tagGroup SexErotic Exotic Ball Ch. 03

Erotic Exotic Ball Ch. 03


We spend some more time exploring and crowd watching before entering the large exhibit that is demonstrating adult toys. The store is well organized and we giggle like children at the signs indicating the positions of various sections. Vibrators are on the left, male masturbators the rear right, anal toys rear left, nipple clamps center, etc. We are trying to decide what to do next when a clerk stops to explain the store and activities to us.

“We are providing this to help educate the public on adult toys. For each toy you’ll find a card attached indicating its suggested use and operating instructions. Through the doors in the rear we have set up semi-private areas for you to try out anything you find of interest. For your privacy only individuals utilizing our toys will be allowed in. In other words we are keeping the ‘gawkers’ out. In each area are cleaning tools, please use them if you plan to share the toys. When you are done there is a return section where you should return the toy. All toys are then well cleaned before being returned to our shelves. Enjoy!”

“To make it a better experience only people in costume or naked are allowed in. We are hoping to discourage all the lookers. The semi-private area is guarded. While we will not monitor it the expectation is only people serious in exploring and using our products will be back there. That should help create a better environment.”

We start to explore the store when we notice Joan come back out from one of the doors. She spots us and comes on over. As she rounds the corner the first thing I notice is she no longer has her panties on. Joan is quite the picture with her hair flowing over her shoulders, black mask blending with her hair and covering most of her face except for the brown eyes and dimples. Her breasts are barely contained in the black tie front vest. Her midriff and upper thighs are bare. Your eyes are drawn to her brown pubic patch and the nice fleshy legs of her mid thigh. Right where the top of her leather boots are.

“Cory and I are in back. We’re going to try some more things. We’re in #5 if you want to find us.” Joan informs us as she scoops up two dildos and a vibrator. “We have a lot of things already that you can try as well.”

She disappears through the door the clerk indicated. We browse the store and select several items of interest. Arlene is disappointed that I do not have any items and calls for the clerk’s help. They take me around to pick up some anal beads and a penis pump before taking me to the vagina replica area. Several Nina Hartley “pussies” are on the table. Behind a promotional video is running. Nina is lying naked on a bed begging to be fucked. They zoom in on her wet hole and fade away as she mouths “Fuck me!” The clerk gives me one to take and whispers, “Not everyone gets one of these. Obviously, if you cum in this we can’t reuse it.”

With our baskets full we pass through the door and into the back area, which is basically a long, wide hallway, used to bring large equipment into the arena. On each side large camping tents are erected with the insides covered in a comfortable pad. The doors are tied back and open but still give a large degree of cover.

Tent #5 is on the left. The best way to explain it was Cory was startled to see us. She had been using a vibrator and not expecting company. For a split second I saw her having pleasure. Her left hand had been massaging her breasts while her right hand worked a vibrator that was down her panties. Unfortunately she removes it quickly and awkwardly tries to pretend nothing was going on. Similar to how a teenager handles getting got masturbating by a parent.

We add our items to the growing pile in the middle of the tent and pass some idle chitchat. Joan turns the conversation back to the toys at hand. She has only tried one vibrator so far. It was much better than she thought. The women quickly come up with a plan and sort the toys into five categories: vibrators, dildos, Kegel devices, orgasm aids, and “my” toys. They decide we are here to sample the devices and not to linger. Irene proposes that they sample the Kegel devices first since they are more medicinal than erotic. The vibrators should be next to get everyone really stimulated since the dildos are for penetration and it helps if you are wet for that. The orgasmic aids should come last and then the male aids since they all wanted to watch me use them.

There are three Kegel devices. I have the honor of reading the cards. “This barbell shaped device is used to strength the muscles that control some pelvic movements. Specifically, these are the muscles that surround your vagina. While there are many medical reasons to maintain health in these muscles the more pressing reason is they can increase the strength of your orgasm, increase the sensitivity of your g-spot and improve the wetness of your vaginal canal. Insert the bar in your vagina and squeeze it. The muscles you are using are your Pubococcygcous (PC) muscles. Practice clinching and releasing on this bar for five minutes a day. A bit of interesting trivia – Women with good-control and strong muscles can bring a man to orgasm in seconds by manipulating his penis while it is inside the vagina!”

