tagExhibitionist & VoyeurErotic Adventures Ch. 18

Erotic Adventures Ch. 18


I quickly sat down, before Peter made good with his threat. Blushing, I slowly spread my legs, shifting my hips as far forward as I dared.

"Further forward, Pam." He snapped.

I edged my bottom forward until I was totally exposed to Jim's view and certainly well within his reach. Looking directly into his face, I could see his eyes drift all over me and watch as his unadorned manhood reacted to Peter's brazen display of my genitalia.

"Like this, Master?" Shakily, I found my voice.

I suddenly turned to gaze into Peter's eyes, unable to look at our guest any longer. It was as if Peter was inviting Jim to continue the erotic fondling that he had begun in our car. Whilst Jim had already explored my body earlier on, in the darkness of the car, it had been relatively discrete. Although I acknowledged my consent at the time, when prompted, I found this new situation far more humiliating. I was keenly aware that the sensor portion of my sex toy would now be clearly in his view. My lips felt puffy and swollen and I didn't dare look, but I sensed that my clitoris would be fully erect and visibly wet. My eyes searched Peter's for a sign of weakness but I saw none. He just smiled.

"Perfect for what we have in mind." The wolf in Peter grinned.

To my horror he shook his head, removing the cord from around his neck in one quick motion, placing the remote on the table. "It's there, if you need it, Jim." He turned dismissively away, toward the kitchen.

Once Peter was gone from sight, I could no longer avoid Jim's eyes. Perched uncomfortably on the edge of the chair, I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye and saw Jim reach out for something on the table. My eyes nervously followed his hand, to see if he was going to reach for the remote control device that he had been invited to use. In my current circumstances, I was hoping that he wouldn't.

"I'd like to try these items out on you Pamela." Jim chuckled.

He seized on a small package and opened it. I scanned the range for the first time, noticing the wrist and ankle cuffs and widening my eyes at the sight. Surely they didn't intend to use those on me? My imagination turned to the BDSM photos in Peter's computer room.

"Thank goodness you guys couldn't find any whips or paddles." I muttered.

"They were just put there as an added incentive for you to obey Peter's instructions, I guess." Jim laughed lightly as he explained. "You don't mind do you?"

I smiled and shook my head. Jim was looking directly at me, holding a rubber tipped clamp, cupping my breast toward him in a manner that left me in no doubt of his intentions.

"It's just a decoration."

"Alright then. Go ahead!"

I winced as Jim attached a clamp to my left nipple. Despite the early pain, I felt an strange surge of sexual pleasure as the tension of the connecting chain tugged toward my right breast as he clamped the other nipple. My vaginal muscles contracted automatically on the toy penis inside me and I shivered with rapidly mounting desire. I wanted him to take out my toy and replace it with the real thing. Sitting in my current position, exposed before his eyes, watching his penis grow steadily had made me bolder. Surely the reason Peter had left me this way was to tempt him. Our eyes met and my decision was made for me.

I gasped as he reached over and kissed me, passionately this time. He squeezed my breasts against his smooth chest and placed his free hand between my legs. His wandering finger found my erect clit at the same time, producing a fresh need to feel him inside of me. I reached out in search for his manhood, grasping at his moistened and quivering shaft with both hands. I began to buck my hips against his hand as I stroked his penis.

"Please, Jim? I want you inside me." I whispered breathlessly.

All reason had gone and I no longer cared where we were. Jim looked stunned when I dropped to my knees and tenderly encircled his turgid manhood with my tongue. I looked him directly in his eyes for some sign of acceptance as I teased his pulsating member and flicked at it with the tip of my tongue. He was rapidly responding to my sensual oral attentions, groaning with satisfaction. In a few short minutes I had changed into what both men obviously wanted me to be, a raging nymphomaniac. I opened my mouth wider and took as much of his penis inside my mouth as I could, tracing my lips lovingly back over the smooth texture of his erect love tool. Jim gripped my head and tried to moderate my lust before he ejaculated.

"I see that Pam's starting to behave herself with you, now."

My eyed darted to my left and I saw Peter coming back out of our kitchen with a tray of refreshments. I recoiled from Jim's glistening shaft and looked up at him, flushed with guilt at allowing myself to get so carried away in his absence. I noticed his thinly veiled smile as he put the tray down on the table. It was comforting to conclude that he approved of my actions so I relaxed and smiled back at him, gratefully. It was obvious that Peter had been turned on by the scene he had witnessed.

"Good girl! I see you've already tried on the nipple clamps." He knelt beside me, giving the chain a slight tug before reaching up to the table. "We've never tried out these self lubricating anal beads, Pam?" He held up a bubble pack with clear circular objects inside the wrapper, strung together with cord.

"I already used some--"

"No arguments, please!" Peter interrupted. "We'll sit down and enjoy our tea together and let's remember who's in charge, shall we?"

