tagCelebrities & Fan FictionErotic Eastenders: Episode 3

Erotic Eastenders: Episode 3


It had been over a year since Irene had left him and almost 3 since the death of Tiffany, his only daughter. For Terry things were looking bad. Although Janine had been with him for some months as his lodger but as she was so young she was often out clubbing and besides, the age gap meant they shared very little in common.

While Terry sought the companionship of a good woman, Janine was solely motivated by money and there was very little she wouldn't do if the price was right. In fact he had only kept her around because she reminded him so much of his beautiful Tiffany who he missed so much.

Terry as usual had spent he night drowning his sorrows in the Vic and as Peggy rang the bell for closing time, he fell off his stool and staggered out into the square, contemplating returning home to his house to spend another night alone in his big empty bed. As he turned the key in the lock and entered the hallway, he noticed that Janine was home as her coat was on the hook next to wear he had just hung his.

He entered the living room and shouted Janine, as he wanted to ask her if she fancied anything from Ian's Chippy. There was no reply, and he thought she must have gone to bed early. He decided to go for a pee and turn in himself before doing the same again the next day. He slipped off his shoes and stumbled towards the bathroom.

As he approached he heard singing and the gushing of water, She must have been in the shower. If he had been sober, he would have waited for the bathroom to become vacant and waited patiently for his lodger to finish.

However, he wasn't sober, and the alcohol in his bloodstream affected his thinking. He pushed open the door slightly and was about to enter when he suddenly became frozen to the spot. From his position peeping through the slightly open door, he could see 18-year-old Janine in the shower; she was naked and covered in soap with her back to the door.

Terry felt a stirring in his trousers, it was a long time since he had seen a naked woman in the flesh, and although he had seen plenty of gorgeous big-titted slender models in his collection of porn magazines which served as sexual relief since Irene left, the sight of this chubby plain-looking teenager washing herself in his bathroom caused him to become more excited than he'd been for some time. He stood and stared, watching as her hands glided over her soapy thighs and ass. His cock was really getting hard now in his pants and he put his hand in his pocket and began to touch himself as he watched.

Janine dropped the soap in the cubicle and as she bent over to pick it up, she unknowingly gave him a perfect view of her big round behind sending a shiver of pleasure down his spine.

Then he heard the shower being switched off and quickly fled away to his bedroom so she wouldn't spot him. He reached under his bed and pulled out a big pile of adult magazines and rifled through them looking for one magazine in particular.

Then he apparently found what he was looking for and quickly fumbled at his belt before dropping his trousers and underpants and frantically beating his rock hard erection, never taking his eyes off the picture.

After a couple of minutes of frantic wanking, he grunted and his buttocks clenched. With a quick jerk of his hips, his dick jumped twice and sprayed his hand with thick gooey cum. He lifted the magazine to his face with his freshly soiled hand and kissed the picture whispering "I love you baby", before cleaning himself off with a tissue and drifting off to sleep.

When he awoke in the morning Janine had already gone out and Terry stumbled out of bed nursing an almighty hangover. He sat in the kitchen for a while and consumed a cup of coffee and a couple of aspirin, before heading out into the square for a walk to try and clear his head. After an hour or so, the fresh air had had the desired effect and he decided to head home for some lunch.

When he arrived home Janine had returned from wherever she had been, her presence again being given away by her jacket hanging in the hallway.

Terry hung up his coat and entered the kitchen shouting to Janine, wherever she was, whether she wanted some lunch with him. "Just a minute Terry…." Came the distant reply "…..I'm in the shower, I'll be out in a moment." Although he was now sober he still remembered how horny the sight had made him the night before and he once again crept over towards the bathroom door.

Very carefully, he turned the knob of the door and pushed it open just slightly, congratulating himself for never putting a lock on it. Again he was greeted with the sight of Janine's naked body. This time he had a side view and was able to watch as she rubbed her soapy hands all over her young perky bosoms.

The same vision produced the same result and Terry's dick sprang to attention inside his grey corduroy pants. Janine's arm reached up to turn off the shower and again Terry scurried off to his room to attend to his growing hardon. However, as he looked around on the floor, searching for the picture he had used the night before, expecting it to be in the place he had left it (beside the bed) the previous evening. As his cock throbbed in his trousers, his search became more frantic.

Although he had a considerable collection of other magazines to chose from, for reasons known only to himself, only his favourite would do.

His hunt was interrupted by Janine's sarcastic voice "Is this what you're looking for Terry?" she asked knowingly. Terry turned to see Janine stood in the doorway dressed in his blue towelling bathrobe. In her hand she held aloft the magazine Terry had been desperately searching for.

