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Erotic Eastenders: Episode 1


Zoe had just discovered that Cat was not her sister as she had always been lead to believe, but was actually her mother and she had been given up due to the circumstances of her conception. Zoe was naturally distraught and spent an hour or so in her room contemplating how this would affect her life. The rest of the Slater family had gone over to the Vic for a drink, leaving the pair alone to sort things out between them. Cat sat on the stairs outside Zoe's room sobbing, awaiting the emergence of her daughter.

Finally, the door creaked, and out stumbled Zoe, her eyes red from crying, tears still visible on her cheeks. "Cat" she spluttered, causing her distraught mother to turn and look up at her. "Yes darling" replied Cat wiping the tears from her own eyes. "Why did you give me up, were you ashamed of me?" Cat looked over at Zoe and smiled through her tears, "Of course not babe, I had to, I had no choice….I wanted to keep you….dad made me give you up, honest." Zoe sniffed as she finished crying and sat next to Cat on the step. Cat looked across at Zoe and stared deep into her eyes before reaching out a hand and brushing her cheek, wiping away the last of her salty tears. "How could I ever be ashamed of you Zoe, you're so beautiful." Zoe blushed and bowed her head, "You really mean that Cat, you really think I'm beautiful?" she asked.

Cat laughed and put her finger under Zoe's chin, raising her head back up to meet her gaze. "You are the most beautiful girl in the world Zoe," and she leaned forward giving her daughter a little peck on the cheek. "I want to make it up to you Zoe, I want to be like a proper mother to you." Zoe looked over at Cat, she obviously was genuine and Zoe had always admired her, "OK she concluded, but we need to get properly acquainted as mother and daughter."

Cat seemed a little confused by her daughter's request and enquired as to what she meant. "We need to go back to when I was born and when I was a baby so I can catch up all the things we missed and you can be a proper mother to me, that is what you want isn't it Cat?" Cat took hold of Zoe's hand and looked at her pretty young face "More than anything babe," she replied softly. "OK then, let's go," said Zoe, and she lead Cat by the hand into her room, locking the door behind her. "Right, let's do it then" said Zoe as she stripped off her T-shirt. "What are you doing Zoe?" shrieked Cat in an alarmed voice as Zoe continued to undress until she was dressed only in a small bra and white cotton panties.

"Well, I wasn't born fully clothed was I Cat, so I'm getting naked, just like when I was born." Cat still seemed somewhat uncomfortable with the situation and asked Zoe "Is that really necessary?" Zoe looked over at Cat and folded her arms indignantly, "If you don't want to be my mother, fine, just go" she snapped. Cat thought for a moment, this was indeed what she wanted and it was sort of normal for parents to see their children naked, maybe she was just being to prudish. "OK, sorry Zoe, carry on babe, let's do this properly." Zoe took her mother's cue and snapped off her bra, freeing her maturing breasts, which fell from the soft lacy material. Cat gasped a sharp short breath as she stared in wonder at her daughter's shapely 18-year-old figure. Her breasts although not huge were certainly a fair handful and she had the most perfectly formed little pink nipples Cat could imagine. Her stomach was slender and flat, flaring outwards as it tapered outwards at her womanly hips. Although she had often seen Zoe in shorts, now she was almost totally nude before her she was able to admire just how shapely her thighs were.

Cat felt her breath quicken as Zoe placed her thumbs inside the waistband of her panties. Could it be that she was getting excited by the sight of her gorgeous teenage daughter stripping before her. She had never become aroused by any woman before and she wondered why she felt that way. Maybe it was just because she loved her so much. As she watched, Zoe slipped her panties slowly over her long sexy thighs before dropping them to the floor and flicking them away with her dainty little foot. She ran her hands down her pale stomach before stoking the freshly shaven pubic area below. "I did it specially for you, just like I would have been, what do you think Cat?" Cat didn't know how to respond she just stared open mouthed at her young daughter's bald pussy.

