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Erotic Game Gone Wrong - Miami



Seven months had passed since that morning at the local pool with Dante. Sarah had been protected by Mel to maintain her anonymity and her self-respect. She worked her Saturday nights and Sunday mornings at parties and events in Dallas and Galveston. Working as duos and often as triples or more, dependent on the guest numbers and the facilities provided by the managers of the sportsmen and women and the resorts or hotels, she met a lot of high end and often very wealthy individuals and ladies like herself.

It was important to Sarah that she was not the only new face, because she had no intention to remain in the game.

The game did provide her with a great deal of knowledge about three other worlds, where she had not participated before.

The world of high rollers and high wealth individuals had brought with it education, background and personal skills as to how to manage these relationships and her future.

The world of high ego sports persons that were seriously driven to performance and careers collapsing around them through injuries, had brought with it the fragility of high incomes, reputation and the need to build a support base for those lesser times in life.

The world of the escort introduced her to a range of men and women that were all seriously attractive and in need of money for one reason or another, but not driven by drugs. The women all had very different backgrounds and came from all over Texas, Nevada and the near States. Some were students, some were single parents and some needed cash quickly to pay for a deposit on a home or for their university degrees. The big point was there seemed to be an endless supply. Meaning Sarah was not alone and if she so chose at the end of those 26 Saturdays, she would not be missed.

The reality was that Sarah was no longer a naive 29 year old with an MBA. She now had an MBA in life as well as Finance and that was infinitely more valuable and usable. Those experiences would remain with her for the rest of her life and there were issues at the end of each spectrum that were imbedded into her dreams. Her shrink was helping, but there were recalls that were there.

While she seemingly survived those 7 months, working full time for her employer and part time as a non-paid escort, it was not until Mel handed her all the records Mel possessed including two DVDs, her driver's licence and some Notes of Dante, she knew she was now in control of her life.

Mel: You owe us nothing. We don't expect you to pay for your life experiences, but you are welcome back anytime you feel the urge. Are we ever going to see you again?

Sarah: WE? Are Dante and Will still involved?

Mel: I thought you knew. Will is in jail and shall be there for years with his assault and other charges, so he sold out to Dante to pay his own legal bills and for protection money useful inside. Dante nearly got caught up in that mess, so he sold out to me and a couple of the girls you know last week, just to pay his lawyers and now he lives up the north east somewhere around Detroit. I doubt we will ever see or hear from them ever again. But me, I am now a madam with a very exclusive clientele demanding new and fresh faces.

Sarah said with a deep affectionate smile: You Mel are a friend that I will never forget. Anytime you want a coffee for a good chat, feel free. You have my private mobile. As an escort I very much doubt it, just may be? Would you be interested in lunch every now and then so we can talk about life outside? No more wigs, fake tattoos, wild make-up. I can even let my hair grow with it getting colder; I don't need the Katy Perry crop look any longer.

Mel: Yes please. But what about that foolish husband of yours, Chris?

Sarah: He has been to a shrink but we have not talked about that. Just like me, same story but different consequences. I am about to find out how we stand this weekend. We are off to Miami for the weekend and a couple of extra days tagged on, the first free weekend we have had for months. Chris has been travelling regularly with his job and Miami is a bonus he has earned to attend an industry event more akin to a junket cum booze up. Masked party Saturday night and all food, drink and accommodation paid, probably leading to a late night and brunch. He will have to attend some meetings, but that lets me have some shopping time.

The rest of the conversation was easily dispensed with over a red at Mel's place, free from spying eyes and devices. Both really liked each other and that friendship would last well past Sarah's experience. The red was well and truly part of Sarah's life now as she tried to regain control.


Chris picked Sarah up from work and straight to the airport. The plane trip on Friday night was a great start to refreshing their lives. Loving company, quiet talks, innuendos for bedtime activities, promises of shopping excursions and a complete absence of work conversations made up the hours.