Joan volunteers to go first. The feeling is almost clinical as she sits back against the tent’s wall. She brings her feet up on the mat and spreads her knees apart. She pushes the device in and holds it in place. Her face shows concentration as she counts out the number of times she has flexed her vaginal muscles. She stops after a minute. It was OK and she can see how it could help, but on to better things. Nobody else wants to try.

I read the second card as I hold up an egg shaped steel object, “This device is an advanced Kegel exerciser. The egg is inserted smaller end first. Your vagina will work to push it out of you if force is applied evenly. Concentrate on flexing the muscles closer to the entrance to your vagina to hold it in. For an advance exercise try to move the egg back and forth within your vaginal canal. This will take could individual muscle control. A sexual tip - after you can perform this exercise invite your lover “in” for a special treat. Have him place his penis in your vagina and hold still. With your internal muscles you should be able to “masturbate” him an orgasm.” Nancy offers to go first and I hand her the egg.

At first she tries to pull her panties aside; however, this does not work too well so she quickly pulls them off. Nancy leans back like Joan did and inserts the steel egg. “Here goes!” she says as she starts the exercise. Almost immediately the egg slips out of her cunt. She pushes it back in and tries again with the same result. More determined she lies down on her back, convinced gravity is playing a roll. This time she holds it in for several seconds before it pops out as we get a good laugh from her efforts.

Arlene volunteers to go next and does a little bit better. On her second try she manages to keep it in for fifteen seconds. It pops out again and I clean it off before giving it to Irene whom fairs about the same. I am glad for the cock cover Irene has built into my costume. I am raging hard watching these pussies up close as this object is inserted and pushed out. I start to place the egg back in the used area, Joan having passed her turn, when Cory speaks up. “I’d like to try?” she asks.

“I’m sorry, “ I tell her, “I assumed you didn’t want to. Of course, here you go.” I say as I give her the egg. She smiles, takes it and starts to pull her thong panty aside to allow access to her vagina. She only hesitates briefly from shyness but runs into a problem when she can not keep enough of the fabric aside long enough to insert the egg.

“Can you help?” She asks me. I oblige and gently insert the egg into her hole. She laughs and it pops out immediately, “No, I meant holding my panties aside. Put that was OK.” I pick up the egg and reinsert it. Cory is good and lasts the longest. She holds it inside for over thirty seconds.

“On to the dills” I ask enjoying my role as party host. “Here is what the instruction brochure says.

“Dildos are ideal for penetration. You can manipulate them anyway you like and needn’t worry about electrical parts, although combining them with vibrators can be interesting. Dills are classified by visual impact (semi-realistic, abstract, realistic plus, etc.) and as general-purpose and special use. When picking a dildo it is good to have a use in mine since certain design elements are better for different purposes. Physiological studies indicate that women are capable of ten different orgasmic responses: clitoral, vaginal (often-called g-spot), cervical, anal, urethral, breast, mouth, fusion (more than one at once) and fantasy (without physical stimulation). Not all women are capable of all kinds.

Vaginal penetration sensory zones are strongest with firm upward pressure (the stomach side of the vagina) against the vaginal wall. A well-designed product will allow upward pressure to be sustained. If you enjoy cervical contact make sure to use a product long enough to reach. Additionally it is possible to obtain sexual products that allow tactile clitoral contact together with vaginal stroking.

As a general guideline, remember that a ‘two finger’ thickness is just over 1” in diameter. ‘Three fingers’ are just beyond 1 ½” in diameter. Narrow tips make for easy insertion both anally and vaginally, although for anal dildos you should use one with a wide base to avoid losing it in your rectum. Special use is another class are usually designed for two people to play at once or for concurrent penetration of your anus and vagina. Some useful tips are use lubrication. No matter how wet your are or think you get it helps with these inanimate objects.”

The tone is clinical and educational as we sort through the toys. I am naked except for a piece of fabric covering my erection. Nancy is only covered around the waist by her bustier; her panties sitting crumbled in the corner. Arlene is totally naked except for her body paint. Irene is topless and only wearing her super-mini g-string. In fact, unless you get a direct angle of her pubic mound you would think she is naked. Joan is a sexy demon in leather, her breasts still barely contained but her ass and pussy more on display than not since most of her arms and legs are covered. Cory feels the most clothed, but in reality we can see all except for what is covered by her red g-string. Couple this with graphic description and analysis of sex toys and I am amazed at how contained I am.