Cat wasn't sure, but she was certain she felt her breasts harden in her blouse. "You're gorgeous Zoe, you look so innocent and sweet, and you have a fabulous body." Zoe smiled and reached out her hand picking up the trembling hand of her mother who sat on the bed. She took Cat's hand and placed it on the cool tender flesh of her stomach before moving her mother's smooth palm over her hips and up towards her breasts. Cat now received an answer to her uncertainty about her feelings. It was more than just love, she was indeed becoming sexually aroused by her sexy naked young daughter and her pussy began to throb under her leather mini dress. She snatched her hand away from Zoe, in shock at her realisation causing Zoe to look inquisitively at her mother's flushed face.

"What's up Cat, don't you like my body?" she asked. Cat considered her answer for a moment, but not wanting to hurt her feelings had to reply with the truth, "It's really beautiful Zoe," she whispered as her cunt continued to ache with lust for her sexy daughter. "OK the, my turn now then Cat," Zoe enthused sitting on the bed next to her glamorous mother. "What do you mean Zoe," she asked hoping she wouldn't give away her true feelings to her daughter. "I want to see where I came from, you weren't dressed in a leopard skin blouse and mini-skirt in the hospital were you?….."

This light-hearted remark seemed to settle Cat's nerves a little and she began to relax. "Of course I wasn't Zoe!" she laughed and before she could act, Zoe was already unbuttoning the garish blouse slowly revealing a black silk bra, which barely covered her ample cleavage at all. She was a little uncomfortable with her daughter undressing her and taking over from her daughter's busy fingers said, "Here babe, let me do that." She continued to unbutton the blouse and dropped it on the floor beside the bed. Then she fumbled with the wide belt, which held up the dangerously short skirt, which barely hid any of her large silky thighs from the view of the general public when she went out.

She now lay beside her totally naked daughter wearing only her skimpy bra and a matching silky thong. "…….And you certainly weren't wearing that!" Zoe chuckled as she glanced at her mother's slutty little undergarment. Zoe, eager to see the place of her origin grabbed the knickers and clumsily yanked them down and off her mother, who lay spread-eagled beside Zoe. Her own pussy was now fully exposed, her pubic hair forming a neat vertical strip along her pelvis, allowing her to wear such flimsy underwear. Zoe looked down at Cat's mature vagina in awe. "Wow mum, its amazing can I touch it please?"

Cat knew her pussy was still damp from her aroused state and didn't want Zoe to find out as she was ashamed of her lustful feelings for her own flesh and blood, now matter how incredibly horny she looked spread out beside her, her delicate breasts lightly brushing against Cat's tanned bronze arm. However, before she could deny her daughter her request, Zoe had already placed her hand over her quivering pelvis and was creeping down between her chunky thighs. Zoe traced the outline of her pink swollen lips and was greeted with a little blob of clear fluid on her fingertips.

Although still a virgin, Zoe had masturbated more than most by her age, and knew what it was and what it meant, one thing she didn't know however was how it tasted, and she put her fingers to her mouth and tasted the delicious flavour of her mother's vaginal juices. It was a taste she liked and she was desperate for another helping. Replacing her hand on Cat's pussy, she looked over at her and asked innocently "Is that really where I came from Cat?" not really seeking an answer to her question. As Cat opened her mouth to reply, Zoe slid her finger all the way inside Cat's juicy slit, all the while watching Cat's face to see her expression at the introduction of her slender digit inside her obviously willing pussy.

Cat reacted with a gasp of sheer surprise and yelled at Zoe "What are you doing Zoe, you shouldn't be doing that!" Zoe smiled at her mother sweetly before replying confidently "Relax Cat, I know you're enjoying it, I can see all too well" and she removed her finger before lifting it up so Cat could see it as her juices coated the pale skin of her young exploring hand. Cat was amazed how unphased Zoe seemed to be by her arousal and looked down at her asking, "You don't mind?"

