tagExhibitionist & VoyeurErotic Adventures Ch. 19

Erotic Adventures Ch. 19


Once we moved into the bathroom, Peter and I both decided to abandon the thinly disguised charade that I had been reluctantly following orders. It seemed pointless to pretend any longer. Peter confessed to Jim that we practised a bit of BDSM role playing from time to time and I shyly confirmed his story.

"Pam used to be too embarrassed to admit that she wanted to live out a few of her sexual fantasies in real life."

"We do that all the time at the studio. It seems to sell movies fairly well." Jim laughed. "Katrina still enjoys a challenge."

He was referring to her abduction experience that he had told us about, earlier on.

"It was hard for me to let go at first." I agreed. "I found it simpler to just make believe that I had no choice in the matter."

The slave collar was removed, along with my vibrator toy, in the main bathroom, prior to cleaning ourselves up. A more candid relationship had begun. One that all of us were keen to continue for the rest of the evening. We were all intimate friends together now. Retiring to the bedroom after the three of us had showered, swum and frolicked around in the pool, this time I took the initiative. I wasn't ready to go to sleep, quite yet.

* * * * *

I teased him orally until he was fully erect. Releasing my lips from his quivering shaft with an apologetic smile, I then offered him my body. Not unlike the time at the Gym when I had coaxed Peter to enter me anally, I positioned myself with my cheeks opened wide. Behaving wantonly, like the little slut that Peter expected me to be, but not with him this time, I kneeled over the bed and waited impatiently.

"Come on! What are you waiting for? I want you inside me." I panted. My young Amazon was certainly aware, by now, that I was far from unhappy to be coupling with him again. Jim responded even more quickly than I had hoped for. He lubricated my rosebud, only with his index finger before attempting to press his engorged member inside my back passage for the second time that night. Without the preparation from the anal beads, I found it harder to relax my sphincter muscles sufficiently but I was determined not to cry out. I winced and held my breath as the bulbous head of his penis gradually opened me up but I bravely gritted my teeth until he was finally inside me.

I couldn't get enough of him. His huge penis was stretching my anal passage painfully, yet at the same time, I become wetter and more slippery from the clitoral orgasms I experienced with each successive stoke. I writhed in the heavenly ecstasy of pain and pleasure as I reached back to fondle my smoothly shaven mound. I wetted my fingers with my own juices as I traced them though my vaginal lips, then into my empty love nest. Probing deeply, I could feel a throbbing penis as it moved behind my vaginal wall, electrifying every nerve. I grew far more confident in myself, now shamelessly willing him to continue as he started to stroke me faster and deeper.

"That's it Jim! Fuck me harder! I love it!" I moaned. It's so great when you fuck my arse this way. Don't stop! I begged.

I remembered that Jim liked me to talk dirty to him. I guess he was used to that, in his chosen profession. My words served to make him even more enthusiastic. Beads of sweat were forming on my brow while Jim plumbed the depths of my bowels. Peter watched us with a bemused smile on his face, leaving me in little doubt that he wholeheartedly approved of my actions. I could feel the head of the penis inside me begin to swell. I sensed that Jim's climax was imminent now.

"Keep going!" I breathed in ragged bursts. "Don't pull it out, Jim!" I was almost incoherent with passion. "Fill me full of cum!"

On the edge of yet another rapidly approaching climax, I shuddered in pure delight. My eyes opened and my face was flushed but I was a little disoriented at first.

* * * * *

I woke up, startled, looked at the slumbering man on either side of me and sighed with relief. I had been re-living my latest adventure with my well hung surfer. It hadn't been entirely a dream, after all.

After my last anal encounter with Jim, I remembered the pair of them softly caressing me and calming me down. I must have gone to sleep in their arms.

It seemed that Peter was correct as usual, the fact that recreational sex had so little to do with emotional commitment was evident to me. I loved my partner more than ever this morning, if that was possible. I had been reminded time and time again of how very fortunate I was, that the man that I was marrying was so uninhibited and accepted that we both needed sexual variety, in order to make our marriage last. Sharing my charms with Jim had been fun for both of us and I had to admit that I enjoyed being a part of the temporary arrangement that Peter had made. I was tempted to wake him up by reaching out to touch him. My probing hand was only inches from his manhood when I paused.

It had been well after midnight before we finally turned in. I turned to take a look at the bedside clock, taking a more critical look at Jim. The mutual attraction that had first drawn me to him, out in the surf yesterday, had been purely physical, nothing more.

