Erotic Party


I heard a normal college party outside my bedroom door. Music played. People talked. I pictured them walking around in my living room, casually drinking and carrying on with interesting conversations about sports, school, and whatever else fancied their interests.

I planned to enter into this party, but not like any of the others. As I looked down at my half-naked body, I grew excited at the thought of finally being able to fulfill my most intense fantasy.

"Well Martha, are you ready?" My friend, Jenny, cracked open the door to look inside. "You look absolutely fantastic. I'm sure a few of the guys are going to have a hard time. A very, very hard time, if you know what I mean."

I knew exactly what she meant, but only drew in a deep breath and looked down on myself once more. 'It wouldn't be so bad if I was more normal sized,' I thought to myself. If I had a flat chest or even average sized, it wouldn't be nearly so intimidating. But I knew my double-D cupped melons displayed in the erotic swimsuit would draw everyone's attention. Two narrow strips of cloth fell down from my shoulders and across my boobs. They joined an equally meager panty around my waist. It was enough to cover all the important parts, but just barely. I saw tit sticking out all over. I think a full two-thirds of my big boobs lay exposed. Even worse, they lay exposed in their natural state because the erotic swimsuit offered no support. Additional skin lay exposed behind me, I knew, for the swimsuit needed no straps across the center of my back. Worse yet, the bottom was little more than a thong.

Into the party I was supposed to enter wearing this meager selection of clothing. Everyone else would be fully dressed, but I would have skin sticking out all over. They would get to see nearly all of me, but they were not supposed to notice or say anything about it. This was my fantasy. This was what I dreamed about on those cold, lonely nights.

"Well?" Jenny interrupted my thoughts.

"I guess I'm ready," I looked to her to reluctantly answer. I felt my pulse racing.

"Well then, let's go," Jenny stepped inside and took me by the arm as though to give me the courage to finally go through with it. No one stood in the hallway on the opposite side of the open door, thank God, but I suppose it didn't really matter. They were all going to see me anyway. I tossed my long, dark hair over my shoulders and cautiously followed.

Except for one special invitee, according to Jenny, everyone knew me. A few were friends. Others were classmates. I already recognized one voice as my geeky lab partner from chemistry class. Jenny said she invited a dozen people who agreed to help me live out my wild little fantasy. Luckily, not all were men, as I first expected. Jenny surprised me earlier when she said all but one of the guys arrived with a date. The girlfriends and two wives apparently felt just as interested in participating as the men.

"Come on Martha!" Jenny had to almost pull me into the hallway. Even though I originated the whole idea, I still felt apprehension and a great deal of embarrassment. My heart beat like mad. I felt myself growing wet with sweat. It is one thing to think about an erotic fantasy in the mind, but quite another to carry one out in real life.

Looking down at myself one last time before walking out the door, my bountiful tits looked bigger than ever before. I couldn't believe what I was doing.

"Oh! Hello Martha," I heard a male voice say to me. "Where have you been? Busy studying?"

I looked up to see Brian walk past, probably going to the bathroom. I know he saw me too. I know he saw my big tits, but he didn't mention anything about them. He simply walked on past as though I remained fully clothed.

"Yea, studying," I remembered to answer. I nearly choked on my own words, but then suddenly felt much more relaxed. Finally, someone had seen my exposed body. More importantly, a man had seen it, and he acted as though he didn't see it. A relaxed breeze passed through me as I entered the dream of my fantasy. I suppose it was a lot like giving a presentation before a large audience. As soon as I reached the stage, the fear went away. Brian had broken the ice.

"Studying!" Another male voice gave me a hard time. "It's Friday night! You're not supposed to study on a Friday night! Get out here and grab yourself a beer."

I stood outside the doorway of my bedroom and was out in the hallway. In front of me stood three people, waiting in line to use the adjoining bathroom. The one who just spoke was John, a good friend of mine that I knew from back home. A brief look of surprise emulated from his eyes, but then he quickly regained his composure. In the back of my mind, I figured the size of my tits surprised him but then he remembered the plan.

"Well, you know me," I answered him, trying to regain my own composure. "I've always been a student studier, but I'm ready for a drink now."

