tagExhibitionist & VoyeurErotic Adventures Ch. 2

Erotic Adventures Ch. 2


I hear a load roar from the crowd as Harry wandered back toward me with just a tiny hand towel in his hand and a big smile for me.

"All I could find, I'm afraid." He waved the towel at me.

"When does the match finish today, Harry?" I lowered my eyes. "I hope you don't mind me calling you that." I bit my lower lip.

"That's alright baby. That's my name. Still about another half hour or so to go, by my reckoning." He answered. "What are we going to do about those clothes of yours?" He mused. "I got no spare clothing here, I'm afraid." He handed over the small towel. "Still determined to go through with your original plan, are you?" Harry expressed his surprise.

"If I could?" I looked up as I dried myself off. "Oh!--You must think I'm really rude--I'm Pamela." I shook his hand. "Any ideas?"

"Well, now that we're friends and you are going to model for me?" He looked inquiringly.

"Well, I can't see the harm in it." I nodded anxiously. "After all you're right, you've seen it all before." I blushed.

"Nature shots, outdoors in the open?" He prompted.

I quickly nodded my head.

"Let's see what I can do for you then." He looked at me with a weary expression. "Now, I know how to get you into the dressing room, that's not too much problem." He acknowledged. "But, how are we going to get you over there?" He mused with a twinkle in his piercing blue eyes. "I don't suppose you want to go running over there without your clothes on?" He grinned. "Too many people around for that, today, I would think." He looked me over again. "Pity though." He scratched his chin. "It's such a shame to cover that beautiful young body of yours. It's a real treat!"

The thought of going naked was oddly tempting but of course, sanity ruled. I was still far from ready to be quite that bold, even though I was currently standing in front of a complete stranger without a stitch of clothing on. That was strangely thrilling enough, for now.

"What about your old dustcoat?" I suggested eagerly.

"Comes with a price." Harry warned. "You can work it off with a couple of modelling assignments for me, though?"

I looked at him, scanning his face for any sign that he might be just joking. I saw none. I blushed and turned my eyes from his.

"Alright then." I whispered softly. "Anything you like."

"That's my girl Pamela." His face broke out in a broad smile. "I'll even tell your boyfriend to make sure he gets in there before all the others if he's not there.--Deal?" He held out his hand.

"Deal!" I agreed, shaking his hand with a relieved smile.

The coat barely covered my pubic region and I was almost sure that it would be obvious that I had nothing on under it because there were at least two acid holes around the waist area that clearly showed bare flesh beneath. I twirled around in front of Harry's large full length studio mirror. In normal circumstances there would be no way that I would even consider venturing outside, dressed this way.

"Are there many people likely to be inside the stadium complex, with the game still going at the moment?" I prompted Harry.

"Afraid so, Honey." Harry replied. "You still look great to me though. Just walk slowly behind me and you should be alright." He urged. "It's got to be better than going all the way over there in the nude, surely?" He cackled at his own analysis of my fears.

"Oh well, lets go then." I agreed, still trembling at the very thought of being seen like this. "Are you really sure you can get me into the dressing room? I know they keep it locked during the game."

"Trust me!" Harry walked to the door. "I won't let you down."

I had little choice. Holding the bottom of the coat down, I followed him out of the door, locking it behind us. I was terrified, but now determined to see it through.

On the way to the new dressing room, in one of the most well crowded areas, I had been dismayed to hear a small boys voice as I passed his mother. I don't think I could ever forget his shrill words. I could have just killed the little squirt.

"Look Mummy! That lady has no clothes on, under that coat."

I had quickly held my coat down, nearly ripping the worn shoulder stitching in the process, conscious of eyes turning in my direction. I remember running as fast as I could to catch up with Harry. When we arrived at the room, Harry fumbled about in his shorts pockets for what seemed like ages. First one then the other.

"Come on Harry!--- Someone else might come along soon."