He lay, breathing evenly with just the trace of a smile on his rugged face. I carefully lifted the sheet off his well sculptured body and stared in wonder at the sight. Casually draped over his upper thigh and totally hairless, the way he kept the rest of his body, Jim's flaccid penis looked larger than I remembered. It was hard to believe that I had managed to fit all of that magnificent member, in it's erect state, inside my anal passage, let alone that I'd derived such compelling pleasure from the experience.

"Enjoying yourself there, sweetheart?"

Peter's voice startled me. I swiftly dropped the sheet and turned to face him, feeling guilty. His understanding smile told me that he had been watching me, while I studied Jim's naked, sleeping form.

"I can't believe I did that." I began, flustered. "Are you and Jim still serious about wanting us to perform in an adult movie this evening?" I whispered.

It was all coming back to me as I detected a mild touch of annoyance in Peters manner.

"It'll be fun, Pam. You were happy enough about it last night." Peter reminded me. "We can explore more fantasies together. It'll be just as good as doing it in public, I reckon." His eyes lit up.

We had discovered that I enjoyed anal lovemaking every bit as much as vaginal sex, but the thought of having to do it, in a public setting, was scary. At the height of my passion, I remembered, it had seemed like an adventure that I could easily learn to live with. In the cold light of day, however, the idea of performing sexual acts in front of strangers didn't seem like such a good idea, after all. I went quiet, thinking about how I might be able to put it off. Even with Peter it was something that I had skilfully avoided up till now.

Of course, I now had to accept Peter's leadership in these matters. That was the deal. Together, Jim and Peter had fulfilled my teenage fantasies and had even encouraged me to make love with both of them at the same time. There were a number of firsts last night. Under my partner's guidance, I had experienced a variety of sexual pleasure with Jim the previous evening but was always aware that it was Peter that was encouraging me to let myself go. It was also the first time that I had ever had such intimate relations with any man, other than my future husband. With this in mind, I tried to reconcile the idea of a performance at the movie studio, for Peter's sake. I would have to attempt to fantasise that we were completely alone, in that large mirrored bedroom/studio that Jim had spoken about, if I could.

"What's wrong? You've gone quiet all of a sudden." Peter nudged me.

"I was just thinking. It's a shame we both have to work today?" I sheepishly replied, anxious to change the subject. "Want me to make breakfast for all of us this morning?"

"Go on then. I'll wake Jim up in a few minutes." He shifted to let me out of bed. "It's about time we got up anyway, I think."

I left the men to get ready and went out to the kitchen after a quick refreshing shower, still naked, drying myself off with a large bath towel. The curtains were wide open in the living room so I scurried into the kitchen, wrapping my towel around me like a sarong. I looked outside and noted the early morning activity from the neighbouring houses. Wondering what to feed the men, I looked in the pantry and thought about what they might both like to eat.

"I'll make them pancakes for breakfast." I said aloud. "That'll be quick and easy."

I reached to get the pancake mixture but predictably, my towel ended up on the floor around my ankles. I resisted the reaction to cover up and carried on getting the ingredients that I needed. It was almost as though I wanted to be seen. I could still have closed the curtain.

My heart began beating wildly, when I realised the excitement that I felt at being completely undressed, in full view of our neighbour's window. I was getting bolder now. Once I put my towel in the laundry basket, the familiar tightening of flesh around my nipples encouraged me to stay that way. I ignored the compelling urge to check out the neighbouring window and carried on with my tasks Every noise that I heard outside the house, I got an additional adrenalin rush when I imagined that somebody could be easily be looking through the window at me while I prepared breakfast this morning.

Deciding to wear my delicate lacy apron, having taken Peter's advice about hot splashes to heart, I prepared the mixture for cooking in the fry pan. Although I was decently covered, from a distance now, I faced the window while I flipped the pancakes, fully aware that in the view from behind I was still uncovered. It would make me look and feel a lot sexier to stay this way when I brought their tray to the table, scantily clad like a Playboy Club waitress, I mused.

"Something smells good out there." Peter's voice rose above the muffled voices in the living-room. I heard the chairs scraping as they settled into position at the table.

"Be out there in a minute." I called back. "Nearly ready now."

It worked! Jim stopped mid sentence and whistled his appreciation the moment he saw me. I served the both men in turn, willingly pausing to allow their hands to roam around my body. They both seemed to have a fascination for my naked bottom but I wasn't exactly complaining when they squeezed my cheeks and probed my sex. I smiled, closed my eyes and fantasised that they were both total strangers in a restaurant. The idea of serving two fully dressed customers this way made me want to jump back into bed with my men but time was against us, for them to satisfy me as fully as I might have otherwise liked. I sat between them and listened as the boys planned out their day. They talked about our upcoming visit to the studio, once the rest of their plans were formulated.

