Erotic Pleasure With The Boss


"Oh yes" I replied without hesitation. "Mike is certainly no cuckold type husband. We still have a great sex between us. We actually find it a thrill hearing about each other's escapades and end up having fantastic sex on those occasions."

"Will you tell Mike about what just happened here?" Rodger asked with a little concern in his voice.

"Yes I will. Mike and I have agreed on the open relationship based strictly on being totally open about what we do. This one may be a little awkward with you being his boss – but Mike will always support me and what I do."

"I understand that it is a bit different with me being both of yours boss. I hope this does not affect our great friendship and working relationship." Mike looked at me with concern again. I assured him that it was no problem for and I was sure that Mike would be okay with it as well – as long as Rodger did not let it impact on the work relationship.

"How do think Mike would react if we were to have sex? I am sure you can understand that I would love to have that ultimate erotic experience with such a sexy woman. It makes me even more hot knowing that you do fuck other men!!"

"Wow Rodger – thanks for the compliment. I don't know how Mike would feel." I was feeling a little nervous about where this was going, but it did excite me to know that Rodger wanted to fuck me. I was not averse to getting it on with him.

"Ann, when you tell Mike about today, I want you to tell him that I told you I would like to fuck you. In fact, I would like you to tell him I want to fuck you with him in the room watching. But it is important that he understands I want this not to make him feel subservient in any way, but purely that I want him to see me as his friend enjoying pleasuring his wife and seeing her enjoying the erotic experience. Surely that way we can keep the friendship strong and keep the erotic aspects separate from the work environment." Rodger looked at me questioningly.

I hesitated as I thought about how I could approach Mike on this. Although during my early extramarital sexual flings I had not allowed Mike to watch, I had come to appreciate the added eroticism of seeing his arousal out of watching me with another man. I was already a bit hot at the thought of Rodger fucking me while Mike watched. I knew Mike would fuck me straight after it happened as well. Sensing some hesitation, Mike offered a solution. "Possibly the best and most open way to do this would be for you to tell Mike about today and tell him that I now know that you have an open marriage. I will then arrange for us to take it further over a bottle of wine after that. With all of us together I will tell Mike about my desire to fuck you and how I would like to ensure that our friendships and work relationship stay totally comfortable. Mike can then be open with me about his thoughts. I will also assure him that if he thinks it is not a good idea, then our lives will continue as normal. Does that sound good to you?"

I smiled and leaned to kiss him on the cheek. "That sounds like a great idea Rodger! I am really excited at the prospect. Are you hard thinking about it?" I wanted to know if he was turned on now already.

"Oh shit yes. Look at my trousers," he said glancing down at the huge bulge in his crotch.

"Let me relieve you Rodger. You gave me a fantastic orgasm. I owe you one at least." I reached for his trouser belt.

"OH NO!" Rodger said emphatically, gently pushing my hand away. "You only get to see me and touch me if your husband agrees, and with him watching the first time at least."

I felt a little frustrated after the expectation of seeing his cock and pleasuring him. Maybe that was part of Rodger's way of teasing me to make sure I would make this work. I certainly felt a thrill at the prospect being fucked by Rodger and was going to work on persuading Mike to go ahead with this erotic potential.

Little did I realize how quickly this was going to work out and how erotic this sexual relationship was going to become.

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