tagCelebrities & Fan FictionErotic Adventures of Doctor Who Ch. 06

Erotic Adventures of Doctor Who Ch. 06


Note- The BBC own the rights to Doctor Who and the TARDIS. This is just my humble homage to the iconic tv show.

xxx "Servant, servant! Where HAS that girl got to?"

The Doctor, native of planet Gallifrey, approached the bedchamber with bated breath. The female persona of the renegade Time Lord had materialised in the year 1812, inside Newstead Abbey in Nottinghamshire, home of Lord Byron. Or George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron Byron, English nobleman and poet. She had devoured all his published work in one sitting and had become infatuated with meeting the famous womaniser of the 19th Century.

"Sarah! Come here this instant!"

A female voice could be heard from within and the Doctor slowly entered through the already opened door. There, seated around a square card table with a green surface were a young man and woman. The room was surprisingly small and dominated by a four poster bed. A fireplace had a large mirror above and various paintings adorned the walls. One item that took the Doctor by surprise was the coffin that laid upright against the far wall. Byron was particularly known for his eccentricity and gothic tastes, but this was truly an eye opener.

"There you are at last. Hold, you are not Sarah? Who are you? And why are you dressed as a boy?"

The female Time Lord was indeed attired out of fashion in a striped reddish brown sweater and high waist, knee length culottes.

"Forgive me my lady, I'm not, that is the servant girl isn't..."

"Strange attire indeed, are you perhaps come from a masquerade ball? No matter, a pretty woman is a welcome guest." Said Byron as he looked into the Doctor's clear green eyes.

The Doctor turned her attention to the athletic looking young man with dark curly hair, thick sideburns and moody eyes and coyly lowered her eyes. His chest puffed out in his white linen shirt with the distinctive high collar and gusseted sleeves. His white trousers were high around the waist and he had a pair of white knee length woollen socks.

"Servant, fetch me a glass of sherry, and a soda water for His Lordship."

"In my special mug mind you. You'll find it with the drinks."

Rather than argue the point the amused Time Lord played along with the pretence of being the servant girl.

"Your turn Caro."

The two resumed their card game and the blonde female with the hazel eyes dealt out five cards to him and herself. This must be Lady Caroline Lamb in the flesh thought the Doctor who returned with a glass for her Ladyship and his soda in a round drinking vessel, rumoured to be fashioned from a human skull. How slight and vulnerable she looked as her eyes never left the handsome male seated opposite. This was their tempestuous period when the pair of them had begun a torrid affair. The Lady had become besotted with the man, although still married to William Lamb, son of Lord Melbourne.

"Thank you, I know not your name however."

"People refer to me as the Doctor," answered the platinum blonde.

"Hah, hah, hah, how jolly!" Then thank you dear Doctor."

Lady Caroline turned over her cards and laughed heartily.

"I have thirty three to your thirty. You must remove your shirt." She smiled and raised an eyebrow, sipping from her glass.

He huffed and stood up and undid all the buttons on his top and revealed his strapping chest which had just the right amount of hair to appear macho. His biceps were powerful and his shoulders round and strong, and Caroline cocked her head as she stared right at him.

"We're playing strip draw poker, what fun!" Laughed the twenty six year old woman as she held out her glass for a refill.

The Doctor stood by the table in bemusement and noticed that the Lady was already down to her muslin chemise that came to her ankles. She took the glass from her and filled it from the sherry bottle.

"Again, again," clapped Caroline in excitement at the game.

"Calm thyself my dear, the night is but young."

"I cannot contain myself my Lord, nature formed me fierce."

"'Tis a cruel blessing for one so fair."

Byron sat, shuffled and drew the cards and won the round.

"Now take off the chemise, my dear Caro."

"No, no, I still have my garters."

She pointed a finger at her lover and then lifted her right foot and slipped off her knee length garter. Then she slowly raised her other and rolled down the garter which left her with a silk ribbon about her left thigh. The Doctor retreated into the shadows as they continued their playful banter and stripping. Byron had been reduced to his linen knee length underpants and socks as Caroline pulled the chemise over her head and revealed a tall, slender figure with quite short blonde curls and elegant neck. Doe eyed and blushing she sat with her breasts high and firm with very erect nipples that stood out from small pink areolas.

"Now your socks my Lord."