"Of course not…" she replied calmly "…..it shows you meant what you said earlier about liking my body, I'm flattered. Now where was I?" With that she slipped her hand slowly along Cat's curvy stomach and tantalising back down toward's the tingling vagina of her slutty mother who's whole body was trembling with anticipation. Cat decided that if Zoe was happy with the whole situation, so was she and she may as well get something from it, she propped herself up on her elbows and said to Zoe, who was now almost at her opening once more "Of course, when you came out it had to stretch a bit first."

Zoe responded by smiling knowingly at her mother who grinned back at her, her eyes twinkling in the dim light of the bedroom. "Like this Cat?" she quizzed as she slipped two thin fingers up her mother's slick love tunnel. Cat purred softly with pleasure as she felt the fingers slide in and out of her easily, "Yes like that, but you were much bigger than that babe." Zoe took her cue and began to rub at her mother's cunt furiously, until her juices were flowing freely over her busy fingers. Then prising apart Cat's golden thighs with her other hand she clenched her fist tight and put it against Cat's throbbing lips. "This big mum?" she enquired as she watched her mother's expression change to one of pure lustful excitement.

"Yes that's it babe, that's about right, it was hard at first, but eventually it stretched all the way to allow you're pretty little head through." Zoe's attention once more turned from her mother to the dripping twat in front of her fist, and steadying herself with her other hand pushed hard against Cat's unyielding vagina.

" It won't go in mum" she said as she pushed her fist against the fleshy lips. "It will, trust me babe, just keep trying" she reassured and sat up slightly to observe the action going on below. Zoe continued to push her tightly clenched fist hard against Cat's fanny, which although it opened up a little, still wouldn't accommodate her daughter's bulky hand. "Here let me help you darling" offered Cat and she rolled over slightly, shifting her weight onto her left elbow to free her right arm. Zoe was lying beside Cat, who placed her right leg over the small frame of her daughter and held her pussy open slightly with the first 2 fingers of her right hand.

"Now try" she said and watched her daughter's fist approach her cunt for a third attempt.

This time the flesh yielded against her hard knuckles and her vagina began to spread, allowing the end of Zoe's hand to enter her. Cat gritted her teeth as she felt a sensation of slight pain as her pussy stretched beyond its normal range, "Push hard now Babe!" she commanded as she watched as Zoe thrust her whole hand fiercely into her mother's open cunt, causing her to scream with mixed pleasure and slight pain. Zoe was amazed as she watched her mother's little opening suddenly devour her bunched hand and gasped in wonder.

She pushed her arm in a little further until the first 3 inches of her wrist were also being swallowed by her mother's greedy pussy. As Cat became accustomed to the feeling of such a girth inside her, the feelings of pain changed to ones of sheer orgasmic pleasure, and she wriggled and writhed on the bed, attempting to slide up and down on Zoe's imprisoned arm. Zoe took the initiative and drove her hand deep into her mother until her fist and around 6 inches of her arm were completely hidden from view.

Cat was in heaven with ecstasy and threw her head back as Zoe now began to slip her arm easily up and down inside Cat's hot sticky tunnel. "Cat clamped her pussy around her daughter's wrist and yelled out loud "Oh shit babe, I'm cumming, I'm fucking cumming!" and she released a gush of hot cunt fluid as her pussy spasmed. Zoe then removed her arm with a sexy sloshing noise, causing the previously trapped juices to leak from Cat's throbbing minge and trickle down her fleshy thighs and down soaking her daughter's bedsheets. Catching her breath, she called Zoe up to lie beside her and inspected her cum coated arm.

She took Zoe by the wrist and flicked her tongue along her forearm, sampling the unique flavour of her own sticky cum, before putting Zoe's fingers up to her face licking each one slowly in an attempt to remove every trace of her orgasm from Zoe's dripping digits.

Zoe responded to the sexy sight by moving her face over and the two feasted hungrily on the young girls hand. When she had done Zoe took her hand away and the two shared a long slow kiss, their tongues lashing against one another's as they stared deeply and lovingly into each other's large sultry eyes. Cat broke away from Zoe and said, "Bloody hell Zoe, you must have been really hungry the way you gobbled down all that pussy juice, are you full yet or would you like some dessert?" Zoe looked over at Cat and asked "Depends what you got mum" rubbing he last of Cat's leaking juices into her pussy and soft brown thighs.