There was one suggestion that Chris heard very clearly on the plane after it reached cruising height and most people had nodded off: Honey, let's forget everything that happened in the last 7 months as best we can and make this our second honeymoon. Just you and I, all for four busy days in Miami? Let's relive that honeymoon? My alter-ego Dianne has disappeared into history and Sarah is all you have. The emphasis was on "have".

What could Chris say: Darling, I can only guess how tough the last seven months have been, but I promise that it has not been easy for me either. Ok, the last seven months is wiped as best we can. No questions asked. No "guilts".

He said with some large smile across his face: You do remember what happened in Mexico? You only wore g strings, no bra and flashing that cleavage.

Sarah: No "guilts", not wearing too many clothes, plenty of sex anywhere safe and no limits, great food and wine and plenty of laughs. Sounds pretty good to me for my second honeymoon. Deal!

Chris smiled.

She went to the toilet cubicle and was back in minutes. She handed her lacy bra to Chris and bent over exposing her cleavage down her chest and her nipples while she retrieved her seat.

Miami was going to be good.

Their room was great overlooking the seaside from the 10th floor. Fresh, clean and the noises of crashing waves made life easy.

Sarah: Do you remember the cards?

Chris looked quizzically and then smiled: you mean the Karma Sutra cards?

Sarah opened her travel bag, fished around and there was that same pack of six years ago. She took them from the pack, shuffled and placed them face down on their bed. Sarah looked Chris directly into his eyes and asked: Pick three, two for now, one for the morning and show me!

The cards were:

  • King of Clubs, the Raised Sheep.

  • Four of Diamonds, Deeply Yawning.

  • Two of Clubs, the Side Spoon.

Sarah: Well how about the first two for now and you can wake me that way in the morning for the Spoon?

Chris was a little non-plussed, so he just went with the flow, like why not?

Sarah approached Chris: Well Darling are you going to relieve me of these travel clothes and take advantage of me?

Chris looked straight into Sarah's eyes watching as he undid the remaining buttons on her blouse and freed those beautiful orbs. He slowly lifted the blouse from her slacks and put both of his hands on her aroused nipples. Sarah was deeply aroused and needed loving from her gorgeous hunk of a husband. The nipples were firm and distinctly pinked from Chris's manipulations. He moved behind her watching her every movement in the mirror opposite and undid the zipper on her slacks, slowly moving his hand down her gap to a small bit of cloth covering her pussy. This was no obstruction to his determined fingers and he was soon engulfed into a super wet clit with one hand and the other pushing down her slacks and g string. Her clothes dropped to the floor, so Sarah shook off her sandals and warmed to a hard cock pushing against her arse that was wanting to burst forth from Chris's pants. She pushed her blouse from her shoulders to the ground, leaving her naked and completely at Chris's mercy; she did not want mercy, now she was an experienced woman she wanted serious cock action deep between her legs.

Sarah: Oh Chris make me your personal whore, darling give me all you have. I want to be yours and only yours. Take me as you want.

With one hand in Sarah's pussy and one hand undoing his pants, he needed Sarah's help in ridding his clothes. She readily complied pushing his pants and underpants down and enjoying the hardness of his freed cock against her openings.

Chris lifted Sarah to the bed edge facing her to the mirror and with her arse over the end of the bed facing Chris.

He bent down and removed his shoes and pants. Then his shirt was freed and joined all their clothes on the floor.

Her pussy was at his mercy, as was all other parts of her body, but they could wait. He had three full days and nights to plunder this willing woman and he fully intended to do so.

Firstly get that pussy wet with tongue, fingers and cock. Inject as much as he could into that spasming hole and pull her back onto his cock getting ready for the Raised Sheep.

Chris: So you want to be my whore darling. That means as many fucks as you can take in all your holes. You know that. Are you really prepared to be my whore? Fuck me whenever I want, however I want and for as long as I can keep me hard?

Sarah: Yes, for you and only you.

Chris: But whores do as they are told and fuck whoever their dominant says. What if another man or woman comes to me and wants to use you?

