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Erotic Airplane Travel


The flight was on time. We sat in the airport lounge waiting for our flight to be called. I loved to take flights with my master, it gave me the opportunity to caress him and relax him after a long and arduous day. I had already visited the ladies and removed my bra and panties as he had ordered. He likes me to be naked under my outer garments to make it easy for him to touch me whenever he felt like it. I sat opposite him with my legs slightly apart giving him the occasional glimpse of my beautifully shaved and smooth pussy. I loved to feel his eyes on me and I moved my position so that he got a better look at my glistening pussy.

I looked up just as a beautiful auburn haired woman walked in, she was stunning, and her long hair was wavy and curled around her face and shoulders. Her figure was neat and curvaceous and her legs looked as if they went on forever. I wanted her immediately; I could not take my eyes off her. She turned and caught me looking at her, I looked away embarrassed that she might understand the lust and desire that I felt sure was blazing from my eyes.

As I glanced up I caught my master's eye, he was smiling and I knew he was thinking the same. I could see that his cock was semi hard and he kept glancing at the woman.

At that moment our flight was called and we lost sight of her, we got to our seats and as usual I took the centre seat and my master took the aisle seat. We were just making ourselves comfortable when the passenger who was to take the window seat arrived. I looked up and my heart started to race, she looked even more delicious close up, we got out of our seats to allow her to take hers, I brushed against her and could feel her stiffen as we shuffled past each other. Her scent was a good as her looks, she was perfect.

We sat down and my master took out his newspaper and handed me a section, we started to read and wait for the flight to take off. After a few minutes my master put his paper across his lap. I cuddled in close to him resting my head on his shoulder and slid my hand under the paper and started to caress his cock he was hard and I could feel his cock jerk as I slid his zipper down to release his cock so that I could caress him properly. He rested his head back and closed his eyes enjoying the sensations that my hands are so good at giving him.

The stewardess came by to check seat belts so I sat up. As I straightened my skirt it had ridden up showing my stocking and suspenders, I smiled at the woman in the seat next to me. As the plane started to taxi I became aware that she was loosening her top. I turned and she smiled back at me, as she did so she undid her buttons on her blouse slowly revealing her delightful tits. I caught my breath in surprise and placed my hand on her knee. She did not move and continued to caress her nipples. I slowly ran my hand up her leg and under her skirt getting more and more excited all the time. My pussy was dripping and I could feel the moisture between my legs. She took her newspaper and laid it across her lap making sure that I caught sight of her naked shaved pussy thought the split in her skirt first. She looked at me inviting me to touch her; I wanted to taste her so much I was sure she would taste wonderful.

I turned to my master to ask permission, he whispered his instructions to me and smiled. I placed a paper over my lap and slipped my hand under the woman's paper resting my hand on her leg. I felt my masters hand rest in the same place on my leg. He started to caress the soft skin of my thigh above my stocking tops. I in turn did exactly the same to the woman next to me. She leant forward and exchanged a glance with my master showing that she understood what he wanted. He started to move his hand towards my pussy slowly and deliberately. I did the same to her. He then found my soaking wet crack and lightly touched it. I did the same to her; she was slick and very wet. He removed his hand and licked his finger. I did the same, she tasted wonderful, and I adore the taste of pussy.

Master put his hand back on my pussy lightly flicking my clit. I copied him and was rewarded by feeling her clit stiffen. Master then slipped a finger into my pussy and placed his thumb on my clit. He started to finger fuck me slowly at first. I did the same to her she was starting to breath as hard as I was I fucked her at the same pace and with the same pressure as my master fucked me. I could feel the excitement rising as master fuck me and I could feel her body stiffen and her cunt tighten as her orgasm started to build. Fucking the woman next to me as my master fucked me and in public was turning me on so much. I did not last long I came shuddering and shaking wishing that I could shout out. As my orgasm increased so did the finger fucking I was giving her and within a few seconds I felt her cum juice gush out over my hand as she came hard.

I looked in her eyes and smiled, she was smiling back obviously having enjoyed our fun. I was recovering and planning to pay my master some attention. However, he had other ideas and batted my hands away. Instead he pushed my legs apart and covered my pussy with the paper telling me to hold it in place. He then placed his hand on my pussy and invited the woman to do the same. She was very happy to and started to caress and pinch my clit as my master pushed 2 fingers into my cunt found my G spot and started to massage it. Sitting on the plane with my master fucking me and a complete stranger helping him was as much as I could stand and I could feel the orgasm build again. They both knew what to touch and I could barely control myself. I was in seventh heaven and pretty soon my orgasm hit me like a tidal wave and I had to bite my lip to keep from crying out. Fuck it was good. Finally my master leant over me and placed his fingers on her lips; she opened her mouth and sucked his fingers clean of my juice. I nearly came again just watching her face as she tasted my cum. I knew then that we were going to get to know her very well. I could hardly wait till the flight was over to find out what my master had in mind.

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