Erotic Dancing


"Squeeze those big tits darling."

"Pinch your nipples, pull them, hard."

"Sit on the edge of the bed, open your legs and push your tits together.

"Stand up and take your panties off."

"No leave them half way down your thighs, no push them to just below your knees."

He was issuing a series of commands with which I willingly complied.

"Sit on the edge of the bed."

"Open your legs."

"Show me your cunt."

"Lay back, lift your legs up and open them wide."

"Let me photograph your wet juicy cunt."

This was how it went when Erik and I had a photo session. We had been doing this for a few years now. It helped spice up our sex life for we never finished a session without having a glorious fuck. Recently, though, it was not so much part of our sex life, but was becoming our sex life. I was beginning to suspect that my husband could well be unable to make love to me without the stimulus of photographing me.

I had become used to gradually undressing as he took photos of me flaunting myself at him and the camera in my underwear, topless and sometimes bottomless, but clothed above the waist. I had accepted being photographed in just my bra, just my panties and just my holdups; of posing in sexy underwear, basques, waspies and half cup bras that I enjoyed buying both on the net and from shops. I had got used to lying in bed with him as shots of me in the outlandish poses came up on the huge plasma TV on the wall at the end of our bed. I was becoming accustomed to: being naked, of being shot from all angles and later seeing pictures of my tits my nipples, my bum and my pussy. I was now comfortable with Erik taking shots of me as I started to masturbate with close ups of my fingers inside the hood pressing on my clit. And of course I had become particularly accustomed to fucking myself with my fingers or my vibrator as he digitally recorded it for our later exciting viewing.

Although hugely embarrassed at first after a while I began to look forward to our sessions. And that was not just because I knew I would be quite royally fucked at the end of it, but also because I enjoyed flaunting myself at the camera. My husband had unwittingly uncovered a streak of exhibitionism in me that neither of us knew existed.

Our marriage, however was going tits up.

We are both Danish and that gives us a vastly different perspective on sex than most other races other than our fellow Scandinavians and perhaps the Dutch and northern Germans. We have a far more open attitude towards sexual expression than other nationalities and our concept of being faithful is nothing like that found in much of Europe the UK and the USA. We see nothing wrong in having sexual partners other than our husband or wife, we do not consider it vulgar for couples to go to sex clubs and watch others having sex or joining in group sessions. Friends often swap partners and threesomes both two women and a man and two men with a woman are fairly commonplace. Hence what Erik and I did, largely behind closed doors was not that unusual. Maybe showing my photos to friends was a little different, but as they, I and Erik enjoyed it what the hell?

We had been married for over twenty years. Erik was a property developer and ran a business largely involved with building houses in Spain. The crash made him go bankrupt. At the same time my career in advertising was booming and I was invited to become Head of Copy for the UK for the global ad agency that employed me. That meant moving to London. Erik didn't want me to go and wouldn't come with me when I said that I was taking the job. We rowed endlessly about it and our sex life deteriorated rapidly until it hardly existed other than the photo sessions. Despite his protests I moved to London and we separated. It was reasonably amicable and once or month or so I would go back to Copenhagen and he and I would do what married couples are supposed to do, fuck like rabbits for a while and then have a row.

Although our Danish upbringing and conditioning enabled us to have other partners they were supposed to be in situations of trust; that was critical to our relationship beliefs. Having affairs with the other not knowing about them was outside that trust and was frowned upon. So in London alone I was continually frustrated. I wanted and needed more sex and I knew that if I didn't get it I would end up having an affair and that wouldn't be fair or reasonable.

Fuck what a shambles I would think usually when I was entertaining clients or away in New York and clients or business colleagues came on strong towards me. I also had time on my hands and at home after being in the agency until around eight I took to messing around on yahoo messenger or writing erotic stories for Literotica. These and exchanging correspondence with mainly male, but the occasional female reader of my Lit stories became my sex life, well excuse for it. Masturbation, either when I was composing an erotic story or, when chatting to a man on messenger and sometimes watching him naked and erect on his cam, became my main sexual outlet. I and my life were in a mess and I couldn't see a way out. By the double standards of both my Danish upbringing and my UK and US experiences I could not do as many in those countries do and that is take a fuckbuddy. Although that is usually mostly about sex, it becomes almost inevitable that there will be some emotional involvement; that I couldn't let happen.

