tagRomanceErotic Dream Cream Catcher

Erotic Dream Cream Catcher

bySatin and Lace©

Going in the empty house was a little nostalgic. My grandparents had lived in this home for seventy years. They had been gone only three months, it was my first time to come inside. Opening the door the odors immediately took me to a child again. The lemon smell almost caused me to cry. Starch, cleanliness engulfed my senses.

I was there to gather a few things from the attic. Walking up the cranky stairs brought back memories. I found myself close to tears. Opening the door I saw the camel back trunk and walked quickly to it. Lifting the lid I saw the crocheted scarfs. Moving them I found the enamel red box.

I left the house placing the box under my arm. Waiting until I was home before lifting the lid. The most delicate work of art laid before my eyes. The parchment paper was written in beautiful script. Calligraphy I knew was my grandmother's handwriting.

"Allow this to shelter your love for one another. The magic inside of the knots will keep your love tied to one another. The precious stones will bring beauty to your days. The feathers will bring you laughter and tickle your souls. Hang this above your bed it has been handed down in our family. Remember 'Somewhere over the rainbow way up high. Somewhere over the rainbow blue birds fly. Somewhere the dreams you dare to dream come true. We shall meet again. You are now the keeper of this."

Tears sprung to my eyes. My marriage was a sham, my husband was clearly banging his secretary. Every night he was late, I gained a new piece of expensive jewelry. We lived in a home without life inside of it. Now how could this delicate piece of circle change that? Walking into our bedroom I couldn't look upon the four poster bed without a pang of jealousy. How long? Three months? Eight months? It was my prison. I was dried up inside, long past crying for sexual contacts.

Hanging it above my bed I looked upon the knots. They were tied so intricately. Yet if I were to tug on one strand it would have loosened it. I got so engrossed I didn't hear my husband come into the room.

"What's that thing?" He said half interested.

I jumped out of my skin screaming with his intrusion. I turned towards him he looked tired.

"My grandparents left it for me. Its a dream catcher to hang over the marital bed. It gives the couple long marriage." I said staring at him as I slipped off the bed.

"Well it looks like nothing but knots, beads, feathers don't see that helping with longevity." He spoke as he walked into the bath.

I was lost in thoughts of the knots their simplicity. It could tie a person but they could be loosened immediately. It soon became bedtime a moment of dread I'm sure for him. I quit trying to show him interests. Laying there I heard his even breathing soon fall upon my ears. I slipped off the bed, got the velvet ropes in an instant I had him tied.

His eyes fluttered open, he looked bewildered but didn't fight. I brought out an array of feathers I kept things loose and light. He responded with moans. I found his erogenous zones. When I wrapped his rock hard cock in my pearl necklace he went wild. He arched trying to kiss me. As I saw his cock spew cum I moved up his body kissed his mouth with passions. Reaching I tugged one strand his hands were loosened. His feet was untied, he turned over and lovingly passionately made love to me.

Morning beckoned us to start another day. Looking out the French doors I saw a butterfly lightly kiss the flowers, awake. My body was so absolutely balanced, in tuned with my soul. I hadn't felt the beauty of life in so long. Nothing seemed to be out of sync. I watched a light summer shower water everything. Leaving drops that looked like diamonds, casually strewn on our lawn.

The phone broke me out of my reverie. Lifting the receiver I heard my husband's voice instead of dread I smiled.

"Honey I'm coming home early tonight. Let me bring dinner from Micheal's, we can hit the bed early? How does that sound?" Steven asked excited.

"Sounds great. Are you sure you don't have to work late?" I asked smugly.

I knew my grandmother made that Indian catcher. She showed me how to tie knots for pleasures. She taught me how to keep my husband coming home for 70 years. He fired his secretary, he was at the dinner table without fail. I remember grandpa wasn't ever late for dinner either.

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