tagLoving WivesErotic Massage In Paris Ch. 02

Erotic Massage In Paris Ch. 02


Manhandled in the nude

We settled on the idea of finding somewhere who offered a full body massage with an English speaking masseur. This would make communication easier if I found I could not go through with it. I agreed with David that I could eventually be completely nude by the end of the massage and that the masseur could work on my whole body but I was too nervous to seek a full erotic encounter.

David found a naturist resort in the south of England with a resident masseur who offered massage for women. This seemed to tick all of my boxes and David made contact by email to make the arrangements. The masseur was an Irish guy named Kieran and he was delighted to offer the service to me.

David also made all of the travel arrangements and as the day drew closer, I became anxious and excited all over again with the wet panties daydreams becoming even more exhilarating.

When the day came, I was as nervous as a kitten, with a deliciously wet pussy. I tried not to think too much about it on the journey but David seemed to want to talk about nothing else and I could tell by the constant bulge in his trousers that he was possibly even more aroused than me. While driving he would constantly touch my pussy through my short skirt, and slide his fingers up to caress my swollen clit and press his finger tips between my thighs and inside the edge of my panties to tease my sopping wet pussy. Although this was deliciously horny, it was also increasing one of my greatest anxieties. I was worried that the masseur would not just eventually see and touch my body completely naked, but that my pussy would be obviously dripping and totally swollen from the beginning.

I could see David's dick straining at his shorts and I knew he was really enjoying playing with my pussy and getting me all wet so I caressed his swollen bulge and allowed him to continue even though I was now moaning with both nervous anxiety and also the tension of pure sexual pleasure.

We arrived safely which is a miracle as David was careering along country roads and I still wonder how we didn't end up smashed into a hedge with my panties wrapped around David's neck. The resort was in a quiet rural area a few miles outside London, and although it was obviously not 4 star, the atmosphere was relaxed and I decided it would be fine for the day.

We had to join as day members to gain entry and then we were introduced to Kieran the masseur. He was mid thirties with an average build dressed only in a pair of shorts, but quite charming and pleasant. I found it really strange and exhilarating to sit chatting in a lunch room with a guy I had just met knowing that in a short time he would see me entirely naked and also massage my entire naked body. My panties were beginning to get another drenching.

Kieran invited me to join him in the massage room and to my surprise, he also invited David to come along and watch. When I looked at David I could see he was beaming at the idea of watching his nervous wife get the erotic thrill of her life from a stranger and I found myself being led into the room which had a large massage table and also a sofa.

David settled himself on the sofa in a position to ensure the best possible view of the action. Kieran asked me to undress but I noticed there were no towels or robes. I looked at David for some help; he simply smiled and mouthed that I should simply undress. I nervously stripped down to the new see-through bra and thong David had bought me for the occasion, and began to undo the bra. I felt nervous and was unsure at how to play this, so I looked at David again for help and he again signalled that not only should I drop the bra but that I should also drop the panties. I was really unsure but finally decided in my head to just go with it, so for the first time in my life I stripped off naked in front of a man other than my husband. As I peeled off the panties, I could tell that all the teasing by David had the inevitable effect, and I threw the panties to him as little trophy for him to enjoy. Later he told me he wanted to keep the panties unwashed as a souvenir of our little adventure.

As I was about to climb onto the massage table, I noticed that Kieran the masseur was dropping his shorts as he stood there watching me, and by this stage my mind was in a whirl. I looked at David who was wearing the biggest grin you have ever seen and I decided again 'what the hell, just do it'. I was now lying face down completely naked about to be massaged by a strange man I had just met, who was also completely naked and my husband was clearly enjoying the show.

Kieran began quite matter-of-factly by giving me a traditional Swedish massage which meant standing at the side of the massage table and applying oil to my limbs initially and giving them a thorough and enjoyable rub. This gave me time to get settled down and soon my nervousness was being replaced by a relaxed submission. Kieran was really good and soon his touch against my naked skin felt both invigorating as well as sensual. He continued to massage my shoulders, and neck before moving on to my back. Even though this was really enjoyable, I knew the first real fun was just about to begin. Kieran poured more warmed oil onto my thighs and also allowed it to trickle between my cheeks. He began firmly massaging my thighs and slowly began to move up closer and closer to my bum. I was so nervous in anticipation of what was coming next but also could not wait to feel his firm hands massaging my bum.