I struggled to my feet and tried to concentrate on how I was expected please both of the men as I sipped at my tea. I remained silent and subdued while the men discussed the evening ahead. Peter ignored my frantic eye signals when he mentioned the possibility of Jim having anal sex with me this time. Looking at Jim's bulging erection earlier on, I half expected that he might damage my internal organs with his larger sexual equipment. It took all effort not to interrupt him and suggest that we just have sex in the same way as we had at the gym.

I drained my cup and looked Peter in the eye, silently pleading for moderation to his plans. He merely smiled and handed the beads over to Jim.

"I take it that you've used these before?"

At this point I knew that he was going to allow Jim to insert those huge beads into my bottom, despite any further protestation that I might make, but I had to try.

"I mightn't be able to--" My voice was shaking with fear.

"Move over to the couch and bend over it." Peter interrupted, while Jim was opening the bubble pack in his hand. "I'll insert the first one this time, if you like?" He laughed. "They are designed to relax your muscles. Just trust me!"

Jim helped me to my feet and I obeyed Peters instructions without a further word of protest. Spreading my feet, I leaned over the back of the couch and closed my eyes. Jim followed right behind me. He began to stroke lightly along my inner thighs with his finger tips, moving steadily upward and making my body shiver with anticipation. The tug of the chain distended my nipples each time my body shivered. This motion seemed to increase the erotic sensations that were happening within my loins. I began to respond to his magical touch, encouraging Jim to continue upward until Peter came alongside me.

"Come on? Open up, Pam." He whispered.

Haltingly, I reached behind me and opened the cheeks of my bottom with both hands. As relaxed as Jim had tried to make me, I tensed slightly as Peter eased the first bead beyond my sphincter muscle. It slipped easily through, although it must have been least an inch in diameter.

"This lubricant has a special muscle relaxant formula." Peter explained to Jim. "I'll leave the next one to you."

Jim took over and pushed the next one through. It seemed slightly larger than the first but it slipped through without too much effort. I found myself wondering how many of these beads I was expected to take into my rectum. My muscles started twitching and clasping, and I orgasmed involuntarily, as Peter took over and gently forced the next two through.

"Just hold them in place sweetheart." Peter advised "You'll be feeling the effects shortly."

I began to feel an uncomfortably urgent need to expel those slippery beads as soon as I could. I was doing my best to hold them in but I couldn't help the natural muscular contractions. I took short sharp breaths to ease the urge to defecate as much as I could but trying to hold back was starting to become painful.

"Please no!" I squealed as Jim took over and forced another one in. "Just take them out. I can't take any more." I was out of breath.

"Five! That should do for now!" Peter agreed.

I felt the remaining beads brush between the back of my legs when Jim let them go and stood up. I kept trying not to let the beads go when I stood up and turned toward Jim. I could feel the lubrication taking effect as I moved toward him. I noticed that Jim's penis was as hard as a rock, from watching my struggle to control the urge to vacate my bowels. I was almost sobbing with indignation and I tensed as Jim reached over and lifted me over his shoulders.

"I think she might be ready by now." He chuckled, patting my tortured bottom.

"I was telling Jim about our little experiment earlier on." Peter explained with a grin. "Jim really wants to experience the same sensation."

"You wanted me inside you, before?" Jim reminded me. "I'll take the beads out but--" He pointed to his raging erection. "I want you to ask me to put Jim Jnr. in your backside, this time."

I was shocked, partly because Peter had informed Jim all about our private bedroom behaviour but mostly because it appeared that Jim wanted me to beg him to perform anal sex on me. I glanced at Peter with a look of surprise on my face.

"Do it Pam!" He held up his remote control with a smile.

The vibrator started without warning and I squirmed uncomfortably for a moment as the contractions became unbearable. I bent right over the chair to allow Jim remove the beads, no longer concerned about false modesty.

"Take them out then?" I shuddered as a fresh wave of orgasmic delight took hold of my body. I shuddered as he tugged lightly and one bead slipped out.


"I want you to put your penis in there instead." I sobbed.

"Where exactly, Pam?"

"In my ass.---I want you to fuck my arse. There! I've asked you. Please? I can't hold them any more." I wailed.

It was embarrassing to have to ask for anal sex this way but at least Jim responded quickly. One by one, they slid out until I barely felt the last one leave my body. I could only imagine to what extent the exercise had stretched my opening. It felt as though I had been raped by an elephant. Jim gave me time to catch my breath before he pressed the head of his penis beside my recently vacated rosebud.

"You ready for this, now?" Jim sounded excited.

"I think so. Be gentle?" I pleaded.

I could feel the throbbing of his penis as he manoeuvred for the best position and gripped my hips more tightly. I relaxed and spread my legs a little wider, now able to watch Peter as he was taking out his digital camera.