I was on yahoo late one evening phone chatting and camming with an American guy who lived in Aberdeen. I had got to know him quite well. We were both wearing the typical late night chat gear; he was in boxers and me a red, silk robe. I had told him of my dilemma in previous chats and some emails we exchanged; we had become quite close. We were talking about films and film stars and I told him that I thought that Catherine Deneuve was one of the most beautiful and sexy actresses. That led us onto talking about her films and I agreed that the scene in The Hunger where she seduces Susan Sarandon was one of the most erotic lesbian scenes that it would be possible to create. That elicited the inevitable.

"Are you bi then Michy?"

"I don't know, but I find beautiful bodies whether they are male or female very attractive."

"Do you find them sexy?"

"Yes I do and I find seeing beautiful people making love very sexy, well erotic I suppose."

"I know what you mean" he replied the cam showing the effect it was having on his boxers.

"Have you seen Belle de Jour?" I asked him.

"Is that where CD becomes hooker in a brothel in the afternoons?"

"Yes it is."

"Why do you ask?" He said resting his hand lightly on his groin.

I laughed and held the tie of my robe. "Maybe that's what I should do."

"What become a hooker?"

"Well it would get me the sex without having an affair."

"That's a bit extreme Michy" he said, adding. "You know what this is doing to me don't you?"

"I can see" I replied pulling gently on the tie and saying softly. "Yes Mike?"

"Please Michy" he replied lifting his bum off the bed and pushing his shorts down. He was beautifully hard.

I pulled the tie and my robe fell open. I was naked underneath.


As was usual the first thing I did the next morning when I got up around eight was to check my emails. I live in a lovely apartment in the Docklands area just to the east of London. The agency is in Covent Garden, but at least two mornings a week I work from home. These are usually when I have been entertaining the previous evening.

I always sleep naked and on those working from home mornings I don't shower and dress until late morning doing what I need to do in the buff and that includes writing for Lit. I like doing that, just as I will sunbathe in the nude on my fairly, but not completely secluded balcony overlooking the Thames.

There was a mail in my yahoo inbox. It was from Mike the guy I had been chatting to and with whom I had masturbated the previous evening, which was something that was becoming ever more frequent recently.

The mail read.

Hi Michy,

As usual it was wonderful having cybersex with you last night. As you saw you made me cum very hard and somehow produce more sperm than usual; I wonder why? I hope that it was as good for you as it was for me and that you enjoyed it as much as you appeared to. The expression on your face as you said you were cumming was one of the most erotic things I have ever seen. But then you know that is the category in which I hold you.

After you left I was thinking. Naturally a great deal of my thought was on what we had just experienced together and unusually for me I was hard again within an hour and that's not that common amongst us fifty plus somethings! As there was no chance of a 'second cumming' with you for I knew you would be sound asleep, naked in your bed my thoughts drifted onto what you said about B de J and CD. I had a peep on youtube at both the films we discussed and I couldn't agree more that she is ravishing. I had quite forgotten that and also just how sexy Helen Mirren was, well is actually, did you see her in that red bikini recently? The scene in The Hunger where HM spills red wine on her top and takes it off is so hard on inducing that had I not already had one that would have done the job. When she and CD go to bed behind those thin lace curtains and make love must rank as the most erotic film scene I have ever seen. And yes love I did jerk off again. That made me quite proud actually!

I digress.

When you talked, tongue in cheek I hope, about joining a brothel that jerked something in the back of my mind. After I had finished my threesome with CD and HM I put in some serious thinking and I recalled what had jerked my memory. I won't go into great depth here but will just give you a website to look at and will leave the rest to you. Access it or forget it, go along with what it says or ignore it. That's all up to you and I will never mention it again. If you wish to tell me anything about it you know I will be all ears, but I will never pry.

Hoping to 'see you' again real soon.

