tagRomanceErotic Dream Cream Catcher Ch. 02

Erotic Dream Cream Catcher Ch. 02

bySatin and Lace©

After four days and four sensual nights I believed in the pleasures of Steven. He was inventive in bed, he enjoyed the ceremony of being tied. We found out I didn't. I went hysterical it made us both laugh later. We shared more of ourselves to the other.

The afternoon was turning out to be a lazy one. I tuned in the television flipping through the channels. I was about to turn it off when the last station caught my eye. There on television was a woman performing oral sex on her partner. I was mesmerized by the sight. His cock slipping in and out of her mouth as his breathing became labored. I caught myself breathing along with him. Watching her swallow him over and over was just a beautiful sight.

I was almost inside the television with him when the phone rang causing me to scream.

"Katherine you want anything special brought home?" Steven asked.

Not knowing I was watching what I wanted tonight.

"No, I can't think of a thing." I answered breathless.

"What are you doing you are out of breath. It's sexy sounding I have to admit over the phone." Steven laughed.

I was to embarrassed to confess to him so, I answered," Doing laundry. Running up and down the stairs." Hoping that would be enough.

It seemed to we talked a few more minutes before I was free to watch and learn something. I knew I could do this. This will rock Steven's world tonight I thought. I went into the kitchen looked around found a perfect banana to practice on. Well, the first banana met a quick death. The second one lasted a little longer, I could feel I was getting the hang of it.


The house was darkened but for candles burning in crystal bowels with magnolia's floating. I scattered their precious petals back to the bedroom. I had showered put on a Victoria Secret gown, laying back onto the bed.

"Kate? Kate why are the lights out?" Steven hollered out just before he came to our bedroom door.

His face softened he walked over to the bed gave me a passionate kiss.

"Keep that thought I'm going to take a quick shower. Don't you forget what you started here." He said smiling like a cat that swallowed a mouse.

He came out quickly pulling me to my feet. He slipped the straps of the gown off my shoulders it fell like fluid spilling on the carpet.

"I want to see my Katherine I love." As he bent his head to kiss me.

He pushed me back onto the bed we knew what was next. He just didn't know what I had in store for him. I was thrilled, tantalized knowing I was going to give Steven a new gift. As I expertly went through our routine he moaned biting his lips at times. As I came to his cock he was ready for the jewelry being wrapped tightly.

I looked him into his eyes he smiled with a small thrust of his hips. Keeping eye contact I placed his head onto my lips. His eyes widened but he didn't blink. I drew in a couple of inches the moan ripped through his body. I was doing well. I swallowed enough of him to hit my soft spot gagging only once but I didn't stop. I pulled my hair over to one side so he could watch. I knew I had a few more inches to manage so I went for it. My nose hit his pubic bone a little hard. He was so hard but flexible. I knew he was in total shock. Over and over I pressed my nose onto his pubic bone. Only to be swallowed again. His body was shivering, moans, groans filled our bedroom. Somehow one hand got free he stroked my face as he watched me enjoy giving him head.

His hips were starting to thrust faster, I knew he wanted no I knew he needed to cum. I hurried my pressure as he thrust his cock down my throat. I felt him grab my hair as his body left for sub space. The hot white thick cum slid right down my throat, I had to keep swallowing he never came so hard. Feeling his gold bracelet hit my face I could feel a little bit of a shiver. Only the top of his head and his heels were on the bed. I hadn't seen anybody go into sub space. To tell you the truth it was more like a fantasy I thought people talked about.

"Katherine what just happened?" Steven hoarsely whispered.

"You just went into sub space. Surprise! I learned this, this afternoon." I said with pride. "You can check the trash I went through enough bananas." I added laughing at that thought.

We had come a long way from marriage sex. You know the kind she wants it over so she can take a week off. He wants it so he can get back the game on television.

Steven untied his hand sat up and untied his feet. He quickly threw me back onto the bed with a frenzied motion he went down on me. His tongue lapping at the wetness, bumping my clit with his nose. I was beyond speaking so I started moaning to his motions. I couldn't last out so long. I came and the first time we both found out I was a squirter. I showered his face he grinned licking faster. I came another four or five times before trying to pull his head up for a kiss.

"Who would have thought I have a multi-orgasmic, squirting wife. I love you, Katherine. You never let me down." His lips passionately fell upon mine just after he spoke.

"Steven, I will never let you down. I love you, too." I whispered.

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