tagExhibitionist & VoyeurErotic Adventures Ch. 15

Erotic Adventures Ch. 15


The room was dark and he reached in and turned on the lights.

Peter had certainly been busy. The room resembled the interior of a porn shop. Decorating the walls were shelves containing every device imaginable, for stimulation of either the male or female genitalia. In one far corner of the room he had set up his office, his computer still turned on to the internet. There was a small mountain of icons denoting messages, still unattended. Instead of his computer manuals were a neat set of books marked for orders, memberships and dispatch records among other things

"I've got plenty of bandwidth in this baby." He patted the new computer. "Two or three hours a day and I can make more money than I ever did before. Look! I'll show you." He clicked on an icon.

"Kent's Creations Dungeon Stock." He exclaimed, pointing.

It was like a catalogue of all the bondage gear, equipment, various punishment accessories that included whips and paddles and as he rolled the cursor down there were a wide variety of costumes, cages and torture devices. There were photos of near nude women suspended above or below their 'Masters', I guessed.

"Toys." He read as he clicked on another icon.

"Jeez! Isn't this stuff illegal." I breathed. "What is it that you're running here? Some sort of fantasy playroom?"

I couldn't help but be impressed with the time it must have taken to get all this up and running. I stood transfixed as Peter clicked on the various icons.

"Isn't that Sally?" I pointed to one photo of one model dressed in a peekaboo bra and crotch-less knickers.

"Harry took that one." Peter smiled. He did quite a bit of work on this particular catalogue.

"Just how many have you got?" I was looking around the room.

"It's a chain of sites, accessible in one yearly membership. I've got Harry taking photos for me and each site is designed to appeal to every possible sexual interest that I know of. The idea is to make it a one stop shop. You can buy gear, clothing, lingerie, sex toys and other things that I'm still developing." Peter was getting excited as he listed the interests catered for on his site. "There are a lot of rip-off merchants on the internet. This one will cater for everyone. The catalogues are free but if they want to go further, they have to become a member." He chuckled.

"I thought you were going to tell me about your fantasies." I dug Peter in the ribs with my elbow. "I've already told you about a couple of mine." I glared at him. "Surely you're not interested in all this stuff." I pointed to the display on the wall above the door. "Like those for example?"

There were a number of punishment devices, some of them designed to hurt or maim the unfortunate recipient for life. There were pictures of big burly men, whipping the occupants of a room and hanging them from meat-hooks. I was beginning to think that Peter had taken leave of his senses.

"Oh those!" He grinned. "They are just to set the mood." He looked at me more seriously. "By the end of the week you will be sure to finish your book. The Addicted to Attention series will explain it much better. The idea is to set the mood, as I said. A subordinate must learn to trust her Master." Peter drew himself up to his full height. "You trust Harry, don't you?"

"Well, yes!" I stammered. "He's always been kind."

"What about me?" He demanded.

"I love you! You know that, don't you?" I was shaking a little, still unsure what Peter was trying to get at. "I'm trying to please you in every way that I can." I kissed him. "Of course I trust you!"

"I know!" He agreed, when I released him. "Why don't we go and get this stuff off us." Peter looked at the clock on the screen of his computer. "We can talk over dinner but first, we have to wash this cream off and while we're at it?" He grabbed a package off the shelf. "This might be good for a start." He held it away from me so that I couldn't see what it was, smiling mysteriously.

I was dying of curiosity. All the time we were in the shower, I was trying to extract from Peter the information that I had failed to obtain in his roomful of sex toys and bondage gear.

"All I can say is that fantasies originate from a deep seated desire to try something new. Most people never attempt to live out these dreams in real life. They are shackled by convention and are afraid to mention them in case the people that they respect think badly of them. I mean, look what happened to us when I bought you that new swimsuit?" He looked intently at me. "I watched you at the beach today, honey. You enjoyed every minute, even though you were totally naked, at the time."

"I know sweetheart." I whispered, feeling guilty.

"When I asked you what you thought of Jim, earlier, you only mentioned that it was unusual to see a man without pubic hair. Now, I want to tell me what you really thought about him. Be honest with me, Pam. Did you want him,---sexually I mean?"

"I guess so. I sort of fantasised about him when we were out there." I stumbled over my words, blushing with embarrassment.

I could feel his eyes searching mine for further information and I felt relieved when the corners of his mouth lifted slightly.

"That's more like it!" Peter smiled. "We all have fantasies and when we get married, I don't want you to feel that you can't tell me everything that's on your mind. I want you to belong to me totally. I want to make as many of your dreams come true as I can." He promised.