It quickly grew a lot easier as we ventured down the hall to join the party. Still a bit strange and awkward, of course, but I rapidly became accustomed to my near-nudity. Jenny pulled me along into the living room as though she was afraid I might run back into my bedroom.

I looked around surprised to see so many people. "You said only a dozen!" I whispered my concern to Jenny.

"There are only a dozen," She answered. "There are only about a dozen couples." She gave me a little smile, but I didn't mind. 'The more the merrier,' I thought to myself. I was more surprised at how many people agreed to play a part in living out my wild little fantasy, and then I thought about how many men were going to be rewarded with the sight of my near-naked boobs.

The music still played, but I noticed the general noise level in the room diminish as soon as we walked in. Many people stopped talking, looked at my erotic state of undress, but then seemed to remember the fantasy and quickly resume their conversations. They were supposed to resume. That was the intent of the fantasy. I was to be dressed like a wanton slut for the evening, but everyone was going to treat me as though nothing was out of the ordinary. I naturally expected some problems and a few awkward moments. Some of the men, I knew, wouldn't be able to keep their eyes off my tits and ass. It would be as difficult for them as it was for me, but I figured most of them would play out the fantasy exactly how I wanted.

"Let's get a drink," Jenny offered, still holding my arm.

"Excellent idea," I agreed. I really need a drink; a very strong drink. I already pounded two shots of Wild Turkey in the bedroom, but I could really use two or three more, although I also had to be careful. Being a short, almost petite girl, I always had to be careful about drinking too much. I couldn't put them away like Jenny.

We walked towards the kitchen and the liquor cabinet but never made it. Several of my friends and fellow students said hello along the way. At one point Roger, my biology lab partner, invited me into a conversation. Four of them talked together, and I could hear they were talking about one of the more comical professors at the University.

"What do you think?" One of my girlfriends asked me, so I joined them. We talked for several minutes. The anxiety began to leave me. I almost forgot my state of undress, until one of them mentioned a particularly funny occurrence. I laughed about it, and then began to think about my tits juggling when I laughed. I suddenly became self-conscious again.

"Listen," I interrupted. "I really need to get a drink. I'll be right back."

"Never mind!" I heard Jenny behind me. "I brought the drink to you. It's a very special drink. I made it up myself – well, with a little help, that is."

I grew curious about her words as she handed me a wineglass. The sneaky, sly way she said "special drink" naturally made me suspect something was going on.

I took the wine glass to inspect it closer. I wondered some more. Clearly, it wasn't wine. The glass held something else, but I couldn't tell what it was. It held a white liquid, almost like milk, but not quite thick enough. It looked a little like a White Russian, but I could see it was comprised of two different consistencies. Part of it looked almost like water. Suspended within it were globs of some kind of thick, whiter substance.

"What is this?" I asked.

"You'll see!" Jenny answered in her sneaky, sly little voice. "Just take a sip and I'm sure you will recognize the taste from many times before."

Her words confused me, so I first smelled it. It didn't smell at all like any kind of liquor I recognized. Instead, it had a distinctive, musky smelling order. I knew I had smelled it somewhere before, but I couldn't remember where.

"Go ahead and taste it," Jenny prodded. "Don't worry, it won't hurt you." I figured it was some kind of new drink the girls had made up. They were always trying to come up with new contraptions from the random mixing of different liquors in an attempt to create a unique taste. I figured I might as well go ahead and try it, but braced myself for a strong kick.

I brought the glass up to my lips. Conversations around me stopped. People watched. Something was going on, I knew, but I couldn't figure out what it was. "You once told me in private about another little aspect of your fantasy," Jenny spoke in a whisper as I sipped.

It tasted salty and was a little warm. I had tasted it before, but couldn't quite remember where. Then I thought about Jenny's words and tried to think about what I had once told her in private.

"Oh my God!" I couldn't help but cry out loud. I suddenly understood. It all made perfect sense. The special drink! The warm liquid! The white, cloudy substance! It all came together in an instant.

"That's right!" Jenny confirmed what I already knew.

"Oh my!" I said more quietly as I brought my hand up to my lips in disbelief. I looked again at the glass. I notice my hand trembled as it held it.

"What is it?" Randy took a step closer and asked with a smile.

"What is it Martha? Is there something wrong with your drink?"

