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Erotic Massage


My wife is a fairly proper Southern lady who has a very sexy side that she does not release very often. I was able to convince her to do MMF threesome a few years ago and she responded incredibly by climaxing about 30 times between her two lovers. However, there was only the one occasion and while we have talked about some fantasies over the years, we have had no more actual fantasy sessions.

Don't get me wrong. Our sex life is wonderful and we do engage in some fantasy talk from time to time. One recurring fantasy is the one involving an erotic massage. I recently met a fellow online who claimed to be an amateur massage person, although he is not a registered massage therapist. We communicated via email and then phone and I finally arranged a personal meeting. His name is Phil. After spending an hour with him and learning more about him personally, I approached my wife about getting together.

My wife is 5'4" tall and weighs about 120 pounds. She has a petite frame which supports her 38 D breasts, a slim waist and slender but very shapely legs. She has dark hair and eyes and perpetually tanned skin due to her Native American roots. Her skin is always tan and smooth and during the summer months she is very brown.

She has been under a lot of work related stress lately so I approached her about an erotic massage. Knowing what a voyeur I am she was immediately suspicious but was intrigued and interested. We discussed the possibilities over a period of about three weeks and finally I told her that I had booked an appointment with Phil.

We booked the appointment for late Friday afternoon and Phil arrived right on time. I had my wife dressed in a robe and told her she would have to be totally naked for the massage. She told me she did not want to meet Phil because she wanted the massage to be more like one she is used to receiving at the spa. In other words, strip off the clothes, lie down on the table and get a massage. While a bit impersonal, it seemed to work for her and she wanted this to be the same. We all agreed.

Phil is 6' 5" tall and fit and trim. He is married with two kids and works in sales. Massage therapy is something he enjoys doing and sometimes he has sex with his clients and sometimes he simply gives them a good massage. All of his clients are women and in most cases the husband is present for the massage.

My wife remained in her office while I helped Phil set up the massage table, light the candles, turn on the music and get the sheets on the table warmed up. His table is heated but it takes a few minutes to warm up the sheets. I closed the drapes and made the room dark and cozy and of course, I had my camera nearby.

Once the room was ready Phil excused himself and went into another room. I escorted my wife to the bedroom and helped her out of her robe and on to the table. Once on the table I stripped her of her tiny little panties. Now naked she slipped under the sheets face down. It was time for Phil to reappear. I called for Phil and he came in to the room and introduced himself to my wife who was not only face down on the table but had a blindfold on. The music played softly as the table top waterfall splashed in the background.

Phil went to work dressed in a pair of nylon shorts and a tee shirt. He had all the tools of the trade including a belt which held the oil bottle and plenty of towels. He also had a set of smooth rocks which were kept warm in a small bin of heated water.

Phil started with my wife's neck and shoulders, a place where she carries a lot of tension. He worked his way down her back to the top of her cute little butt. As he massaged her arms he placed her hand on his crotch while moving up and down her arm. Clearly he was aroused and she laid there with her hand on his cock almost as if she did not notice. Once he switched arms he put her hand in the same place on the other side and she slowly started rubbing his cock with her hand. His erection pushed through the shorts and she tried to wrap her hands around his cock very subtlety. She moved her hand slowly trying to make it look like incidental contact but it was clear that she knew what she was doing.

He massaged her butt for a while and caressed her anus more than once but he did not linger. He then moved the towel on to her back and went to work on her legs. He started with her feet and moved up her legs one at a time until he was at her inner thigh. He worked very hard on her hamstring area and I watched him graze her pussy with his fingers as he was working high on her legs, first one, and then the other. She seemed to grind a bit on the table, still face down. However, I could tell that he was getting to her as I noticed her moving her butt and grinding her pelvis into the table.

Phil told her it was time to turn over and she did so discretely under the sheet. Still blindfolded she was now facing up with her impressive breasts pushing the sheet up in a very sexy manner. Phil was obviously impressed as his erection did not subside. He again worked on her neck and shoulders before moving the sheet down to her stomach revealing her naked breasts. He commented softly to her that she had beautiful breasts and then he went to work on massaging them very softly and erotically. He spent several minutes on her breasts before moving down to her stomach.

Phil stood beside her and placed his cock right next to her hand so she could decide for herself what to do next. He moved down her body to her stomach and lower abdomen and carefully moved his fingers along the top of her labia and clitoris. He did not linger so that this was not an overt sexual gesture. He acted very professionally and only grazed her little nub while he was working on the rest of her body. However, she did coil her hand around his cock and moved it up and down while he was working on her abdomen. He lingered momentarily on her clitoris as she massaged his cock.

He finally moved the sheet back up over her breasts and removed first one leg, then the other. Again he started with her feet and worked his way up to her inner thigh. As he reached the top of her thighs he grazed her labia lightly with his fingers. Clearly this was having an impact on my wife who was squirming on the table. Finally Phil moved his hand to cover her entire pubic area. She seemed to relax when he did this although he made no attempt to stimulate her just yet. After resting his hand on her pubis and vagina for almost two minutes he slowly moved his finger to her clitoris. He started slowly and stimulated her clit for several seconds. She quickly had her first orgasm and while she tried to restrain herself, it was clear that the build up to this moment had produced a giant orgasm. I knew it was the first of many as she is multi-orgasmic.