She giggled as she became more inebriated, obviously without a high alcohol tolerance. Another long slug on her sherry glass and she got up on wobbly legs and tried in vain to drag the annoyed poet's socks off.

"No! I've told you countless times that I do not take my socks off."

The Doctor was well aware of his deformed foot and felt his embarrassment. Byron stood up and went to the bed followed by the soft patter of dainty feet as Caroline joined him. She knelt at the foot of the four poster bed and slowly drew his underwear down and off. The Time Lord just caught a tantalising glimpse of his quite large erection as the butt naked Caroline sank her mouth down on it.

"You may retire for the night, Doctor. We require you no longer. You may sleep in Sarah's room for the duration."

The Doctor nodded in agreement as she left the room to the sound of lewd slurping noises.


Eager to get to know the famous poet and hear him speak those wonderful words in person made the Doctor decide to locate the servant's bedchamber and spend the night. She found the tiny room and lit a candle using her new silver sonic screwdriver, then sat on the single bed and bounced on it lightly. Not too hard she thought. After a moment removing her sweater and culottes she laid out on her back, topless and in just her underwear.

"Doctor, Doctor."

There came a hushed voice at the closed door and a light tapping.

"My Lord? May I help you?"

Without an invitation the door opened and a stark naked Byron entered in just his woollen socks. The Doctor pulled her knees up and covered her bare boobs coyly.

"I seek solace my dear. The Lady Caroline has sadly fallen asleep in an alcoholic stupor and I crave the company of a female. If you follow me."

He sat on the end of the bed and extended his hand to caress the Doctor's shapely calf, gradually moving in an upwardly direction. She gave a shudder of a thrill and her eyes lowered to his stiffening erection which rose up to settle on his belly. She could see the Don Juan about him, romantic, soft spoken and possessing that sexual allure that had become synonymous with the legendary womaniser. She wondered if he had any notion that in a few years he would write his greatest poem about Moliere's famous lover and libertine.

"What, what are you doing?" She breathed, staring into his gorgeous eyes.

He wrapped his hands around her waist causing her breasts to become uncovered.

"I see not a problem, you are a desirable woman and I a man. Pleasure is a sin, and sometimes sin is a pleasure. And since there are no other women here."

He leaned in and kissed her lips lightly, tasting her sweet scent. Her fingers entwined in his thick hair as she returned the kiss. The Doctor needed no extra stimulus, his voice, his words were sufficient. How could she resist this famous seducer of so many women when so many of them had been powerless. The candlelight illuminated the pair of them in a warm glow as she laid backwards with her lover atop her soft frame.

"Truly you are a vision of beauty." He said in admiration.

They continued to kiss with a rising passion and his hot breath tickled her skin as he moved to nibble on her neck. Her toes curled and her plump boobs mashed against his matted chest as they rolled in each others arms. She moved her right hand and traced the inside of his thigh with delicate fingers.

"Heavens!" He cried out as she bumped against his iron hard erection.

Gasps and moans came from the aroused Time Lord as his eager lips reached her hard nipples and her pussy juices flowed from within as her ardour burned ever hotter. Both her hearts fluttered and her body quivered with a torrid desire to be taken by this flamboyant and legendary poet.

"She walks in beauty, like the night, of cloudless climes and starry skies." He uttered.

The Doctor felt giddy as he recited his words. In any planet in any galaxy those words were hauntingly beautiful, timeless and meaningful. Her fingers gripped his beautiful hard cock and worked them up and down lightly and diligently, with her green eyes locked on his. She was his. With a feverish energy she wetly licked the underside of his veiny stalk and felt it jerk to her touch. He groaned as the Doctor engulfed him and she gurgled as she slid up and down his spit covered prick with her dribbling mouth. She sucked on him vigorously and used her hands to rub on his strong, hairy thighs. Byron rocked his hips and pressed his hands on the sides of her face, drawing her on and off of his rampant erection, relishing the warm embrace.

"What a superb sensation." He breathed as he looked at her taking his entire length.

The Doctor willingly let him use her head as a wanking device as he literally face fucked the platinum blonde beauty. With an ever growing lust she pulled away and moved onto her back, her aching pussy making the thin sheet quite damp.

"My Lord Byron, please fuck me." She purred like a wanton harlot.