"All right! What about you?" I gained strength from his shock reaction to my confession.

"Mine evolve, in the same way that yours have, so far." Peter smiled. "You know me well enough by now. I want our relationship to be based on mutual respect. I would never ask you to do anything that might harm you but I want you to obey me, as you have already done. I'll give you a safe word to use, but be VERY careful how you use it." He warned. "Part of the philosophy of the BDSM world is to stretch your limits to suit your Master. You'll read more about that in Barbara's next book. It's pretty exciting stuff for both of us."

I still didn't fully understand what Peter was talking about but I found myself nodding and agreeing to be his sub, as he called it.

"You will call me 'Master' when I ask you to do something that you might be a bit frightening to you." He instructed. "That way I'll know to take it easy on you." He smiled lovingly. "If you feel that you can't obey me, just say your safe word and we'll talk about it."

Peter and I dried each other and continued to talk about our future together. I agreed to put my life in his hands and promised not to use the safe word unless I really had to. He left it up to me to choose that word and then led me into the bedroom. His main fantasy was now becoming obvious, to be in total control of my behaviour and to thus remove any guilt that I might feel, from acting out on my forbidden, deep seated desires. On the other hand I promised to allow him the freedom to pursue his own dreams, free of any jealousy or resentment on my part. Although I had some misgivings about carrying on this way I felt I owed him a large amount of loyalty. I chose my own safe word, 'desist', for no other reason than it was not a word that I would normally use. I would have to think about it.

"Great!" Peter laid me down on the bed. "Close your eyes for me, Babe." He nudged my legs gently apart.

My body tingled with excitement as I obeyed him, listening as Peter unwrapped the package that he had left in the room. Laying on my back, open and exposed to my lover, had never bothered me too much in the past but there was a new dimension of excitement, to the thought of being totally subordinate to his wishes and of wearing whatever turned him on, that gave me an extra thrill. I wondered whether he would show me off and how it would make me feel to be put on display. I was confused by the speedy changes that were occurring in my moral outlook. I just had to put my trust in Peter and I believed that he would never harm me.

Finally I heard the empty package being tossed on the floor and the bed move under his weight as he knelt between my legs.

"Just keep your eyes closed, darling. I know we're both going to enjoy this little toy." Peter's soft voice soothed my nerves.

I lifted my hips slightly as he inserted a small, soft ribbed penis shaped device into my vagina. It wasn't uncomfortable but I knew it was there.

"How does that feel." He coaxed. pushing in in past my muscles. "Can you hold your new friend inside you?"

I nodded my head, fearful of upsetting him but worried about the reason for this intrusion. I wished I had taken the time to examine his range of sex toys, earlier. It was all so new to me.

"Now, just wait here and read the next chapter of your book for a while. Get yourself comfortable and I won't be long." He assured, as he kissed me. "Open your eyes and wait right here."

Peter handed me the book.

I could hear him moving around in the kitchen area as I propped up my pillow and began to read. I was acutely aware of the device that Peter had placed inside me. I couldn't resist taking a peek at the crumpled package on the floor. It was comfortable enough but I was wondering what it was supposed to be for. I reached out and read the back of the packet. My eyes widened as I realised that it was remote controlled. The illustration indicated that it was a sophisticated vibrator of some sort.

"How's it going in there." Peter was coming closer.

I chucked the package back on the floor, just as Peter entered the room.

"I thought so!" He was grinning, mocking my feeble attempt at playing detective. "Bad girl! Just do what you're told. Remember your promise." He pecked me on the cheek. "I won't punish you, this time, but just be careful in future?"

Peter seemed to be enjoying my discomfort. As he left the room, I noticed a remote device hanging around his neck.

"Trust and Obey!" He called out, walking away from me. "You won't hear me coming next time."

It was as though Peter left the package there deliberately. He was testing my level of commitment to the promise I had made him. He had made sure that my mind was tantalised by the unspoken promises of whatever unknown delights lay ahead. I had finished chapter eight and started on the first pages of chapter nine when I looked up. Peter was there, standing in the doorway.

"That's better!" He chuckled. "I'll have our dinner ready soon. Just keep reading meanwhile."

I should have been angry but I just smiled at him and went back to my reading. Barbara was about to go out to a BDSM club, having accepted Kent's terms for him to be their family's 'Master' for the evening. It was starting to get quite interesting. I couldn't help wondering how she came to be called Mistress. Barbara seemed to be dreading the thought of humiliation, and yet, loving it at the same time. I seemed to be following reasonably similar parallels, in my own life. I found it quite intriguing to read about her family's changing interests to this point.

