Erotic Daydreams

byHistory Nut©

Sometimes I think my parents should have named me Eykan, rather than Eukan. Since I was old enough to get an erection, I have masturbated one or more times a day, three hundred sixty-five days a year. I don't know how much semen I have spilled, but I'm sure that were every sperm in it had impregnated a woman, the earth would not be big enough to hold all of my children. As it is, I've fathered only two little Jacquekovs, a boy and a girl.

My wife, now dead some five years, was a wonderful lover. She had no inhibitions and was always willing to try some new way to achieve a powerful orgasm, as long as what we did caused no pain or injury to either of us. S&M was the one aspect of sex that neither of us had any desire to explore. In spite of my wife's willingness to have sex anytime I wanted it, and was frequently the one who initiated a romp on the Spring Maids, I still found it necessary to manually empty my seminal vesicles at least once a day. These solo sessions were always accompanied by vivid daydreams. Daydreams still fuel my daily self-pleasuring. Let me relate one to you.

It is a beautiful, warm, sunny day in early June. The sky is cloudless and a rich, almost royal blue. A light breeze is rustling the leaves of the trees as I walk along a country dirt road toward the swimming hole where the river tumbling from a fifty-foot cliff has scoured out a deep, long, pool. I can hear the waterfall even though I'm still a quarter mile from it.

Mocking birds nesting in the nearby trees take exception to me being in their territory and begin dive bombing-like attacks, narrowly missing my head. I ignore them and continue toward the river and an hour of skinny dipping.

When I'm about thirty feet from the swimming hole, I hear voices – female voices.

The pool is well shielded by trees and shrubs that grow on both banks of the river so that people swimming there cannot be easily seen by passers by. That's why it is my favorite place to swim nude.

Quietly, I move closer and peer through the leaves of a low growing river plum. There are three girls, whom I had met on occasion, there. All were between eighteen and twenty-three years old, and all were bare ass naked. They were splashing water on one another and playing grab-ass.

Judy, the eighteen year-old looked to be about five-three, and may have weight a hundred and ten pounds. Her reddish blond hair was cut in a pageboy style. Her scanty triangle of pubic hair was the same color as the hair on her head. Her butt was a little too wide for my taste, but was smooth and firm. Her waist was small, and her belly flat. Above her waist (how shall I describe her breasts) were tits the size of large muskmelons. They did not sag; not even a little. At the center of each, the areola was only slightly darker than the sun-tanned skin around it. In the center of each areola was a mouth-wateringly erect nipple. Her nipples were huge when compared to the areolas surrounding them.

Karen, Judy's twenty year old cousin, was about the same height as Judy, but probably fifteen pounds heavier. She wasn't fat, but made me think of the old WWII Lucky Strike cigarette jingle: she was, "so round, so firm, fully packed." Unlike Judy, Karen was a brunet. The hair on her head and between her thighs was mid-night black. Her skin clearly showed that she had inherited her father's Navajo skin tones. Except that she was as smooth all over as a baby's bottom, her hide looked like oiled old leather. Both her ass and her tits were smaller than Judy's, but had almost the same firmness. They were conical with areolas that stood well out from the surrounding breasts, and blended into long, thin, dark nipples.

Juanita, who lived just a few doors south of my home, was also a brunet. She was twenty-two. A divorcee, she was also the mother of a two year-old son. Juanita was quite attractive, but an early pregnancy and nursing a child had taken a toll on her belly and breasts. She had a small pooched out abdomen, and her rather pendulous 36 DD breasts sagged enough that I was somewhat turned off by them. (I can't help it; I like girls with tight, firm tits that defy gravity and stick straight out from the chest.) Like the other two, Juanita's nipples were clearly erect. That made me curious. Were they hard because the water was cold, or were they stiff because the gals were sexually aroused?

I soon got the answer to that question. Karen moved next to Juanita, embraced her, and gave her an open mouthed kiss that I would have cherished. Juanita returned the kiss and palmed Karen's cone shaped right tit for a moment before gently pushing the younger woman away.

"Karen, please. I really enjoy getting it on with you and Judy, but right now what I need is a man's long, hard cock inside me."

"But you always come so hard when I eat you."

"I know darling, and you never fail to make me come, but I need right now I need to fuck. I need to feel a man's cock pounding into me."

Hearing that was all I needed. Although Juanita was, for me, the less desirable of the three, her sagging breast and slightly rounded belly did not detract from her otherwise beautiful body to keep me from wanting to be the man she said she needed.

My already stiff penis sprang to its ready for action stance. I quickly stripped off my clothing, folded it, and walked from my hiding place onto the narrow beach bordering the swimming hole.

"Hi girls! May an old man join you?"

All three girls screamed. Then they recognized me. Judy and Karen, as one, said "Hi Eukan. What are you doing here?"

Juanita took a look at my erection, smiled, and said, "Girls, that should be obvious. He came here to swim, and when he heard us decided to play peeping Tom."

"Are you angry about that," I asked.

"Not if you know how to use that canon you have pointed at us."

"I do. It's been a while since I've fired it, but it seems to be in working condition."

Judy and Karen merely stared at my un-cut penis as it bobbed and waved in front of me, a glistening drop of pre-cum wetting the lips of my meatus. As I learned a few minutes later, while both girls were sexually active, they had never before seen an un-circumcised penis. When they finally got it in their hands, they delighted in covering and un-covering the glans with the loose foreskin.

Juanita smiled at my answer and said, "Well don't just stand there. Come on in."

I put my bundle of clothing next to the girl's stacked clothing and waded into the water. It was cold. As it reached my penis, the little devil shriveled away to a limp, floppy worm that had no semblance to its former state.

