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Everyone told me how beautiful Savannah is in the Spring, but I had no idea just how memorable it would become for me. My job was sending me to a training session there. Always looking for an excuse to get away by myself, I jumped at the chance! My co-workers took golf-clubs; I was looking forward to checking out the art scene.

Being that I it was only for the weekend, I was planning on skipping the afternoon session to get an early start on the galleries. My plan quickly changed early Saturday morning after registration. I was pleasantly surprised to see the lady sitting in front of me. Her shoulder length hair was silky, shiny, curly, and reflected light in the most elegant way.

Most of the women in attendance wore jeans, but this lady wore a pretty blue dress with the hem at her knees which projected a very "professional" image. She wore tan nylons on her sexy legs, and tasteful heels. Her heels were the black suede type that look so sexy.

Most appealing, was her warm, inviting smile. The way she looked in my eyes when we spoke completely enthralled me. She was very outgoing, and introduced herself as Sandy.

I was afraid of losing control of my composure. I was completely stunned with her allure. Recovering quickly, I replied, "my name is Max, very nice to meet you."

That smile and those eyes transfixed me again. To my disappointment, it was time for the meeting to begin...and she turned around.

I don't remember much about the meeting, but I recall every second of sitting behind Sandy. I tried to be discreet staring at her pretty hair floating down to her shoulders, and how wonderful she looked in her dress. I angled my chair slightly, to improve my view her calves and heels.

I spent the morning session gazing at Sandy, hoping I wasn't being obvious to others around me. The morning session ended, and everyone broke for lunch. I quickly maneuvered to arrange a "chance" meeting with her at the door, but got side-tracked halfway out the room by folks that wanted to schmooze. I tolerated their mundane dribble, but kept the doorway focused in the corner of my eye.

There was Sandy about to exit the door! She stopped, and turned around to look for something. She made a brief scan, vaguely in my direction, then turned and left the room. Was she looking for me too? Please, could it be?

I finally had a chance to make my exit, and immediately headed for the door. Being afraid of appearing desperate, I slowed a bit and concentrated to slow my breathing. Into the lobby...I looked around for her...Oh no! I didn't see her!

Disappointed, I resolved myself to a lunch alone and headed for the hotel restaurant. I don't recall what I had for lunch, but Sandy's hair, legs, smile, and blue dress were constantly on my mind. For some reason, I just couldn't stop thinking about her.

Finishing lunch, I paid and headed back to the conference room early. I decided not to skip the afternoon session in hopes of chatting with Sandy a bit more.

I waited anxiously, but the conference resumed without Sandy. I was feeling pretty disappointed while staring at the empty chair in front of me. I don't know how long the conference had resumed when I was drawn out of my "funk" by movement to my right. It was Sandy coming in late!

She reached her aisle, and shot me a quick smile just before sitting down. Much better! Sandy back in her seat. Now I could get back to stealing glances at her.

Toward the end of the conference session, Sandy got up and left the room. I looked up and hoped, but didn't see a quick smile this time. Oh well, I guess it didn't hurt to dream a little.

The session ended about 20 minutes later, and Sandy had not returned. I milled around the lobby a little while, but never saw her. I figured there was no use in idling around any longer, so decided to head back to my room and change. Arriving at the room, I reached for my wallet for the key card...My wallet wasn't there. What a day! Where could I have lost it? Think!!! Oh yeah, I last used my wallet while paying for lunch!

I headed downstairs to the restaurant. The evening crew was now on duty, and the day crew had gone. Unfortunately, no one had turned-in my wallet. Worried and frustrated, I figured it best to go ahead try taking my mind off things with a walk to some of the galleries I'd read about.

I headed to the arts district which was only a few blocks away. The beauty of the city almost made me forget about the wallet....but, my mind was still on Sandy in the blue dress.

The address list for galleries was in my wallet, so I just roamed a few blocks, reading signs until something looked familiar. I reached Orchid Street, and it had a familair ring for some reason. I headed north on the sidewalk. It didn't take long until I walked past the display windows of an establishment named "Body Erotic". It was one I'd read about in the yellow pages last night . I found it intriguing because it didn't look like one of the "smutty" places you'd see on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. It appeared to be an upscale art gallery. I mumbled to myself, "hmmmm, might as well." I stepped in the gallery to have a look.