"Darling?" I squealed as Jim pushed past my muscle, but by this time I barely felt the pain that I would have expected. "What are you doing?" I gasped as the air rushed out of my lungs.

"I'll join you in a minute." He grinned.

I understood now. The men had the whole evening planned. I was quite surprised at the ease with which Jim pressed himself fully inside me. I would never have believed that I was capable of taking all of him this way. I was so involved with the sensation of enjoying this new throbbing intrusion that I moved in time with Jim, disregarding the multitude of photos that Peter was taking. Jim was a bit rougher than I was used to but I was quickly transported back toward my forbidden fantasy world. I soon started screaming with delight and pushing back at Jim as he gripped my hips and drove his member deeper inside me. I was starting to breathe more quickly, on the threshold of a major orgasm, when Jim suddenly paused. He spoke to Peter amidst heaving, ragged breathing.

"It feels great, but can you turn her toy off now. I can't last all that much longer." He gasped. "It's making me want to cum, much too quickly."

I began to move sensuously against Jim, making my desire to continue as plain to both men as I could possibly make it.

"Christ! Keep going, Jim?" I pleaded. "I don't mind."

Peter thought for a moment and put his camera down on the table.

"Go ahead! I think Pam likes it left on, while she has sex this way. I'll just turn the speed down."

Jim chuckled and, unexpectedly, he disconnected my nipple clamps.


He tossed the set over to Peter and began to stroke in time with me again.

"She's quite a little tiger, this one." He rolled my nipples in his fingers to restore the circulation and I sensed his concern about my welfare. Truthfully, I had forgotten that the clamp set had still been attached to my nipples before that moment. I beckoned Peter over to me, in an attempt to signal my desire to have him closer to me.

When he placed his erection close to my head I had no hesitation in taking it into my mouth, greedily rolling my tongue around the head of his penis. We often gave one and other oral sex as a prelude to love-making but this time I took to the task with a lot more relish than I normally did. I swallowed his shaft as far as I could and taking care not to hurt him in any way, I took care of his needs in the only way possible.

With the added stimulation of Peter's throbbing member in my mouth I was gratified that Peter left our vibrator going at the slow speed. This allowed me to enjoy the experience with Jim at a more moderate pace than before. Peter was the first to ejaculate and I swallowed every drop, albeit with some difficulty. Once Peter had shifted away Jim continued to stimulate my anal nerves at a faster pace. At the same time Peter's toy was working it's magic on my vaginal walls. The sounds of our frantic lovemaking soon filled the room and I orgasmed almost continuously, totally losing control of myself.

It wasn't too long before Jim's body stiffened against me and he let out a sharp gasp. His penis seemed to swell inside me and suddenly it felt like it was bursting. I squealed with joy and ecstasy each time the warmth of his love seed rushed through my bowels, closing my eyes, oblivious to my surroundings. Whilst Jim had been ejaculating, I was too absorbed with the act to be aware of Peter's reaction at first. When I calmed down, The first thing I noticed was the quiet admiration in his eyes and I was overwhelmed with pride and happiness in that he showed no sign of jealousy.

Peter had introduced me to the joys of being able to have sex with others, free of emotional ties. I made up my mind that I would no longer attempt to limit his fantasies, no matter what they were. In unselfishly allowing another man to satisfy my desires, as he had, I felt that I could always be honest with Peter from now on, reassured that he would think no less of me. I was more convinced than ever before that he truly loved me. I threw my arms around him and kissed him warmly as soon as I was able.

"Lets go and have a shower and then I'd like to go for a swim. I'd like to freshen up before we all go to bed if that's alright with you?" I cajoled Peter.

He nodded and kissed me with renewed vigour.

"Thank you, darling." I added, in a whisper.

Turning back to Jim, I gave him a look of appreciation. The sex part had been wonderful but I wanted to leave Jim in no doubt that my heart belonged to my husband.

"Katrina's a lucky lady. I'm dying to meet her, tomorrow night. By the way, you were just great!" I smiled confidently.

"Think you can handle performing in front of the camera now?" Jim chuckled softly. "You won't even know they're there."

I looked at Peter for direction. His smile told me the answer that I was expected to give. It was like he had Jim had explained to us, at the gym, just a matter of getting used to one and other. I now sensed that it might give us both further opportunity to explore the our range our fantasies in a safe, controlled way.

"I'll look forward to it." I giggled. "Sure!" My shyness with Jim was over. I was in a more jubilant mood now, more than ready to do whatever Peter wanted me to, in the future.

THE END. [For this month]

* * * * *

September was a harrowing month for all of us. I'll try to do better in October. I hope to have more submissions ready for November. "Keep those cards and letters rolling in folks." [Apologies to Dean Martin]

Voting? Well! What can I say?

Barbara Anne Adams. N.Z.G.S.K.

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