From what the women have brought in we have one natural looking 7” dildo that is roughly two fingers in diameter and another shorter 6” natural dildo that is textured with rubber nubs that is roughly three inches in diameter. We determine those are for vaginal penetration stimulation. There is a long narrow 9” dildo that must be for cervical stimulation and another 6” dildo that is “contoured to fit the g-spot.” In addition there is a double-penetration dildo and a coupon for ordering a molded dildo.

The women set up comparison tests and Arlene goes first. She smears AstroGlide over the 7” dildo and inserts it into her pussy. My cock bursts as she casually dildo’s herself in front of us. After a brief fifteen seconds she removes it and inserts the 6” contoured fit dildo. “This is really different. God, it really gets you!” she says, as her strokes become more vigorous.

Nancy tries next and comes to the same conclusion before passing it on to Joan. As Joan starts her own experiments Arlene lubes up the 9” dildo and pushes it gently in. “Careful girls, this will bottom you out” She giggles. “Most not be too cervically orgasmic,” she concludes as she pulls it out.

Irene stands and removes her g-string; “These will only get in the way. Joan pass me the two 6” cocks please.” She throws her panty into the corner with Nancy’s and tries the two tools. Cory reaches for the 9” cervical tickler and pulls her panties back again, still not willing to lose them. She pushes it in and takes an amazing amount inside of her. “Oh, I like this!” she comments.

The women continue on for the next five minutes and conclude that their general favorite is the “contoured g-spot” model. However, Cory admits she is fond of the 9” model. The next experiment is speed. Cory keeps her 9” model, Irene has possession of the 6” g-spot, and Nancy takes the 7” dildo and Arlene the 6”. The women experiment with slow and shallow, slow and deep and hard and deep. The result is mixed.

For our next and last experiment Nancy wants to try different positions. She is familiar with the basic on the floor and spread but wants to dildo herself doggy-style. Unfortunately her reach is not good enough to allow a nice steady deep thrust. I help her and position myself next to her ass. I take the favorite g-spot dildo in my hand and push in deeply into Nancy’s hole. Her head falls to the floor and she gets comfortable as I shove the silicone monster in and out of her hole. The conclusion is good but too hard to do.

“That’s an interesting experiment,” a voice calls from the tent door. The sales clerk is making her rounds and checking up on us. “Glad to see your really trying this out. We wanted this exhibit to be educational. Anything I can do to help you? Any questions?”

“Yeah, we found this card for ordering a ‘model dildo.’ What is that?” Arlene asks.

“Oh, that is our idea for how you can take your loved one, or favorite cock, along when you are apart. We send you a mold, which you make of your favorite real penis. We then use it to create a duplicate dildo shaped like your lover. We have a machine here with us. If you’d like I can make you a complementary dildo of his cock.”

“Yeah, let’s do that!” Arlene chimes in. “I’d like one of those.”

“Why do you get it?” Nancy asks.

“Ladies, I’ll have them make up five. That’s the least we can do for one of the “Best Breasts at the Show.” It’ll take me a minute to get everything ready. Why don’t you make sure he’s as hard as you want for the casting? You’re going to need to take that off.” She’s says to me pointing at my minimal attire as she ducks out of the tent.

“You heard the lady!” Cory teases from the corner.

“Oh yeah, you first!” I respond but Arlene and Irene take charge. Quickly I am naked in the middle of the tent sporting a good-sized woody. Arlene starts to stroke my cock sensuously as Irene kneels in front of me.

“He usually likes this.” She states as she takes my cock into her mouth. Irene sucks my cock in hard and is rapidly sliding her head up and down my shaft as the clerk returns.

“That’s what we like to see! OK, keep him hard until I am ready.”

The process is quick as she forms a plastic cast around my cock and fills it with a warm plaster substance. It hardens quickly as she expertly removes it. She grabs a warm moist towel and wraps it around my cock. The clerk jerks my cock several times and removes the towel. “All clean. Thanks! I’ll be back in about fifteen minutes!”

