tagExhibitionist & VoyeurErotic Adventures Ch. 7

Erotic Adventures Ch. 7


"Oh!" I pulled back at Peter's hand. "What was in that parcel that you had me bring in?" I had almost forgotten it.

"Later!" He muttered as he gently overcame my resistance. "We need to talk about it afterward." The wolf grinned back. "You'll like it, I'm sure. You remember when we used to go jogging in the morning, before we went to work?" He arrived by our bed, pointing.

"Yes my darling?" I replied cautiously. I remembered all right!

Peter used to go for a morning run with me every morning, as soon as he got up at 6am. I used to hate it. Rain, hail or clear skies, it made no difference to Peter. I was dragged along too.

"You'll be pleased to know that I've got a new job. I work for myself now. We can go jogging anytime at all, with your new job being so flexible as well. I just walk now, most of the time." He assured me. "If it's raining I don't even go out any more." He grinned, as he made it sound more palatable. "Enough talking for now!" He picked me up.

I soon forgot about it as we fell onto the bed. Peter transported me into an authentic fantasy that I could live out for the rest of my life. I had long dreamed of this lifetime commitment with my lover.

Peter expertly stretched me as he massaged my bottom with the aid of some perfumed oil that he had at home. I moaned with delight as he slipped his fingers inside my rosebud, far more easily than ever. I was amazed how easily and painlessly he followed that by burying his throbbing love muscle right inside my bottom. It felt more familiar as his penis throbbed and pulsated deep inside my previously forbidden territory. I was more eager to receive his gift this time and I co-operated with his actions, urging him on.

Like the second time we had tried it, last night, he hoisted my legs over his wide, powerful shoulders and we were soon enjoying the best anal sex that we'd had, to date. I was feeling far more secure in the knowledge that I was definitely able to orgasm with Peter in this favourite position of his. Peter seemed more casual as he made love to me, resting to gaze into my eyes for reassurance and acceptance.

Twice this time, for me anyway, I climaxed during anal sex. I was beginning to look forward to it, just like my older girlfriend said that she had, with her own special man. Now, I didn't think she was so crazy after all. If it kept Peter interested in me, as well, it was a very small sacrifice.

Thinking about how willingly I had exposed myself for him appeared to activate his libido enormously. He kept asking me if I had actually enjoyed getting the car for him as we lay together afterward.

"Oh yes darling." I shyly admitted.

"That's great!" The wolf exclaimed. "That was just the first test. There'll be others in the coming weeks." He promised.

I thought about all the changes in my life since I first met Harry as Peter and I showered together. It wouldn't be long before our first guests arrived, nearly 5-30 pm already. It wasn't until I went out to get my Wicked Weasel back into the bedroom that I remembered the tiny parcel as well.

I eagerly opened it while Peter opened his gift, my clothing.

"What's this?" I exclaimed, holding the costume up with a shy smile. "Where do I wear these?"

"Oh those!" Peter answered, about to open my suitcases as well.

The wolf was back. "They're for our morning exercises." He innocently looked up. He grinned fiendishly. "I've just about given up on all that sweaty jogging nowadays. Walking is a lot more fun. If it rains there's always the new gym at the club" He reflected on my startled expression. You can wear them there as well, you know.

"Not around here?" I exclaimed, shocked by his answer, promptly remembering how we used to jog around the neighbourhood each morning.

"Not necessarily." He replied mysteriously as he opened up my cases and began to sort out my clothes. "You won't need these anymore darling?" The wolf was dangling my small collection of undergarments in his paw. He was looking at me quizzically. "Or these." He held up his other paw with a long dress dangling from it. One of my former favourites! "We'll buy you some new ones tomorrow, like you said."

"I guess so?" I said weakly, remembering my promise. I had said that I was going to let Peter [the wolf] choose what I was allowed to wear from now on. A feeling of excitement crept over me. The slut won the ensuing argument over the formerly shy young lady. "Throw them out, then!" Finding my voice again. "You're the boss."

My stronger reply helped make up my mind. I enjoyed having most of my difficult decisions made for me again. I had missed the excitement of living with Peter. Life was never dull, with him around.