"Can you bring a few costumes like this, Pam?" Jim reached down under my apron. "You look gorgeous, dressed like a French maid."

"Why not?" I sighed as Jim caressed my engorged labia under the frilly skirt. The revealing lacy outfit that I had chosen to wear had obviously turned both of them on.

"Great!" Peter leaned over and tweaked my left nipple. "That's my girl. We'd better get going soon, darling. It's alright, Jim and I will do the dishes while you get ready."

I excused myself to get dressed, ready for us to take Jim over to the football club, to get his station wagon. I wished that we could have all gone out surfing today but Peter and I both had other, prior commitments. This was the first time he had allowed me to choose my clothing since I had been back with him and I hoped that he wouldn't be disappointed with what I picked. I wanted to look more respectable today.

I selected a short summer dress that was low cut, but accentuated my figure in a far more subtle way than my toga did. There was so little selection of clothing left in my wardrobe. Peter had packed away all my underwear but I had become almost used to going outside the house without panties, since then. It made me aware of my vulnerability but I realised that I was not as worried about showing my body as I had been. Peter and Harry, between them, had seen to that. It was nice to examine my reflection in the mirror, fully dressed in appearance for a change, but armed with the certain knowledge that a wrong movement or gust of wind would expose my secret. It kept me on edge. I tested out how far I could bend over before it became obvious that I had no panties on, in the mirror, before I left the bedroom. It wasn't far at all. By the time I walked back to the lounge the guys were ready to go, waiting by a wide open front door. I flounced past them and down the steps, heading toward Peter's car, deliberately allowing my brief skirt to billow in the breeze for long enough to get a welcome whistle of appreciation from both men. More confident that Peter was pleased with me, I turned and smiled at him.

"You still like this dress, I hope?"

"It looks great on you, sweetheart. Terrific!"

I turned my attention to Jim, noting his lingering stare. "Hope you don't mind. I'm not allowed to wear my underclothes anymore. Master's orders." I giggled.

Jim held the car door open for me and ushered me inside. I could tell that he was suitably impressed when I sat, raising my skirt behind me to allow my bare bottom to make contact with the seat.

* * * * *

It didn't take long for the three of us to tidy the Club gymnasium. Although I did my best to encourage another sexual encounter, Jim was anxious to get to the beach and Peter seemed preoccupied. We walked back out to the cars, arm in arm, like the three musketeers, without a care in the world. I was proud of the fact that I had two great looking guys at my side, not only friends but lovers as well.

We attracted a bit of attention from nearby park users but I was so confident by now that it didn't really worry me that much, but I was glad that they hadn't been able see me last night, stark naked with my collar on.

Prior to departing our company, at the club car park, Jim casually mentioned that there were other male actors at the film studio that might be called on to appear with me this evening.

"You realise that casting is not up to me, at the studio?" Jim smiled. "Arnold and Monica are in charge of scripts. Don't worry about it, Pam! They're all perfectly healthy." He swiftly assured us both, once he saw the startled look on my face.

"That's fine with us, Jim."

His adventurous spirit was aroused and there was no point in making a big deal about it, although the idea of hopping into bed with a total stranger had still upset my inner calm. I was shaken. Thinking about the implications, I had to speak up.

"Why can't we just have a threesome, like we did last night?"

"Don't worry about it, darling. I'll be in the same situation. It'll be fun, you'll see?" Peter gave Jim a friendly nudge. "Just tell Arnold that we'll both be there by Eight o'clock."

Jim turned toward me and kissed me farewell, playing with my bottom as he did so. He was so like Peter, in very many ways, that I almost forgot we were standing in a public car park at Ten o'clock in the morning. It was a longer kiss than would be normal, between friends, and I melted into his arms, passion replacing tension.

"I'll see you tonight then, Jim?" I gasped for breath when he released me and swiftly smoothed down my dress. "Try to make sure that we can work together?" Blushing when I realised how hot I still was for him, even with Peter listening and other people nearby.

To be continued next Month, I'm afraid.

Chapter 20 should be well worth waiting for. I feel terrible for not being as prolific as usual, but I hope to finish this story during November for early December publication on the greatest site in the world. I hope we still have a World by then. On a brighter note, It's spring in New Zealand. All that nasty weather behind us at last.

Barbara Anne Adams N.Z.G.S.K.

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