In no state to refuse he spread her legs and pushed into her warm and wet muff and was rewarded by a tight tunnel that sheathed around his hot shaft. The wonderful squish of his penetration made him sink in all the way and he paused to relish the sensation. He was certainly thick and he had to go slowly as his engorged member began to move. Her arms and legs came about his solid body and her hips gyrated, urging him to move faster. His moans of joy filled her ears as he moved in and out effortlessly, his slick rod penetrating her to the hilt.

"Yes, it's wonderful." He sighed.

Her hands grasped his firm, muscular buttocks and she stretched her lithe legs up high and wide. Their sweat and juices ran freely and matted their pubic hair as he banged her in a frenzied excitement. She loved how his long, stiff cock thrust up deep inside, and how his body pinned her to the skinny bed. Lord Byron was fucking her!

"My Lord!"

The Doctor moved her hips to meet his strokes and her breasts rubbed on him as she squirmed beneath him. His fingers locked with hers as she crossed her ankles on his lower back so that the balls of her feet dug into his flesh. Byron banged into her sopping pussy drilling her with his prodigious eight inches of thick cock giving the newly regenerated female new erotic pleasures with each thrust.

"'Tis most splendid."

The Doctor tightened her legs, making sure to keep the man close to her as he whispered sweet words in her ear. Her lips brushed his cheek as his dick slid in and out and his balls made sounds on her skin. Then he calmly slid out halfway with only the tip of his organ inside her gaping hole.

"I crave to take you from behind, may I be permitted?" He moved back and his rampant pole was removed and bobbed in front of him.

The Doctor smiled and got onto all fours and presented her pert rump into the air in a flagrant invitation. Byron cupped and squeezed her cheeks and then parted them to view her dripping cunt. With relish he flattened his tongue and buried his face in her rear, giving her a tongue bath. He moved behind her and grabbed her tits as he smothered her rear end. His prick prodded at her backside until he held her by the hips and roughly pulled her back onto his pole.

"Goodness!" She uttered under her breath.

He slipped inside her and shifted his knees as he quickly started a steady rhythm of slow and agonisingly lethargic strokes that filled her completely before withdrawing nearly all the way. Exhilarating friction of his hard cock moving inside her was too exquisite for words, and the rough feel of his wiry pubes against the soft flesh of her buns felt decidedly stimulating. His groin welded to her cushion of ass flesh as he pressed in tightly, jamming his stiff manhood deep inside her juiced up twat.

"Hmm," she purred, thrilling to each and every thrust in.

He leaned forward and kissed her shoulder blades as he continued to smack against her perfect round rear end. Byron quickened the pace of his grinding and his balls flapped the insides of the Doctor's thighs and she felt the glow of her impending climax build in her steamy cunt. Now he held her in a firm grip as the famous poet pushed in harder, igniting the onset of his own orgasm.

"I'm coming!" Cried the Time Lord as she erupted in carnal delight.

He pulled out and let his pulsing knob rest in the groove between her buttocks and sent a series of long arcs of white cum along her spine. Thick drops dappled her back as he grunted with every spasm of his spurting prick. Byron chuckled and have her a playful slap on the ass.

"You did well, my pet. I will remember you always. Fare thee well, dear Doctor."

Byron bowed as he took his leave and swept from the room, his hose still dribbling. She drew in a breath and walked to the small table where a jug of water and a china bowl served as her cleansing of her body. Just as had settled back on the bed another light tapping caught her attention.

"Doctor, Doctor."

It was the unmistakable voice of Caroline Lamb.

"Yes my Lady. Can I be of assistance?"

Without an invitation the door opened and the slender and naked Caroline entered. She rushed in and sat on the edge of the bed, her perky tits capped with pink areolas that surrounded the hard berry like nipples. "Did that Libertine Byron deign to visit your chamber perchance? I warn you that he is mad, bad and dangerous to know."

Indeed thought the Time Lord as she wallowed in her post coital bliss.

"He is adorable but his eyes betray his inexhaustible lust for the female flesh."

The Doctor, aware of her own nudity looked at the whippet thin young woman with the tiny waist and small mound of her belly. Her big hazel eyes twinkled and made her face almost pixie like as she returned the Doctor's gaze. Caroline shuffled closer to the Time Lord who sat up and they kissed, hungrily pushing their tongues between the others open lips.

