tagExhibitionist & VoyeurErotic Adventures Ch. 16

Erotic Adventures Ch. 16


Author's Note: It might be advisable to re-read Erotic Adventures Ch. three, before reading this one. The bulk of the story takes place in a gymnasium that was fully described in that Chapter and, for maximum enjoyment, I believe that the exercise will prove to be beneficial.

* * * * *

It was incredibly liberating, to be discussing my latest fantasy, over dinner, with Peter. I suspected that Peter had noticed my wanton behaviour with his new friend, even before I caught that last wave back to shore. His obvious approval would have surprised me more if I hadn't read the book, 'Addicted to Attention'. My mind was excited by the prospect of having Jim make love to me, with Peter's approval, devoid of the guilt that would normally follow such an encounter. After all, I would merely be obeying Peter's wishes. I had readily agreed to allow him to control the moral aspect of my personal life, in the way that I always suspected that he wanted to, being totally subordinate and dressing, or not, to please him.

"I wonder if the evening paper arrived yet?" Peter looked up.

"I'll have a look for you, honey."

I walked to the front window and peeped around the curtain. There, nestling against the bottom step of the front door, sat the rolled up newspaper. Peter was watching me, to test my obedience, I guessed. I already knew what was expected of me.

There was nobody around and it was almost dusk. My heart was thumping as I cautiously opened the door, making sure that I didn't forget to secure the latch. The evening air cooled my naked flesh and there was an creeping sexual tension mounting within my body. I guessed that it was silly to worry about such a brief outing as this, after my nude experiences at the beach. I raced toward the paper, swooped it up and ran back inside to close the door again, flushed with success. My breathing was ragged as I dropped the evening newspaper in front of Peter and looked at the wall clock in the kitchen.

"Nearly 7 pm already. What time do we have to get going, over to the gym, darling?" I asked, breathlessly

"Normally, not till around 8 pm." He followed my eyes. "God! I'd better get some work done before we go." Peter beamed at me happily, looking at our dishes, pointedly. "Don't forget, just watch yourself with that hot water when you clean up."

"Whatever you say, Master." I giggled.

Peter laughed and kissed me before going back to his computer room to finish working on his Emails and scan the newspaper.

My trepidation, at the thought of working out in the gym with Peter's band of followers had gone. After my experiences at the free beach, I looked forward to meeting all of them again and discussing the day's events with Kim, in particular. The thought of Jim being there, as well, had preyed on my mind since Peter had intimated that my fantasy encounter might yet come to life. Images from the book I had been reading sprung to mind as I performed my house duties in the nude. I was beginning to enjoy my freedom from clothing almost as much as Peter obviously did. I just hoped that no-one would come to the door.

I nearly dropped the plate that I was drying when I felt the vibrator begin to move within me. Peter had a unique way of calling me now. It reminded me that I was totally his, to command. With some degree of difficulty I finished putting the dishes away. I was orgasmic with carnal anticipation by the time I got back into our bedroom.

Peter was waiting for me, his intentions plain to see in his smile.

"We've got time, if we're quick." He motioned to the bed.

Obediently I lay face down while he prepared me for entry. The lively movement of my toy made it hard to stop bucking my hips as waves of pure orgasmic pleasure swept through my nerve endings. Peter seemed to enjoy probing me with his oily fingers, stretching and kneading my anal muscles until they were fully relaxed. Finally he entered me, filling me as never before and awakening my long held fantasy about the exquisite thrill of a double penetration.

This time I imagined that I was riding Jim vaginally while Peter was taking advantage of my exposed rosebud opening, easily his favourite lovemaking position. The velvet smoothness of our bodies seemed to increase the pleasure that we both felt. He started off slowly and sensually enough but before long he was pounding me from behind while I writhed with the unique pleasure of being so totally filled. The tiny vibrator in my love nest appeared to have an erotic effect on Peter as well. I felt the raw power of his climax pressurise my internal organs as he spilled his seed in short spasms of movement and then held my breasts tightly, stroking my engorged nipples. I moaned in delight, even while he extracted my toy, telling me it was nearly time for us to leave. Peter seemed to have enjoyed my outgoing behaviour and cautioned me to keep it up.

While we showered, Peter told me that he had spent his time with Jim discussing their various professional interests, as well as surfing.

"Katrina and Jim make adult films together, you know." He smiled as my face revealed my surprise. "All their business partners get involved in this, at various times."

"What, doing it for the camera!" I breathed, disbelievingly.

"Beats working as far as Jim's concerned." He nodded. "They only have sex with the people that they know to be healthy, a bit like Barbara's groups. I've invited him back home here, after the meeting at the club gym. Let's just find out a bit more about them from Jim, later on."

