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It was well past midnight, and the moon shone brightly in the cloudless sky. She gathered her luggage from the trunk of the rental and walked briskly into the deserted lobby to get her room key. He wasn't expecting her until the next morning, but unbeknownst to him, she had caught an earlier flight and was only minutes away from meeting him for the first time.

She felt none of the usual first-impression jitters. Lowering her bags to the floor, she quietly unlocked the door, anxious to see him. As she entered the room, her eyes were immediately drawn to the large bed. He sleeps, she sighed to herself, smiling wickedly. After leaving her cases in the closet, she tiptoed to stand beside him. His hair was tousled sexily on his brow, and his face was relaxed as he slumbered. She surmised from his motionless form that his trip had been just as tiring as hers. He hadn't stirred the whole time she'd been in the room. A heavy sleeper, she thought, as she removed her shoes. She settled onto the edge of the bed, careful not to disturb him. Reaching out, she stroked the stubble beginning to shadow his jaw line. Leaning close, she licked his skin, enjoying the sandpapery feel against her tongue. He shifted in his sleep, and the sheets lowered revealing his chest.

He's beautiful, she thought, and for the next couple of days, he's all mine. As she watched his mouth open in a soft sigh, she couldn't resist brushing her tongue against his parted lips. Excitement quickened her breathing and she jerked away, surprised at the sensation that simple touch had evoked. Wow, she marveled, we're going to have a wonderful time. Unfortunately, the long trip had made her too tired to begin. She rose to remove her clothing.

Once she was completely undressed, she carefully lowered the sheets to reveal his male physique to her prying eyes. Pleased with what she saw, she crawled into the bed next to him. Snuggling in spoon-fashion, she giggled softly, when he wrapped his arms around her. He huskily murmured her name against her nape, obviously still slumbering. Enjoying the feel of his warm breath against her neck, she exhaustedly closed her eyes.

He shifted in his sleep, and reached out to stroke the soft, warm flesh nestled so closely against him. Suddenly his eyes flew open as he remembered. He was supposed to meet her this weekend. Like a little boy in his excitement, he raised his head as he realized she must have arrived earlier than planned. Throwing back the covers, he gasped as he saw that she was completely nude. His breath caught in his throat as he marveled at her beautiful form. She slept on her side, with her back to him. One hand was curled around her pillow, while the other was tucked peacefully under her chin. She looks almost ethereal, all pale and golden in the soft light of the bedside lamp, he thought. Her hair was burnished copper, just as she had promised. He found himself wondering if her eyes would be silver, sapphire, or emerald. He knew she had always teased him about her eyes changing with her moods.

He envied any man that had ever known her. All he saw was her glorious perfection, and he was astounded and thankful that she had chosen him. He softly and carefully lowered her arm from her breasts, where it was obstructing his view. He enjoyed his first look at her nipples, feasting his eyes on her shapely form. Her breasts were ivory white and the pinkness of her large nipples begged for his attention. He leaned in for a taste.

The essence of her in his mouth was enough to spring his manhood into action. He suckled softly, gently using his teeth to bring her nipples to attention. She turned in her sleep, moaning her pleasure. He knew she wasn't yet fully awake, but she did feel something. Of that, he was certain. Perhaps, she imagined herself to be in an erotic, titillating dream. Soon, he thought, soon, she'll realize.

Stretching languorously, she awoke to the most arousing sensation. The first of her five senses to react was her sense of smell. She could smell him. She could smell herself. Her body was betraying her even as she slept. She could smell the scent of sexual excitement. Upon opening her eyes, she discovered him between her legs enjoying the taste of her wet folds. Unable to keep silent, she moaned her approval. And that's when he realized his princess had finally joined him.

Her voice, husky in the early morning, excited him even more. This was the first time he'd actually heard her in person, and her soft, lilting voice was even more erotic than he had imagined. Her hands immediately clutched at his hair and her hips rose in a begging invitation.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh, that feels so..." She gasped, unable to complete her thought, when his tongue slid home. She moved her hands from his silky hair so as not to hurt him in her excitement. Her nails dug into the mattress. She fought her body's rebellious desire for instant gratification. She desperately wanted to savor the sensation, which was so unlike any touch she had ever felt. Her thighs quivered as she fought a losing battle.

Finally, she succumbed to his ministrations, allowing her body the release it craved. Her legs gained leverage as she raised them to his shoulders. She thrust into his mouth. He suckled trying to retain all of her juices.

He moved to her face, finally looking deeply into her eyes. Chuckling at her dazed expression, he said, "Why, hi there, princess. It's been a pleasure eating you. I believe I've fulfilled my first promise. What would you like to do next?"

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