I could tell that he knew.

"Have you figured it out yet?" Jenny leaned closer and whispered into my ear. "Tell me, what is in the wine glass you have in your hand?"

I knew what it was, but I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe Jenny would do such a thing! More amazingly, I couldn't believe she could get a guy to do it. Or actually, I thought to myself, several guys by the look of the quantity in the glass.

"Excuse me," I backed away from the group of giggling men and women. I think most of them knew, or at least some of the men must have known. I wondered if any of them donated.

I took Jenny by the arm and led her to a corner of the room where no one else could hear. "This is spunk!" I said in disbelief.

"That's right," Jenny confirmed.

"I'm holding a glass of male spunk in my hand!" I repeated.

"And you just took a drink of human, male sperm," She said back, louder than I thought necessary. "And you still have quite a bit left, unless you don't like it?"

"No!" I said as I instinctively withdrew the glass when her hand came near. "No, I like it fine."

"I thought you would," Jenny then told me. "Now, go back over and continue the conversation with your friends. Especially talk to John, because he's one of the men who contributed."

I looked at the glass and then I looked over to John. A hot tingle of excitement charged through my body. I thought about how erotic it would be to casually drink a man's cumm right in front of him, and then realized I already had.

"I think I will," I concluded, and walked back over to where I had left off before Jenny gave me the drink.

"What was that all about?" John questioned.

"Oh nothing," I answered between breaths. I realized I was breathing hard. My pulse raced. My hand still shook as it held the wine glass. I need a drink, I thought to myself, and then did so.

I saw him flinch as I took another sip, sending another hot tingle through my body. I've never particularly liked the taste of male cumm. I more enjoyed what it did to a man when I swallowed it. I still remember the very first time I gave a man a blow job. I remember his grunts and moans, and the pure, erotic thrill it gave him when he ejected into my mouth. John's flinch made me feel the same way.

The conversation switched to another professor at the university, Professor Duke.

"What a boar!" Lisa said. "It takes him half of class just to take roll call."

"He's the only professor I have who takes roll call," William added. "He makes me feel like I'm still in grade school."

I tried to stay involved with the conversation as best I could, but the constant taste of the salty male sperm on my lips made my mind drift. It made me want to taste it fresh. I kept imagining my lips around John's dick, and then every other guy's dick in the room.

I took a third sip and noticed William flinch too, which only made me wonder if I might be drinking him also. By Jenny's words and the quantity of sperm in the glass, I knew it had to come from more than one man, and William would have made an excellent candidate. I couldn't help but get excited at the thought that the warm liquid in my mouth was the same liquid that, not long before, had been locked in his nuts. I took another sip and watched him closer.

The group broke up about five minutes later, all except John and myself. The two of us stood alone when he asked me.

"By the way, Martha, how do you like your drink?" I noticed he again held a smile on his face when he asked.

"It's very taste," I told him. "It's really very delicious! I wish I could have some more." By this time I had nearly emptied the glass.

"What's the name of that drink anyway?" John wanted more detail.

I didn't know what to say at first. I didn't know why he even asked me, given the fact he already knew. I figured he was trying to embarrass me, so I came up with the idea to simply embarrass him back.

"It's called male sperm," I told him simply, and then added.

"Human, male sperm."

John never flinched.

"Do you like to eat male sperm?" He asked instead, sounding very relaxed and casual.

"Oh yes, very much," I tried again. "I really like the taste, you know. I try to eat male sperm every chance I get."

He still didn't flinch. I couldn't believe it.

"I notice you swallowed nearly all of it," He calmly spoke instead.

"Oh yes," I tried one last time. "I always swallow. I know some girls who don't, but I always do. I guess I just love the taste of it."

At this, he finally gave a reaction. His eyes grew wide and his mouth opened. I noticed a drop of perspiration drip down his brow. I had won.

John spoke no more. He simply turned around in silence and headed back to the keg of beer. I figured he needed a drink; a very strong drink.

I momentarily found myself alone, but given my state of undress I did not remain alone for long. My male friends quickly noticed and walked up to make conversation. First one and then came another. Soon, a half-dozen men surrounded me. They were all attracted, I know, to my big tits. Although none of them looked directly, I could feel their eyes upon my cleavage as they took occasional glances. It was a lot like going to the beach or wearing a low cut blouse to work. Men always took the occasional glance at my tits. The only difference now was the amount on display.