"Body Erotic" was tastefully decorated, and definitely on the "upscale." Several showcase rooms featured various artists, and there were several hallways leading through the historical district building. Artists were featured for their tattoo art, but most for "body art." Photographs were taken of fantastic works painted on bodies (both male and female bodies). The intricate work was impressive, and I lost track of time while ambling through the gallery. I was admiring the artist's talent on one woman's inner thighs when I sensed someone behind me...I turned, and to my delight, there stood Sandy!

She shot me that spell-binding smile again, and told me she'd found something that must belong to me. She reached into her purse, and pulled out my wallet! Completing thrilled at how my day was now turning out, I thanked her profusely.

Without thinking, I hugged her in delight. When she hugged back, I suddenly realized what I was doing and didn't regret it at all. If I'd have planned it, I wouldn't have had the nerve to risk it.

Sandy told me she'd found it in the restaurant; she'd gone in for coffee just before entering the afternoon session. She'd intended on handing it to me when the session ended, but had to leave the room early. She blushed and told me, "too much coffee."

We laughed, and chatted for a few minutes. She told me that she'd called the front desk, but was told I was not answering in my room. So she decided to look for me at some of the addresses she'd found on a list in my wallet.

We made small talk for a while. I asked her if she'd like to join me for the afternoon, and she readily accepted. I was completely thrilled!

After about 30 minutes, I worked up the nerve to tell her that I'd been hoping to talk to her earlier.

She admitted that she had felt the same way. As a matter of fact, that was why she didn't walk in and hand me the wallet to begin with. She was hoping to catch me after the conference as well. I immediately began to feel the tingles and butterflies I hadn't felt in years.

The further we explored the gallery, the more erotic the works became. Staring at the body art, and looking at Sandy, was a combination that made the gallery feel very warm! We laughed, admired works, and continued our tour. The incidental brushes of our hands, arms, and hips were beginning to become more frequent. We eventually made our way to the gallery gift shop.

We perused the gift shop for a while, and wound up admiring a "Body Art Kit" on one of the shelves. We started out joking about it, reading the labels, and kidding each other. The kidding turned into obvious flirting.

Then her smile transformed to a sensous pair of lips, and she said, "I think it looks fun."

I stared back at Sandy with an intensity I hoped would express my sincerity. I whispered back, "I think so too." Before I knew what was happening, we were kissing with lust-filled passion. After our tongues had become very well acquainted, our lips parted, and we stared at each other for a moment. I asked, "you want to?"

She whispered, "mmmm, yes."

I quickly pulled out my new-found wallet, and made the purchase. We strolled arm in arm back to the hotel, and took the elevator up to the 6th floor. Being alone, we managed to steal a long, sensous kiss before the doors opened.

We got to my room door. This time my wallet was where I needed it. I used the key card, and had Sandy precede me through the door. I smiled at her as I hung the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door knob, closed the door, and engaged the security bolt. I turned to face her.

Sandy said, "a lot of security precautions you're going through there big boy; planning on being here a while?"

I replied, "mmmm, yessss....I think we might need several hours for some art work"

She turned her back to me, and pulled her hair to one side over her shoulder.

I eased up behind her, and kissed her neck before slowly sliding the long back zipper down her pretty blue dress. As the zipper slid down to her hips, my lips found the back of Sandy's neck where it meets her shoulders. I kissed my way down, then around the side of her neck.

Sandy let the dress fall off her shoulders, and turned to face me. Our lips found each other, and we kissed while her arms pulled out of her dress, and it fell to her feet. She slipped her arms up around my neck and pulled me tightly to her.

My arms were around Sandy, and slid effortlessly down her back to grasp her ass. My hands cupped her cheeks and pulled her to my grinding hips. My cock straining to be freed from the confines of my khakis.

Sandy could sense my needs, and continued to kiss me passionately while her hands urgently slid between our bodies and began to unbutton my shirt. Sandy's needs were just as intense because she got frustrated on the second button and suddenly ripped my shirt open! Buttons flew across the room to the sound of fabric tearing.

She broke our kiss to lick her way down my chest and nibble my nipples. Her hands worked frantically at my my belt, and opened my khakis. My rigid cock sprang free from the undershorts waistband as her hands slid around to cup my asscheeks.

The khakis fell to my feet, and Sandy licked her way down to my cock that was starved for attention. She dropped to her knees in front of me. Her lips slid over the head and she began sucking while flicking her tongue over it. While continuing to suck my head, her hands pulled my undershorts to my ankles. One of her hands cupped my balls with a finger probing my ass. Her other hand wrapped around the shaft of my cock, and her mouth slid down further. Her tongue swirled on the underside of my shaft!