Big, big hugs

Mike xxx*

My curiosity primed I accessed the site immediately. Numerous photos came up of women in their late thirties, forties and even fifties and sixties with the tag line. 'It's never too late.' Gradually the photos changed from head and shoulder shots to full length and then even more intriguingly to photos of those women in their underwear and then naked. It was all quite tasteful even if some of the bodies were slightly beyond their sell by date. Most though were in pretty good shape and were quite sexy.

I went further into the site and learned that they arranged for 'strip tease artistes' as they referred to them, to attend functions of all types and sizes and that MILFstrippers ran several clubs in pubs usually twice a week in both the afternoons and evenings.

'35+ love your body, we want you' was another tag line. I realised then why Mike had sent it to me.

"Is that Ms Pendle?" The husky female voice with a not unpleasant American accent asked when I answered my mobile a week or so later. I hadn't recognised the number so had nearly not taken the call.


"Michaela Pendle?"

Pendle was a second name I sometimes used when I didn't wish to reveal my real name, but I had momentarily forgotten that.

"Oh yes, yes it is, who's calling?"

"Did you recently complete an online questionnaire?"


"It was a potential application for work, modelling work."

"Oh right, er yes I did. Are you from MILFstrippers?"

She said that she was and asked me numerous questions making sure that I was the person who had completed the form and sent a couple of photos as requested.

"And you would like to be considered for a position as one our artistes?"

I said that I would and we arranged a meeting in a couple of days time.

"We have an office just off Oxford Street where we could meet, but if you prefer a pre-meeting we could meet in a coffee shop."

Thinking in for a penny in for a pound I agreed to the office.

At the smart, but small offices in the better end of Oxford Street nearer to Bond Street than Tottenham Court Road, I met Carlton and Lisa the owners of the business. They were both probably in their fifties and were very pleasant. There was nothing seedy about them or the premises. They took their time explaining the process. They explained that they had been arranging striptease acts for years and that they provide girls for most of the laptop and strip clubs in and around London as well as for a host of private functions.

It was Lisa was who had called me. She was tall, slim and blonde, with full breasts that looked suspiciously as though they had been enhanced. Not classically beautiful for her nose was very pronounced and her lips were thin, she was well dressed in a cream, cotton blouse, tight, brown leather trousers and high heels. She had a yellow scarf loosely wrapped round her neck along with several necklaces and at least six bangles on her wrists. Probably having one or maybe two too many buttons undone on the blouse the swells of her well-rounded breasts were flashed quite frequently. She oozed sex appeal.

"Many girls only like to work well away from where they live" Lisa explained adding. "So we run afternoon and evening sessions all over London and the Home Counties, usually in pubs.

They told me that older women were in very great demand recently hence, the new site dedicated to 'wrinklies like us' Carlton explained laughing.

"We also provide ladies for dinners, small and quite large, private functions and parties in customer's homes."

I asked a few questions and they answered readily and asked why I was interested. I began to relax and explained that I was interested because I lived apart from my husband and being somewhat of an exhibitionist thought I might enjoy it.

"You enjoyed modelling for the photos?" Carlton asked.

"Yes I did?"

"Who took them?"

"My husband."

"Lucky man" Carlton smiled. "May I ask for a few details Michaela?" He said turning to his laptop.

"Of course."


"Forty four."

He tapped that in.


"Five seven."


"Ten stone four."

"Er what's that in pounds we have many American clients."

Lisa chipped in. "One forty four, very nice Michy."

"Not really" I smiled.

"Body type?"

I hesitated not quite understanding the question.

Again Lisa answered. "You could put lovely, but slim and rounded is probably more apt."

I smiled my thanks at her and again she held my gaze as she slowly lifted her hand and brushed the long lock of golden blonde hair that had fallen down her forehead up onto her head. As she did that the material of her top was stretched across her full breast and I saw the outline of her nipple. It was clearly hard.


"Thirty fourish C to D, twenty six, thirty seven."

"Hair and eye colours? Blonde with streaks at present and blue yes? That's it Michy thanks."

They explained the financial terms and then asked if I would mind undressing. "Only down to your underwear" Lisa explained.

