tagRomanceErotic Dream Cream Catcher Ch. 03

Erotic Dream Cream Catcher Ch. 03

bySatin and Lace©

Steven was laying in bed with a smile on his face, when I brought in his breakfast tray. Hot coffee, black. Egg soufflé, Crisp bacon. English muffin with butter and orange marmalade. Orange juice and a bowl of strawberries, grape, raspberries. I fixed his tray masterfully elegant. Even two roses in a crystal vase.

"Morning sleepy head. Last night really knocked it out of you didn't it?" Katherine laughed as placing the tray across his hips. Fluffing his pillows for the maximum comfort.

"Katherine last night was absolutely magnificent." Steven said with appreciation in his voice. "Run out of banana's during your lesson?" He laughed eyes sparkling.

"Yes, and I'm not ashamed to know it took me plenty to give you what I did. I can get you anything else Steven?" Katharine said proudly.

His face looked completely content with his man sized breakfast. He patted his side of the bed motioning her to join him. Katherine sat down taking a strawberry in her mouth so sensually Steven almost moaned. His memory was vivd of last night. His erection gave him away.

"Katherine you can stop that at anytime. I need nourishment for us later." Throwing his head back laughing. Then he kissed her sweetened lips tasting the strawberry.

Somehow breakfast got devoured nothing spilled. Katherine lifted the tray and took it to the kitchen. Steven came up behind her, lifting her gown he started rubbing his half erected cock on her tight ass. Katherine moaned biting her lips. Steven had never done this before. Day time was never a time they had experienced with sex.

Katherine was moving her hips in slow circles. Steven took his hand pressing her thighs slightly opened he found she was soaked. Her long legs were such an erotic turn on. He pressed his body into her back, whispering, "Katherine I ache for you let's do something now." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Steven what do you have on your mind?" She asked hoping it was sexual.

He took her hand walked her to their private fenced hot tub. Helped her out of her gown. Stepped in then helped her inside. Instantly pulling her to his lips. Kissing the soulful kiss of passions. The water jets were swirling bubbles around their bodies. He asked her to relax and float. She was good at floating. He brought her to his face opened her legs and started licking. She moaned not holding back. He made long strokes from the clit to her pussy. Using his tongue to open her lips for more in depth licking, sucking. She was lost in the land of sheer ecstasy.

When she felt the orgasm building she actually forgot the fine art of floating. She went under water he kept at it. She was shaking, happily she had enough mind to hold her breath. When she made her way to the top of the water she let out a howling sound. Steven was grinning widely. He pulled her close to help her regain her sense of direction.

"Steven, thank you I mean .. I mean thank you." She said smiling.

She reached down his cock was hard she motioned for him to come with her. She brought them to the water jets, angled it so his balls were being directly hit by the thousands of tiny bubbles. Steven smiled at her. She smiled just as she slid under the water sucking his cock. Taking him down effortlessly she knew she could suck him to orgasm. Steven was lost in the pleasures. She was tonguing his cock, water bubbles were blowing his balls. She was enjoying the coolness of the water. She could hear his screaming, moaning, groaning of his pleasure.

She quit sucking his cock, slipped behind him and took her tongue and started playing with his ass. He shifted his weight opening his legs wider, feeling her enter his body he felt his cock stiffen. She licked his ass, tongued his hole, slipped between his legs and sucked his balls. Licked and sucked his cock like she couldn't get enough. His senses were being assaulted but he was holding off any orgasm. She found this erotically challenging. She managed to float between his thighs taking his cock into her mouth. So he could look down into her eyes. Her head was just below the surface of the water sucking contentedly. He was starting to squirm she knew it was close.

Slipping her fingers between his legs, she managed to insert her finger into his ass. Steven immediately blew his cum down her throat. He was paralyzed, his brain disconnected at the base. He shut his eyes, biting his lips. His lungs begged for air, heart sped up to keep him standing. Pumping the spare oxygen left in his lungs to go to the brain. His legs turned into rubber allowing him to essentially fall upon Katherine. They both went under, fighting for air. Katherine made it up first pulling Steven up. He coughed, spitting up water. She was actually worried now about him possibly drowning. Or worse have a cardiac arrest.

"Steven speak to me, please? Oh God, I've killed you!" She screamed alarm in her voice.

Steven's color was coming back to human. He sat on the built in bench kept shaking his head. Breathing was labored. Involuntary shudders. Katherine burst out crying he was in bad shape.

"I didn't mean to have this happen, Steven." She said through sobs.

Steven finally focused upon Katherine's face seeing her cry. He panicked thought he must have hurt her. He pulled her to his body, hugging her. Steven's mind drifted back to that millisecond before she caused him to crash into his orgasm. That one was for the books. He could feel every nerve in his body react. He was falling towards earth without a parachute. His chest hurt, his mouth went numb he was so amazed at the instant recall of the orgasm.

"Katherine I'm sorry I scared you. You just unplugged my body from working. I was falling over an abyss with pleasure I had never experienced." Steven tenderly spoke.

Pulling her to him he kissed her with the kind of kiss that seems to last three days. When lips part they tug at the other's. He inserted his tongue easily overtaking her tongue. She tasted so sweet he felt his groin stirring. He lifted her easily placing her on his lap she was still kissing him. She put her hands in his hair as she kissed him back kiss for kiss.

"I want you, Katherine." Steven whispered softly in her ear.

"I want you, Steven." Katherine said looking in his eyes.

She felt his hardness just barely brushing her pussy. She loved the moment of his deciding when he needed to push into her. He pushed his head in, slowly, leisurely in her hot pussy. The different temperature from the cool water and her heated pussy. Steven wanted to take it slow. She played with his hair, licked and sucked on his ear he shivered. When she blew into it his cock sunk in deeper. She felt herself grabbing onto his rigid shaft. She was enjoying this game. She knew she could pull him completely inside with her muscles.

"Oh not so fast baby." Steven knew her powers all to well he pleaded.

"Oh baby boy I want you in me to the hilt." She laughed winking at him.

She decided he could control this. Went back to kissing his face. His neck, sucking on his nipples. Steven was pushing in slowly but steady. When Steven grabbed her hips she knew he was going to impale her. That quick motion threw her into ecstasy. He didn't let go of her hips, pumping up as she pushed down they were in sync. He felt her first rush of hot orgasm it wrapped itself around his stiff cock. He was determined for her to cum over and over again.

"That's it Katherine cum for me. Cum for me again." Steven shouted.

She started her orgasms that went into rolling in waves. Surrounding his cock in such heat. Katherine's head was thrown back, eyes closed. She was cumming at such speed he became driven.

"You can cum again, show me Katherine." He demanded.

The power of being able to help her cum so many times, hard orgasms the tremors squeezed his cock hard. It was such a fucking turn on, for him. He was so into her cumming he didn't note his was working out of his balls. His balls started to fill, then started pushing it upwards and onwards. When it came down the path of least resistance it ripped out of him with such force he was temporarily blinded.

"Ahhhhh... Yes! Yes!" They both screamed.

Cumming together was such a sweet victory. Having such orgasms they both went limp. She laid her head on his chest. He wrapped his arms around her. Leaning his head back eyes closed. They were satisfied. He held her close she wrapped her arms around him. She was listening to his heartbeat as she drifted off to sleep.

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