"Ah! I thought I might have left this behind." He held up a key with his hand. "Let's hope it works on this lock too." He grinned as he tried it in the lock. "Yes!" He announced. "Got it!"

The door opened at last.

"I hoped that my master key would fit that lock too." He smiled at me. "Had you worried though, didn't I?" He cackled, jovially.

He quickly ushered me into the well lit changing rooms and pointed to where the new shower room was. The aroma was far more pleasant and welcoming. Faint traces of male cologne amidst sweaty clothing that lay on the wooden benches assured me that we were in the right room at last. I picked my way through the casually discarded clothing and shoes, opening the door at the end of the room.

"Wow!" I turned to Harry. "This is brilliant!" I enthused.

A shining row of shower heads on one wall and a row of new mirrored shaving cabinets on the adjacent wall, above marbled hand basins with gleaming taps greeted our eyes. A far cry from the dingy room where I had reluctantly stripped and handed my clothing out that high narrow window. There were even doors on the toilet cubicles this time and definitely no cobwebs to be seen. I gave a huge sigh of relief as I looked around the empty shower room.

"Thank God we're not too late!" I breathed.

"Now, don't forget, here's my card." He said with a twinkle in his eyes as he motioned for me to give back his coat. "Good luck, my little beauty."

The card had his phone numbers, at home and at work, printed on it. I put it on a windowsill, quickly removed his coat and boldly turned my naked body back toward him, no longer attempting to hide my mounting sexual excitement. My nipples were still fully erect and I was well aware of a growing wetness between my legs. His eyes opened wide as I opened my arms up fully to give him a hug.

"I'll ring you tomorrow" I promised him, with a light kiss on his weathered cheek. "Thank you so much,--- for everything."

I smiled as I heard his parting words as he turned away.

"That silly young Buck doesn't deserve a gorgeous young lady like you, Pamela. Oh, to be young again!"

He shook his head in disbelief as he left me to it.

I got under the showers in the team's dressing room. My heart leapt when I realised that, in spite of that most embarrassing incident on the way here, I was now confident of achieving my goals in the way that Sally and I had planned. It wasn't her fault that she didn't know that the team had a new dressing room. After my tormenting trip to the new dressing room I was now a lot more confident about my body than I had ever been before. Harry's generously articulated and often expressed complements had achieved a most beneficial change in my old attitudes about my own desirability today. Turning on the showers I was surprised by the strength of the water jets as they stimulated my hardened nipples. I reached for one of the many cakes of brand new soap on the shelf, realizing that it wouldn't be long before I came face to face with my beloved Peter. I began to soap up again, as the steam surrounded me. I watched the door as I caressed my pubic area with the soap, now fully aware of the extent of my arousal. Fantasy was taking over when I closed my eyes and I slid the soap between my engorged vaginal lips and it touched my clit briefly. I shuddered with a wave of orgasmic pleasure and my knees went weak.

Marvelling at my newly acquired bravery, I began to realise just how turned on I had become, in showing myself off to Harry in that way. I had never experienced such pleasant remarks about my nude body before now. The old charmer had even convinced me to pose naked for him. The strangest part about it was that I had now found myself actually looking forward to it. He had admitted that he loved to pose his nude models in outdoor, presumably publicly accessible, locations. Peter had often asked me to do the same thing and I had always refused him firmly. Now, I had willingly agreed to do it for a complete stranger.

I had loved the way that Harry had looked at me, with naked approval written in his eyes. I heard the door open and turned my head away.

"Please, let it be Peter this time." I muttered to myself.

"What the Hell! ----Jeez--- Pam--is that you?"

No mistaking my ex boyfriend's voice this time. I turned to face him.

"Happy Birthday darling." I opened up my arms and walked toward him. "Fancy meeting you again." I chuckled at the shocked look on his face. "How about a big birthday hug?" I threw my arms around him.