"Mmm, I knew you were inclined to the fairer sex. Is that why you dress like a boy?"

The question had weighed on the Time Lord's mind since she had regenerated for the twelfth time, not least because she had changed gender. How could she not like both male and female since she had been one or the other during her two thousand years.

"Don't speak," urged the Doctor as she explored the girl's boobs, squeezing the tender flesh and teasing the pointed tips.

She kissed downwards from her face to her neck, leaving a fine trail of moisture as she went. Once at her tits the Doctor pursed her lips and clamped them to the left breast of Caroline and flicked her tongue over the puffy nipple. The young English Lady sighed as her nipple was licked and sucked to full erection, saliva running down her ribcage. Her hips jerked with a wanton abandon and she humped the Doctor's leg as her sweet wetness flowed from her sex.

"Let me taste you." Caroline whispered breathlessly.

She moved up on the bed and parted the Doctor's thighs and looked at the enticing pussy with the soft brown triangle of light brown pubic hair. The blonde put her hand on the mound and inserted her middle finger into the moist labia and explored the wet insides. The Doctor bit her lower lip and embraced the welcome digit with a sublime shudder.

"Are you certain you have not had intercourse this night?"

The Doctor did have slightly swollen labia, and her pink inner walls appeared a darker shade since her rigorous seeing to by the ravishing poet. The Doctor closed her eyes and stretched out she felt two fingers deep inside her and a tiny palm press on her clitoris. After a few moments the fingers were removed and a greedy tongue replaced them and delved into the hit box driving the Time Lord into a frenzy of lust. Her wet folds became saturated as she was lapped at with quick fire lashes of the young aristocrat.

"I'm close, so close."

The Doctor felt the muscles in her stomach, buttocks and thighs go rigid as her orgasm tore through her body.

"What fun! Me now, me, me!"

Like a spoiled girl Lady Caroline Lamb laid on her back and kicked her legs up, letting the Time Lord view the tuft of light hair of her pussy. She used her middle finger to slip inside the wet entrance and began to explore the enticing slot. The Doctor put her hands about her waist and immediately ran her tongue up and down the exposed slit between slender legs. She rested her tongue still for a seemingly long few seconds on the hard clit then again pushed a finger deep into the inviting muff. Caro gripped the thin cotton sheet in both hands as her pussy lips were licked and her clit nibbled on while a digit drilled inside her. Two hands then caressed her thighs and she writhed gently on her butt as she reacted to the tender treatment.

"So gentle, Doctor."

She squeezed her tits and tweaked her nipples as the tongue slaked her muff with rapid strokes that left the Doctor's face glazed with her fluids. The darting tongue pushed in deeper, swiping from the left to the right as The girl moaned louder and louder. Caro arched her back as her clit was given sole attention and wave after wave of pleasure washed over her. Her toes tingled and the sensation rose upwards until her orgasm overtook her and she thrashed about on the bed.


The Doctor leaned back into a seated position and Caroline rolled over onto her belly and kicked her feet up into the air.

"How would you like to join Byron and myself in a threesome?"

The Doctor was sorely tempted as she eyed the alluring naked girl.

"I fear that I must move on, I have other avenues to explore."

The whole of time and space to be precise.

"When are you leaving?" Asked Caro as she padded to the door.

"Soon, my Lady, soon."

Once she was alone she quickly dressed and quietly left the room and made her way to the blue box that stood in a dark recess unseen and humming softly. The Doctor entered with a content sigh and busied herself at the central controls.

"My, my, how interesting."

At the last estimate Byron's poem 'Walks in beauty' had been published five billion times across the universe and in as many languages. What a wonderful achievement she thought as she began to make a pot of tea. As she settled into an easy chair she heard a light tapping on the door of the TARDIS.

"Doctor, Doctor, are you inside this blue cupboard?"

The Lady Caroline again. The Time Lord opened the door a crack and saw the woman in her floor length cotton dress and white bonnet.

"Why have you hidden away inside such a small box?"

The petite woman looked up with wide eyes and before she could respond the Lady burst past her and stood in abject wonderment at the much larger interior of the time and space vessel.

"It must be a trick, how is this possible?"

She turned to the Doctor who spread her hands innocently.

"Well, it's like this."

Next time the pair team up for the trip of a lifetime.

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