Erotic Encounters with a Salesman Ch. 02


"I'M CUMMING DOMINICK, O GOD I'M CUMMING!" I cry out my words to him, as a torrent of cum floods out of me around his fingers and onto the banana that he holds with his other hand just hovering at the outside of my entrance. I hear him moaning as he watches my cum flood along the banana making it glisten.

He takes the banana from between my quivering thighs and I watch through half open eyes as he licks and devours the banana coated with my spent pleasure. I am breathless as I watch him enjoy every morsel of it. His fingers then slide out from my freshly cummed pussy and he brings them to my lips smearing my cum all over them. He slides up along my body, once more capturing my lips with his. I taste the potent taste of my cum upon his lips and tongue as they tangle with mine adding to the rich decadent flavours that have already seeped into my mouth.

His arms wrap around me, pulling me up close to him as he continues to devour my lips, enjoying the way he literally ravages my mouth utterly and completely. He releases my lips from our passionate oral embrace taking my hands in his as he pulls me up off the bed. His cock pushes against my stomach making itself known. I move back picking up the bowl of pudding smiling devilishly at him as he stands there directly in front of me.

"I think it is my turn to have fun with you now Dominick." I say with a smirk on my face.

Taking the bowl I go down on my knees and place the bowl under his cock. I look up into his face as I move to sink his cock into the chocolate pudding. I hear and see his mouth gasp as the pudding surrounds his cock coating it chocolaty goodness. I put the bowl down onto the floor, now moving my mouth toward his cock, my mouth watering to taste it.

My tongue swipes along the tip of his cock and I moan as I taste the sweetness of the pudding and the saltiness of his precum mixing together. Swirling my tongue around the tip of his shaft I gather more pudding and the taste of his cock upon my tongue, so intoxicating. I move my mouth down to the base of his shaft and slowly lick upwards toward the tip. Every lick along his throbbing member elicits moan after moan spilling from his lips for my ears to hear. My tongue continues to enjoy the heat and texture of his shaft against my tongue till the last drops of pudding are all but gone. I lick my now chocolate covered lips after licking all the pudding from his shaft while my left hand fondles his balls gently with my fingers.

"MMM yes Lisa, you know exactly how to use that mouth of yours on my cock don't you my naughty woman." he rasps through his lips as his hands run through my hair pulling my mouth back towards his member.

His cock slips past the barrier of my lips as his hips rock slowly against my mouth. With every few thrusts I feel his cock push deeper testing my limits, but I continue to accept more and more of him without complaint. The pace starts to quicken, the cock in my mouth gliding in and out of me effortlessly as my saliva coats his cock. I begin to taste more of his precum as it trickles onto my tongue and I moan loving how it enhances the already overwhelming flavourful blends in my mouth.

I feel his cock as it begins to throb harder with pleasure. My ears absorb every pleasurable sound coming from his beautiful and sexy mouth as he continues thrusting his cock between my lips and over my tongue. Just as I think he is going to stroke until he releases his load into my mouth, his cock slips from my lips, hearing the suction of my lips on his cock make a popping sound as he slips from them. He stares down at me as his cock throbs in front of my face.

"Time for Lisa's pussy to be filled with my cock." he says, as he lifts me up off my knees and pushes me against the wall. His hands move under my buttocks lifting me upward so my legs wrap around his waist. I cry out as his cock plunges straight into the core of me. His hands are tight along my backside gripping the flesh there as he cock drives into me over and over again in a movement as old as time.

His lips move to devour mine again, his body pressing into me making our bodies come in full contact with each other and sizzle a with fiery passion. My sensitive nipples rub along his hard muscled chest, coursing electrical shocks directly into my pussy making me convulse that much harder around his cock. I moan harder, directly into his hungry mouth feeding him my vocal pleasure, letting it fuel him to thrust his passion harder into me.

Our bodies' become slick with sweat, the aroma of our passionate bodies and the decadent food making the air heady as we inhale it through our nostrils, making our brains feel dizzy with its intoxicating effects. We both feel each other pleasure rising, feel our heartbeats pound in unison as our orgasms come upon us.

My lips part from our hungry kiss and I look directly into his glossy blue eyes seeing the pleasure that must be mirrored in my own. "Cum with me Dominick, I want to feel your orgasm mingle with mine." I say in a husky breathless whisper.

I feel him pick up the pace of our passion feeling his cock now flaring and pulsing wildly within me. My pussy clenches him tightly milking his member for his cum. Then I feel it overcome me, no longer able to hang onto the precipice. I throw my head back against the wall arching my back crushing my breasts against his chest as an orgasm once again overtakes me. I then hear him roar aloud from deep within his chest as his hands tighten on my buttocks and his cock releases a flood of cum into me filling me to the brink. My legs tighten even harder around his waist as we both ride out are explosive orgasms together.

We stay like this for a few minutes basking in the afterglow of our orgasms. Our breathing heavy, and our bodies leaning against each other for support and affection. After awhile my legs slowly slide down his well-toned thighs my feet planting themselves on the hardwood floor. My arms loop around his waist as my head moves to lie on his chest. I smile softly to myself as he holds me against him, his mouth bending to kiss the left side of my neck.

"Well, all I can say is wow Dominick, that was really something, thank you for sharing your fetish with me." I say softly to him meaning every word.

"And thank you for indulging me Lisa. This was quite fun and amazing and you are also quite an amazing lover." he whispers in my ear.

"You were spectacular." I whisper back.

"Alright we were both spectacular." he replies, and then chuckles lightly.

I untangle myself from him, giving him one more quick kiss. I bend down to pick up the chocolate pudding smiling softly trying not to reveal what I plan to do. "I guess we should go take a shower now huh? considering we are both covered in pudding and whipped cream." I say.

"Well I think you more than me got covered." he says with a smile, as he looks over his body seeing not much on food covering his skin.

"Is that so?" I say with a smirk. Walking right up to him I tip the bowl of chocolate pudding over him watching as it streams down his head all the way to his toes. I place the bowl on the bed laughing my ass off as I see the dangerous glint in his eyes. He growls, slowly striding toward me as I slowly walk backwards. Putting my hands up in front of me, I try and tell him I am sorry for doing what I did but the laughing does not make it sound genuine.

"Come here you naughty woman you are going to get it for doing that." he says, as he moves to grab me by the waist, rubbing the front of his body all over the front of mine.

I laugh harder as I feel our bodies' slick with pudding, what a messy pair we make. I hear him chuckle now too as he notices how messy we are.

"Well now you can safely say we need a shower and you will do a thorough job of cleaning me in the shower as punishment." he says, staring into my deep green eyes with his blue ones, smirking that sexy smile at me again.

I squeak and giggle as he picks me up cradling me in his arms. His chocolate covered mouth kisses me thoroughly as we walk toward the bathroom, where more fun and exploration are sure to come, knowing that this night of fun and passion has only just begun.

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