As I moved on to her grand entrance to the club, as described in the book, I found myself enthralled, making up my mind to meet this lady if I could. I wanted to know more about the author's philosophical beliefs, even if I couldn't emulate them, fully.

Subconsciously, I touched myself when I came to the part where she circulated the crowded room, allowing the patrons to touch her. A small electrical wire reminded me that Peter's plaything was still inside me. I had almost forgotten it was there. Perhaps it didn't work? I went back to reading, lightly touching myself in the way I expected that Barbara was allowing her customers to do.


"Dinner's ready!"

I heard the voice and then felt a movement inside me. The toy worked alright. I looked up and put my book down, marking the page I was currently reading. Peter was still in the main room.

"Alright darling." I called back. "It works, by the way!" I smiled as I got up. The toy stopped abruptly.

The spare room door was still open as I walked past into the lounge. I looked in briefly and noticed that the computer was still on. I had no need to ask how Peter wanted me dressed for dinner. Standing next to the table, he pulled out a chair, his eyes twinkling with delight.

He looked whiter than normal, around the area that I had recently shaved and I couldn't help staring as I took my seat.

"Dinner in the nude, from now on, is it?" I smiled at him.

"Think of the advantages." He agreed, touching the remote that nestled into his chest. "You just have to watch your step when you're cooking." He grinned. "I found that out this morning."

We talked about the philosophy of light BDSM, as Peter called it.

"No doubt you have read about the ethical side and the purpose of putting yourself in the hands of someone that you trust by now?

"I think so. You don't have fantasies about hurting people or anything, then?" I had to be sure.

"Of course not!" Peter looked annoyed. "It's all about pleasure in getting through life. We all have different fantasies about sex and what turns us on. I listen to Harry and Ken, but our group don't necessarily follow their particular fetishes. The thing that's most common to all of us is the sexual freedom. Monogamous relationships are far too boring, at times. We need to get over the jealousies and get down to finding out what makes us happy." He looked serious. "I like the honesty part. Far too many people are living their lives, trying please others, rather than themselves. The whole community at Maple Lake seems to be happy, doing whatever they want. I admire the way they thumb their noses at authority and have no guilt, in sexual matters in particular."

"But what about loving relationships?" I looked up. "We can't just ignore our feelings."

"We have to be considerate." Peter agreed. "Nobody's saying that we can't have feelings. It's just that we shouldn't be tied to one particular partner. Relationships evolve as we go though life." He paused. "Look at the divorce rate now. Those people are tied down too. Their only way forward, seems to be to split up. They try other partners and then their previous relationship is lost."

"I see where you're going, but who would we team up with, as it were? What if we find another partner that gives us more satisfaction in bed, for example?" I thought about Sally and Rebecca. "What if you find out that you prefer group sex and I don't?"

"Some of Barbara's family are happily married, but it's more like they are all married together. They all have a free choice about whether they stay together or not. They just don't get together with people that the others in the family don't like. They all WANT to be together and that's what keeps them together."

Peter was making sense and I realised that his adventurous spirit was what drew me to him in the first place. Life with him had always been exciting. I realised that I had already made my decision when I came back to the city. It was more a case of me, understanding what he expected of me. We ate in silence for a while as I took in all the consequences of what Peter was telling me. I wondered if the reality of seeing me with another man might change his mind? What if seeing him with someone else would have a devastating effect on me? I tried to think of what I could say to change his mind. Did I want to? I thought about the excitement I had felt with Jim, out on the water, feeling his naked body next to mine, aware of the mutual raw sexual attraction that we had felt, at the time. I had fantasised about him, even when Peter was making love to me earlier on. I began to speak, almost dreading what Peter might think of me, but unable to contain my thoughts any longer.

"You asked about Jim earlier on?" I began, voice shaking.

"Yes, my love?" Peter was smiling, almost triumphantly.

"He seemed to want me too. There was definitely an attraction there." I blushed. "I would have let him make love to me if you had told me to." I looked at him for a sign of anger or jealousy.

"I thought so!" Peter laughed. "It's just as well I invited him to try out our facilities at the club gym tonight, isn't it?"

"You mean?" I was both relieved and astounded when he nodded.

The thought that Peter appeared to embrace the beliefs of Mistress Barbara no longer bothered me too much. Now that the ground rules were set, I actually began to look forward to the adventures that lay ahead.


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