“Who brought this?” I ask holding up the double dildo. No one takes credit so we move on to the vibrators. Here is what they have to say on vibrators, “The right tool for the job is key when selecting a vibrator. Yes, they all vibrate, so does the washer in spin cycle. Ask yourself some questions. Do you want something for clitoral or penetrative stimulation, or both? If you require a lot of power you need something that plugs into the wall. If intensive vibration isn’t the main requirement, a vibe that runs on batteries offers more mobility, a smaller physical size and quieter operation.

Why do we care whether or not the intended use is clitoral, penetrative, or a combination? Exterior stimulation zones (clitoris, labia and perineum) respond to tactile contact. Internal (vaginal) stimulation responds to firm pressure. Hence, an inert vibrating object will provide little or no vaginal stimulation but be great on a clitoris. Conversely, a dildo if the appropriate length and circumference stroking upwardly against and along the vaginal walls be very stimulating without any vibration. There are also dual vibes that provide combination stimulation. We’ve classified our vibes by intended use (clitoral, dual clitoral and penetrative, and penetrative).

Our last product is called a ‘Magic Carpet’ and can be used alone for masturbation. You can use these silicon toys on their own by placing them on a surface and re-living the rub ride of your life. The pad is textured such that the harder she thrusts the better it feels. As an option a dildo can be attached for penetration as well.”

Again we take inventory and discuss process. The ladies feel bad for me and give me a larger roll. We review the male toys and they request I use them concurrently, but ask that I be available to help with the vibrators if required. I will bring the vibrators to them and demonstrate their use if requested. The first one selected is called a pocket rocket finger massager, a small device about fingertip wide that fits on the top of your finger.

Arlene is first and uses the pocket rocket on her nipples and then over her clit as she fingers herself. “Good for getting me excited but can’t see having an orgasm with it.” She hands it Nancy as she reaches for the next vibrator. They pass the vibrator around starting with Arlene, then Nancy, Irene, Joan and Cory. They hold comments until later.

I get encouraged to start and pick the penis pump. The women sit in a semi-circle across from me. Cory has just gotten the finger massager and I watch attentively as she pulls her g-string aside again and massage her pussy with the tool. Joan has the butterfly clit stimulator and is enjoying it very much. Irene has the just turned on the small, portable quiet vibrator (for office use) and is inserting it into her vagina. Nancy has gotten her hands on the g-spot stimulator and turned it on. The unit looks like a dildo except the top part rotates up and down such that once in a vagina the hard surface places pressure on the g-spot. Arlene has just started on an egg vibrator that sits inside and is suppose to stimulate the g-spot as well.

“Go ahead and use it!” Arlene encourages. “Are you scared you can’t get it up.”

“Hardly,” I respond, “I think my cock’s ready to burst out of this thing.”

“Whip it out!” They start to chant as I undo the Velcro. My cock is already rock-hard and springs out of its covering. I drop the g-string and am now totally naked with five women playing with themselves.

“God, I’m so horny right now!” Nancy whimpers.

“Your horny, smells like pussy in here and its driving me nuts!” I respond. By now Irene, Arlene and me are totally naked. Nancy is dressed only in her white camisole and Cory is in her little boo beep outfit.

“I could use a fuck right now.” Joan agrees. “This is better than I thought. While it is not private, people can still look in; the people that are let back here are not really the lookers. They are in costume and going to play with some toys. Really gets me in the mood.” We all concur with Joan’s thoughts.

I follow the instruction for the penis pump and insert my cock into the opening at the base. The tightness surprises me and I push to insert myself into the opening. The rubber ribbed lining pushing aside and snuggling pushing on my cock. I turn the motor on and the rubber sleeve slides up and down. The rubber ribbing massaging my cock. The sensation is so strong at first I worry I am going to cum; however, as the initial shock wears off the feeling turns pleasant but probably not strong enough to get me off.

The women have moved through most of the vibrators. The big hits are the g-spot stimulator Nancy was playing with, the butterfly clit stimulator (although the women note they would need panties to hold in place and really don’t want to put them on right now) and the multi-tip “Rabbit head” vibrator. The “Rabbit head” is an interesting device used to stimulate both the g-spot and clit. Joan has claimed control of it and seems lost in her pleasures. Cory has been paying attention to me and asks how I like the pump. I tell her as Irene demonstrates the use of a multi-tip vibrator.

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