"We'll put them back in your suitcases when I sort these other clothes out." He said happily, indicating my other suitcase. "I'll start putting the ones that I approve of, away in your drawers.

"This new job of yours.---What is it you do now?" I called out.

I was curious as I rinsed out my tiny swimsuit bottoms under our en suite shower. They had smelled of my juices. I intended to dry them with my hairdryer before I put them on, ready for the party tonight.

"Same as before, but I help Harry out too, from time to time."

"Still at the computer shop, doing programming?" I prompted.

"No! I've set up at home now, in the spare room. I work my own hours now, darling. I'll show you tomorrow." He called out.

"Are you still making good money?" I frowned.

I hoped Peter wouldn't take it the wrong way but we still hadn't had the chance to discuss finances. I was merely curious.

"Better! ---Much better and I can work whenever I feel like it now." Peter stood in the doorway. "With your new job, we can work or play together more often." He kissed me. "No money worries now!"

I walked back into the bedroom with Peter. All my stuff was packed away and my blow dryer was on my dressing table, photos on my dresser and it was as though I had never left home. I plugged in my dryer and began to waft the warm air over my swimsuit. Peter was sitting on the bed, gazing admiringly at my naked body again.

"I'm so glad that you came back to me. It's the best birthday present of all."

"I'm looking forward to our new life together as well." I smiled at him. "It's a pity we've got guests coming?" I mused. "I forgot to ask Sally, who's coming anyway?"

I dawned on me that in less than half an hour, all I would be wearing was this brief costume among other people that I possibly didn't know all that well. A knot was forming in my former self's stomach as Peter explained our guest list.

"Sally, Rebecca, two of Sally's other girlfriends, a couple their boyfriends and maybe three of the older guys from my team are coming over for a while." He was counting his fingers. "Now let's see

--Have I forgotten--Oh yes, Harry was calling by and he might bring his wife. I think that's it. No more that a dozen or so close friends of mine." He looked at my shocked face. "There's probably only two or three of them that you mightn't already know." He said, assuredly. The wolf laughed as he put on his Speedos. "Of course you would have seen Jeremy, Colin and Paul at the club yesterday afternoon. You saw ALL of them, but of course, they only saw about half of you."

"But they're so young!" I gasped. "How old are they?"

"All over eighteen, babe. They're not kids anymore. Gerry's the captain and the other two work out with Rebecca, Sally and I at the gym when it's raining sometimes." He looked puzzled. "What's the problem?

"I'll just be a bit--you know--embarrassed." I blushed at the thought of wearing my Wicked Weasel, in front of the subject of my latest fantasies. I wondered which one of those shocked lads had been the captain that I had fantasised about. I was flushed, bright red.

"You stood right up in front of them all at the shower room yesterday and gave them all a piece of your mind. Some of them were still only seventeen." He accused. "You didn't even have that sexy new bikini on at the time." He laughed at his own joke.

I was so flustered that I almost forgot to ask the next question that weighed on my mind, again about his players, now that he had told me that he exercised with some of them when it was raining at the gym.

I thought about the garments that I was supposed to wear while taking part in walking or exercising at the gym, in my surprise parcel.

"Do they wear gear like that too--at the gym, I mean--the boys as well." I was getting flustered again, fantasising.

"Oh yes! Sometimes nothing at all." He grinned. "We all do. In fact, when Rebecca joined with Sally she was a bit shy and reluctant at first. We told her that she couldn't be a member unless she wore our society uniform.

"Society uniform?" I repeated, unable to comprehend what the wolf was saying. "You mean Sally and Rebecca wear these things too." I was uncomfortable, shocked more like it.

"All of us! Do you want to see mine?" He grinned. I only wear mine when I'm out walking or lifting weights at the gym." He reached into his drawer. "Look!" He held it up.

"A jock strap!" I gasped in amazement. "You all go out walking like that?" I was almost speechless. "Really?" I hoped he was joking.

Just at that moment the doorbell rang, interrupting my confused train of thought.