Sandy's "shaft" hand released, and slid around to grab my ass, pulling me to her. Her mouth slid completely down, then back up with her tongue continuing to work its magic on my cock.

I gazed down at her, watching her mouth sliding sensuously up and down my cock. My hands in her hair while she was looked up at me with her beautiful eyes. She was staring up at me with an intensity that made my balls begin to boil. The sight was so erotic!

She gave my cock one last long, sensous slurp. My cock released from her lips with a popping sound. Sandy gazed at me sensuously as she stood, kicked her dress lightly to the side, and stepped back to lie on the bed. She said in a throaty whisper, "let's get this paint party started."

I kicked off my shoes, threw my khakis to the side with her blue dress, pulled off the remains of my shirt, and approached the bed. I knelt at the foot of the bed, and pulled Sandy's sexy body toward me.

With her ass at the edge of the bed, I placed her feet on my shoulders and bent her knees. I kissed her inner thighs, and nibbled my way to her hot pussy. Her scent, her wetness, her nylons rubbing my ears, her heels pressing into my shoulders....all of it combined to drive me crazy with lust. I nibbled and sucked at her pussy with wild abandon.

Sandy reached for one of the tiny paint jars, but never ceased the writhing of her hips under my chin. I continued to nibble at Sandy's crotch while looking up to watch her dribbling blue body paint on her breasts. She kneaded her own breasts and nipples, swirling blue body paint wherever her fingertips went.

Sandy reached over and got another jar. This time she dribbled orange body paint on her lower tummy. I continued to lap at her dripping pussy while reaching around her legs to place my hands on her tummy. I sucked her pussy lips, and flicked them with my tongue while swirling orange paint around on her tummy.

I began to stand slowly while sliding my hands up her legs. I was careful to keep her feet on my shoulders. Standing up completely, her legs were straightened fully with her heels resting on my shoulders. I stared down at her "art work" and encouraged her to continue finger painting.

I began rolling each of her thigh highs up to her ankles, and removed each with her heels. I tossed them on the bed above her head.

I whispered, "Sandy, hand me another color..."

Sandy smiled erotically, and handed me the small jar of red body paint. I opened the jar and dribbled red paint on each leg. My finger trace the lines of red on the top of her leg from ankle to hip.

I massaged her legs thoroughly, making swirling patterns in the red paint all over her legs. I stepped toward the bed and leaned slightly. I pressed her legs together, and continued finger painting her legs. My precum-covered cock slid between her thighs right over her pussy.

I began slowly sliding my hard cock between her thighs, watching the red paint smear onto my shaft.

Sandy smiled seductively, and closed her eyes with a low, "mmmmmmmmmmm."

I continued "cock painting" her inner thighs, and got lost in the sensuousness of the colors mixing with our body movements.

Sandy opened her eyes, and murmured, "I know you're feeling good, but how about you find a more appropriate place to put that big RED cock of yours?"

I was only too glad to oblige! I rubbed my cock at Sandy's pussy lips. The lubrication of my own precum, Sandy's juices, and the paints, made my cock slide in effortlessly.

I buried my cock in Sandy's pussy and held it there while gazing down at her paint covered body. I finger painted her breasts while she picked up another jar of body paint.

Sandy had green paint this time. She applied a liberal amount to her hands, then reached up to grab my shoulders. She pulled her legs down off my shoulders, and parted them wide before wrapping them around my waist.

She pulled me down to her. Our chests met, and shared the paints that were already on hers. She kissed me with an intensity that sent shivers down my spine.

With our tongues exploring each other's mouths, I could feel Sandy's hands sliding in the slick paint down my back to grasp my ass. Grabbing my cheeks, Sandy pulled me deeper into her.

She broke our kiss long enough to pant, "fuck me, fuck me now!"

I began thrusting my cock in and out of Sandy's wet pussy. Her nails were digging into the skin of my cheeks. Her paint covered legs wrapped tightly around my lower back.

Sandy's body began to tense just as my balls began to boil with cum. Sandy came hard with her back arched, and muffled groans of ecstasy.

Just as I was about to cum, I pulled my cock out, and sprayed my hot seed all over her chest.

As the waves of passion began to subside, our breathing was still heavy from the activity. We both looked at my cum all over her chest and smiled. Together, we did some more sensual body painting with my cum.

We laughed at the sight of the many colors mixed all over our bodies and headed for the shower together.

What happened in the shower is the next story...

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