The implications of Peter's words were startlingly clear. I nodded.

We dried each other and began to dress in our club uniforms. When the time came to put on my leather bra I found that it chafed the tender skin on the top of my breasts, my shoulders too. Peter noticed my discomfort immediately.

"Don't worry, darling. Just put your dress on instead." Peter indicated my toga. "We probably won't need to wear anything at all tonight anyway." He grinned, winking at me.

As Peter had predicted, all of us had wasted no time in removing our clothing once we were assembled. The strangest part about the process was that I wasn't as shy as before and I eagerly removed my toga and thong, along with the others. I noticed that Kim seemed much more at home with her natural, shaven look as well. I waved her over and she quickly scampered over to my side, admiring the tops of my sun reddened breasts.

"You must have been outdoors all day, Pam. Looks like I've got a bit of catching up to do." She giggled, infectiously.

It wasn't till we had done our warming up exercises that Jim turned up. By the time he arrived, we were paired off in different areas of the main room. Peter showed Jim around the facilities and introduced him to other members that he hadn't already met at the beach. Between helping each other with our exercises, doing sit-ups and the more humiliating thigh trimming movements, I covered Kim's lower body from Jim's view when he came over. She hated the idea of exposing herself so openly with a strange male visitor in the room. Kim and I talked about the events at Peninsula beach. Firstly, I described our long photographic session at the northern end and then my first attempt at nude surfing amongst a larger crowd of spectators.

We both noticed the admiring glances from the other ladies when Jim finally disrobed, joining in with the other men's exercises. Kim's eyes kept straying toward Jim while I told her about the tutorial accident where Jim and I touched, in the water.

"He could touch my body with that anytime he liked." Kim smiled seductively. "Quite a body, he's got there. I see you must have made Peter jealous." Kim nudged me, indicating Peter's newly shaven look. The hour long session flew and soon we were all ready to clean up and go home. In the showers, Sally reminded me that we only had a short afternoon session at Harry's studio the next day.

"We might pop in and pick you up on the way." She promised. Linking arms with Rebecca and farewelling us all, she left, along with several others including my friend Kim and her partner, Colin.

It seemed to take forever before just the three of us were left to lock up. I was having a lot of mixed feeling about the night ahead of me. By now it appeared obvious that Jim and Peter had been discussing a lot more than their shared interest in fitness matters or even the closely related professional lives that they both led. I could feel Jim's eyes following my every movement, as if assessing my potential as a sex partner. Despite my excitement, I was uncomfortable about being scrutinised in this way so I reached for my toga, embarrassed and still uncertain about what arrangements the men might have made. Peter finally spoke, before I had a chance to put it on.

"How would you like a massage, first, darling?" He looked at Jim. "Jim is something of an expert in therapeutic massage, as well as me. We could both work on your body together?"

By now, I had no doubt about their intentions. I blushed deeply and nodded, relieved that the opening move was over. All I had to do was obey Peter's commands, as I had already agreed.

"You remember that first night we made love in here?" Peter put his arm over my shoulder. "There was one room that you didn't see."

"It was locked." I acknowledged.

The door had been locked and while we had taken advantage of the rest of the gym facilities that night. Peter had steered me straight into the club's injury room to begin our marathon night of lovemaking and I had abandoned my investigations at that point.

"That was my other stockroom. I just wanted to show Jim our new range of bondage gear."

I was tensed up with anticipation as I turned and smiled at Jim, too afraid to speak, still not knowing for sure what to say, as Peter sorted out his keys. Details of our arrangement came flooding back as I contemplated the night ahead. I could sense that the gap between our fantasies and stark reality was about to close. Jim started to guide me toward the door that Peter opened. I gasped and recoiled as the unfamiliar touch of Jim's hand on my naked bottom invoked the certainty that we might soon be making love.

"Perhaps I'll leave you to look at his stockroom together."

I inched away from Jim, feeling the blood rush to my head and shaking like a leaf. I was a bundle of nerves, uncertain about how he and Peter expected me to react to his intimate touch. It had been a lot different out on our surfboards.

Peter seemed to notice my embarrassment and came to the rescue. His reaction pacified me as he motioned to Jim to go into his stock room.

"You go into the massage room and get up on the table, Pam. We'll be with you in a minute. Just get comfortable" He suggested.

I looked inside the massage room and shakily nestled my body into the soft leather topped table, face down. I could hear the muffled voices next door as Peter talked to my fantasy man. By now I was reconciling myself to whatever lay ahead. I parted my legs slightly, still unsure about how I should present myself. The voices soon became clearer and I knew that I didn't have long to wait. I was plagued with insecurity about it might feel to be used, like a sex object, by a comparative stranger in front of Peter.

