Erotic E-mail


Erotic e-mail What will happen when they finally meet?

She E-mailed -- Dear Bob, I’m so excited that your business will bring you to my city in two weeks.

I know you think that at 60 you’re too old for me. I bet you are a much better lover than men 30 years younger. You know that I’m 27 and it doesn’t matter if your prick doesn’t get as hard as it used to.

I love oral sex, and what I can do with my mouth and tongue. Having a prick inside my cunt is just a small part of making love. My lips (both sets) are soft and kissable. I’d love to have you eat my pussy, then return the favor by sucking your cock until you beg for release. Would you fill my mouth with cum?

======= He e-mailed -- Your e-mail made my day, Julie.

It also gave me a hard-on. Wish you were here to jack me off. Actually, if you were here I’d love to have you straddle my face and have your cum squirt directly into my mouth.

I’d love to kiss your lips. Both sets. Wish I could suck your cunt lips, your clit and your tongue.

I don’t know if I could fill your mouth with cum, but I’d sure love to have you suck my prick. If you made me cum, I doubt very much if I’d be able to fuck you. But you could sit on me, and if you’d give me a hand, we could get my prick into your warm cunt and let it soak.

====== She wrote --

Hi, Bob.

I would love to lay there with you -- feeling your hands touch me all over -- your mouth exploring my body. I’d watch as you take my clit in your mouth. It would swell so big. You could pull on it, lick it, and tease it with you tongue. We could sixty-nine for a while, letting our mouths enjoy some gentle sucking. When you had me right at the edge, I would ask you to roll over and let me lay on top of you.

My wet, swollen pussy lips would wrap around your cock. I’d kiss you, letting my hard nipples press down onto your chest. I would move ever so slowly -- up and down, up and down -- my pussy lips massaging your cock. I’d feel you throb, know that your prick was ready to have my mouth around it. Sucking it in and out, my tongue licking up and down your shaft. The head would be my playground, the pre-cum my drink when I get thirsty. I’d spread open your little peehole, dip the tip of my tongue inside, lapping up every drop of pre-cum that you are building inside. I want to play with you, and have you play with me. A nice firm body for your pleasure, all night long. I’m hot thinking about it. Are you?

====== He wrote--:

Hell, yes I’m hot thinking about what we could do all night long. I wish we could be together right now, so we could suck each other the ways you wrote. I bet your cum’s delicious. You told me your tits are small but nice. 34B, round and firm. I’m not a big-boob man, yours are a perfect size. I look forward to seeing them, and fondling them. You said your nipples get big when they’re sucked -- big, pink and hard. You said I can suck on them as long as I want. Yum!, yum! I’m glad that you’d like that.

Yes, I’d love to rub your nipples with the head of my prick so the pre-cum makes them nice and wet and shiny. You want me to swallow them whole. I’d sure like to try.

====== She wrote --

Would you like to be my Daddy, and let me sit on your lap when I don’t have any panties on? I’ll be anything or anyone you want. Do you have any fantasies for me? I’m so hot right now. What would you do with me?

====== He wrote --:

On a balmy day, with a marvelous breeze, we have a picnic. We are on a blanket under a big tree in the middle of a big field, far enough from all sides that no one could see us. You ask if I’m ready to eat, and I tell you I want to eat you.

Smiling, you remove your clothes as I remove mine. You lie down and spread your legs. I slide a throw pillow under your ass so that your cunt will be easy to reach. You hold your legs in the air as I kneel between them and look at your neatly-trimmed wet cunt. I spread it with my fingers so I can see your engorged clit.

Your puckered asshole looks so kissable. I lick it, and lovingly kiss it. You whisper a contented yes. I rub it with my prick. I would never penetrate you. I can’t understand how anyone can consider anal sex to be erotic.

Just looking at you has me ready to cum. I lean forward, and nibble your cunt lips. I put my tongue in you as far as it will reach. It’s warm in there, and wet with pre-cum. I lick you, then suck your clit until you clutch my head as you cum. I remove the pillow, and ask you to sit on my face so your cum will run into my mouth. Shall I continue?

====== She wrote --

Later. Right now, I want to get in on this fantasy. Making me cum with your mouth has made my cunt feel wonderful. I want to make your prick feel wonderful by having you cum in my mouth.

I grasp your pulsing uncircumcised prick, and move the foreskin back and forth. I tell you that I want to jack you off and watch you cum -- after I’ve given you a blowjob and we have fucked. I look admiringly at your gorgeous cock.

I take one of your balls in my mouth, and gently suck it. I do the same to the other one. My cunt gets wet from what my mouth’s doing. I slurp the pre-cum that’s oozing from your peehole. Then I suck your engorged knob. I don’t attempt to get more of your prick into my mouth. But I vigorously suck the knob, and lap it with my tongue. I feel your balls tighten. Your creamy cum spurts into my mouth. I hold on to your prick as I swish your cum around in my mouth before I swallow it. It’s divine. Then, I use my tongue to clean your prick.

====== He wrote --

We take time out to eat lunch. I ogle your tits, your heavenly nipples, and your delicious cunt. You ogle my prick, and tell me how much you loved sucking it. I ask if you want to fuck after lunch, and you tell me you’re ready right then.

We lie on our left sides. Our right legs are in a position that enables me to place my cock next to your pussy as I nestle spoon-fashion against your nice ass. You reach between your legs, and snuggle my prick to your clit. I start fucking. Your pussy and my cock soon are soaked with our pre-cum. You guide my hard-on into your dripping cunt. I put my arm around you, and play with your beautiful tits and their fabulous nipples. You reach to fondle my balls. Your cunt muscles tighten around my prick. I feel your cum cover my cock. Moments later, I spurt my cum deep inside you.

You turn to face me, and we kiss with open mouths. Our tongues explore, then we suck each other’s tongue.

I ask you to stand with your legs apart. Then I use facial tissue and Baby Wipes to clean you, so that our cum won’t run down your legs when we dress.

====== They each write --

I hardly can wait for next week to get here.

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