"Well…" Cat responded, "….How about these for starters," and lifted her large heavy breasts from their silky prison, before offering them up for her daughter's approval. Zoe stared at the massive boobs of her mother for a while, they were much bigger than her own developing bosoms and the nipples stood hard and long before her. Zoe looked up at her mother and licked her lips seductively before lowering her gaze back to Cat's fat tits.

Zoe took her right breast between her cupped hands and pressed her face against the soft squashy melon. She opened her mouth and took the long hard nipple between her teeth and began to suckle on it, as though she was indeed still just a baby. Cat moaned softly as she admired her young daughter's gentle sucking and stroked her long brown hair lovingly.

"Who's mummy' little girl then?" she whispered as Zoe moved across her chest licking and sucking the expanse of tit meat on display before clamping her soft pink lips around Cat's left teat. Cat closed her eyes and drifted away with pleasure as she listened to the noisy sucking of her daughter's young lips around her reddening nipple. "That's enough now babe…." she breathed sexily, "…..Mummy's hungry too."

Zoe released her grip on the big breast of her mother, and offered it up to her open mouth. Her lipstick coated lips closed around the saliva-covered tit and lapped at it as Zoe rubbed her own pert breasts. "I've got something you can eat Cat," she offered and placed Cat's hand on her smooth hairless pussy.

Cat ceased her self-pleasuring and looked down at Zoe's little pink slit. She rolled over on top of Zoe, and placed her hands over her smaller teenage boobs, gently pulling and rolling the stubby nipples until they began to harden between her fingers. She lowered her head and planted a gentle kiss on each of the delicate buds before tracing the line of her abdomen down her pale body before finally coming to her final destination.

Zoe shifted up the bed, so she was sat up against the headboard, allowing Cat to rest her head between her long shapely thighs. Cat ventured forward and tentatively kissed each of Zoe's light pink labia before her tongue probed the opening to her sweet little pussy. She gave her a long slow lick right along the slit before probing inside, sucking at her clitoris as she lapped Zoe's 18 yr old virgin cunt.

Zoe gripped Cat's head firmly in her hands as her mother's tongue flicked expertly around her burning pussy. She could feel her first orgasm building inside her stomach and pushed Cat's face deep into her crotch. Cat took this as a sign of her impending climax and sucked hard at her twitching snatch. Zoe screamed as her body shook. Her vulva throbbed and her clit vibrated as she released a stream of cum over Cat's probing mouth. "No mum, no more I can't take it" Zoe sobbed as the waves of ecstasy rippled through her nubile body. Cat was unmoved however, and continued to chew and munch away at the folds and flaps of Zoe's spasming cunt.

Zoe was thrashing about much more now, holding firmly onto the headboard behind her. She had never experienced anything like it, she felt as though her pussy was about to explode, and in a way that's what it did.

"Fuck Cat, I'm cumming again, you're so good at licking my pussy…..Ohhhh God here it comes!" she yelled, and so fierce was the orgasm that had built inside her, her cum spat violently from her hole, spraying her surprised mother's face with sticky pussy juice. "Oh fuck, Cat" she panted "I don't know where you learned to lick pussy like that, but it was unbelievable, I've never cum so much!"

Cat smiled as her daughter's cum dripped from her chin onto Zoe's slender stomach, "Shhhhhh baby, you look so tired, come to mummy" she whispered and cradled her exhausted daughter in her arms. Zoe rested her head on Cat's magnificent cleavage and gazed up at her mother's cum covered face "I love you Zoe," she sighed, admiring the angelic face of her pretty daughter.

Zoe's heavy eyelids began to close as her tiredness grew, "I love you too mum" she replied before the two drifted, locked in a loving embrace, gently off to sleep.

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