Juanita's face dropped. I saw the look of disappointment and told her, "I'm sorry, hon, cold water may make a girl's nipples get hard, but it makes a man's penis go soft. Don't worry though, as soon as you begin warming it, it will get hard again."

She smiled wanly and said, "I sure hope so. I don't know how much you heard before you came out of the bushes, but I was just telling Karen how much I needed a man's hard cock in me. I still need one – real bad."

"Darlin' you'll get one. Just be a little patient. Now come here and kiss this old man."

Juanita didn't need a second invitation. She swam to me, stood, plastered her naked body against mine, and offered me her mouth. Our lips, and then our tongues met. Her right hand wrapped around my flaccid dick and began gently squeezing it. My own right hand made its way between us and up to her soft, pliable breast. I would have preferred to be embracing either of the younger girls, but enjoyed Juanita's eager embrace. A moment later I felt Judy and Karen pressing their nubile bodies against my back, Judy to my right, Karen to my left. My biceps were warmly ensconced between their warm, firm, hard nippled breasts.

The press of naked female flesh against my body soon had new life flooding into John Thomas. As she felt him stiffen in her hand, Juanita mewled in my mouth, and began sliding her hand along the little devil's length, encouraging him to stand more erect.

"I've never been with three beautiful, horny ladies before. I hope I'm up to the challenge."

Judy and Karen giggled. Juanita pulled her mouth from mine, and said, "Don't worry. It may take a while, but I'm sure you'll be able to take care of all three of us."

I answered, saying, "Well, then, let's go up on the bank and lie down so that we can get started."

"Oh, you are eager. Take it easy, boy. Half the fun is building up to the come slowly."

"Juanita, you are right. But I can't breath under water, and I want to taste your pussy."

Hearing me tell Juanita that, both Karen and Judy stabbed their tongues into my ears and scrubbed their bodies against mine. Then Judy asked, "Will you eat me too?"

"Darling, I plan to eat all three of you before we leave here."

Karen squealed in my left ear. "Oh, I've always wanted a guy to go down on me, but none of the ones I've been with would. They all wanted me to blow them, but none would eat my pussy."

"Karen, sweet, you won't have to wait another day. There's nothing I enjoy more than the smell and taste of a beautiful, wet pussy."

For the next half hour, I had my face washed by three of the tastiest pussies I've ever dipped my tongue into. They had similar flavors and odors, but each was different. Judy's cunt juice was mildly sweet and tasted of fruit. Karen's was salty and tangy. Juanita's had a mild garlic odor and flavor and a distinct, but enjoyable taste of green chili. It didn't have the bite of chili, just the flavor. I was in a cunnilinguist's heaven. All three women came while I was eating them.

My penis also received its share of oral stimulation. I have to say, though, the girls were all experienced enough to recognize when a man was about to come, and always backed off before I exploded. They kept me just on the edge of an orgasm the entire time. Finally Juanita said, "I can't wait any longer. I need to fuck."

Saying that, she broke our sixty-nine embrace, turned and lowered her snatch onto my almost raw penis. The slick fluids of her cunt were like a balm as she encased my cock in her hot sheath.

She slid all the way down my cock's length until our short hairs met. Then she sat still letting me get used to the heat and tightness of her vagina. I could feel her cervix pressing against my glans. If she had move just then, I would have been unable to hold back my orgasm. She seemed to sense this, and kept her cunt firmly glued to my pelvis until my urge to come subsided.

While she didn't fuck me, not then anyway, she leaned forward so that her heavy tits pressed against my chest, and her mouth again made contact with mine. Our tongues began that age old dual.

After almost a minute of being encased in the heat and wetness of her tight vagina with no other stimulation, I felt it was safe to fuck and pressed upward against her. That was what she had been waiting for. She slid her cunt up the length of my cock until the head was barely inside. Then she slammed down again, pounding her clit against my pubic bone. She repeated the movement. Time and again she rose and fell. I began my own thrusting.

It was a warm day. Soon both of us were bathed in sweat.

Judy and Karen were standing to either side of Juanita and me. They were both masturbating.

Suddenly Juanita let out a piercing scream, went rigid, and began a dance on my cock that made me fear she was having an epileptic grand mal seizure. The violence of her orgasm, and the pressure of her cervix on my glans, pushed me over the edge. My semen flooded her cunt bathing the mouth of her uterus with sperm.

Juanita collapsed on top of me and lay there totally limp and unmoving, except for her gasping breathing. Slowly, she regained her awareness. She sat up. My now flaccid penis was still in her. Then she raised her ass from my pelvis. My cock made a wet popping sound as it pulled out of her, and was immediately covered by a glob of my semen that dripped from her gaping vagina.

Both Judy and Karen had fingered themselves to orgasm at the same time Juanita and I did, and were now back in the pool cooling off.

I sat up, kissed Juanita and said, "Hon, that was terrific. We're going to have to get together more again – soon."

"Any time, big boy. Any time."

After a swim and a nap, I managed to get John Thomas up for a romp with both Judy and Karen, but by the time I climaxed in Karen's hot pussy I barely felt the semen ooze out of my pee hole. I was spent. That night I slept more soundly than I had in years.

I don't think I need to tell you that I had a monstrous erection as that scenario played in my head. I stroked old John Thomas for the duration of the fantasy and ejaculated into a tissue at the same moment I filled Juanita's vagina in my daydream. I could tell you some more of these jack-off dreams, but I'll not do it just now. If this one effected you as it did me, you've shot your wad and need time to reload.

Have fun,

Eukan Jacquekov

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