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Erotic Neighbor


The movers strain and sweat in spite of the cool Autumn air. Watching from the property fence, with pink shorts and tie-shirt in the front, I am amused at their frequent glances at my body. A voice behind me, sensual, says, “Dear, you have an attentive audience!” Perhaps she had felt my own gaze earlier on her ass as she was weeding her lovely garden. There’s a wonderful smile and her eyes are brown and bright. They don’t hide her thirsty approval of my tanned figure near the fence. She also has no bra, and it is apparent to me when she was on her knees with the hand-spade that under the thin, tight shorts…no panties. With my back to the sweating men, they could not see me lick my lips….

“My name is Betty!” she gushes in greeting, her nipples large, prominent in her hubby’s T-shirt. “I’m so glad that someone has finally moved next door to me!” Her eyes scan again, and I smile when I move closer to the fence.

“Dot,” I smile. “And your smile is wonderful! I hope we can become VERY good friends!” I spread my legs, rocking a bit, and she notices the crease between my pussy lips through the tight shorts.

One of the movers shouts to me, “Hey, lady. I need to know what room you want this chest!”

I whisper to Betty, “That bureau has my “goody” box in the center drawer! If he opens THAT one, he’ll pole-vault back to the van!” Betty laughs so hard her tits giggle on the fence shelf!

I know she watches me sway to the van, and I am very aroused with so many eyes following every move. After I tell the man where to take it, he moves off…and I come back to the fence. Betty is still there, her gorgeous tits resting soft and full on the broad rail at the top. It’s 12” wide, so I rest my nipples on my side of the ledge. Betty does not budge when our nipples touch. Instead we say nothing for about 15 seconds, eyes locked in knowing. “Why don’t you come to dinner tonight, Dot? Hubby is out of town on a business trip, and I can give you a “proper” welcome. A bit of wine maybe? Fireplace? I’d love for you to come!”

“Delighted!” I reply, loving her use of the word, “come”, but with the wrong spelling!

“I’d dreaded the thought of being alone tonight. And I really want to make new friends, especially with you!” Her eyes grow very large, so beautiful and flashing in the sun. She pats my hand and looks at my nipples again. “I think,” she whispers, “We’ll get to know each other quite well…I’ll build that nice fire after dinner while we chat about many things, ok?” A soft finger barely grazes my hard nipple, and I arch to her.

“You’ve got a date!” I say sensually. “About 7?”

“Splendid,” she replies. “And dress very casual! I don’t think we’ll need any frills!” She watches me stretch, and we lock eyes again. With reluctance, I twitch and sway again across the lawn to the house.

The entire afternoon so many erotic thoughts streak through my mind like sensual comets on a very pleasant mission!

I wear my favorite blouse, sheer black with lace that barely covers my nipples; plunged to just above my belly button. The skirt is split, tight, and short. I think it will show well in candle light…and SO delicious against the back-drop of a robust fire.

At 7, the journey across the yard is a wet flourishing mind-trip of anticipation. A rather stiff wind has cooled the afternoon air and my nipples react by straining through the lace….

Betty is so beautiful tonight; a mini draped with ½”ruffles at the bottom. She too has worn a wonderful low-cut peach blouse which plunges to her navel. There seem to be zillions of candles throughout the home. She holds a candle near my face.

“How beautiful you look!” she tells me.

“And you are such a beauty!” I reply. She has already started the fire, and tiny flames consume the huge log in the center.

The dinner is a feast! Prime rib, croissants, broccoli, baked potato…and a large bowl of Concord grapes for nibbling. She watches me roll a grape between my thumb and finger, smiling into my eyes when I lick it first, then let it ease slowly into my mouth. Her tongue moves very slowly over her moist lips and she moves a wet finger through her cleavage. “Ooooooo…that feels delicious!” she squeals.

“It looks scrumptious and inviting!” I purr. Her gaze is an erotic rake that devours my body.

We sit together on the sofa close to the fire. That, plus the candles, are the only light. But the dancing hues on the wall could not be more romantic!

On impulse I pull her close and hug her to me strongly. My breath is raspy, erratic. I can hear my heart pound in my head. My tongue moves gracefully, teasing over her neck and down that wonderful cleavage. ‘It will be so intense’, I think. ‘I want to taste very inch of this vibrant woman!’

She moves her hands to my ass and strokes with so much passion that I am ready to buckle!

“God,” she gasps. “I want you so much! I want everything! I want all of you!” I let my fingers move under the lace to her pussy……..oh God! She is so wet already!

Betty’s nipples grind urgently against mine, our nipples skiing blindly through our valleys.

When my fingers gently enter her drenched cunt, she humps and moans, her voice a sensual plead for more exploring.

I ease deeper into her, feel the juices increase in volume. She watches intently when I slowly lick my fingers. Her breath is short, uneven and her darting eyes cover every inch. I pull out again to taste, but she pulls my fingers to her mouth and sucks them like a cock.