Sarah : I did enough of that lately to know I only want you. Our deal is no one is the dominant in this relationship, so everything to do with my body is a joint decision and vice versa. Ok Darling?

Chris said nothing. He knew this was not the time for any discussions, but he kept those exact words in his brain to chew over. He knew that Sarah had almost certainly rehearsed those words so they needed thought and proper consideration. Now was not that time.

He lifted Sarah's arse into the air so she supported herself with her knees on the bed. It was time to do some serious fucking and from Sarah's own words she was not into a gentle love session.

Sarah's pussy was now searching for his cock. She wanted it badly and she now knew how to use that pussy to maximum effect and give herself a series of deep and meaningful orgasms. Her recent life taught her many things. She had some excellent teachers with large cocks and they knew how to use them. Sarah knew that Chris was now to an extent on trial, perform and get me off and show me you know how to fuck and keep me satisfied so I don't ever need to stray. She also knew it was inevitable she would be comparing Chris with some of her ex-clients and how they kept her at an edge and allowed her to have multiple orgasms before they came, flooding her pussy, mouth, arse and body. Did she really want to compare or would that be unfair? What could she learn in sexual terms over the three days that would comfort her in the continuation of their marriage or otherwise?

Chris also knew what was likely to be on Sarah's mind and he felt the pressures of knowing what was almost certainly expected of him in future. It is fine to have a wanton woman, your woman allowing you to do anything to her sexually in your imagination, but is it likely your imagination is up to the sum total of her recent clients? No pressure? Maybe tonight will allow some slack, but three more days?

She was ready and they literally fucked each other hard. The bed shook and their bodies were over excited.

Chris rolled Sarah over on to her back and literally pushed her legs up over his shoulders so he could get maximum cock leverage into that convulsing cunt.

Chris: Ok whore take this hard cock into your depths because this is where it is going to stay. Now get ready to be royally fucked.

And he did, but did it compare? And what did each other gleen?

Sarah: may your whore now have a shower please Darling?

They ventured into the shower washing and lathering each other and cuddling like they first did on their honeymoon six years past.

It was bed time and Chris snuggled up to Sarah's back spooning her soft loving body into his as they drifted off to sleep. But did they sleep through and were there periods where the emotions and thoughts flowing during their fucking activities re-visited them during those dark hours?

Chris was most aware that Sarah was now a very experienced woman of the world. Was it possible he would not be able to keep her satisfied and would she need more men to keep her appetite met?

He himself needed to have a few questions of his own answered over the next three days.

It was going to be a very interesting three more full days.

They awoke together around daylight, with Sarah rubbing her pussy against Chris's cock. Chris knew it was another test. He ventured his left hand around her body to her clit and played and played, slowly getting her wet and cooing. Sarah in turn moved her left arm around and gently squeezed Chris's cock and balls to get him hard. It is great being this young that sleep deprivation did not impact their libidos.

Sarah inserted Chris into her pussy and pushed back and did all the work in injecting his cock well up her wanting pussy.

Sarah: Get that cock up your whore's cunt there darling. She needs more cock. Fuck me. You whore needs cock this morning.

She literally sucked him dry into her pussy and did not allow him to take his love making obligations comfortably.

Both passed into a deep sleep enjoying the closeness of their partner.

They slept in until midday; both were tired in more ways than one. The spoon was a great way to get the brain moving, in conjunction with a good shower and scrub.

Brunch at the foodbar was just managed with a speedy effort of throwing on casual shorts, polos and sandals. Coffee ended an easy time and Chris seeing a number of delgates reminded him he had work obligations here.

They ventured into the Conference facilities, catching up with friends and business associates of Chris including some of his important clients.

The Conference Venue

The presentations rooms and the Exhibition centre were just like any other Conference they had attended over the years, but there was a real buzz of confidence around the booths.