He dropped the gaily wrapped parcel on the floor and returned my warm embrace, running his fingers over my wet and eager body. A charge ran though my spine as his rough hands caressed my naked bottom.

"How long have we got before all the others come in?" I gasped as we unlocked our lips from the first, passionate kiss.

"How did you get in here, my love?" He breathed. "I thought I had the only key." He looked puzzled.

I led him over to the window ledge and reached for Harry's card.

"I bribed your new resident photographer in your old changing rooms." I laughed excitedly. "It's going to cost me though."

He slipped it into his pocket before he took off his jacket.

"We only have a few minutes before the others come in." He warned, as he unbuttoned his shirt. "I'm game if you are?" He unbuckled his belt with a smile, his appreciative eyes travelling all over my body.

I helped him off with his shorts, happy to see the familiar bulge in his underpants, once again. I pulled them down, dropping to my knees on the cold floor.

"Where did you put your clothes, Pam?" He asked excitedly, as he stepped out of his underwear. "I'd better bring them in and lock the door for you, I suppose?"

"No need, darling. You brought them in with you." I considered my next words for a second. "The door is up to you, my darling."

I wrapped my lips around his straining member and flicked my tongue on the smooth underside of his penis.

"You mean?---How did you--oh--oh--just a minute!" He gripped my shoulders. "That gift parcel---your clothing?"

I looked up at him with a happy smile, my lips sticky and wet.

"It's a long story." I was undecided. "I'll tell you all about it later, darling. Just enjoy your main birthday present, my love. Lets just say that I've learned to be a little bit bolder than I used to be. Can't you tell?" I giggled.

"How bold?" His eyes gleamed, his intentions clear.

I gazed into his eyes and nodded. He reached down and picked up the parcel.

"Over here then." He beckoned me into a toilet cubicle and sat on the bowl, putting the parcel on the cistern. "These boys don't normally hang around too long after the match." He explained. "Still game?"

"Sure am!" I gave him a cheeky smile. "If only they knew?"

My experience with Harry had made me realise that there was fun to be had from exposing my body to others. I didn't mind so much any more, even if the young lads caught us at it. I edged around the door and swiftly snipped the lock and giggled softly. Poised over his raging erection, I lowered myself onto him. I closed my eyes and sighed. The heat of his member warmed the inner walls of my vagina as I swallowed his entire length. It felt so wonderful to have him inside me again. I relaxed as we heard voices and we briefly stopped moving. Many was the time when Peter had dared me to have sex with him in a semi-public place in the past, but I had given him a similar response to the one I had to his request for nude photos. After today, I had vowed to change all that. We heard the showers running and excited voices, charged with the emotion of victory, as his team came in to shower afterward. I clenched my vaginal muscles around his turgid shaft to keep him hard even though I could feel the tension of his excitement through his hands on my body. It was exciting to know that we could be caught at any moment, in a most embarrassing position.

Peter caressed me gently as we began to move sensuously again until I felt his body stiffen in ecstasy. A warm flood of love fluid rushed though my body as I orgasmed with him. Biting my lower lip to stop myself from making a noise, I turned and kissed him.

"It's been too long." I whispered. "I do love you!"

The lads were in full cry now, laughing and joking among themselves as the talked about the beating they had given the other team. It was obvious that they were in high spirits.

"Hey look! Peter's left his clothes on the floor over there."

"Where the Fuck is he then?"

"He's not in the changing room, either." A third voice called.

My blood ran cold as Peter unlocked his lips from mine. I lifted my feet off the floor.

"I'm in the bog, you silly buggers." He roared. "Can't a man get a bit of peace anywhere?"

"Sorry coach!" A young voice answered. "It's Just that we wanted to see you before we get going. Take your time. We'll wait!"

"I'll see you guys at practise tomorrow. Carry on!" Peter smiled at me. "We might have time for an encore." He whispered.

"Nah! We'll wait! -----We were given something for you." The young player replied. "We want to see you." He countered.