"Give that to me now!" yelled Terry furiously, enraged at the invasion of his privacy. "Cool it Terry…..", she quickly snapped back, "Have a good look did you?" Terry continued to become angrier, "I don't know what the hell you're talking about, just give me that magazine back!"

Janine leaned against the painted pine frame of the open bedroom door and smiled slyly, "I caught you ogling me in the shower just now…I saw your reflection in the bathroom mirror, and now you've come in here to finish yourself off with this." Terry had to admit he had seen her showering, but asked how she had found the magazine.

Janine explained that she had got back from town early as she was skint and needed to have a shower. Her bathrobe was in the laundry so she went into his room to borrow his, and when she entered she saw the magazine lying on his floor.

"You haven't looked through it have you?" he asked with a sense of nervous urgency.

"No don't worry, 'Hardcore Teen Maidens' is hardly my thing Terry", she laughed and she tossed the magazine on the floor in front of her where it accidentally fell open. Janine glanced down at the now revealed pages below. She stared open mouthed at the pornographic images she was presented with.

"Terry, you dirty bastard!" she gasped as his face flushed red with shame as his secret was finally uncovered.

The picture on the page was a double page spread of a young naked woman with her legs apart, spreading her pussy. However, where this picture differed from any other copy of that same issue, was that over where the young woman's face would have been, was a photograph of Terry's daughter Tiffany's face.

Janine picked up the magazine and flicked through it, on every single picture the models head had been replaced with a picture of Tiffany.

Janine kept turning the pages in disbelief until she found the page he had used the night before. It was clear what he had being doing as the traces of his spunk which had transferred from his messy hand had not yet dried and it was clear to Janine what the stain was.

"Please don't tell anyone Janine" stammered Terry anxiously. Then Janine realised how Terry's life would be made hell if it ever got out, and also her current financial situation. "£100" she offered in agreement that his secret would be kept. Although Terry couldn't afford to give her that kind of money, he agreed and told her he would withdraw the money the following day. "So how long have you been doing that then you sly old dog?" she probed, wanting to extract as much embarrassment from him as she possibly could. "Ever since she was about 16, I've always fantasized about her she was so beautiful." He answered, hell he might as well share it with someone, as she had already agreed to keep it all quiet.

"Did you ever fuck her?" she asked, gaining some sick pleasure from his obvious discomfort at the question. "No, he muttered back sheepishly, but I always dreamed of it, one day actually having sex with my own gorgeously sexy young daughter. When she died I was devastated as I knew it would never happen, now these pictures are all I have left to remember her by."

Janine felt a feeling of uncharacteristic sympathy for him as he sat on the bed before her, "And me of course", she whispered across to him softly.

"What?" Terry replied with an air of confusion in his voice. "It's why you keep me around isn't it, I remind you of Tiffany don't I?" Janine replied abruptly, taking Terry somewhat by surprise. "You knew?" "Of course I knew, when you first met me you told me I reminded you of her, don't you remember?" she responded smugly. "You may not be able to have her anymore, but I can offer you the next best thing".

Terry gawped open mouthed as Janine opened the large blue robe and let it slide from her shoulders and onto the floor at her feet. She stood before him her youthful body glowing as she stood, her hands cupping her firm young tits. "Well how do I compare", she asked saucily as she glanced over at him, the bulge in his trousers giving away his obvious state of excitement. Terry leapt to his feet and made his way over to his naked teenage lodger "You're perfect, it's uncanny you look exactly like her" he sighed as he reached a hand out towards her naked bosom. Janine slapped his hand away and shook her head "Not so fast Terry, you gotta make it worth my while" she said as he stood inches from his fantasy fuck queen's replacement.

"What do you want?" he asked longing to touch her soft pale skin. "Another £100" she replied. "I haven't got an more money, you already took my last 100 before. "Well then, how about I live here rent free?" Terry considered her offer, her rent money was a big help to him and he needed it really to pay the bills every month. Janine could see that he was unsure about her offer and feared he was going to refuse, so using all her powers of cunning manipulation, she took his hand and placed over her hairless pussy. Terry gasped as his hand felt her smooth pelvis and closed his eyes to savour the moment fully. Janine leaned over and whispered seductively in his ear "I'll even call you daddy".

It worked just as she had hoped and Terry breathlessly panted "Yes, OK…rent free".