Sarah worked the booths with Chris. She now was very much more focused on business and money and this impressed Chris and his potential clients. Her bias was money and funding and her ideas of the Treasury function were complimentary to Chris's marketing, so much to the positive that Chris was being obligated to possible contract meetings outside the venue on the Sunday and Monday. Sarah wondered about the words "second honeymoon".

Her need for Chris's attention was obviated by a chance meeting at one of the booths. There was this absolutely gorgeous hunk of a man and his family member's team promoting the development of a new company and its listing on the NASDAQ. While Chris talked about his employer's products and services to Mario Sarah took in the manliness and the word pictures being created around Mario.

Mario was 2 metres tall roughly. He was very fit with his muscular frame bulging from under his polo and slacks. Slightly tanned from hours around his pool and powerboat; greying hair that emphasised his sophistication and perfectly attired to indicate his attention to detail. He spoke with a strong deep voice and shook hands with a confidence befitting a wealthy man. His hand lingered slightly longer than Sarah expected as he looked directly into Sarah's with his steel blue grey eyes. In short Sarah summed him to be a younger version of Paul Newman when he was at his sexiest best

As she watched her mind drifted back to a similar man she serviced over those last seven months. Jacques was a French Canadian manager of some of the sports stars. She began to get wet between her thighs remembering how Jacques did not treat her as an escort, he treated her as a seduction. He wooed her over dinner, dancing and in his bedroom. Her favourite champagne and dishes were ordered and consumed. He did not rush anything, including the lovemaking. His large hands manipulated her body as if she was controlling them. She did anything that Jacques wanted because he treated her as a desirable woman. She thought about how he did the little things like being interested in her conversation, her efforts to get in and out of cabs with her tight dress, her boobs almost slipping from her halter dress as she lifted her arms to be around his neck as they danced and how he helped her with her embarrassment. But the lovemaking was special; she came many times that first night and the other occasions when he was in Dallas. This was one heck of a man and she started to compare Jacques with Mario, in her head, in her wet pussy if possible and in her memories both past and maybe future?

Sarah was brought back to earth with a sudden question from Mario: I would deem it and honour if you and Sarah were to join us at our table tonight at the Ball.

Sarah was startled and Mario recognised what probably was in Sarah's mind and maybe between her legs. This was not the first time he had seen this reaction to his presence from beautiful woman with ambitious husbands.

Chris did not see that moment in Sarah, but he was driven by his work to lock down a contract with Mario's family company that he had been negotiating over the last few weeks: We have no obligations there, so Mario I am sure Sarah and I would very much enjoy such an invite and evening.

Sarah: Yes please, was all she could manage as she looked closer into Mario's chiselled features from the side.

She thought he could put his shoes under my bed anytime, of course when she was single. But maybe now, we will see?

Back to their Room

While it was time to talk, they did not have hours for details, but meaningful partner exchanges were required and seemingly occurred, even if guarded.

Their sex life the last seven months was limited for obvious reasons, but neither wanted to push the other into revealing in case their own positions and guilt would be open to scrutiny and commentary. Jacques was but one example of a very pleasant meeting, there were others just as much as there were those she desperately wished to forget.

After six years of marriage, including seven months of extreme life "experiences", Sarah was now better than ever able to read Chris, his questions, his answers, his evasions and his plans.

Chris did know little of what happened to Sarah other than he knew she would have had multiple sex partners each weekend for seven months and she would know a lot more about how to please a man, any man at that and he now had to justify his existence or demoted in relevance. Chris had not been an angel and this combined with his getting Sarah into the "game" meant he had plenty of shrink conversations to deal with his problems and ways to come to terms with his changed life.

The reality of the conversations hit home. Sarah wanted a monogamous relationship and she wanted Chris to be that partner. She wanted him to be her lover, husband and father of their future children. But she was prepared to help him as far as she could to get ahead in his firm, to get those key contracts and promote him to his bosses.

They agreed that for five years they would focus on their careers and incomes, paying down debt and getting into their long term housing in Houston or nearby.

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