"I might be a while!" Peter shouted. "Can't it wait?"

He seemed to realize that he had no choice. He looked at me.

"Sorry, my love." He whispered. "I'd better see them on their way.----- Shit!" He cursed.

Peter held my legs and stood up. His flaccid penis slipped out of me and he tried to turn in the confined space. His sperm oozed down my leg as he tried to balance my feet on the toilet bowl.

"Keep your head down!" He whispered. "I'll see them on their way.------ Wait for me?"

It wasn't as though I had a lot of choice in the matter. I crouched there while Peter did his best to remove the evidence of our hasty lovemaking. He wiped himself on toilet tissue and kissed me.

"Lock the door behind me." He whispered.

He edged himself out the door and closed it behind him.

After reaching over and snipping the lock, I sat there, crouched over the toilet bowl. I heard the boys and Peter all talking together and backslapping and excited babble as they gave him the news that they had won a place in the finals or some such thing. I was glowing with the excitement of crouching above a toilet bowl, stark naked, trying to be as quiet as possible and cleaning myself up at the same time. It was like being in the same room, with a dozen or so members of the opposite sex. There was only one way to describe my feelings at the time. Totally exhilarated. I began to realise that I had never been so excited about anything in my life before. My heart was thumping with joy. I was deliriously happy that Peter had accepted me back into his life so readily after our months apart. Of course, Sally had told me that Peter had often mentioned how much he missed me and I knew that he had no other love interest since we parted.

I had taken a job on a dairy farm a hundred miles away, but Sally had kept in touch by letter and phone. We both had far too much pride to confess that either of us were wrong to part, over what now appeared to be differing moral inhibitions. I had made the first step, albeit unwillingly, to change into the type of lady that would make him happy. Then, the worst possible thing happened. To put it crudely I farted.

I listened to the noise on the other side of the door. It had gone silent. I blushed at the thought that someone must have heard me and I peeked over the door. They were all looking at the cubicle.

"Hey coach! You got someone in there!" A loud voice rang out.

There was a buzz of excitement as Peter tried to make them believe differently.

A chant began and grew with the exuberance of youth.

"Shirt-lifter!" They accused, laughing at their own suspicions.

Poor Peter. There was only one thing for it as the chant grew. I grew red in the face with anger and embarrassment. I stood to full height on the toilet bowl and yelled at them. I realised that they would see my breasts, more than likely, but I no longer cared.

"Do I look like a little boy to any of you lot!" I roared at them. "You ungrateful little shits!"

There was a stunned silence in the room. I sat on the toilet and allowed my feet back on the ground. I sat there, red faced still, and wondered how I managed to get the courage to show myself to all those teenaged boys. It was quite humorous really. Hands had flown to cover their private parts, once they realised that Peter had a young lady in the toilet with him. Most of them had been totally naked. I heard a lot of mumbled apologies as the boys tried to sooth Peter's ruffled feelings before I heard his voice rise, once again.

"It's my birthday tomorrow, THAT'S WHY!"

Further mumblings could be heard before Peter's voice was heard clearly above the others again.

"I'll have you know that you're talking about my future WIFE." he roared above the rest. "Now hurry up and finish your showers and get the Hell out of here!" There was a stunned silence. "I'll see you all at practise tomorrow. Meanwhile, think about all the extra laps of the football field that some of you might find yourselves doing."

"Yes, coach!"

"Sorry, coach!"

I tried to stifle a giggle from where I sat, naked on the toilet. The only thing that mattered to me were Peter's angry words as he loudly admonished his players. I knew that our relationship was going to be secure from now on.


{Or perhaps the beginning of a new series of erotic stories?}

Do I have to tell you readers what to do, if you want to hear more about Pam and her new adventures? The answer should be obvious!

Get those mouses to work and let me know! VOTE 5! Barbara Anne Adams. [NZ Author] P.S. I might be nicer to you?

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