“Your pussy is delicious,” I say softly. “I want to drink from your cunt forever!” I move into her pussy again, soak three fingers, then smear her nose and lips with the cream and lick, kiss, suck her mouth! Her hands grope my ass, fingers seeking my ass split. ‘Yes,’ I think. ‘She knows exactly what I like!’

The fire needs another log, so Betty lifts the wood onto the grate. She has undressed for me, and is on her knees, revealing the most appetizing ass I have ever seen! I crawl to her and flick my tongue from her clit to her puckered opening; smelling, tasting…needing to devour every drop of her sweet cum! With my thumbs I pry open her ass and ram my hard tongue deep and fast, twirling the walls and soaking my fingers in her dripping cunt! “Does hubby ever tongue-fuck your sweet ass?” I ask.

“Oh, God…yesss!!” Betty moans. “He knows it will make my cum explode all over his face!”

I stand up and remove my clothes, letting them drop to the floor in a sensuous pile. Betty is lying on the rug, drinking my body with her blazing eyes.

“I’m so happy you have a shaved cunt,” she says in a husky voice. With two fingers, I start to fuck my pussy, squatting a bit so she can see the long puffy lips. Gradually, I move closer. My other hand lifts my left tit to my mouth so I can suck my nipple.

Betty is absolutely trembling as she watches. Her tongue licks over her dry lips as I straddle her face and move my cunt around in a tight circle, covering it with my cream. Her tongue moves into my pussy like a rapier, plunging, thrusting, licking, sucking…moaning as her hips bounce and twitch on the rug. I can smell my cum and hers in the air; pungent, sweet…growing stronger as our cunts pulse and throb intensely. My nostrils flare and I gently push her face deeper into my gushing pussy. I can feel the juice flow down the canal to her hungry mouth. God, this woman forgot more about eating pussy than most women will ever learn!

She puts me on my knees close to the fire. The heat on my face cannot match the cauldron in my cove!

Betty eases a vibrator into my pussy on high speed, and her tongue stabs deeper into my twitching ass. The knowledge of the vibe humming on her tongue has my legs shaking with no control at all! The vibe twists on with steady rhythm, circling around, up and down. My cum is leaking out, ready to gush even more. My ass fucks her tongue with so much passion I fear she cannot breathe!

God, I want more and more!

“I wish this was your hubby’s cock in my ass, baby!” I scream.

“When he comes home, you’ll have it darling,” Betty whispers. “He will fill your ass with his hot fucking cum, overload it with his delicious cream…and we will both suck it out of your ravishing asshole!”

I am ready to faint with that fantasy! The thought of my ass being filled with his cum at some later time enhanced the intensity of the moment….

Holy fuck! I am so thankful that I bought my house here!

Betty moves away, opens a drawer, and removes a gorgeous strap-on vibe. I lay on my back and spread my legs wide for that wonderful shaft to fuck me.

The strap has an inner cock that will fuck her pussy when she plunges deep. I spread my legs and the cock-head eases into the tight pucker. I can feel my ass muscles expand and suck the entire length. To my utter delight, it must be 12” long!

Betty’s tits are giggling as she fucks my asshole deep and hard, thrusting like a man deep into the hole. I pinch her nipples, watch them grow to granite grapes. God, she is so hot! I feel her cunt dribble cum on my ass cheeks as she fucks me. I raise my head and suck her nipples that bounce in a fury over my face. My pussy is squirting cum all over her thighs as the strap-on, ever plunging, moves faster in my ass. Before this night is over, I will be entirely drained! Fuck, it may take at least half-hour to recover!

Betty spreads a large sheet of soft plastic over the rug and I lie down again. She removes the strap and straddles my cunt with her pussy lips brushing against mine. I feel a slow trickle of warm pee running down my slit, and I know my eyes are bigger than teacups!

Then the golden torrent increases and runs down my ass crack to the plastic. She moves up my belly to my tits, letting the golden liquid cascade over my body. Then she inches close to my mouth and aims the drops at my lips. I open and taste the warmth, flicking my tongue over her cunt as she pees more and more over my face, nose, forehead, hair…everywhere!

I am sucking her pee hole now, tasting the scrumptious liquid and sucking her pussy, too.

Betty lies back on the rug and pries open her pussy for my hot pee to gush into her channel.

I have held it all night, and now it streams into her cunt like a broken dam! It flows down her ass crack, and she spreads wider to feel the strong spurts on the opening.

Then I gently ease a funnel into her ass and let my golden fluid gush into the wide opening. She is stroking her gorgeous clit while I fill her ass with my hot pee! I am ready to faint again with delight! It is so intense! I cannot get enough of this beautiful woman who has come into my life!

Finally, completely exhausted, we collapse on our backs and hug each other tightly.

“I want to watch you suck Ted’s cock, darling!” Betty tells me. “It really turns me on to see another woman’s mouth around his splendid dick!”

“Betty,” I purr. “We’ll give him the greatest suck and fuck he has ever known!”

© Dot Turner, January, 2001

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