"How's your job going?" Frank asked me. "You still waitressing down at the Timbers, aren't you?"

"Sure am," I told the guys. "Three nights per week. Money's not great, but I make good tips, especially when a wear something a little revealing to the job." They all smiled.

"You should get work as a cocktail waitress," Frank told me. "Or maybe at one of those dance clubs. I bet you could really make some great tips that way." I knew what he meant and had to agree.

The conversation gradually shifted back to school and then the Thursday's night episode of ER. Soon, I found myself having an almost normal conversation with the men, although I still remained fully aware of my exposed condition. I noticed it in the men too. Some of them, like Frank and John, could carry on a conversation while seeming to ignore my near-nudity. Others grew shy and bashful. Talking to them was almost a chore.

The more I talked, the more aroused I got. I think the dirty little conversation with John helped. Maybe even the glass of sperm too, like something similar to alcohol. After a while I started to fantasize about slipping off the upper half of the swimsuit and going around topless. For a brief moment, I even thought about slipping down my bottom. It would be so exciting to talk to a bunch of fully clothed men while in the nude, but I quickly got hold of myself.

I talked a long time with the guys. It went on and on for twenty or maybe thirty minutes. It was just me and the guys; one sparsely clad young lady talking with a dozen fully clothed young men. I didn't even see a wife or a girlfriend, and then realized I hadn't seen any of the women for a long time. I figured they would eventually get pissed at their husband's and boyfriend's attention to my tits, and come to pull them away, but no one interrupted us at all.

I talked with the guys. We kept on talking about all sorts of interesting subjects just as we would have done at a normal party. They only item we did not talk about was the one subject I'm sure was on all their minds: my tits. All the guys behaved obediently to the request of my fantasy. Jenny surprised me from behind, tapping me on my bare shoulder. "I have someone here I would like you to meet," She invited.

"Not now!" I tried to push her away. I wanted to stay with the guys. I was having a good time.

"But I think you are really going to want to meet this person," Jenny spoke seductively.

I turned. "What do you mean?" She spooked my interest.

"Well," She began slowly. "Do you remember what else you told me in private about your little voyeur fantasy?"

I thought about it for only a second. This time I knew full well what she meant.

"Do you mean?" I questioned in shock.

She nodded her head to indicate a silent "yes."

The other little aspect of my voyeur fantasy was a man. I once told Jenny in private that I wished there was a man at the party, a man in the same condition as me or perhaps with even less. Specifically, I told Jenny I wanted it to be a handsome guy, like maybe even a Chip-and-Dale dancer sort of guy.

"Are you serious?" I wanted to make sure.

Jenny nodded her head again.

"Then where is he?" I immediately grew interested. I stood up on my toes to make myself as tall as the others.

He wasn't hard to spot, although I did not see him directly. Instead, I saw the group of women all standing together in a circle on the opposite side of the room. I could easily guess who was in the middle. That was why no wives or girlfriends came to interrupt us. They had their own entertainment.

"If you will excuse us," Jenny took me by the arm. "Let me introduce him. I'm sure you'll want to see him as much as he wants to see you."

I saw flesh. I saw naked flesh in the spaces between the bodies. I could tell it was the flesh of a man. I could also tell it was from a very muscular man, a hunk, maybe it even was from a real life Chip-and-Dale dancer. He looked well built and I could tell he had a tan. I couldn't help but wonder about tan lines.

Then I saw his face. He stood taller than any of the women, like about 6 feet in height. I saw a handsome head of black hair and a tanned brow. I saw blue eyes and a dimpled chin. He looked gorgeous.

"Step aside Girls," Jenny announced.

They did, although they only did so reluctantly. They grudgingly separated as we drew near.

The fantasy I told Jenny involved a naked man, but I didn't hold out much hope for full nudity. I more realistically expected to see a man in a pair of shorts or maybe a thong. At the very best, I thought he might be wearing a tight bikini brief or maybe even one of those see-through fish net bikinis. I would have enjoyed any of those things, but what I actually saw was even better. My wildest fantasy had come true.

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