I managed a look sideways at my husband to check his reaction, and to ensure he seemed okay with this. I need not have worried as he seemed thrilled and was now actually leaning forward to get a closer view of the action.

Kieran continued on with the massage and the feeling of his firm hands all over and between my naked bum cheeks was wonderfully arousing. He continued for a few more minutes and I relaxed into the massage even more and was being swept away in the excitement of it. He continued the process of long massage strokes right across my body from head to toes. This involved Kieran climbing onto the massage table and stretching his naked body against mine in order to reach all of me. This was simply wonderful and the feel of another naked man's skin against mine was unbelievably arousing. I was trying not to moan out loud when I felt his dick brush against my naked ass, but I could not help squirming slightly with pleasure.

After a further 10 mins of long massage strokes across my body, I was completely immersed in the pleasure of the experience when Kieran stopped and asked if I would care to turn over. I knew it would happen, but was still slightly apprehensive about the thought of another man actually handling my tits and pussy, and as I levered myself up to turn over, I again caught the expression of intense delight on David's face. I decided to help his enjoyment by settling down into a position on my back where David's view of legs my pussy was unobstructed, and also kept my legs slightly apart to indicate my willingness and enjoyment, knowing that this would please him even more.

Kieran began to massage the front of my naked body in the same manner as the back by first of all working on the arms, lower legs etc and then my neck and shoulders. I was so excited I noticed that my nipples which are really large and firm when aroused were standing proud like chestnuts, when at last Kieran began to massage across my shoulders and then onto my waiting tits. Kieran knew what he was doing and the feel of his hands massaging my tits and nipples was exhilarating. I almost curled up on the table with sexual tension as I felt this naked man sprawled across my naked body and giving my tits the most delicious massage, all in view of my horny husband who I could see was ready to explode by now.

Kieran kept up the tension by ever so slowly moving his strokes further and further down across my abdomen, until he at last was moving his wonderful hands across my naked pussy. He could sense the arousal in my body and I wondered just how far he might push it. Even though I was about on cloud nine with sexual pleasure, I knew I was not ready to have my pussy openly massaged just yet, and I was both excited and relieved when Kieran began massaging across my thighs and pussy with more warm oil but not going any deeper.

Kieran then once again climbed onto the bed and began the long full body strokes across the front of my body from head to foot and I was about to burst at the feel of his naked body and dick brushing against my rock hard nipples and my swollen pussy repeatedly. I was overwhelmed by the experience of this wonderful masseur's naked body, stretching and caressing me from head to foot and I found the sense of his dick repeatedly brushing across my naked skin totally arousing.

This continued for a further 15 mins and during this time I was determined to enjoy every second of his touch. As I lay there, I also found myself thinking about David's reaction, and I found myself squirming even more intensely as I imagined David's rock hard dick straining against his shorts and I parted my legs even further to help his view and smiled knowing the effect this would have.

Kieran finished off the massage by some gentle full body strokes and then quietly told me that I should lie still for as long as I wished, and quietly donned his shorts before leaving for a shower.

I did not stay still for very long as I was keen to speak with David so propped myself up to see his reaction now that the massage was over. His shorts were suitably bulging and he still wore a wolfish grin. He began by asking me how I felt and over the next few moments we shared a deeply passionate kiss which told me that he had thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I made sure that as I climbed off the table, David got a full view of my swollen and dripping pussy. David could not keep his hands off me and refused to give me back my knickers, which he believed would only get in the way on the return journey.

It is fair to say that the pussy playing in the car on the way home resulted in more than one trembling orgasm, and David spent the rest of the evening at home reliving the experience with me over a glass of wine. I thought I would collapse with pleasure when David eventually took me to bed and fucked me thoroughly before coming deep inside me. As I lay back and relaxed, I was amazed that I had actually gone through with it, and I wondered if David would still push to go further.

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