"I think it's time you two got to know one and other. Just try to relax, darling." Peter called out. "Jim will be gentle."

Jim approached the massage table, alone, rubbing oil into his hands.

"Just let yourself go and enjoy this, Pam. It's alright." He soothed as he began behind me, kneading the soles of my upturned feet before working his way up my leg. Peter then started on my shoulders, looking into my upturned face with a calm, reassuring expression as his fingers rubbed the tenseness out of my body. My eyes betrayed my bewilderment when Jim eased my legs further apart and began to work on my inner thighs with short, progressively upward movements. His fingers were stopping just short of my shaven love nest, sending shivers of delight through my spine. Subconsciously, I knew that he would soon be probing the inner cheeks of my bottom and into the more private areas that were normally reserved for my lover. I opened my mouth to speak, but was silenced by the light brush of Peter's oily fingers across my lips.

"Just let it happen, my darling." He soothed, smiling at me.

I returned his smile and raised my hips to allow Jim's fingers to caress my labial lips. I was too excited to protest when Jim trickled more oil in between the opened cheeks of my bottom, knowing what was about to happen next. Instinctively, I relaxed my sphincter muscles to allow his probing finger to push past my tight rosebud opening and allow him to lubricate my anal passage. With this intimate contact in progress, I began to moan with delight. Whenever his thumb brushed my engorged clitoris, my hips began to buck and push back at the inward pressure he was applying. Similar to my fantasy out on the surfboard, I was totally out of self control. I orgasmed unashamedly and my body convulsed with delight as Jim continued to probe my anal passage. Encouraged by my reactions, I could see that Peter was as excited as I had ever seen him. His glistening erection pulsated and it was all I could do to prevent myself from reaching out for his manhood.

"Please?" I gasped. "I want both of you now."

I urgently wanted Peter inside me so that his seed wasn't wasted.

Wordlessly, both men guided me to the floor where Peter prepared me to mount Jim in the female superior position. I tried to avoid his eyes as I approached. Crouching above him was the hardest part for me. He could easily see how eager I was, hovering hungrily above his waiting erection. I guided his engorged penis toward my entrance with my hand whilst closing my eyes to avoid meeting his.

My well lubricated love tunnel had no difficulty in swallowing all of the thick penis that was presented at my entrance. The lively warmth of his pulsating member made me groan with ecstasy until I finally came to rest on his hips, fully impaled.

I felt Peters hands press on the back of my shoulders and knew that he wanted to make my forbidden fantasy come to life. Laying perfectly still, Jim tongued my nipples as Peter pushed me forward so that he had full access to my bottom. He patiently slid the head of his wet, throbbing member down between my inner cheeks, filling me with some electrifying doubt that I would be able to accommodate both men at once. This sensation was so different to our recent practice session at home. Jims wider and longer penis stretched the walls of my vagina in a way that the remote toy never had. I thought Peter was going to tear me in two as he sought to gain entry, gentle though he was. When he pressed the head of his penis into the tiny entrance I bit my lip to prevent me from vocalising the pain I felt. Determined, as I was, to experience the joys that Barbara described in her book, I urged my lover to carry on. I felt the head squeeze past the muscles and then stretch my colon as he overcame my natural resistance, Peter finally came to rest with his smooth inner hips resting against the inflamed cheeks of my bottom. The sensation was well worth the pain. Intimate closeness of the two men and the constant throbbing inside me gave me a powerful feeling of accomplishment.

I was grateful that Peter didn't begin to stroke immediately. My own breathing was laboured and I fought for breath, feeling the air being squeezed out of my lungs. By taking shorter, sharper breaths I was finally able to feel what I realised that Barbara had been describing in her book. I thought that I was stretched to the limit but knowing that I had to make the first move, I gently urged Peter to move with me and rubbed my oily body forward and back, just slightly at first. I gazed into Jim's rugged face as I practiced clenching my muscles around his shaft and was rewarded with a satisfied smile as we all finally coordinated our movements. Any embarrassment or pain was gone by the time Peter's movements became more frenzied and I sensed the first rush of his orgasm. There were squelching noises caused by my multiple orgasms which had made me so wet. Jim was groaning with ecstasy and the scent of sex was heavy in the air when he gripped me tightly and exploded his seed deep within my womb. I collapsed on top of Jim and we all gasped for normal breath together. We lay there, in a heap, radiating in the warmth of our entwined bodies until all our breathing became more regular. It was an experience that would be certain to live in my mind for a long time. Knowing that Peter had skillfully arranged the whole episode made me a lot more indebted to him than ever. I was glad to have been able to be so honest about my sexual fantasies.

To be continued tomorrow...

Now readers! You know what I need! VOTES! (5) For preference. Barbara Anne Adams. N.Z.G.S.K.

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