed his manhood up against the narrow entrance. I felt the resistance of my sphincter muscle begin to give way under the pressure and relaxed more fully to accommodate him. He hoisted my legs carelessly over his shoulder and drove his member further inside me.

"Do you like it this way?" Jim grunted, with the effort of pushing past my tight muscles.

"Yes! Oh Yes, Master!" I raised my hips to meet his final thrust. "Put it all the way in!" I gyrated against him. I felt his coarse pubic hair and his hairy testicles against the tender, sunburned cheeks of my bottom and remembered. Jim was totally shaved down there. I opened my eyes again, awakened from my fantasy world.


"Just be careful!" I warned. "The flesh is a bit tender down there. I should have used sun block earlier on"

Peter gazed back at me, softening his expression and stopping his frenzied thrusting immediately.

"Do you want me to stop?" His member throbbed inside me as he waited for my reply. "I noticed that your skin was a bit redder than normal." He looked downcast. "I thought you wanted it as much as I did, Pam."

"It's just that your pubic hair seems to be irritating the cheeks of my bottom. Just take it slowly, darling?" I pleaded.

I hadn't realised that I was so close to being sunburned until now. I soon got back into the rhythm of our lovemaking, feeling guilty for having stopped Peter midstream. Soon we were both lost in ecstasy as we regained lost momentum. My lover was more considerate and stopped short of grinding his hips against my tender bottom. As my orgasm built I began to buck against him. A crescendo of emotion flooded though me as Peter built up to his own climax. I could feel his penis straining against the walls of my colon. When he paused, to make the moment last, a warm throbbing matched the beat of his heart. I knew I would always be his.

My own lubrication mixed with his as he spurted his seed deep inside me. I didn't complain when he held me tight, in the heat of his passion, even when his hand gripped the cheeks of my bottom. We lay there as his member subsided, both of us breathing heavily.

I thought about my day and what I had done for my lover since I came back to town. There would have been no way I could have considered displaying myself, the ways that I had, unless it was to please him. My deepest fantasies had previously been held in check but now I was building up the courage to ask him to share his deepest fantasies with me. I had already touched on one of mine when I told him about my desire to be dominated and this appeared to please him. Anal sex was a good example of his desire to dominate his sex partner. Previously I had submitted, albeit unwillingly, but now I actually looked forward to it. I wondered how far I would go, in order to make him happy. Certainly, in exposing myself, nude, to others, I found that it stirred forbidden fantasies within me. I had always held these in check, previously, afraid he might mock me. His odd penchant for sex in unusual places disturbed me and yet I had to know, almost afraid of what it might lead to. It was time for mutual honesty because I wanted our marriage to last.

"I've been having these fantasies." I began, uncertainly. "I'm sure you have some too.

We were in the shower, together, now. A perfect time to broach the subject and learn about what Peter expected of me. I knew that he was fascinated by his sister's sexuality and had previously wanted to watch her as she lay with Rebecca. It had never been my scene and yet there was no denying that being shaved by Sally had stirred an erotic reaction in me. Even through the alcoholic haze, I remembered THAT.

"Come with me, when we dry off, and I'll show you some of my fantasies." He grinned mysteriously. "I think you might enjoy some of them, at least." He let his words sink in. "By the way, I've been thinking about that problem you have with my pubic hair. What did you think of young Jim, at the beach?"

My heart sank. Had he seen us together? Had he noticed the animal attraction between us? Was he going to share me? Was he mad with me? I had no idea, but answered him in the spirit of his entire question.

"You don't see too many men with shaved genitals. It made him look bigger, somehow? I looked for his reaction.

Peter nodded thoughtfully.

"What say we both get rid of our fuzz together?" He grinned.

"I was going to use some cream on mine." I touched my sensitive mons area, moving down to my engorged clitoris. "Would you like to do it for me?" I blushed. "If you want me to stay this way, that is?"

For the next half hour, we took turns at removing all traces of pubic hair from one and other. I had the biggest task, trimming with the scissors and finally shaving Peter, removing the hair from his entire genital area. We massaged in the depilatory cream, taking note of the instructions to leave it on for twenty minutes or so. Peter carefully rubbed in the cream, paying due attention to my reddened skin until we both stood before the mirror, covered in the stuff.

"Right!" He announced, smiling devilishly at me. "Come on!"

With my heart pounding, I followed Peter out to the hallway. I had no idea where he was taking me. All manner of fears were running through my mind. We were both stark naked and I knew the living room curtains were wide open. I could hear the traffic out on the street and I realised that by now, the neighbours were all coming home from work. The young paperboy would be due and I could hear the sounds of young children, next door, yelling and calling out to one and other. We still had the pale cream all over our genitals and to me, it looked slightly obscene. Worse than Kim and I, with our chap stick makeup on, the night we went out on the protest walk, unknowingly in public.

He stopped and reached up to get a key from the top of the architrave above the spare room door.

"I was going to show you this, sooner or later." He grinned. "In here, there is everything you will ever need, to fulfil both of our fantasies." He placed the key in the new lock. "I don't think it will shock you too much, NOW." He emphasised. "This is how I make money these days, as well." He grinned as he opened the door.


Now readers! You know what I need! VOTES! (5) for preference.

Pam is set to explore Peter's fantasies in the next thrilling chapter of this epic series. It will be my last until October but will bring this section of the series to a most satisfying conclusion. I won't disappoint you, I Promise! Barbara Anne Adams. N.Z.G.S.K.

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