"I'll get it.--- You get dressed, babe. See you out by the pool when you get it dry. Love you!" He ran out to get the door, dressed in his backless Speedos. His muscular posterior rippling with tanned muscles accentuated by his brief costume. I was still in shock.

I sat on the bed and took another look at my surprise parcel. I had been in denial when I first saw the two skimpy garments laying on top on the brand new running shoes in the box. I laid the bottom and top of the 'uniform' on our bed and stared, shaking with trepidation. There was a difference to the Wicked Weasel that I was about to put on, but it wasn't in terms of size. If anything, I thought it was smaller but at least the material was heavier.

"God! It's made of leather." I said aloud. "How could he dream this one up!" Immediately I realised that the only time I normally talked to myself out loud was when I was frightened. My shaky hands confirmed this theory right away. I began to fantasise, imagining going out with Peter, him in only a jock strap and shoes with me in a skimpy--what? It was something similar to what I had seen some lady bodybuilders wear at contests, leather thong with minimal coverage and a top that would barely cover my nipples. With shaking hands I put the box away.

There were people in the living room and I forced myself to try and concentrate on making my swimsuit look as decent as possible in the circumstances. A quick check in the full length mirror confirmed that I was as ready as I was ever going to be, to make my debut. Sally was the first to notice me and waved out, beckoning.

"Peter tells me that you'll be joining our fitness society."

As if I needed reminding. Peter was answering the door and another couple walked in, armed with a gaily wrapped parcel. The coats came off and they were in the spirit of our theme party as soon as Peter closed the door again. It was impossible to avoid meeting all the new faces. Peter had been right. I did know most of them, but I had never seem them quite like this, before. Some of them were naked already.

Peter swooped on me before I had a chance to sit down next to Sally.

"This is Kenneth, darling. He's our fitness Society President"

A slightly older man stepped forward holding out his arms. He had short cropped blonde hair and a well tanned muscular body. He was also totally naked, with a well equipped body. I blushed and kept my eyes away from his shaved genitals. He was big in every way.

"Kenneth, This is my future wife, Pamela."

Peter stepped to one side to allow the big man to embrace me. I was taken aback as he hugged me, smiling as he almost squeezed the life out of me. My breasts popped free of my top and I felt his chest hairs rubbing the tips of my erect nipples. I was so surprised and bewildered that I held onto him for much longer than I should have. He smiled and apologised for his roughness.

"Sorry, my dear." His eyes roved over me as I frantically tried to adjust my swimsuit and cover my telltale nipples. "Peter and my brother have told me so much about you. Don't be embarrassed."

"Your brother?" I gasped, looking around for Peter.

He was just letting Harry inside the door, busy accepting his present and offering to take Harry's coat.

"Yes, my dear. Here he is now, just arrived." He pointed to Harry. "My older brother, actually." He qualified with evident pride. "He told me all about Sally's little joke and how he went along with it for Peter's sake." He laughed loudly. "I've seen those photos that he took too." He touched my shoulder. "Great work!"

My heart sank and I was red in the face as Kenneth went on to explain that it was he, Kenneth, that had put up the money to give the young players a break and he had financed his brother into his new studio at the football stadium as well.

"You mean the new gym--changing rooms---everything." I managed.

"The fitness society too." He said with a smile. "All paid for by our company, Kent's Creations, as a gift to the younger folk."

"Didn't you say your name was Kenneth." I spluttered.

"Yes dear. Call me Ken.---Kenneth Weisgarber at your service." He shook my hand, laughing. "I don't seem to have my card here at this moment." He looked down, smiling. "I'm just here on holiday at the moment." He patted my naked bottom. "I think Peter wants you over there." He pointed.

Peter was beckoning me to the front door. To my horror there were three of his young players standing there with two younger girls, and Peter was anxious for me to meet them all. My heart was thumping as I soon recognised two of their faces from my afternoon at the club. I was a bundle of nerves by now. One of them was my fantasy captain. I had fantasised about him twice now and this time I actually had to meet him for real. He had been one of the few not to grab for a towel when I surprised the players in the shower room at the club.