I felt ok when I slipped my thin dress off and stood before them in my white bra and thong. They both walked round me looking at me from all angles. I had no idea what they were checking, but I obviously passed the test.

"Thanks Michy, you have a lovely body" Lisa said again looking into my eyes.

"Yes very nice" Carlton said adding. "Well if the terms are ok for you Michy we would like you on our books."

"Really?" I said probably sounding surprised for they both smiled as I did up the zip and buttons on my dress.

"Yes really you are as near our ideal woman as anyone can be, you'll be a wow with MILF strippers" Carlton told me.

"Have you done anything like this before Michy?" Lisa asked her eyes on mine.

"Not stripping no."

"But you have modelled for a photographer haven't you?"

"Yes but that was for my husband."

"No one else?"

"No" I smiled.


"Well one other yes, but that's a secret."

They both smiled as we sat down round a small coffee table and Lisa made some tea.

"Let's work out the best way to get you started?"

We agreed that I should start by looking at a couple of DVDs and then visit one of their club nights in a pub in West London, several miles from me.

"We can then have a practice session in one of the pubs with no audience there, just you and me" Lisa said adding. "And I will coach you" as she again held my gaze a little too long.

'Is she trying to pull me?' I wondered.


The induction as they called it went well.

My first experience was meeting Lisa and Carlton at the pub in West London. They took that over two nights a week and had their MILFparty as they called it one night and their GIRLYparty the other. They had another website GIRLYstripper that was for younger women.

The room was pretty full and I guessed that there must have been a hundred or so people there. Unlike the many similar sex shows in Copenhagen most were men, but there was a spattering of women and surprisingly most of those were young. There was a small stage about a foot or so high at one end of the room and a bar at the other. I was standing with Carlton and Lisa in a small roped off alcove. 'The VIP Gallery' as Carlton laughingly called it. There were a few other men and one female in there.

I watched fascinated, but a little nervously as the first artist came onto the stage. She was probably in her early fifties and was a little tarty, or so I thought. She had bleached, dirty blonde hair piled up on her head with tresses tumbling down, heavy make-up and long dangling ear rings. She was wearing a tight, silky, sheath dress that clung to her like a second skin. It wasn't flattering anywhere other than her boobs. They were spectacular under the thin material.

The skirt ended mid-thigh so she only had to move slightly and the hem would ride up to show the tops of her obvious holdups. The music got louder and she started to perform. Slowly gyrating round the stage I saw that what she may have lacked in appearance she more than made up for with her movements for they were very sexy. In addition to bending forward and backwards and gliding around she frequently touched herself, but not in too blatant a manner. She would slide her fingertips across her tummy, run a hand down her bare arm and then softly touch her breasts. The audience seemed to love her.

The first song ended with her still fully dressed. I was to learn that the process was one song stay fully dressed, during the second undress to the underwear and then the third pose naked or near so. That meant each strip took a round ten minutes.

The second song was slower and Adell moved right to the edge of the stage. With one hands cupping her boob she put her other hand out to a guy standing at the front. He took it and helped her down onto the floor. She smiled and gave him a dazzling smile before kissing him on the cheek. She moved around the pub touching and kissing guys and adroitly avoiding groping hands until she got back to the guy who had helped down from the stage. I didn't hear what she said, but it soon became obvious when she turned her back on him and he undid the zip on the dress. She held onto the front as he helped her back onto the stage, which wasn't an easy manoeuvre in the tight dress.

She played the audience well giving them brief glimpses of her breasts in her bra and lots of looks at her back that showed clearly she was wearing a black thong. Slowly the dress came off to loud cheers from the audience. Her thong was very brief and she was wearing holdups, all were black. She returned to the edge of the stage where she sat down. Looking out at the audience, many of whom wouldn't be able to see her now, she slowly opened her legs and let one hand fall casually between them. There was some gasps and cheers from the nearer guys. She caught the eyes of several who were near to her and then beckoned to one. He came up close and she turned her body so her back was towards him. I could actually see his hands shaking as he undid her bra that she held onto. Back standing on the stage she slowly exposed her tits and, surprisingly to me at least when the bra was eventually removed, they didn't sag that much despite their size.

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