Phil kept his finger on her clit and pushed her to another climax before inserting his middle finger into her pussy. He moved slowly and she opened her legs to his touch. He pushed his finger into her as far as it would go and then began to move it in and out very slowly and erotically. She responded by pushing back on this finger and raising her butt off the massage table. She was now fully engaged in the erotic moment and there was no turning back now. I kept on clicking away with my camera.

Phil brought her to another very noisy climax as she was writhing in the table. She spread her legs wider now, inviting him in. Phil took the cue and pulled her farther down the table. He then moved his mouth to her pussy and licked it slowly. She loves oral sex and can never seem to get enough. He started licking her slowly at first and then more aggressively. The more he licked, the more she moved her butt telling him by her movements that she was loving what he was doing.

Soon she came again for the fourth time in just a few minutes and she was just getting started. Phil stuck his tongue deep inside her and tongue fucked her for a few minutes. Soon he was rewarded again as she came very wetly on his mouth. He backed off for only a moment before inserting a finger in her again while nibbling her clitoris. She came again as he withdrew his fingers and stuck them in her mouth. She loves to taste herself, especially after a huge climax and she sucked his fingers getting as much of her pussy taste as possible off his fingers.

It was time for more and Phil sensed it as he pulled her to the edge of the massage table. He lifted her legs up on his shoulders as he dropped his shorts to the floor. His erection was standing straight out and was just under 8 inches and very thick. He held her legs up and stood looking down at her beautiful pussy with his cock poised to penetrate her deeply. I could not pass on the opportunity to take a photo of this erotic moment and snapped the picture as he stuck the head of his cock into her very slowly. Clearly he was savoring the moment.

He pushed into her slowly but by this time she was so aroused that she wanted it all and she wanted it right then. My wife is normally not very vocal but she told Phil she needed to be fucked and please stick it all in and right now. Phil obliged by pushing his impressive cock all the way into her wet pussy with one deep thrust. He withdrew slowly again before ramming it in all the way to his pubic hair.

My wife was writhing on the table raising her ass off the table to meet his thrusts. Once she gets started she is unbelievable and I knew the pleasure she was giving Phil. They fucked like that for a few minutes as I put down the camera and moved to massage her breasts while Phil was fucking her like crazy. She climaxed again and again on his cock while I massaged her breasts and kissed her. I also insured another climax by massaging her clitoris while Phil fucked her vigorously.

After another climax I suggested that we move to the bed. Phil actually picked her up while she was still impaled on his cock and moved to the bed. He laid her gently on the edge of the bed and I suggested that she turn over on all fours. I have always wanted to lick her clit while someone else fucked her and I was about to get my wish, watching her up close while getting royally fucked.

She settled down on top of me and reached for my cock. I told her not to worry about me as this was all about her. She laid her head on my cock as I took position under her pussy, which was very wet and musky. I started licking her clit as Phil moved to the bed and inserted his cock in her very wet pussy. It was thrilling to see her getting fucked with his cock just a short distance away from me. She must have climaxed at least 4 more times in this position.

Finally, Phil pulled away and left me licking her very hot and wet pussy. I moved from my position and pulled my shorts off as I positioned her on top of my cock. I inserted my cock into her vagina as she moved slowly on top of me. Her breasts were mashed against my chest as I kissed her sweetly. We both knew what was next because we had talked about double penetration many times.

Phil put a small amount of oil on his cock and slid between her legs. He pushed the head of his cock in very gently while she adjusted to his girth. Phil had clearly done this before as he was very slow and gentle in the process. Once the head was in he moved slowly to insert himself fully into her anal cavity. He pushed all the way in slowly and I could feel his cock pushing against mine.

I whispered in her ear and asked if she felt okay. She whimpered a weak yes and began to move on our two cocks. Phil began a slow rhythm in and out as I basically laid still and let the two of them establish a pace they were comfortable with. The feeling was exquisite and she moaned loudly as the pace quickened. It took her less than a minute to climax on the two cocks. She slowed the pace and we waited for her to recover. It did not take along as she started moving again and Phil took the cue and started pumping her ass. He smacked her butt cheeks lightly on each side and she seemed to find a new pace. She rode me hard and told Phil to fuck her harder..........which he did. Soon the room was hot and the smell of sex was overpowering. Phil rode her ass hard and was talking to her as he fucked her ass. She responded by moving up and down on my cock as she was kissing me deeply.

Finally Phil could stand no more. He told her he was about to cum and asked if he could cum in her ass. She said yes, yes, please cum in my ass. Phil pounded away at a furious pace and finally grunted like an animal as he shot wads of sperm into her sweet ass. Before he was finished I could hold back no longer and I shot an enormous amount of cum into her vagina. We held that position for a few moments before Phil withdrew and then she rolled over off of me. The three of us laid there for a few moments before Phil excused himself and told us he needed to pack up and leave.

I pulled the sheet over my wife and escorted Phil to the door with his table and other massage equipment. I could not wait to get back in the bed with my wife and eat her wet pussy to another climax before we considered the massage complete. There is nothing better than eating a hot, wet pussy that has been royally and recently fucked. It was an erotic massage to remember and somehow I feel like there will be more in the future.

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