As I made my way across the room, acknowledging Harry on the way, I immediately empathised with the two young girls that came in with two of the players. The boys had already taken their coats off and the girls were looking around, nervously fidgeting with their buttons as they were being hassled to give Peter their coats. The boys were in similar swimwear to Peter, minimal coverage of their vital young organs and well tanned, fit bodies.

"This is Gerry, Colin and Paul, Pamela."

Peter introduced us as the lads took turns in shaking my hand. I was as gracious as I could be, I hoped, and smiled shyly, acknowledging the boys. Some of the guests, led by Sally, were helping to get the food and drinks out to the Bar-B-Que area beside our pool. The room was that much less crowded when the first young lass took off her coat and turned to face me. In a red suit only slightly larger than my own costume, in much the same style, she nervously shook my hand as Peter introduced me. She was well tanned, a gorgeous brunette with an hourglass figure and striking facial features.

"This is Barbie, Pamela. Paul's young lady friend."

I liked her straight away. She smiled at me then took Paul's hand and went out to the pool with Gerry in tow as well. Apparently my fantasy man was unattached for the evening. That made me so much more nervous now that we had been introduced. I had found him quite attractive.

Peter turned to the other girl, who had just decided to give him her coat. She handed it over, revealing tan-lines similar to mine, but in much larger costume briefs. The redheaded girl nervously held out her hand. She had freckles but was still quite attractive in a homely sort of way.

"Hi! Pamela. I'm Kim." She shifted her feet nervously. "I came with Colin." She giggled nervously. "I only just joined this club of theirs and it's the first time I've been out, dressed like this." She looked down as she blushed and shook my hand. "I've heard all about your little quarrel with the team after the match. Good for you!" Her prominent teeth showed as she smiled. "Colin told me that you would be joining their athletic society too. I might see you there tomorrow night?"

Her boyfriend led her off to join the others and I turned to Peter as he locked the front door securely.

"What's happening tomorrow night, darling.?" I was very curious about Kim's parting comment, wondering what she meant.

"Oh!--That!" Peter looked thoughtful. "We all wanted to sleep in, after the party tonight." He looked at my inquiring expression. "I thought it was better to leave it till after dinner tomorrow night and then meet up with the other members at the gym for our usual fitness session instead." He took my hand. "Come on out to the pool, Babe, I've got an announcement to make."

"Order! Order!" He boomed, as he waited for the noise to die down. "This is Pamela.-----We'll be getting married next week. He qualified "Thank you all for coming over tonight------

Peter droned on but the words that reverberated were; "Married next week." Briefly I caught the general flow of the rest of his words but they meant little to me. I was going to be Peter's WIFE at last. We had been so close to it before I left him all those torturous months ago. I hung on to his arm as he told his friends how happy he was and invited the gathering to the wedding. My heart was bursting with new pride as he remarked on the changes in my attitudes while I had been on 'Vacation', as he put it.

"Everyone here is a society member so you can feel free to enjoy yourselves and get comfortable." The wolf was grinning. Enjoy--

Peter went on but I drifted off again. What was this society called?

The sluttish half of me was now ready to strip off at any time and do whatever Peter wanted me to, from here on. My former, chaste half was still embarrassed by my appearance but I was determined to get over those hurdles. Harry had shown me that fantasy could encourage me to lose my inhibitions and I made up my mind to thank him by trying to become his No.1 nude model if I could.

Sally and Rebecca would give me fierce competition in that regard but my love for Peter would spur me to do the best that I could. I looked around at the assembled guests, as they listened and noticed a few swimsuits being discarded already. A nude birthday party? I drifted into fantasy. What would the neighbours think?

My thought were interrupted when Peter held me close as he finished thanking everyone for the presents. My nipples sprang free of their textile prison but I merely smiled as he went on.

"Plenty of food and drink over there." He pointed, in the process he exposed both my breasts now. "Lets Party!" He pulled me toward him and kissed me. "You'd better put your engagement ring back on, sweetheart." He gave me one final hug.


Now Readers! You know what to do by now. VOTE for continuity or a---conclusion.[sob] I don't want to bore you. Barbara Anne. N.Z.G.S.K.

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