Janine breezed past Terry and lay down on his bed her legs spread wide so he could see her pink fleshy pussy lips. "Why don't you join me daddy?" she purred, fluttering her long eyelashes suggestively at him. Terry quickly peeled off his shirt and dropped his pants before stepping out of them and striding over to the bed. Janine stared at Terry's naked body. She wasn't at all surprised that his flabby middle-aged body was totally unattractive to her and her eyes gradually moved down to see what he had to offer "downstairs".

Although his cock was fully erect it measured only around 5 inches and wasn't the thickest she had seen either, but then again she thought to herself, she wasn't there to enjoy it, the whole situation was for his benefit, and if she was going to get her end of the deal she had to make sure he got his. "Oh daddy, what a big cock you have…", she said softly, the evidence she saw, pointing to the opposite "….Is that all for little me?" Terry looked at the young woman lying naked before him and gripped his penis firmly in his right hand, "It certainly is Tiff, and I'm gonna stick it right inside your beautiful pussy."

Janine could hardly keep a straight face as Terry loomed over her with his below average erection staring her in the face, she found the whole scenario far from unappealing and planned to have the whole thing over with as soon as possible. "Put it in me daddy, I want your dick inside me now" she insisted, with fake enthusiasm at the prospect. Terry placed his free hand at the entrance to her vagina and prised open Janine's fleshy cunt lips. Janine shuddered with disgust as Terry began to slide his cold erection inside her unwilling cunt. Terry moaned as his dick was soon ass the way inside his "daughter's" vagina and stood motionless as her lips clung tightly to his unsatisfying rigid tool. "Ooooooo….you're so tight" he commented as he began to slide his way back out of her still unstimulated young cunt.

Janine lay back motionless on the bed as Terry began to thrust hard into her grinding his hairy cock against her smooth fresh pelvis. She closed her eyes to avoid having o watch as his contorted face loomed over her as he bashed away at her tight teenage fanny.

Then something quite unexpected happened, she felt something stir inside her pussy.

She opened her eyes and began to take notice of what was going on in the room. There it was again, and again 2 little tingles in her cunt, then a third and this time she felt herself start to moisten as Terry pumped at her now responding young twat. She looked down and noticed that Terry still had his smallish cock slipping in and out of her but he was now pushing his thumb hard against her pelvis and circling it slowly around. Although she hated to admit it, she was actually enjoying what he was doing to her and lay back down on the duvet.

Terry was furiously rubbing at her clit with his thumb, while at the same time pushing his dick in and out of her cunt, which was no beginning to gush freely with her newly unlocked vaginal juices.

"Fucking hell Terry, that feels so good", she hissed as she felt an unplanned orgasm beginning to build inside her. Terry looked down at her face, which seemed genuinely flushed with arousal, he didn't care that she had broken the pretence of him being her father, concentrating totally instead of bringing his young lodger off all over his throbbing dick. "You like that then do you Janine, you dirty little tart" he spat as he continued to molest throbbing little clit roughly, all the while drawing pleasure from watching as her pretty face screwed up as she enjoyed his sexual manoeuvres inside of her. Janine looked up at Terry, surprised at how he to had forgotten the whole idea and used her real name.

"What about Tiffany", she gasped as the pressure continued to build in her abdomen.

"She was nothing but a little cock-teasing bitch, you're much better than that little whore", he replied gritting his teeth as he himself neared his own forceful ejaculation. Janine had now reached her sexual destination and her cunt lips gripped Terry's throbbing cock firmly as her whole body began to shudder beneath him. "Oh god yes, that's so fucking good Terry, you're really making me cum…..What's my name Terry, what's my fucking name?"

Terry had by now erased all thoughts of his deceased daughter and was focused on the dirty little slut he was bringing noisily to orgasm below him. "Janine……Janine!", he yelled as he felt his balls tighten and his buttocks clench. Janine felt Terry's cock begin to twitch inside her gushing pussy as the waves of her own orgasm began to subside.

Terry went to withdraw his cock from inside her, not wanting to violate his young temptress with his mature seed. But was interrupted by Janine who was writhing beneath him suckling on the hard dark nipples on her young developing breasts.

Removing the little pink bud from her lips, she stared deep into terry's eyes and whispered lustfully "No, I want you to cum inside me", and as she did so Terry grunted and shot a powerful jet of his sticky cum deep into his satisfied young partner. After he had emptied the full contents of his balls inside his exhausted young lodger. He leant over and kissed her on the forehead.

Then as she rubbed the dribbling spunk from his softening cock into her soft milky white body, Janine looked over at Terry and said softly, "You can throw away those magazines now Terry, I'm your little girl now" and he smiled contently as he watched her lick the last traces of spunk from her delicate young fingers.

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